Monday, July 31, 2006
  Oneida's Brownout Drum Circle Jam Sesh...taught us a lesson

So Saturday night Bobby and I went to see the good ol' boys. Oneida. Bros. Life flippers.

Anyone who reads this page pretty much know we think these guys are the shit's gleam, we fucking love em. They are at a point with both me and dark where I dont believe either of us think they can do wrong (last band i can remember thinking that about was about 1995 and Pavement). This is one of those bands music people will be talking about in 20 years like they talk about Mc5, Blue Cheer, and Velvet Underground today. Vastly underappreciated for changing the way music is written/played.

Ok so yeah we went to see the brahs on Saturday night. First off - guest list - WHAT A GROUP OF GUYS! We owe em! Got there in the middle of BLACK TAJ's set. 2 of the former guys from Polvo and shit were they rockin. Closed the set with "Beyonder" and melted us. Loud as shit and bluesy like that moody Zep. Good to see Dave Brylawski rock like those ass kickers from Shapes. After their set finished we got a good chance to catch up with Jane, Kid, and newest member Double Rainbow (Phil from Trans Am). Shot the shit for close to two hours over the course of the night and heard about their tour so far, the All Tomorrow's Parties show with the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, how the France wives dont dig on Oneida (as Kid stated it), and a bunch of other bullshit. Apparently Jane had warned Double Bow about Ice and I on the roll into town..."there's this wild ass house where we'll be up late as shit and they'll defintely be jamming Michael McDonald". It literally hurt me to do it but I had to tell them that Club OTP shut its doors for good back in December. We poured some out. The weirdest part of the evening came when Jane introduced me as DJ and Phil leans in and says "hey are you cocaine bref?" WHAT THE FUCK!?!? It flipped me out. "I'm your friend on myspace"! Mind fully weirded out he went on to tell me he loved that one picture i have of the dude with the shit all over the place in the back fo the restaurant. Funny picture.

After telling Kid about Pioneer BBQ in Brooklyn and pawning some france shit off on him, Birds Of Avalon started. 2 of the people from Cherry Valence, so that gives you a frame of mind. Loud prog boogie. It kicked some serious ass. About two songs in the crowd was jammin hard when - poof THE FUCKING POWER WENT OUT. BROWNOUT.

*this is where the shit steps up a level in the awesome temple*

Not 2 minutes pass before Kid (drummer for Oneida) chucks his kit up on stage right next to the Birds drumer, the drummer from Black Taj follows suit. Fuck, i better get a beer - cause this shit is about to get wild. Lights all the way the fuck out, emergency lights and candles are the only light in the entire place and a insane freakout drumcircle breaks out. I consider Kid to be one of the best drummers I have seen b/c he plays with such timing and is so unique in his style, rhythms etc. Kid was the standout but the other two dudes were right there with them being levitated by King Slam. The crowd was half going nuts and half leaving. At one point we look over and all of Oneida is shirtless standing next to Kid jamming eternal. Shit goes on for about 30 minutes. WHAT?! Yeah, for real. Shit was bonkers - and it was so fucking tight - no audible messups - all locked in with one another. Tripple locked their minds.

*get ready for another step up*

After this lesson in righteous (fully expecting kid to stand up with a rock hard boner b/c this was his ultimate night) they decide to wind it down and finish up in unison - WITHIN 2 SECONDS OF THE DRUM CIRCLE BEING OVER - THE FUCKING POWER RETURNS! What Magi was hanging that night? Cuz there must have been one of them the way they weilded the power of the earth.

Birds of Avalon got back up and finished their set of 12 minute long full hog jams and it was good b/c they needed to step up after that mid-set destruction.

Shit time for another brew to come down from that shit. I run out to my car to get my camera too - pissed that i forgot it for the drum jam. Got it and Oneida was nearly ready to go. There were 5 of them this time, not 3 - were we about to get jammed out the back of the place? 2 more guitars! Fuckn a. Double Bow and Shah (from the Ex Models).

They take the stage kinda late and immediately tell us that the set which had been lengthy had been cut down but they were just going to jam, so jam with them. We did. I think the brownout distracted a lot of paying folks so by the time they started the place was about half full. The true fans, and they let us have. In the hour or so that THE O heald court 6 songs were jammed. Countless awesome.

