Tuesday, September 30, 2008
  UGA / Bama thoughts....a few days out

Ok had some time to process this.


Nothing should be taken away whatsoever - they were hungry, they had a chip on their shoulder, and they were obviously 10X as prepared as we were. The sheer feat of shutting up a SEC MEGA stadium like that in about 12 minutes is fucking unreal.

1) Based on what I've seen of that team (and what I've read) - that was pretty much as good as it gets for Bama. Nearly a perfect storm. We also witnessed John Parker's CAREER game. That being said, I dont know that further down the line they will be able to deliver a performance like that again. Could be wrong, but I get the feeling that what we saw on Saturday was Bama on full throttle.

1.5) Two plays that if taken back could have changed the whole outcome: Roughing the passer after we recovered the fumble, and that fucking 19 yard kick.

2) Good time to lose if UGA HAD to lose. Perfect losers excuse, but still something to take away from that game - it happened at the right time. Plenty of time to recover.

3) Our "hardest schedule in the NCAAs" just got fucking harder. Weirder things could happen, but the Dawgs are essentially going to have to run the table from here on out to get back to the SEC championship game (and regain any fleeting glimpses of a National Title Game birth). NOW THATS A BITCH! However if we do run said table and win the SEC, a spot in the BCS championship pretty much cant be denied.

4) Injuries. Thanks the good lawd that we are on bye week. Comment if you heard differently, but from what I've read from coach - Ellerbe and Knowshon are question marks for Tennessee. Durham is out several weeks, and Stafford does NOT have a concussion. We were poised to take the bama loss out on PHIL and the ORANGE BITCH next weekend, but a banged up team heading into Knoxville needs to be careful.

5) I dont want to see those black jerseys for another 5 years. ***Although I will still rock my knowshon one for gamedays. May let it sit a few weeks for the Dawgboog.

6) By showing all our glaring problems on Saturday - bama GAVE US A CHANCE (!!!) to rectify. Know what im sayin...

7) If we run into Bama again in Atlanta...I dont think there is any way we lose twice.

8) At halftime of the game me, Ice, SM, and KG took it to the dude room to jam a "positive vibes dance party" to help the dawgs. Songs jammed in order: Walk The Dinosaur, King Of Wishful Thinking, You Dropped The Bomb On Me, 2 Legit 2 Quit. Then we took the boom box out on the back porch and Ice and I danced the entire second half to 2 Legit 2 Quit in hopes our vibes would turn around the Dawgs luck. Called San Fran - and their party had the same dance party going. Locked in. When we ran back that kick to get within 2 scores, we about duked. Ya'll we came close. All I'm saying is 2 Legit 2 Quit needs to be the theme song of the DAWGS this year, FUCK JEEZY!
Saturday, September 27, 2008
  Knowshon Can - Put It In The Pan

Jais came over and recorded this jam the week the season started. The video was sure to follow! Amazing work Jais!
Friday, September 26, 2008

Holy shit. Holy shit.Holy shit.Holy shit.Holy shit.Holy shit.Holy shit.Holy shit.Holy shit.Holy shit.Holy shit.Holy shit.Holy shit.Holy shit.Holy shit.
  back on the radio

yep, Mesmerization Eclipse returns to WZBC 90.3 FM today. I'll be on from three until five-something, so listen up.
Thursday, September 25, 2008
  my interview with Bob Pollard is in the Dig this week

Go read it.

For some reason they don't put the non-CD reviews on-line anymore, so none of the video game and comic reviews I've had the last month are available.

UPDATE: Yep, I've also got reviews of the new Square-Enix RPG Infinite Undiscovery and Dark Horse's Herbie Archives Volume 1 hardcover in this week's Dig, but those aren't on-line.
  FTBAS: "Fuck the Bear and Saban"

Pulpwood's Bama Monk-e-mail gonna blow ya mind!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
  Kool Keith is BACK like IRAN!

Holy shit. All production done by Kutmaster Kurt. Best thing he's done in fuckin' 10 years. DAMN!

  Bring It!

"It's the only shirt I could find when I got up this morning"

At the beginning of the season looking at the first half of the schedule, I think I was most excited for the Arizona State game. This game is in the driver's seat now. I know this will be one for the ages. First home game without Larry in a damn long time. Blackout. Damn, can't wait.

