Monday, June 30, 2008
  Jethro Tull made an appearance at the Wizard staff party!!!

Notice how tall Gus' staff is. He started a second staff because his first staff had 18 in it. All before midnight. DAMN!
  Allyn and I are DJ'ing in Boston tonight...

at River Gods in Cambridge. Right there on River Street, straight down from the Central Square T-stop. We go on around 8, will be there 'til at least midnight. If you're one of the few Bostonians who read this dumb thing, then come out and drink and listen to our record collection.
  The 300,001st reason to love KNOWSHON!

Knowshon is fucking amazing.
We all know that, but did you also know that he can blow your mind via the written language?

Below is a UGA Conduct Review Board citation against Knowshon for being too loud in his dorm room. His penalty was to write a 2 page essay about the effects of noise polution. Be sure to read the whole thing, read what his requirements were and then his response paper. I really do love this dude!

  I has some vinyl for sale...

Saturday, June 28, 2008
  New No Age video...bad ass!!!

  R.I.P. big dude...

Hope your enjoyin' that huge ice bag in the sky.
Much love.
Friday, June 27, 2008
  Muppets Salute America

my work made this. this year, celebrate the 4th early.

  Oh Shit....August 20th

  Still Flyin' Jammin Spiral Stairs [styles] & Calgary's MIND This Weekend

5 shows in 4 days at this HUGE festival up in Canada. Spiral Stairs was the one who invited them to come jam. He loves em that much. Expect to hear about total world domination soon.

Read all about it here: SLED ISLAND FEST
Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
  I am on the infranet!!!

So its pretty obvious my obsession with Ween. Just see this blog every week for the god knows how long. Well one of the aspects I love most about them is their dedication to fans and overall cool as shit down to fucking earth abilities. It doesnt hurt that they are funny as fuck.

Well about 6 months ago Deaner started a blog - The Brownie Troop 666. Its choc full of stories about Ween on tour, pictures of Dean cooking for his family, general funny shit. It quickly morphed into a fishing blog with 1 in 3 posts about Ween, and the rest about daily fishing trips they take, including tours routed around fishing offers. Deaner's a huge fisherman. This week he upgraded to a real website - The Brownie Troop Fishing Show. He films live fishing shows and posts them to the website, has merch, and other generous glimpses into the background of the Ween hilarity.

3 weeks ago Dean asked for reader submitted fishing stories to include in the new website. I sent one in. A story about a trip my dad, grandfather, and I took when i was about 12 or 13. It was a really funny trip and one i'll never forget. About 30 minutes after I emailed it to him, I see an email in my inbox from Dean himself. Weirded me the fuck out, pretty rad.

As it turns out - the site went live today and my fishing tale is the inaugural story for the whole site. FUCKING A!
  Lemmy The Movie

  So Amazing, So Beautiful, So Majestic, So Perfect

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ice is a genius for inventing this link to new beck/danger mouse songs.
  "I'm a HORSE...Tell me how my ass tastes"

I swear to fucking baby jesus. FOREVER DUDE IN THE HIGHEST!
  TNV - ATL - 6/23/08

Times New Viking
The Earl
Monday June 23, 2008

Damn! I really wasnt expecting them to be that awesome last night. Short, sweet, and sweaty as fuck. Zieg came down from ATH and met Ellie and I for some tight mexican and odd convo topics over a few beers. Elliott bounced and Ice met up with us at the Earl. Missed the first two bands and walked into a near empty back room of the Earl. Kind of shocking to all, mainly b/c I just thought they had been through ATL enough and had enough exposure to warrent a big crowd. It was cool though there were maybe 40 people there on a monday night. Maybe everyone was home jacking off to the Dawgs win? Yeah, everyone was at home jacking off to the Dawgs win!

They fucking blasted off and pretty much annihilated us. I had makeshift earplugs and was thinking throughout that this was one of the loudest fucking bands i had ever seen, even with only 3 people. Everything overblown, everything jamming as hard as it can, understood 1 lyric the entire time. Awesome. Dude talked b/w every song and the only thing I understood the whole time was "wamph wamph wamph Lets get the fuck out of here and get drunk wamph wamph wamph!" The girl who cuts my hair went to prom with the singer dude, which seemed weird because that dude was a mainaic. In a rad way of course. She once told me he was obsessed with pavement and GBV, which makes sense to me now.