Still Rememberin' (hidin in the stones) The Closer (over 15 minutes)
Men On The Scene
$50 Tea
Up With People
People Of The North (easily 20 minutes)

Total shutdown of a set. The extra guitars added this massive punch to most jams - they also added an element of atmospherics to layer upon the thunder beneath. Jane joked earlier that the set might seem sterile b/c they had conquered it so hard over the previous two weeks - the only thing that tipped me to that is how incredibly tight they were. Even moreso than normal - b/c these fuckers are mathematicians of their science. Up With People seemed to be the crowd favorite, maybe its the one 88.5 is pushing. A great uptempo discoshuffle locked groove that breaks a few times for the angelic wisdom. Then fly from that straight into People Of The North and we knew we were in for a long ass sesh. They deconstructed the song and punched your brain a good couple of times before you realized they were roadhouse jamming this bitch over 20 minutes.

Set ended and b/c it was so late there wasnt an encore (that may have also been b/c the last killer song marched a bunch of the people out the back door). I really really wanted to hear The Adversary off the new album but oh well...there will be others. Not that they will be any better than a thick ass set like this.

The only harsh zone happened when the 400 LB police officer HIRED BY THE EARL immediately started kicking people out after the band finished. Bobby and I had hoped on hanging for a little while and having a few drinks with the guys but this douchebag forced us to leave. Had to say some quick adios' and we were out. Sucks b/c we were having such an awesome time...still though one of those amazing Oneida shows that the dedicated fuckin loved and the weak feared.

Other pictures I took here...
  my thoughts on the various Andruw-to-Boston rumors


COCO CRISP and MARK LORETTA: just fuckin' retarded.
COCO CRISP, CRAIG HANSEN, and CLAY BUCHHOLZ: eh... I'd rather not.
Sunday, July 30, 2006
  A streamlined account of McDan (no spoilers)

Sorry for the delay. I had to hit the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix the morning after McDan. What a trip! But that's another story and another post. Here's what you've been waiting for--

5 o' clock rolled around and it was time to start seriously jamming. Should I change into my light blue shorts and beach shirt in my office bathroom. Fuck no, if anyone saw me on the elevator afterwards they'd think I was fucking crazy. Maybe they already do. I decided to take a whiz even though I didn't have to because when you're about the enter a serious hammjamm, having to piss only deters the jam. One can't be bothered by anything except awesome things like whistling, smooth attitudes, drinkin', eatin', smokin', relaxin', relagin', ragin', and of course- jammin'.

My ears popped as I shot down the 27 floors in that elevator. Good deal, ears. Now I had pristine audio straight to the mind. Brah, Thrill, and this dude Jason were waiting for me outside. Thrill and Jason were looking pretty smooth. Thrill had on some shorts and a nice button-up buttoned-down and some tassled loafers. Jason looked pretty similar, and he gave off a smooth vibe. I had never met the dude before but he turned out to be a nice addition to the evening. Brah fucked up and wore jeans and some kinda black dr. martins shit and a normal-ass looking button-up shirt. "Is that what you're wearing?" Brah didn't really say much in his excuse effort and just knew how to smooth everything over with me. He held out a TWO FOOT LONG HOMEMADE PARTY SUB. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
This dude just took this trip up a notch from its already far too lofty expectations.

We strolled to Marj's car and she wass waiting for us with the vehicle running. We piled up the car (we're going to jam tonight), and after a not-so-quick stop for beer and chips, we were off. Let me tell you if you don't already know: San Francisco is possibly the weirder weather place in the known world. A typical summer day is in the 60's (nice, but it's total bullshit to have to wear a jacket most nights during the summer). As we drove out of the city, the temp ratcheted up to normal summer weather. I'm talking, you drive ten miles out of the city and it's ten degrees warmer. So now it was 80 degrees all of sudden, stuck in traffic. Brah already handed me a beer, we're already jammin' Can't Buy A Thrill, but that wasn't enough. I changed clothes in the passenger seat and now, NOW, I was in full jam mode. No lookin' back.

We were jammin' a little too hard, and we totally got lost. Where the hell were we? Where was the Shoreline Amphitheater? Fuck, where was the city of Mountain View? We stopped at a gas station to take some pisses and get some advice. The dude pointed Marj in the direction of Mountain View. We done passed it,and were on the wrong fucking freeway to begin with. Shit. We turned around and barreled down the road according the the gas station dude's directions. We found the road to Mountain View, but how the hell would we get to the Shoreline? I started blasting some McD and hoped his voice would lead us. No Lookin' Back. We saw an exit for Amphitheater Parkway. Takin' to the Streets. We saw the Amphitheater itself. Minute by Minute. We found the free parking lot and did it. We made it.