One thing I was thinking about this weekend after we dominated ASU, something that got me nervous, is how many SERIOUS teams are coming into games with us holding grudges from last year:

1) Alabama - last second win in overtime in Tuscaloosa. They were undefeated and screaming perfect season (the same thing they are doing this year) and we choked them out with a pillow - ruining their season essentially. Now we announce a full week before the game that its going to be a BLACKOUT - more motivation for them to embarrass us. I think it should have been leaked on Thursday and the fans could have washed their black shirts in time for Saturday.

2) Florida - "The Celebration" - I think that pissed off Urban Meyer more than losing the actual game. Hopefully the gators will be more wrapped up in trying to piss us off, than they will with actually getting ready for the game.

3) Auburn - Blackout. They say home field advantage in the SEC is worth between 3-5 points. After the dawgs rolled out in those black jerseys and BACK IN BLACK was playing and Sanford was more electric than it had been in years - I think that number jumped to about 10. Either way, Auburn was leading that game in the 3rd quarter but we outplayed them late. Still they got a chip.

So yeah - this week begins the real test. Carolina and ASU can only be looked at as warm ups. If we are truly of National Champion caliber, we'll step up - not because our jerseys are black, but because we are the beast that is Georgia Football.
Monday, September 22, 2008
  Just sayin

  One For The Ages

  If the "answer" isnt "Mystical Sex Farm" then this story is a buncha bullshit!

Experts "solve" mystery of Stonehenge.

Yeah right!
  I want to see this movie

Stephen Chow will be directing and playing Kato in Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's Green Hornet movie.

That's kinda awesome.

If you haven't seen Kung Fu Hustle or Shaolin Soccer, please go do so immediately.
Sunday, September 21, 2008
  M2B2 is HERE!

Thursday, September 18, 2008
  Love Lockdown

What do you think of the new Kanye single, "Love Lockdown"?

You can find an mp3 link here.

I thought the performance at the VMAs was visually interesting, but the song was kinda boring and disappointing. I kept expecting it to break out into truly mind-zapping territory, like "B.O.B.", or something. I felt similarly about the mp3 at first, but then I found myself listening to it like twenty times in a row whenever I would cue it up. Now I realize it is fairly mind-zapping precisely because it does not try too hard to do so. It remains low-key and restrained despite the obvious urgency and desperation. Dumb analogy, but in that way it reminds me of the Boss's Nebraska.

Anyway, if you haven't heard it, download and give it a listen.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
  A good ep i just heard...

Tweak Bird - Reservations
Hard to describe. Read this which made me look em up:
heavy experimental, progressive, and psych-infused rock

but that makes it sound noodley - its not. Most of the songs on here are under 2 minutes. They are also about aliens and shit. Pretty rad. Its really freaky cosmic and shit. Weird but awesome. Rips too.

  What The Shit!?

Sir Ben Kingsley STOMPS into the shoes of Minor Threats' Ian MacKaye from Mean Magazine on Vimeo.
  Souljah Boy reviews Braid

The other week I posted a link to my review of Braid.

Now here's Souljah Boy's review.

Braid 'Soulja Boy Review' clip

Tuesday October 7th

Love Is All
The France
Buddy System

Tuesday ripper mutherfuckaz!
Monday, September 15, 2008
  Coupla new things up at the France site...

Get your laugh on.
  This is pretty rad...

My sister is a pantry chef at the new Legal Seafoods in downtown ATL. She sent me this email last night:

"Guess who I got to see/fix dinner for tonight at work!! T.I.!! It was insane...he had a bunch of people with him, but I fixed him a caesar salad. Ha! Apparently he's not in jail...."
Sunday, September 14, 2008
  American Warrior

Friday, September 12, 2008
  "Yo watch out for the hurricane...I heard his name's Ice or something."

The best quote from Elliott's blog this week. Classic!
  Fans of The Sleepy Jackson...

Luke from SJ's new band with the guy from PNAU. Just thinking the other day what happened to this dude. EMPIRE OF THE SUN is the name - VIDEO here (vid's alright but the song is the JAM!).

Check out that album art too!

This song blows my mind. So fucking good!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

From this website. Steeler's fans, trying to out dick the Eagles!
  Chic-Fil-A Boycot????

From the Arizona State game last week:
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
  Still Flyin' in Pitchfork: they ain't that young

I figured DJ would get this; guess he's out of the office today?