I dont own any of their records, have maybe heard 4 or 5 songs by them but they really whipped my ass last night. Its like basement GBV with harmonied vocals, or Mates of State after drip drippin' some acid and drinking three 40ozs. Blistering jams, 30-40 minute set and they were done. Great shit!
Monday, June 23, 2008
  "And now a message from the apple association. FUCK PEARS!"

Sucks George Carlin died. Not a super huge fan by any means but I appreciate his voice for free speech. Back in 1988 my friends and I used to put a tape of his record "A Place For My Stuff" on every day and usually play either jump 21 or a game of bball listening and laughing our prepubescent asses off. It was either that or Appetite and maybe sometimes Hysteria. My favorite bit of his was "Fussy Eater". Listening back to it now its not as hilarious, but the segment starting at 1:10 in (on that clip above) going through 3:37 made this 11 year old laugh his fucking ass off!
  the Good Guys of Rock

number three
  the Good Guys of Rock:

number two:
  the Good Guys of Rock

number one:

photo by Brad Searles; he's got more up at his Flickr page

Okay, this was awesome.

New Radiant Storm King: still a really catchy indie-rock band. I never saw 'em ten years ago, or anything, but I imagine a NRSK show in '98 wouldn't be too much different from what I saw on Friday. Which is in no way a bad thing; consistency and longevity should be respected. Fine set by these guys.

Birds of Avalon: uh, holy shit. Maybe the best rock performance I've seen since ZoSo. Yeah okay not really (on either count) but this was still great. I saw these guys a few years ago and thought they were pretty good. Either they've gotten a hell of a lot better, or maybe pro sound at a real club suits 'em more than a small PA in a Jewish youth center basement; whatever happened, they've become almost sort of completely god-damned amazing. They seemed like full-on boogie woogie back in ' 04, very befitting a band featuring the Cherry Valence's former guitarists. Now though it's like Zep and Who's Next with a bit of mellow psychedelic wonkiness tossed in to let 'em catch their breath. They played an awesome cover of "Armenia City In the Sky" that out-classes Sugar's in every way possible. Like the Valence Birds of Avalon are far better live than on record, and totally worth seeing at least once by anybody who enjoys classic rock.

Polvo: This is how reunion shows should be done. No reference to a reunion, or the intervening years, in fact no banter that wasn't about basketball. Just get up there, make your old songs new and your new songs newer, and fulfill everybody's expectations while blasting them heads flat. They turned my brains into diamond or something. Heavy with hits from their mid-to-late period, but often changed drastically into new-ish entities, with recognizable shards of classic songs jutting through new and often awesome bits of business, the set was totally satisfying. They started with "Fractured (Like Chandeliers)", straight into "Feather of Forgiveness", and followed up with at least one song from every album (save Cor-Crane, I believe) and ep, before finishing the main set with "Downtown Dedication" and "Title Track". In-between was a drastically reworked "Every Holy Shroud", the most so, that retained all of its mind-blowing bombast while offering up a new and intriguing interpretation of an all-time favorite (indeed: their best song, I declare). Somewhere in there was a fantastic drum solo by Brian Quast (of a band called the Cherry Valence, you might've read about 'em somewhere), who is so damn amazing that I (and most others) pretty much forgot about Eddie Watkins almost immediately (which yeah makes me feel bad, I'm sorry dude, you totally should've been there). There was also a new song in there, sung by Dave Byrlawski (charter member of the Good Guys of Rock, starting soon), that was notable for being just as good as the old stuff it was sandwiched between. If they do make another record, I'm pretty sure it compare favorably to the old stuff, if this song is any indication.

Anyway: great show. Good chats w/ Crog and Ice afterward. Dudes were missed.
Sunday, June 22, 2008

HELL YEAH! Found out I'm going to be in Nashville next month on the same night Ween is playing! What f'n timing! Ayers and Ice may be in as well. 3 times in six months aint bad. Also a chance for a 4th at the end of the summer. Nashvegas ticket boughten!

Just for that here's an old jam that came on my ipod during some yard work today. Download it if you feel the jam. Its a goodun'
Ween - Don't Laugh (I Love You)
Found at skreemr.com
Friday, June 20, 2008
  I'm seeing Polvo tonight

with New Radiant Storm King opening.

Expect some late drunken phone calls.
Tuesday, June 17, 2008
  Pollard's new band BOSTON SPACESHIPS going on tour!