We rolled down the windows and blasted that shit. Started chugging some beers. Brah broke open the party sub and poured some shroom dust on part of it. Brah and I powered that shroom sub. Sounded like a band was playing, but it was only 7:15. I checked my ticket. McD at 7:30. Kinda sounded like McD though. We started getting a bit anxious and I called Z-brah, who I needed to meet up with to give him his ticket. He was almost there. We kept jammin' that parking lot. 7:30. Z-brah had parked, but it turned out they were in a different lot. Shit on a brick. We grabbed the rest of the brews and headed to the front gate to meet him. On the way there some cops were lookin' for people with brews--- THAT'S ME. I had a pretty full one so I decided to play cards with Satan. I kept walking with the open brew on the opposite side of me from the cops. A Shoreline employee caught me, but instead of taking the brew from me, she told me to "chug it, FAST!" and told me to watch out for the cops. This shit just got taken up another notch.

We got to the gate and didn't see Z-brah anywhere. We worried that he could be at the other gate, and just when I started walking over it he appeared in pleated khakis and a pink button-up. Now we were jamming, but shit! That was definitely McD singing. 7:48. We got in there and make a jamline straight to the lawn and entered the amphitheater during a crucial track. Pretty much the best song to enter a concert during, but I don't want to spoil anything. The lingering fear in the back of my mind was how much McD did we miss!?!?*

This place was bigger than I'd ever imagined. The lawn itself was like a city of jam cadets in training. The seated section looked far away and unattainable. Populating the stage were specks. Where were my glasses at? Oh, I had them on already. Yes, that shit was far away. You could look at one of the many screens and switch back and forth to the stage to deduce who was who. We stood at the front center of the lawn, just to try to size up the situation and creep into this world. But then McD started talking and I was entranced. This was it! This was Michael McDonald talking. And the next song..........HOLY FUCK.

So after he started doing the inevitable Motown crap, we started looking for a place to set up camp. I started calling the people from other cars to try and meet up. Virginia had a heck of a time finding me because I really did look EXACTLY like half the males there. Flowing beach shirt, light shorts, boat shoes with no socks. Eventually the 13 of us met up and found our little lawn spot. There were some yacht rock dudes sitting near us too, but mainly it was 50-somethings sitting on blankets.

We lit up a joint or two and just jammed some McD as the sunlight waned. Danced a little bit to some McMotown cheesiness. Bought a 24 ounce ten dollar beer. Then out of nowhere an upper lever hammjamm broke out. A crucial track started. A couple of us got up and started dancing so hard and so smooth. I started high fiving everyone around me, and for some reason the people sitting down all thought I was trying to take their hand to get them up for dancing. So I just kept at it, and all of sudden there were twenty of us just dancing. Really, really into it. And could you believe it? The middle-aged people around us didn't get annoyed and try to tell us to sit down (at this point we were pretty much the only people dancing on the lawn). NO! They got up and started dancing too. So it was just spreading throughout the lawn until McD hit us so hard with another song. Everybody was just screaming and the lawn was on fire. People were just dancing so hard- singing along. When I was looking for a setlist later on, I found this on some blog-

Half way through the set, I left my assigned seat and went up to the lawn where it sounded much fuller and there was actually much more crowd energy and vibe.

We did it.

So McD finally finished after we just about couldn't take it anymore (the ending was exhausting- a strange medley of sorts). We had to recharge. I went to buy some more beers and take a leak. When I returned to the lawn, people were just hangin' out and smokin' and just loving life so much. It was probably the only time I've ever been to a concert where I was startled when the next band took the stage.

The crowd starting cheering and we were like OH SHIT I GUESS STEELY DAN'S ABOUT TO START WHAT THE FUCK MCD JUST ALMOST KILLED ME AND I ALMOST---ALMOST FORGOT STEELY DAN WAS PLAYING. So everyone but Becker and Fagan came out and just started a jazz jam. There was nothing we could do but jam along. Jazzdance. Then Becker and Fagan came out and they launched into the consensus worst Dan song. Time for more brews. Time for more recuperation from McD. But the songs got much, much, much better. Some songs I didn't know, some ultimate hits, some rad non-hits. We are just jamming and smoking and dancing and congratulating each other and the rest of the crowd and Steely Dan on a night to remember.