So Will Sheff of the band Okkervil River hypes Still Flyin' on Pitchfork today. They must take good care of themselves, 'cuz he thought they was a bunch of kids. What he says:

>> Favorite New Band

We were flying to Australia, and I was sitting on the plane next to this girl, and I struck up a conversation with her. She said, "Why are you going down to Australia?" and I told her I was going to play a festival, and she said, "Oh, I'm going to play the festival, too!" She was 19 or 20 years old, and it turns out that she plays in this band called Still Flyin', who we saw play at the festival, and it was the most fun I've had at a show in quite a while. It's just about the least pretentious music you could ever imagine. It's about 15 to 20 kids on stage-- and I mean kids, too, like 18 to 24-- and they're playing this kind of party ska music. It's extremely imprecise, they're throwing boogie boards into the audience, it's very, very silly. It's just about the least critic-friendly music you can imagine, but it's very fun to watch and you kind of have to surrender to it at a certain point. I really enjoyed seeing them. And we've actually played some other festivals with them.
  suffocated by sports

So tomorrow at 7:30 AM I hop on a bus and head down to New York City. Over the next four days my brothers and father and I shall:

1. See the UNC - Rutgers game in New Jersey on Thursday night;
2. Drive overnight to Cooperstown and spend as much time at the MLB Hall of Fame on Friday;
3. Go see one of the last ever games at Yankee Stadium on Saturday, when the Yanks host the AL East division leading Tampa Bay Rays;
4. see the Patriots take on the Jets in New Jersey.

I scratched that last one 'cuz I can't make it. Dad and the bros will be there, but I'll be on another bus headed back to Boston.

Anyway, I'm excited.
Tuesday, September 09, 2008
  The Big Pun of Babylon

  David Pollack newest member of 790 the zone

It was announced today that David Pollack will be the third memeber of the Afternoon Saloon on 790 the Zone in ATL. I have started listening to this station pretty much all the time after my Sirius receiver died. And uh, fuck yeah i'm in the dawghouse everyday with the TWO LIVE STEWS!

2 Stews.
Which one will you choose?
Monday, September 08, 2008
  Crazy, Awesome Weekend!

Shit, wow that one was good.
Laid low on Friday night and L and I crashed watching Be Kind, Rewind which was alright but not mindblowing (both of us fell asleep watching that shit). Saturday went to Stone Mountain with Ozzerz and did some home work on our den by hanging blinds with my parents. DAWGS GAME. Shit, i think they looked really good. D was on fire and foaming at the mouth - that pick6 was amazing. Knowshon's mastery goes without saying. 3 more tds and a play for the eternal highlight reels. (BTW, FUCK ESPN for dropping the ball and not airing that play, its by far the best play of the season thus far!) AJ Green looked great, Stafford looked most radical, so did Mr. King. Loved every minute of it. Now marching on to Columbia!
Late Saturday afternoon I got a text from Frank in Dr. Dog asking if we wanted to hang before the show at the Earl that night. FUCK YEAH WE DO! Ice and I rode down to the Earl and picked him up (the rest of the band was snoozin) and took it back to the Chardonnay Cooldown II to jam some za and brews while catching up with our boy. We talked Steely Dan and Howard Stern for a few hours then took it back to the club just in time to meet up with Ellie who was in town and for the Dog to start jamming.


Seen them 6 or 7 times and this was HANDS DOWN the best time of all. They were fucking on another planet. ALL HITS, NO SHIT. Just jammed our mind. The place was sold the fuck out and Frank got us in on the guest list and we got just a few minutes to catch up with the rest of the guys before and after the show. Their first question was when they'd hear new Flip & Brah which was rad. Frank even said that he wants us opening when they come back and play the Variety! (!!!) I dont know how to describe how awesome they were. Probably the second best show ive seen all year, that good. They have honed their craft into this massive hammjamm oozing band. FUCK YEAH! Afterwards we took it back to Ice's to hang and wait on the Dog who wanted to hang out. I could only last until 3am and they still were leaving the club, so i took it home.