Read about em here.
Sound pretty amazing in relation to the recent releases.
In ATL on a friday in October.
(start saving for that cab now)

Oh shit I saw...
None other than former UGA stud and current Falcons 3rd string RB...THOMAS BROWN!
In Home Depot last night waiting on some paint, in line behind us was TB and his girl. Dude was cool, and huge. We checked out after him and some dude yells "TB, keep runnin hard man!"

I'm on some kind of roll with running backs in the NFL, I guess. They always come in 3's - who's next?!
Monday, June 16, 2008

  The big O

The Oneida brahs have a new single jammer out. 2 songs, both covers of Grateful Dead jams. Nab it here. Also they are touring for the first time in a loooong while. Coming to ATL August 20th. Fuck jeah!

Their new record comes out in August and apparently is one song.
  Love Is All and other things continually amaze me

1. Love Is All were amazing last night. They're almost intolerably fun, like I was having so much god-damned fun I almost couldn't physically take it. They're kind of the best, in general. Plus their new covers ep is totally rad and shit. Talked to Wyatt a bunch - don't know if I've ever seen him without a Giants hat on. But so last night was game five of the NBA finals, and the Celtics were a win away from total victory, so the crowd spent most of the evening split between the stage and the tv. As the game wound down though that ratio grew in the tv's favor (to the consternation of one of the opening bands), and it was decided that Love Is All should wait for it to finish before playing. There were like five minutes on the clock, so they didn't think it would take too long. 'Cuz y'know they're Swedish and don't maybe realize how the last two-three minutes of a basketball game take a half-hour. Thankfully the band really got into the game and were bummed the Lakers won. But so for twenty minutes or so there was no music, as everybody in the club was glued to a couple different tvs, save for three or four grumpy looking indie kids who sat near the stage waiting for the show. Sports haters, we got 'em even in Sportstown. Y'know Boston is the Sports Authority. And we gotta lotta dicks sporting goods. But anyway again, Love Is All were ridiculously great, the new songs were awesome (especially that one that sounds like "Tally Ho"), they played all the songs I wanted to hear, and Josephine high-fived a few random audience members from the stage mid-lyric, which is plenty awesome. Go see 'em whenever you can. I really wish I had gone down to New York on Saturday for their show with the Vivian Girls and Cause Co-Motion!; that's an awesome bill.

2. speaking of Vivian Girls: their new record is really good. Noisy, shambly, lo-fi rock with some nice female vocals - sounds like something SA would've played on Single Theory ten years ago.

3. a big JEERS to Brian "Brah" Girgus, for once again refusing to make the astoundingly short drive to Boston while touring with friends. It wasn't too bad last summer, as the France definitely needed the extra space, but I grew furious last night when Wyatt told me Brah was travelling with them but stayed in New York. What the crap, Brah? Boston loves you even if you refuse to admit it, at least it will if you don't keep up this cavalcade of horseshit avoidance. Are you fearful of our history? Of our succulent seafood? Or do you just realize you're too weak for this greatest of towns not located in the Southeast? I would definitely be far more tired and hungover today had he come, so I'm actually thankful, thankful that he'll apparently turn to dust the second he crosses the Suffolk County line.

4. other shit that's happening... saw a top-shelf show on Friday night, Kurt Vile - Reports (who might be getting a bit darker soon nudge nudge) - Mmoss - Ganja, at PA's Lounge. Found out Gerry from PA's is a Braves fan - all issues resolved there, stand-up dude of the tallest order. Reports were bad-ass as always, Ganja and Mmoss played some fine psych sounds both heavy and wispy (respectively), but the night kinda belonged to Kurt Vile in the end, some fine mind-expanding folk-rock-pop-whatever that reminded me of Bobb Trimble or a less overtly poppy Ariel Pink or something. His record's great, but different from the live show. I don't know, go see 'em.

5. I still think the Braves should trade guys. I'll detail that later on.

6. more comics stuff over at Shazhmmm...

7. and a new Je Suis France blog over at the old France site. We'll gradually be putting all the cd-rs and some live shows up here for free. A couple of things are already waiting. Get on that.
  Quik Trip News!

Wow, its been a hot time in the city as of late. What better way than to take a trip to ol' QT for some refreshments and a chill out fun time? You like that? Me too!

FIRST NEWS - QT has started its summer drink days!!! YES! $.69 32oz. drinks! WHO CAN PASS THAT UP!? Not me, had 2 yesterday.