They broke into a song I wasn't too crazy about, so I decided to take it in from the back end of the lawn. Couldn't really even see the stage. Maybe it was time for another piss. I made my way accross the lawn and realized how dark it was. Nobody was really that close to me, so I just took a piss right there on the lawn and just acted like I was jamming it to Steely Dan. Completely out in the open in front of thousands of people. It was a unique sensation.

I tried to buy another beer but they'd cut everyone off. Oh well. I had a flight at 9am the next morning, and I was already going pretty great so no big whoop. My next bright idea was to try and sneak into the seated section, which was a cinch. I went all the way to the second row of second level of seating and took in some killer Dan. What happened next was something I believe to be exclusive to the bay area show, so I'll divulge this one little strange detail: Bonnie Raitt came out and sang "Dirty Work." What?! Yes.

What happened next made me so excited that I had to be back on the lawn with my brethren. I tore out of those seats and RAN up to our spot. This took about five minutes, no joke. That's how far away the lawn was. But hell, at this point it was just free flowing ultimate mindblows and taking it past the limit. When the last song was being played, I felt a little sad that it was over, but what a night.

What a god damn rad fucking night.

*Turns out we missed only one song.
  Now THIS is what I've been waiting for...


As a Mets fan, I've been waiting years for this. The Braves to fall; the Mets to rise to glory (and if I'm lucky enough, both in the same season).

But it's been a bit anticlimactic, hasn't it? It seemed like the Braves were hovering a few games back of the Mets until early June when the Mets went on a tear and the Braves went on the polar opposite of what one would define as a tear (and it wasn't even the postseason yet for the Bravos).

All of a sudden I realized the Mets were ten games up on the Braves. "Is that it?" I thought. "Is that how it's gonna go down?" I had been envisioning some sort of fight to the end, with it coming down the that last face off in September. With Brian Jordan crushing a grand slam off of Wagner in extra innings. I wanted something dramatic, and I feared the results, but the Braves just seemed to completely fall apart.

Flash forward to the all-star break. The Braves came out scoring tons of runs, and winning almost every game. The only problem for them was that the Mets were pretty much matching them. This series seemed to be their last shot, and the players seemed to be pretty amped up about it going in:

“I absolutely think the Mets are still looking over their shoulders at us. They know what our track record is. And if we do what we have to do this weekend, they'll be looking even harder over their shoulders. They know where we are…

“Before we think about kissing our sister with the wild card, we have a division to think about.” -Marcus Giles

“It's a longshot to win the division, but I've seen teams collapse plenty of years. Look at the White Sox and the end of their year last year. I know you're a New York writer. Hopefully for us, they will take that turn." -Brian Jordan

“We’re still the team to beat. We’re always the team to beat." -Andruw Jones

Well, it doesn't look like a dramatic dogfight to finish the season is possible. And after this sweep, it looks pretty damn unlikely the Braves have a shot at the wild card either. So, I will have to take this. And it feels good. Finally, after all these years, and all the shit-talking------

Friday, July 28, 2006
  no static at all

Mesmerization Eclipse, WZBC 90.3 FM, 3 to 5 pm.

Nothing special planned, other than an interview with Floyd Landis.
  Is this guy cool or what...

No video today, I found one I wanted to post but its now not working, so maybe Monday...

In the meantime, take a look at McD eating a cookie of himself! And wearing a ROCK CITY HAT!!!
Thursday, July 27, 2006
  What song does Brian McCann walk out to??

  new link

We've added a link to your right, to Ms. Coke Bref's new webthing Talking Radio Towers. It's nice. Wives need to blog more. I think mine's planning a pod-cast, or something. About ghosts.
  4 down 11 to go...

Feathered silver mane + black beard = KING OF THE SILVERBACKS!

The best part of this video is the fact that they get a postcard from McD obviously from some killer island jam... There are about 50 best parts of this video...
Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just saw that Shellac is playing in Athens on the 28th of August...does anyone give a fuck about them anymore? Just curious. I love 1000 Hurts...that album slays.