Sunday was wild as shit too. Woke up early and took Ozzy to this new dog park. He needs more dog interaction so we were pumped. Within 4 seconds of him getting in the gate this fucking crazy ass dog b-lines for Ozzy and immediately starts attacking him - LIKE ATTACKING HIM! Oz didnt know what the fuck was going on so he was just flipping out im trying to pull Oz away and push this other dog with my leg and the owner of the fucking shitty dog is just slowly walking over to the situation. Finally gets there as this dog is trying to bite OZ's back grabs the dog and doesn't say anything and walks to this other part of the fenced in circle. No "sorry". One of the rules for most any dog park is NO AGGRESSIVE DOGS ALOUD and/or IF YOUR DOG GETS IN A FIGHT OR GETS AGGRESSIVE YOU MUST LEAVE. This dude doesn't. Holds his dog for 2 minutes and then lets him go again, at which point this dog hauls ass straight for OZZY again, teeth gnashed. FUCKING SHIT! I grab Ozzy and pick him up as OZ is getting mad and kind of pissed this little bitch of a dog is up in his business. The other dog is now climbing up my leg and back as I'm kicking him to keep him away from OZZY. The owner AGAIN waltzes over to the situation grabs his dog from off my leg which he was clawing to get OZ and says "i don't know what's into him today." WHAT?! FUCK YOU DUDE, GET YOUR DOG UNDER CONTROL BITCH! So at this point L and I, AND Oz are pretty spooked, so we leave to walk him through the park. 10 minutes later this shithead finally leaves with his dog so we take Ozzy back into the fenced area and he runs around and has a blast with the other dogs running and playing. Right as we were leaving this other heatseaker came running in and we were glad we were leaving. Last time we go there.

Got home, Thorn came over and the first true Sunday of the NFL begins with a fuckin BANG! FALCONS LOOKED HOTTTTTTT! Jesus. Matt Ryan's first pass...TD. Michael BURNER Turner lit it the fuck up with 220, YES 220 YARDS. A falcons record! I think I got about 45 texts during that game. Amazin. I know its the first game against a shitty ass shit team, but still - WOW! On the other hand my fantasy team already looks really bad. After the first week: Marion Barber - left the game in the 3rd quarter with damaged cartilage in his ribs. Dallas Clark - left game with a fucked up knee. Vince Young (backup) out 2-4 weeks. Laveranues Coles, leaves game in first quarter with some sort of fucked up thing. JESUS. Not looking good, even after the first game. Maybe I should take Griggs' advice and just tank now so I get a better chance of drafting Knowshon next year. The one consoling factor is that the entire Footbizzle league looks pretty mediocre this year. All the teams are pretty even and all have some shit on their rosters. I'll be surprised if we see many 100+ scores this year.

Overall it was a good one. Dawgs win. Falcons Win. Dog didnt die.

  Tell 'em Yeezy

Saturday, September 06, 2008
  Great album cover!

Look forward to hearing this one!
Friday, September 05, 2008

  BOB BEERS went to go see POLVO on Tuesday!

Here's his tight ass review (thanks dogg!):

Polvo / Trans Am
Bimbo's (San Fran)

A few initial observations/thoughts: There were a surprising number of females in attendance at this show - I'd say at least a fourth of the audience. I'm not used to seeing girls at Trans Am shows and although I haven't seen Polvo in nearly 10 years, I can't say that I remember them being all that popular with the ladies either. The guys in Polvo have aged pretty well. In my mind they seemed older and more mature than most bands I was into at the time. But it could just be that I haven't aged quite as well as I might have liked. I also forgot how nice these guys are while on stage - especially Dave. Very humble and genuinely friendly. OK, on to the show.

So I walked into the club a few minutes into Trans Am's set. The crowd was a little thin at this point, but everyone there was locked into the groove. Sebastian (the drummer) had his shirt off, as usual, but he was wearing a ridiculous gold chain at least an inch in diameter. Evan used to live in DC and swears that this guy is a dick, but he's still one of the best drummers I've ever seen. The dudes were on and definitely had the crowd going. I couldn't find a set list online but here's a few of the songs that I can remember them playing: Conspiracy of the Gods (from Sex Change), I Want it All, Play in the Summer (both from Red Line), Firepoker (from Trans Am) and they finished the show with Television Eyes (from Futureworld). There was only one or two songs I didn't recognize, but all in all good song selection and as always with these dudes the performance was tight.

The crowd at this show - as I'm finding with most shows here in SF - was pretty mellow, so when Polvo came on stage the reception was slightly underwhelming. Jesus tit squeeze! These guys haven't played a live show in almost 10 years - show some love! Regardless of how I felt however, Polvo seemed to revel in the chill atmosphere of the evening. Rather than melting our faces off, they preferred to noodle our minds into a hazy bliss. As Evan said after the show, "We blew it tonight... we shoulda been stoned for this show." Dave even commented a few times on how mellow the crowd was and how much they appreciated that. While Dave chose to play his songs fairly straightforward, Ash played all of his songs fairly loose - changing his lyrics and guitar parts - but of course the band was right there with him the whole way. These dudes are the definition of tight ass tight. Again, I didn't find a set list but here's what I recognized and could remember: Feather of Forgiveness, a very interesting version of Wall of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio" with Ash on lead vocals, and at least 2 new songs (one each by Dave and Ash) which both sounded really good. They came back for a 20 minute encore consisting of Fast Canoe and Every Holy Shroud. Like Evan said, we shoulda been stoned.
  another opinion on Palin