SECOND NEWS - QT has started new taquito jam. Previously vegetarians we're left to their salads or COMBOS! LOL! Not anymore! QT has invented a new taquito for the veggieheads! CHEESE TAQUITO! U used to only be able to get chicken (the king) and beef (stomach issues). WACK! Now they have added PEPPER JACK CHEESE TAQUITO! I have tried this. Its pretty alright. Basically its nacho cheese in the middle with some fried looking cheese crust on the outside. Peppery. Doesn't touch the masterville of the Chicken Taquito, but what do the veggiebrains know its all new to them! HAHA, jk. When I took the picture the QT dude jocked me for camera phone. I said "have you tried the new ones, what are they like?" He's a small fry and says "I dont eat those!" GRUMPY JEANS!

THIRD NEWS - You like to play on the internet? Me too. Sign up here to be member of the QT WEB GROUP. You get an email every month from Mr. Quiktrip and you take 1 minute to fill out a survey and you get a free coupon for something awesome to jam in QT. HOWEVER, watch out for this month's freaky coupon. Its for a new breakfast item that scares, dudes. Its for a free - sausage gravy filled biscuit.

Friday, June 13, 2008
  R.I.P. Tim

Damn...Meet the Press was my favorite show on TV.
Thursday, June 12, 2008

I will be rich.
  The Dan gave us a whipcrack to the face...

Last night blew us out of the fucking WATER then in mid-air flip blasted us into the propeller of a hover craft and that diced us into little bits then some greyhair gathered us up in a pouch let us gather some stank and then rolled us up and smoked the living shit out of us.

Steely Dan was out of fucking control last night. Seeeereiously. OUT. OF. CONTROL. Hands down the best time we have ever seen them. Hands down the best DAN JAM EVER. And thats fucking saying something b/c we've razed the earth during previous jams. It all started out in a MAJOR HARSH too, so the fact that we picked it back up to a mind blowing level was a tribute to our JAMBILITY.

Alright, so the show is at this new venue up in Alpharetta. By "up in Alpharetta" i mean in Chattanooga. Fucking so far up 400 it was practically night by the time we got there. Not really, but fucking far. Cuz it was so far up there I decided there was no point in going home after work and headed straight up there at 5. Traffic at that time was rough, but not that bad and I got through it all and up to the exit where the show was by 5:30. Stop at publix and pick up the LOT JAM essentials: party subs, peanuts, brews, brews, wangs. I only got a small number of wangs just b/c one of the other dudes mentioned they may stop and get some. So I leave publix and get to the venue in 10 minutes pulling into my parking space at 6pm. I was one of the first 10 people in the parking lot, guess i over shot but whatever twas better to jam in the lot than sit in traffic. So i popped a few brews while i waited on Ice and Drew to roll in. They call me about 6:15 and are leaving ATL. Little did they know they were about to be bent over and butt jammed by 400. Long story short they got to the lot at 7:40. Fuck. In the mean time I'm sitting in my car jamming the MOVIN EZ channel on sirius jamming to Christopher Cross, America, Paul Davis (Cool Night, just let me hold you by the fire light...) - so i was fine. Oh also I was drinking Bud Lime. At one point I walk over to the port-a-potty to change clothes into my Danfit. I had scored some SWEEEEEEET white linen pants and this horrific black "island" type shirt with cork buttons. I walk out of the bathroom and 20 people walking into the show all start laughing at me. Sign of a killer outfit and of the jam to come.

Ice and Drew roll up and I deliver ice his gift, a killer shirt for him to wear tonight. SKIN TIGHT NYLON CAMO SHIRT! This picture kind of shows it, but not really. I'll upload pictures from my camera later i forgot the chord. Anyways they get there and the LOT JAM BEGINS. Ice jamms his personal speaker and we're pumpin some serious Dan tunes and jamming the subs. Just then Drew's friend Josh walks up holding a bag with 60 wings from wild wing. WTF. Instant bro. Not only that but he jammed NEW flavors which we hadnt tried before. POLLO LOCO WANG! So tight. We hear the opener start up around 8 and continue jamming. We knew the dan was on at 9 so we jammed it up to about 8:45. Walking in we made some friends and high fived.