Amazingly - tickets, which were once sold out - arent any more - STILL AVAILABLE HERE (expensive, but sometimes you gotta fuckin step up)

(SA, THRILL, AND BIG BRAH saw them last night - SA is supposed to post pics and a review up here Friday - he's out of town until then...)
  athenic yuks

"“I’ve always been struck by a kind of weird lack of a comedy scene here; I suspect because our music scene is so lush, it kind of darkens out other things.”

There's no comedy scene in Athens because there's a strong disconnect between the senses of humor of those who would make the comedy and those who would consume it. I'd think a comedy scene would need to interest the general student body to really thrive, but that would probably require well-meaning folks to go more low-brow than they'd like. Frat guys and drunken college kids think comedy means dick jokes and physical degradation. The people I've known in Athens who care enough about comedy to want to create and perform generally have too much self-respect (pretension?) to resort to that stuff. That's why the almost comically awful DAMN show is the only comedy project of note to ever come out of Athens.

Another day, another non-death.

I'm gonna drive through a Big Dig tunnel 'til I die. Or 'til the wife gets back from Florida and commandeers the car again.
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
  This is pretty hilarious...

Who's that singing with Pearl Jam?
  "Ya Mo Burn This Place To The Ground" (13 days to go)

This is when the boys are just jammin it home!
(Fuck no this isnt going to get old!)

At least to ESPN, he is. They fired the guy last night. I wouldn't say I liked him, necessarily, but he was easily the least offensive of ESPN's regular analysts, especially among the former players. No idea what the dude did yet.

UPDATE: Deadspin is speculating that it was sexual harassment what done HR in.
  I Drove In A Tunnel Today


Take THAT, Big Dig.

Ain't no UNDERGROUND PASSAGEWAY gonna wreck me!
Monday, July 24, 2006
  Let the countdown (to ecstasy) begin...

2 weeks from tonight we fuckin JAM with McD and the Dan...

You know we'll be gettin' your ass ready.
Who's bringin' the BIGGER Party Sub?

(did you see the parrot?!?!)

SA & the SF crew see em tomorrow and ride the party train on the way there.
Try this one SA...Get a disposable cooler - fill it with 100 Beers and try to finish the cooler by the time you get to the show! What's that 8 beers a person?
Friday, July 21, 2006

Mesmerization Eclipse, WZBC 90.3 fm, 3 to 5 pm.
  Alan Corey is a friend to be proud of...

Dude is amazing.
  Dumb In '01: Scrubs Is Good

I watched half of a couple of episodes of Scrubs the first month or two it was on the air. I thought it pretty much sucked. The narration, the speed and density of the dialogue, and the fantasy elements all annoyed the hell out of me. In 2004 I randomly caught that episode with Clay Aiken, the "My Life In Four Cameras" one, where they mocked standard sitcom conventions; I thought that was really great, but wrote it off as a gimmick. I started watching it occasionally, though, when I had nothing better to do, and by this past season I enjoyed Scrubs enough to consider myself a fan.

So. Last week we got the first season from NetFlix (newly memberized for the second time). We made it through the first two discs these last two nights, and now I'm wondering what the fuck I was thinking back in '01. This show was already plenty great from the very beginning. It's one of those rare show where I like every single character and actor. The overreliance on musical interludes can be a drag, and it's almost always schmaltzy at the end; still, the treacly endings counteract the generally cynical and unsentimental fifteen or so minutes that precede them. Anyway, I regret my past self's poor judgment.
Thursday, July 20, 2006
  here's some relief.

Braves get Bob Wickman for single-A catcher Maximiliano Ramirez. Wickman's been mostly good for the last eight or nine years; he hasn't been so hot this season, but he's still a damn good bit better than anybody else they've tried this year.
Wednesday, July 19, 2006
  Red China Treats This Man Well

  Greatest Comic Book Ever

In America comic books are about grim'n'gritty superheroes living in a world that's lost its innocence. In Japan comic books are about the development of the freeze-dried noodle cup.
  Matthew Sweet...big dude

Did anyone see Conan tonight? Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs were musical guest and I swear - Matthew Sweet has doubled in size. It looks like he ate his old self and never took a meeting...maybe he is kicking drugs or something.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006
  Rope Burn