I was surprised by her speech. It was like listening to some talk radio asshole, what with all that condescension and snarkiness. I'd think that would only drive away all but the Republican base, who they don't have to worry about losing anyway. Hopefully the GOP won't successfully scare the media away from doing their god-damn job, but after these last eight years there's no reason to expect otherwise. Anyway, all around this whole Palin thing is pretty damn cynical and embarrassing.
  Its Always Sunny...

The new season of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia starts September 18th at 10pm. Thats about all you need to know in your life. If you dont watch this show, you deserve to be shit on by an elephant. Hands down the funniest show on TV. HANDS DOWN! And another thing - dont be skeerd that its entering its 4th season, THIS IS NOT A SHOW YOU NEED TO KNOW THE BACK STORY ON! Just watch the previous seasons to laugh your fucking ass off.

The dudes from the show have a blog here. Great read. They just recently posted the episode list for the upcoming season (not in order)...are you ready for this:

Mac and Dennis: Manhunters
The Guys Solve the Gas Crisis
Mac and Charlie Die: Part One
Mac and Charlie Die: Part Two
Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life
Frank Buys a Billboard
The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover Edition
Who Pooped the Bed?
The Nightman Cometh (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell
Mac Dates the Waitress
Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack
Paddy╩╝s Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia

So seriously, just take 2 minutes to set your DVR this weekend. You will be pleasantly surprised, i swear on it. If you dont like the show i'll fucking buy you a beer - i swear.
Thursday, September 04, 2008
  NFC Predictions

NFC East:
Dallas (12-4)
Philly (11-5)
New York Giants (9-7)
Washington (8-8)

NFC North:
Green Bay (9-7)
Minnesota (8-8)
Chicago (6-10)
Detroit (4-12)

NFC South:
New Orleans (11-5)
Tampa Bay (10-6)
Carolina (6-10)
Atlanta (6-10)

NFC West:
Seattle (11-5)
San Francisco (9-7)
Arizona (6-10)
St. Louis (5-12)

NFC Championship:
Dallas Vs. Philly
Dallas In Superbowl

Alright, again I probably dont know what the fuck im talking about but there you go. I think Dallas will be the best team in the NFC with Philly a close second - although to have that happen Philly is going to have to fucking get some BIG BAWLIN done by their Wide Receivers. That NFC East is a brutal division. NFC West on the other hand sucks. Green Bay is decent - Aaron Rogers is good but not great. Adrian Peterson and that D cant get the Vikings to the Playoffs.

The Saints are going to be damn good this year, that pains me to say, but you cant deny them. That offense is almost as good as Dallas' and their D is growing. Tampa will get the wild card just based on being in a pretty cake division as well. Carolina blowed, at least this year - they'll be back. Now here is my prediction to pay attention to - and fuck yeah I'm a home town biased mutherfucker - Atlanta wins 6 this year. We have the best backfield in the NFC South and Mr. White is a true bawler. Ryan will hit some major lows but also will show some streaks. I think our D is underrated as well. Did anyone else notice that they didnt give up a touchdown in their last THREE preseason games (i know i know, PREseason games, but still). I would be completely happy with 6 wins out of this team. Next year we'll be on track. WHAT?!

Seattle will roll in their division as well, they have a great team. Quietly solid defense and the only real question mark they have is wide receiver. I think Julius Jones will have a great season up there playing against some of the cake NFC teams. San Fran has a great season (*by their recent standards) and I think that comes from their D, Gore, and WR corps. Also O'Sullivan (or whatever that dude's name is) aint fuckin bad. Arizona still beats them self (gwad does Leinart suck ass!). And even with the biggest stud in the league at SJax - the Rams have too many holes to win more than 5.
  Few things on the Palin speech

1) Was it just me or did she not talk about one fucking issue, the main thing the GOP bashes the Obama ticket for??? Obama came out like a loaded gun and just gave answers on every issue. All she did was bash Obama the entire time and the Republicans think she's the second coming of Ronald.

2) Her family is "off limits" yet they trot them out on stage and flash to them all night. I think its true, families - especially children should be off limits in this political war, but dont hold a double standard on the same fucking day!