So as much as this venue sucked ass on the outside, the minute we walk in we're thrust into the zone. This place was pretty fucking cool. It had a vibe of this massive structure out in the middle of nowhere full of old people. So we had to kick it up with some flavor. We were getting some choice looks as we sauntered through the path on the way to our seats in our yacht attire. Fuck the haters, they had 1/10th the fun we did, more on that later. One thing about Dan jams as of late is that we usually get HARSHED on bad b/c we enjoy standing up to dance and groove during the show. Old people dont. They want to sit down and sip Chablis and dont want some whippersnappers ruining their view and or wine buzz. So when finding our seats we lucked out b/c on the row over from us there wasn't a single person there AND...BONUS...there were about 10 rows behind them leading up to the lawn WITH NO ONE SITTING IN THEM. So we had a jam station with no chance for a harsh. Constantly high fiving and drankin some brews.

The show starts to a roar. The band comes out (with out Walter or Donald) and jams a killer groove melody just whettin' our minds. Out the dudes stroll and ITS FUCKING ON. This show just fucking slayed from the get go. The band was on and you could tell they were feeling this shit. Three songs in they hit "SHOW BIZ KIDS" and thats when ignition began. This was a show for the fans too b/c it was FUCKING DEEEEEEPPP CUTS and the hits you wanted to hear. So there we are the 4 of us just jamming in an row by ourselves on an island of jam. Then in the row in front of us, "the dan scholar" sees us having fun and decides to come over and give us the history of the band. STEP THE FUCK OFF DUDE! I'll steal a choice phrase a few forever dudes spoke before us: I cant hear you when im dancing! He decided I was the one to buddy up to so every fucking 5 minutes he would walk over and say "man my brother saw these dudes in Dallas in '00 (he actually said "double o") and they played this version of blah blah fucking blah." So slowly we started creeping down to the other end of the isle.

Here's where it gets good. We're clearly the 4 dudes having the most fun in the entire fucking stadium. So much so we start to gather a crowd. People come up and high five us and just come to jam like they are going to work. Had a bunch of fuckin' gawkers too, WHAT YOU TAINT NEVER SEEN JAMMIN BEFORE! WELL LET US BESTOW IT UPON YOU! ...........BLAMO they kick into Hey 19! WTF! Hammjamm level 9.3 reached. I look over, 2 hippies just walk up and start dancing with us. They later ask ice to jam them higher, but ice was fresh out. Look up 10 minutes later, these two 45 year old women just a jammin' immediately to our left. Look up 2 minutes later two greyhairs come up and say "we found our people" - psssh, start jammin. I mean if you could see this shit you would be so proud. JAM ISLAND in the middle of a sea of lame-os. The dan is keeping us alive, tinkling around their song list with hit after hit. SUPER HUGE HIGHLIGHT of the night was when they played Gaucho. Rare live one. Then they bring out the meat gun and blast us into the next century. Finish the regular set with a plateau of monster tracks. Black Friday [whip] Green Earrings [whip] Josie [whip] PEG [mega thrash]!!!!!!!

We were numb. (dontdrinkdontsmokedontrave like the edge)

Encore. We're standing on our tippietoes just so anxious for what is coming next. LAZERCRACK.......Kid Charlemagne! WHAT?!?! LOL!! OMG!

Finish the set with FM and our heads almost roll off b/c we're totally middle age moshin. Good dance moves on our part for sure. The show ends before we wanted it to and our minds were in mid flight. Had to come down. We high five our new friends who were all around us at this point and Ice and i run up to the front of the stage to try to get some memorabilia. That picture above is ice in front of Fagen's piano. We take it back to the lot to jam some more subs and some water and to let the brain matter seep from our heads. It starts raining so we pack it up and head home after a round of hugs and thoughts of the best DAN JAM EVER.

Nothing captures it like this quote from Ice:

"We are my heroes."

Set List - Steely Dan - Alphareatta, GA 6/11

Medley: Everyone's Gone to the Movies/The Fez/Royal Scam
Royal Scam
I Got The News
Show Biz Kids
Everything You Did
Two Against Nature
Hey Nineteen (with WB "story")
Babylon Sisters
New Frontier
Gaucho (Walter Becker vocal)
Glamor Profession
Parker's Band (the girls)
Black Friday
Green Earrings
Band intros

Kid Charlemagne
Wednesday, June 11, 2008
  Love Is All article in the Weekly Dig

pish-posh, no WZBC reference. oh well. the show is THIS SUNDAY, so any Bostonites who read this (which I believe is zero) should be planning to head out.

Yet another jaaaaammmm!
Pics tomorrow.
  fucking VOLTAGE!!!!!!!!!!