Still Flyin' Video JAM
Monday, July 17, 2006
  live futureheads mp3's

Bradley's Almanac is a fine, fine website. They've got the Futureheads' show from the Paradise on 07/02/06 for download, a show I regrettably missed. I was too busy getting completely trashed and inadvertantly insulting friends of friends to make it down to Allston that night. It's a shame, as everybody says their shows are highly substantialicious.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a seriously good movie, folks. WATCH IT. It's got two dudes I like doing good stuff together, and a nicely attractive lady. It's post-modern retro noirishness (with a certain Tarentinosity) that DOESN'T SUCK. Not that Tarentino sucks, but every movie that could be described by that last sentence pretty much does. Anyway, rent it, if you like enjoyment and/or pleasure/enjoyment.
  Bush, gabbin' (oops the mic was on)

“See the irony is that what they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it’s over,” Bush told Blair as he chewed on a buttered roll.
  Last Week's Playlist

I haven't posted one of these in a while.

Mesmerization Eclipse Playlist
Friday 7/14/06 3 to 6 pm

Archers of Loaf “Web in Front”
Trans Am “Extreme Measures”
Parts & Labor “New Buildings”
Laddio Bolocko “Goat Lips”
Janus “Bubbles”
Excepter “Second Chances”
Pere Ubu “Ubu Dance Party”
Epidermis “Prime Origin”
Comets on Fire “Holy Teeth”
Gary Higgins “Thicker Than a Smokey”
Robert Wyatt “Song for Che”
Faust “It's A Bit Of A Pain” from IV CD ALBUM (Virgin w 1974)
Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard “Pop Zeus”
Mudhoney “When Tomorrow Hits”
Major Stars “Syntoptikon”
Silver Apples “Lovefingers”
Rocketship “We're Both alone”
Triple Burner “The Wherewithal”
Arcesia “Desiree”
Avarus “Loylyvesi”
Unrest “Vibe Out”
Icy Demons “Track 5” from Fight Back!
Need New Body “Popfest”
Bablicon “Pigeon Of Doom”
A Place to Bury Strangers “Never Going Down”
Embryo “Dreaming Girls”
Life Without Buildings “Is Is and the IRS”
Lou Reed “Men of Good Fortune”
OMD “Genetic Engineering”
Monoshock “Model Citizen (Nitroglycerin)”
The Clean “Whatever I Do It's Right”
Husker Du “Celebrated Summer”
Red Krayola “Cruise Boat”
The Incredible String Band “Koeeoaddi There”
The National Gallery “Barbaric Classical Solemn”
Oneida "High Life"
Pink Floyd “Interstellar Overdrive”
Sunday, July 16, 2006

The new Snickers outdoor advertising campaign is pretty awesome. Are they running these down in Georgia? "Substantialicious" is my favorite, but "Nougatocity" is a pretty close second. I couldn't find any images on-line, but maybe tomorrow I'll get some photos of a billboard or bus ad or two.
Friday, July 14, 2006
  me on radio

UPDATE: Forgot to mention I'll be on 'til six tonight. Tracey's out of town, or something. Finishing up her "Philosophy of The Matrix" book.

Mesmerization Eclipse, 3 to 6 pm, WZBC 90.3 FM.

If you're lucky you might get to hear me cough up a lung.
  New Comets Track...

Pitchfork is hosting a free download - Comets On Fire - Dogwood Rust

***anyone go see Six Organs this week? Missed it and i'm punching myself for it...
Thursday, July 13, 2006
  RIP, Red!

  The New Summer DRANK...

About all L and I drank in St. Lucia...


1 bottle of Piton Beer
1/3 glass of Ginger Ale

Pour ginger ale in first - then empty the bottle into the glass.
Most refreshing thing you have ever tasted.

So who cares you can only buy Piton Beer on the island...grab a light lager and enjoy. Trust me on this.
  Barbaro Might Die...


  I'm reading John Schuerholz's book.

It's kinda put me off this whole "literacy" thing.
  Seen this show???