3) I love how the GOP's spin now is how the Palin Family is just a "normal US family" dealing with teen pregnancy. If this was one of Obama's girls - HE WOULD BE CRUCIFIED BY THE RIGHT WING. Now you have these preachers saying how honorable she is. That's a bunch of bullmutherfuckingbullllshit!

4) She bashed Obama for not "leading" anything - yet during her term as gov. she has shady shit going on AND caused a state deficit. Then she brags about selling a state plane on EBAY. Hilarious.

5) Going to be rad tonight, because McCain will get up and give his canned speech - no one will be watching b/c the NFL and College Football is on... 35 Million people watched Obama last week...they'll be lucky if they get 10.

Sorry for the rant - i just thought that shit was crazy how everyone thinks she's fucking wonder woman or some shit after a speech full of political hot air. What'd yall thank?
Wednesday, September 03, 2008
  things I've written

1. in last week's Weekly Dig: a review of the great video game Braid;
2. in this week's Flagpole: a review of the new Clawjob ep Manifest Destiny;
3. also in this week's Flagpole: the latest Singularity column, with reviews of vinyl singles (including one 10-inch, which kinda runs counter to the thing's subtitle, but we're working on that);
4. in this week's Weekly Dig: a review of the video game Too Human, which is currently not on-line, but will be linked to whenever possible.
  it's true...

that wedding was awesome.


the rest of the week was nice, too.
  AFC Projections

Fuck it, here are my predictions on the AFC. NFC is tomorrow!

AFC East:
New England (14-2)
New York Jets (8-8)
Buffalo (8-8)
Miami (6-10)

AFC North:
Pittsburgh (11-5)
Cleveland* (10-6)
Baltimore (6-10)
Cincinatti (4-12)

AFC South:
Jacksonville (12-4)
Indianapolis (10-6)
Tennessee (8-8)
Houston (7-9)

AFC West:
San Diego (12-4)
Denver* (11-5)
Kansas City (6-10)
Oakland (4-12)

Alight thats just my guess, who knows. My main wonder is if the Colts are going to continue their reign this year. I think there is a good chance they may not make the playoffs. I think the wild cards this year will be the Broncos and Browns and Pey-pey gets nudged out for the first time in forever. I also wonder how healthy San Diego is, they have the most talent but injuries & the play of Rivers are a major concern.

Pats will be pats, Bengals will be Bengals. I think Favre is going to disappoint in NY. Not in the sense that he'll play shitty, just that he can't pull that team up to playoff contention and now every JETS fan is pretty much banking on that. Cleveland plays well (unlike their preseason) and their D is beefed up so i think they make the playoffs. Cutler is going to pull the Broncos up - he'll have a huge year I believe. God knows how Denver's running game is going to look but their O Line is pretty decent so whoever is back there will get some yards.

AFC Championship Game:
NE vs. Jax
NE in superbowl.
Tuesday, September 02, 2008
  Damn Good DAWG!

Looks to be a stud! More pics here!

Just saw that UGA got jumped in both polls by USC. Could personally care fucking less about this. Richt was looking at different D schemes after we had the game in control and thats when GS scored their points. Let someone else have the bullseye! CLEAR EYES. FULL HEARTS. CANT LOSE!
  "You Got Somethin' To Say, Tell It To My Avatar!"

Thorny just emailed me this pic. He was on a SEC/College Football board and saw this dude's avatar. The weendawgboognish logo i designed. Pretty rad! Now that its football season, I guess I should make another round of tshirts!

What an amazing weekend. Try to get a recount up with some pictures this week for the folks who couldnt make it. Next to my own wedding, because that really is the best day of your life, this was the best wedding I have ever been to. Starting with watching the Dawgs game together on Saturday - to Still Flyin' totally melting the stage Saturday night - to the wedding itself on Sunday - to the afterparty(s). It was all aces. Sean and Mindy are right now on a plane to Costa Rica! Congrats dudes, it was amazing all the way around! Much love!

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Dark doesn't want to own her, but he can't let her have it both ways.

Cocaine Bref is proud of his island heritage & will riff with you.

Elliott is sufficiently breakfast.
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Crog works in the bullshit industry in Hollywood. He was born on May 7th, 1978.

Jerkwater Johnson (friend to CT Jake Motherfucker) lives in San Francisco. He likes snacking, and the Mets, and is the proprietor of a bar called Duck Camp.

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