Fuckin first of all, I hate Mountain Dew. So dont fucking ask me why I picked up a bottle of Mountain Dew VOLTAGE yesterday at publix, call it a passion buy or whatever. A few summers ago I actually enjoyed the taste of Mountain Dew Live Wire and bought a few bottles, but that twas the last Mountain Dew that has touched these lips, until yesterday. I'm more of a Surge/Vault kind of dude, for obvious reasons. Actually I never drink those eitehr but if offered the choice I would head for the extreme. Anyways I tried this new flavor of MD yesterday and its actually somewhat drinkable*. There were three new flavors in the display and I picked VOLTAGE based on the name, and apparently I chose correctly. There is a nationwide vote going on right now to see which shit jams the most and who is winning? VOLTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*I only finished 1/2 the bottle before I threw that shit away.
  what the Braves should do, part one

Die in a plane crash Start the firesale. The Braves have exactly one starter who can go seven innings, and a bullpen that's shakier than Joe Cocker. They're not going anywhere. With Smoltz probably gone for good, and Glavine soon to follow, it's time for them to finally be sellers in July. And that doesn't mean conceding the next season or two; they still have a strong core of good young players, and with a few trades and a couple of smart off-season free agent acquisitions, they could remain a threat in the NL East next year. But so, here's what I'd look into, were I Frank Wren. And oh yeah - this operates under the assumption that Chipper remains at 3b. Obviously if he crosses to first then these plans would change.

1. Mark Teixeira's gone the second the season ends, so deal him now for the best possible package. I think it's safe to call that trade a bust for Atlanta; yeah, he's been great, but the only way he would've been worth Saltalamacchia, Harrison, Andrus, etc., was if the Braves won a World Series or two or resigned him to a smart long-term deal. Neither's going to happen. There's no way they'll get back anything comparable to what they gave up, but even as a free agent Teixeira should be able to net them a couple of top prospects. He'd fit in well with the Angels, who could use an upgrade at DH and more power from their first baseman. Kendry Morales should be ready for the major leagues, and would be a fine 1B for Atlanta for the next few seasons. I'd do a deal if the Angels would trade Morales and a pitcher or two for Teixeira. Nick Adenhart would be awesome, of course, but I doubt they'd give him up for a half-season of Tex. Jordan Walden is young, but has a lot of potential; Michael Anton is also a few years off, and might not make the majors as a starter, but he's been great thus far in Single-A. Teixeira for Morales, Walden, and Anton could be a good move, if possible.

Other possible destinations for Teixeira: how about Cleveland? Yeah, they're under .500 right now, but they were expected to contend this year, and probably would be if it weren't for a stagnant offense and CC Sabathia's awful start. Teixeira could put them over the top, filling in for the mediocre Ryan Garko at first or in the DH slot. See if the Indians will give up Wes Hodges and two of David Huff, Jensen Lewis, or Jeremy Sowers.

One more: everybody thinks the Yankees will be one of Teixeira's most fervent suitors this off-season. Maybe they'd like to get a jump on the Mets and whoever else by trading for him right now? And since pitching is a big need for them too, how about throwing Tim Hudson into the mix? Hudson might have more trade value than Tex, since he's having a great year and is under contract through '09 (with an option for 2010). Try and package the two together for one blockbuster haul of the Yankees' best prospects, like Alan Horne, Austin Jackson, Jose Tabata, Dellin Betances, maybe even Phil Hughes. Hudson and Texeira could bring back at least five such players, stocking the Braves up for the future.

Maybe it'd be better to trade Hudson and Teixeira separately, though. I'll look at good returns for Hudson later on.
Tuesday, June 10, 2008
  this used to be one of my favorite places to eat

pic too big
Monday, June 09, 2008
  selling stuff

But first: has anything ever been more frustrating than this Braves team? Other than maybe the Braves teams of '07 and '06?

Okay, I never get rid of things. I'm a ridiculous pack-rat. It pisses my wife off. I probably have over a hundred promo cds I've listened to no more than twice clogging up our bookshelves. I have a serious problem. I'm trying to rectify that. The other week I cleaned out my video game shelf, trading a couple dozen games into Gamestop. Mostly older GameCube and PS2 games, both games I never got into and ones that I loved at the time but would probably never revisit. Only a few were worth more than a few dollars individually, like Metroid Hunters for the DS and Super Smash Brothers Melee (which they're actually charging more for used since Brawl came out, which makes no sense). I didn't think I'd get much for 'em, but overall I got more than a hundred dollars in trade-in value, enough to pick up new copies of GTA IV (maybe you've heard of it?) and No More Heroes (um, completely fucking awesome), and a used copy of God Hand (super repetitive, maybe not all that great, but entertaining in its inscrutable Japan-ness). It might be kind of a rip-off, overall, but Gamestop will take any game, and paid me for completely worthless shit like All Star Baseball 2001 and that horrible Donald Duck game I bought for five bucks six years ago. So yes, good move on my part.