Ed vs. Spencer on BBC America. (you can watch videos there)

Pretty damn funny - its on tonight at 11. Watch it.
Roommate vs. Roommate at shit like - who can stay handcuffed to the other for the longest amount of time, who can make the best porn, who can gain the most weight. Great show.
  Crews On The Radio Right Now

We always forget about him, so Crews wrote to remind us that he's "jammin on WXDU right now". Go take a listen.
  another comic review

Somewhere down in Georgia I have a copy of the West Coast Avengers issue that introduced the Great Lakes Avengers back in 1989. If you don’t know, and I imagine most of you don’t, the Great Lakes Avengers are a group of marginally powered individuals from Milwaukee who decide to form a super-team, and figure there’d be no harm in borrowing the Avengers name. Their leader is Mr. Immortal, who has no special abilities other than the inability to ever really die. You can kill him, but he’ll get back up as good as new after a few seconds. He has some gymnastic talent, but other than that, he’s just a dude. Other members include Doorman, who can become a temporary door when standing against any solid substance, and Big Bertha, a beautiful model who can make herself grotesquely obese at will. It was total goofball stuff, goofy even for the time, but still awesome, and exactly the sort of thing I read comics for. It’s still a good idea today, if you ask me. Dan Slott got to bring the team back a few years ago; he’s the dude to go to for fun comics that harken back to the days of yore, so this miniseries seemed like a sure success. And hell, it is. What’s surprising though is how it affected my overemotional self. Superhero comics were better when they were fun and goofy, when they were written for kids and young-thinking adults and not just lame-ass thirty-year-old nerds. This is my firm belief, but it’s a tough conviction to defend, I think. There’s definitely a place for grimmer, more mature superhero comics, when they’re done well, which unfortunately is not very often. For every Watchmen and Doom Patrol, you get Punisher War Journal, or the entire early ‘90’s Image line. Obviously comics should be allowed to grow as an artform / medium, even superhero comics, and in the hands of talented people like Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, and ‘80’s Frank Miller good, serious, adult-minded superhero comics can be made that transcend the genre’s juvenile roots (Of course the best works by Moore and Morrison both transcend and celebrate those roots, merging ridiculous [and awesome] superhero bullshit with real-life context and consequences, but that’s beside the point). With GLA Misassembled, Dan Slott’s typical light-hearted, old-school style acts as parody and critique of both the controversial Avengers Disassembled storyline and modern-day “serious” superheroics in general. It’s a genuinely funny comic that openly decries the adult subject matter and graphic violence that have overtaken the superhero industry, most pointedly the rape and murder of a member of a beloved cult character’s support cast that was the focus of DC’s Identity Crisis cross-over. Slott wonderfully and succinctly displays how far comics have strayed from their fun-loving, convenience store past; he doesn’t go so far as to say that the industry should fully revisit those days, but he does lay out that there’s more than enough room for both styles to coexist. Some of the comedic devices Slott employs are cloying, like the running commentary from Squirrel Girl’s rodent sidekick Monkey Joe, but they’re not overly distracting. The worst you can say about GLA Misassembled is that, like most of Slott’s work, its heavy reliance on Marvel continuity and obscure references might make it somewhat opaque to newer readers. Still, regardless of how well-versed you are in the back-alleys of Marvel history, the humor is self-evident.
Wednesday, July 12, 2006
  An Endorsement...



Tuesday, July 11, 2006
  Honoring the "France" Era of WUOG

Apparently there was a "'France' Era" at WUOG, according to this commenter over at The Day Jobs. That's overstating things pretty ridiculously, as several dozen people who had absolutely nothing to do with the France were far more integral in making WUOG the great station that it was back in the late '90's. I know nothing about whatever problems might be plaguing the station right now (well, except for that weird chemistry experiment thing), but if these haters are correct, then hopefully shit can get straightened out soon enough. By the looks of it, though, they're as overheated as the person responsible for the above-linked comment.
  Office Humor - Hilaristocracy

An office email with the subject line: "Attn: Tech Department, My Computer Just Hiccuped"

  The Dude Did IT!

Traded a red paperclip for a house! Rad dude. Here is the guy's actual Blog.
  borrowing comics is better than spending money on them