I'm now going through my cds, ripping the ones I still like but wouldn't mind parting with. I'm sitting at 50 or so to go trade in to Newbury Comics. I discovered that I have a couple of cds that are worth a surprising amount of money. Apparently Modest Mouse's Interstate 8 ep is out of print, and goes for twenty to fifty bucks on-line. Even more shocking, the 1995 Infinite Zero reissue of Tom Verlaine's Dreamtime, a copy of which I bought brand new for six dollars at a drug store in Marietta, currently costs $90 to $125 dollars through the few Amazon retailers selling used copies. That's completely ridiculous. I'd be thrilled if I could get half that on eBay.

Anyway, do cd stores even still buy used cds? Did I miss that boat by a couple of years or so?
Friday, June 06, 2008
  "Dont kick me in the coo"

"I wont."

Thursday, June 05, 2008
  Drizzink some DRIZZANK!!!

Slow your roll...

In honor of the DRANK, sit back and jam to this...
Mike Jones - Still Tippin' (Feat. Slim Thug and Paul Wall)
Found at skreemr.com

(I tried to post the chopped and screwed vers but the file was jacked up)
thanks hillary!
  sponsoring a show: Love Is All at Great Scott 6-15-08

Mesmerization Eclipse and WZBC 90.3 FM are sponsoring Love Is All's Boston debut at Great Scott on Sunday June 15, 2008. Mean Creek and Big Digits open. I think I'm supposed to have some tickets and/or t-shirts to give away next Friday, if you want to listen up.

DJ made that awesome poster up above, by the way. Talent oozes from that dude.
  my review of the latest Robert Pollard record

I didn't much care for it, nope.
Wednesday, June 04, 2008
  Magic City titties

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

  Stayin' Alive!

Shit looked BLEAK, SON! BLEAK! After the pens loss on Saturday down 3-1 heading back to Detroit I think pretty much everyone thought this bitch was over. Last night was a dandy folks, one of the best games of the entire playoffs hands down. 3 SUDDEN DEATH OTs! The penguins jumped out 2-0 early in the first period (including the opening goal from former Thrasher Marian Hossa!) and it was clear they were here to play. Detroit then stormed back with 3 unanswered goals and a truly dominating performance. I think they ended up almost tripling the number of shots Pittsburgh had. The pens played smart though, they were without a solid ice leader Sydor, so they had to do a lot of dump and skate to keep up.

The game looked almost FUCKING OVER with a minute left. The penguins pulled their goalie for the extra skater and with 36 seconds left in the third period down 3-2 (and not to mention every person in Detroit on their feet expecting the cup) Talbot puts one in the back of the net to take it to OT. Incredible!!!! 3 BRUTAL OTs and the game finally ended around 12:45am with a beautiful wrister from Petr Sykora! A goal he skated over to the NBC announcer and called before it happened. Wow, what a fucking game. All that said, the story of the night was hands down the play of Pittsburgh goalie Marc-Andre Fleury! He saw 58 shots and saved 55 of them! The most important ones obviously coming in the overtime periods, which had him kicking out for acrobatic glove saves and diving all up in that crease to do what he had to to win that game. Unreal play. Now back to Pittsburgh tomorrow night for game 6. Hopefully the pens can ride the fever and bring this shit back to Detroit for game 7!

Really if you are even remotely interested in hockey, WATCH this game on Wednesday on NBC...it has been an incredible series where on one side you have the brute strength of the strongest team in the NHL and on the other you have the underdog finesse of some of the up and coming superstars of the NHL. Its exciting!
Monday, June 02, 2008

  Forever Dudesesque Friday Night Report

Friday night was pretty rad. Me, L, Ice, SM, Jais, and Debs decided to go see Nada Surf. Shit, they were excruciatingly boring live. C+ at most. I really like their last two records, if you haven't heard them you should give them a listen b/c they really are great. The dude knows how to write some fucking hits. Live though, the charm of the dread dude could only go so far and while they were playing the songs pretty well - the show was a snoozer. It was the first night of their tour and they all seemed out of it so that could have been something. A+ for their records C for their live show.

Anyways the cool part came after the show was over. To give some back story - during the set some uberfan held up a sign for an old song of theirs. The band tried it and had a total shut down about halfway through. The singer then said he'd meet the dude out in front of the Center Stage after the show and play it for him acoustically. Well that was in the early part of the show so we forgot all about it once the show let out. We were hanging out front just trying to figure out where in the fuck we should take it. Local? El Bar? where, we couldn't decide. Also it was pretty fun listening to SM dissect the imagined family backgrounds of each of the members. Well out the front door comes the singer with his acoustic. Not many people were left out front, so he ended up singing this song with the dude to about 15-20 people. It was pretty cool, but I didnt know the song so whatever. Here's where it gets good though.

We were kind of standing close to Peachtree St. on the sidewalk in front of Center Stage. The NS dude had just finished and everyone was just standing around kind of talking to him. Out of my peripheral I kind of hear some low end bass and a car revving its engine. Ice and I both look to our left (we were right next to Ptree) and out of nowhere this BABY BLUE 2008 LAMBORGHINI MURCIELAGO LP640 comes driving up with 3 dudes in it. MUTHERFUCKING YOUNG JEEZY DRIVING! Ice and I simultaneously see him and let out the most HIGH PITCHED 10 YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL SCREAMS "ITS JEEEEEEZZZZZZYYYY!!! EEEEEEEEEE!!!" Why, who knows, but both of us were locked into our inner girly. After that we had a good laugh and quickly realized the only place we could take it from that point was for a drink at the Chardonnay Cooldown. Cause really, what the fuck.

I found pictures of Jeezy's actual car here.
  Thrilla saw Maiden in SF last week!!! His recount of the jam:

Other photos here.

"yo dude. here's how it went down.

i meet up with ben venom and some of his friends around 6:30 in the city(four totally different types of dudes, but all awesome). the show is about twenty minutes past berkeley in a town called concord. there are five of us in this van that ben's roommate kevin is driving. the entire ride there, we are blastin some serious metal. exodus, mayhem, sodom, all kinds of good shit. when we get there, we of course have to jam some brews in the parking lot and try to recreate "heavy metal parking lot" in some fashion or another. four other dudes walk up that know kevin and we all start metal riffin.

one person is talking about how bruce dickinson is simultaneously a fencer, a pilot(he flies the band around), and a librarian. in which, i didn't know, and also gives new cred to their title as literature metal.

someone else is talking about a youtube of some dude doing a fart hand version of "the trooper" and adding a bunch of harmonies to it.

after a few beers we realize we should head into the show so as not to miss any maiden(it would have been interesting to see steve harris's daughter's band, but we missed all of it....i heard she's hot). right after we walk in, some old lady asks if we want seats instead of lawn and gave us five seated tickets. sweet. as we wait for ben to get a nine dollar BL, they just break into the first song. aces high. we're like, shit, and find our seats before the song ends. second song, two minutes to midnite(those are the first two songs off of "powerslave"). the night is young, and and jams don't stop.

preface: they just put out a greatest hit's from 80-89.

here's the stage set up: they had an elaborate "powerslave" style egyptian temple/pyramid that wrapped around the sides and back of the stage. bruce was running on and around this thing all night. this dude has more energy than i do and he is in his 40's.

they only played songs from their first seven albums(that sounds funny when you say it out loud). after jammin some serious hits(which included the entirety of "rime of the ancient mariner"), they end with "iron maiden". great song to end the first set with.

after a few minutes of the crowd going apeshit to hear more, they come back out to play two songs off of my favorite album(seventh son). meanwhile, the evil eddie that they chose to bring was this mummy version that came out during the encore and hovered above the people right next to the stage. also, some huge g.i. joe lookin cyborg dude came on stage and the guitar players all gathered around while he acted out some other mummy-type shit. they closed the entire show with my favorite song off of number of the beast.....hallowed be thy name.

holy smokes.

great night.

here's the setlist:

Aces High
2 Minutes To Midnight
The Trooper
Wasted Years
The Number Of The Beast
Can I Play With Madness
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
Heaven Can Wait
Run To The Hills
Fear Of The Dark
Iron Maiden

The Clairvoyant
Hallowed Be Thy Name"

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