Fables Volumes 2 and 3
I wrote a little bit of shit about Fables a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve read through the second and third trades, and it does definitely get better. My initial reaction to the second trade, Animal Farm, was a little irrational; I don’t like seeing cute talking animals get killed, and that happens a lot in this one. The story and characterization are mostly big improvements over the first volume, though, and there’s not as much self-satisfied cleverness mucking up the whole enterprise. Also Reynard the Fox, the best character to date, is introduced, and should’ve immediately become the focus of the book. The third volume, Storybook Romance, is a collection of shorter stories, including a four-parter that deals with some of the ramifications of Animal Farm. The issue with Jack cheating Death while masquerading as a Confederate soldier during the Civil War might be my favorite single issue thus far, if only because at one point Jack utters my mother-in-law’s favorite swear word, “shit-fire”. Still, I think Bill Willingham is focusing on too narrow a cast of characters, which is probably the main reason the one-issue asides with Jack and John Barleycorn stick out as the best of the run thus far. These issues are the only ones that don’t feature Bigby or Snow as the main protagonist, and are a nice change of pace. Bigby continues to become a more interesting character, even if he is veering a bit too close to Wolverine territory. Snow White, though, has hardly been developed at all, and bounces back and forth between two stereotypical roles, the uptight ice-queen and the beautiful damsel in distress. The best moments remain the glimpses of the larger Fable community; as such, this should definitely be more of an ensemble book than it has been thus far.
  Syd Barrett RIP

Maybe if he hadn't lost his mind the world would've been spared one of the worst bands of all time.
Monday, July 10, 2006
  "Yo mama boofed Masta P"

What the big deal with Zidane is all about...

  In Los Angeles It Costs $12 To Work Out With Richard Simmons At His Gym. He Plays Vinyl During The Workout.

Friday, July 07, 2006
  hey what's this thing?

Oh yeah - it's the FUCKIN' RADIO!

Mesmerization Eclipse on WZBC, 3 to 5 pm.
  For the Ladies...

Justin Timberlake's new single from his forthcoming album "FUTURE SEX/LOVE SOUNDS"?!?!?!
Might be the worst song of the year so far. Also what's up with the mos def rip off with that picture?
  Is Mark Ibold In Sonic Youth Now???

From Captscurvy's flickr page

Hell yeah the RECYCLIST is up at Unrealized Scripts...
A dark, ice, dj mind quest.

Talib Kweli has a song - "Listen" - from his new album which drops later this summer up at his myspace page.

SA - you, brah, and thrill need to go to this out in San Fran this summer. Looks like an amazing show...
Wednesday, July 05, 2006
  South Cak Record Store - A

Every time L and I head up to Greenville, SC to see her family I always come up with a brilliant excuse to make it over to a pretty darn good record store called Earshot. They have two locations - one downtown, which touts an option most other small indie record stores dont offer - creating a burned disc out of the library of songs they have in their database. Pricey at $15 for an 11 song cd, but a novel idea. We tried it last trip and I actually only found one song I wanted to burn (after looking for 30 mintues). Not a huge selection, but that is only the Downtown store.

The other location is excellent, and has an expansive collection of vinyl, dvd, cd, magazine, comic, etc. You can find pretty much any independent label there, and their hip hop section is as good as the one found at Earwax here in ATL. Last time I found a super rare Little Brother live ep.

So this past weekend I went for one purpose - to find the Ladyhawk record. Had it. Bought it. Also was trying to find the new Six Organs Of Admittance and Be Your Own Pet records. They didn't have the Six Organs but did have the other. I didnt like it at all though. Another completely rad aspect of this store is that you can take any record in the store and scan it into one of their machines and more than likely hear 3-4 tracks off that album and read reviews of it.

So yeah not up on the BYOP, I understand why T Moore signed em, but too riot grrrl.

Best part though - whilst wondering the store, (they put the records they think are good atop the others facing out towards the buyer) what do my eyes stumble upon - none other than that flashy artwork of the Still Flyin record.

Overall a great store and worth a trip if you are ever in town.
(this will probably only apply to Jim)...

Ladyhawk by the way, are f'n incredible. You heard it hear first. More on them later...
  workplace relations

We've been watching a lot of Newsradio lately. It's the best live-action sit-com of the '90's, easily. It got me thinking, though; I've never become friends with any of my co-workers at any of the office jobs I've had. I've never been a part of a crazy collection of work-room cut-ups, each with a broadly defined personality and appeal to a specific demographic category. My offices have always been staffed by a bunch of lonely, bored people who can't wait to get home. You watch tv shows and everybody's always hanging out and getting drinks after work and driving each other to the airport and throwing surprise parties at home and shit. Nothing like this has ever existed between me and any of my coworkers, not even something on as casual a level as getting a drink after work. I think this is probably as odd and unrealistic as the whole "coworkers as best friends" thing on tv. But so, my question: how many of you people are good friends with your coworkers? It doesn't count if you were friends before you worked together. I'm interested to see if any of our regular commenters ever hang out with their coworkers.

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