Wednesday, October 29, 2008
  Dark's playing at this over the weekend!

Bass jammer in N&S!!!

  stuff I wrote


two things in the Dig this week: a joint Q&A with this weekend's Boston Comic-Con's guests of honor Bernie "Swamp Thing" Wrightson and Peter "TMNT" Laird, and a review of Dark Horse's first Achewood collection The Great Outdoor Fight. Awesome.
Tuesday, October 28, 2008
  EXTREMELY NSFW: T-Pain - Im A Freak (feat. Young Cash)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Alright folks, dig deep for the Dawgs. We are currently 2-0 over the past two years when we do this. The week leading up to the biggest game of the year me, Thorn, Ice, and Bob drink (at least) a beer a night for the Dawgs. Need more people this year to get us over this huge bitch called Florida.

You can do it! As a matter of fact, its the LEAST you can do for them Dawgs.

The aforementioned are already fully in, who else will man up??

Thanks to tim for the heads up.
Sunday, October 26, 2008
  Senator Biden is my homeboy

Man, I didn't get to do cool shit like this when I was in 5th grade
Friday, October 24, 2008
  Still Flyin - Ghost Town Vid

  Good Thing It's A Ghost Town Around Here Australian Single!


(That's Izzo by the way)
Wednesday, October 22, 2008
  This is the funniest shit I've seen in a long time

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
  I Got Something For Your Mind

Monday, October 20, 2008
  Jamming this....A LOT!

I dont think many folks around here like this band, but it is fair to say that I am nearly obsessed with Keane's new record. Its fantastic. Much like most big bands in England, this latest go-round with albums they all decided to try new sounds/producers. Well Keane hired two guys that have worked with everyone from Kanye to Missy to New Order and Evan Dando. What comes out of it is a familiar yet completely changed sound for them. They have also been listening to a fuck ton of 80s era David Bowie. The first time i jammed the record I was convinced they had lost their mind and that the record sounded like an overproduced piece of shit, but since that first listening (last wednesday) - I have jammed the whole thing at least 10-15 more times. This is the same way the first two records sunck up on me. First listen was odd, second was better, by the third you get the groove, fourth you are arm whippin the shit out of your personal space.

Artwork and new band design (ever brit band has to have one) leaves something to be desired, but fuck the jams on this record are great. The first two singles off the record are the first two songs and are easily the worst two songs on the record. I'd forward you to the myspace but those are the songs playing there. Thats not to say they are bad songs, just not as good as the rest of this thing. Keane is good about not releasing the best songs as initial singles. Production is huge and where piano drove the past few records, its there but takes a back seat to just an overall sound improvement. Synths, drum machines, huge bass, huge drums, its all there. If you remotely like this band, please take the time to try and listen to this record, i'll burn it for you if you want because once you let the songs get their hooks into you, its fucking over. ARM WHIP YOUR ASS OFF.

Again, I know most people who read here think these dudes are boring and kinda gay but I swear this will probably be in my top 10 this year.
  RIP Rudy Ray Moore

word of advice: even with SafeSearch on, DO NOT do a google image search on this man's name at work.
  No Pollard, Yes Dawgs

Was practically on my way to see Pollard Friday night when my dad called (krunk!) asking if I wanted to go see the Georgia Bulldog on Saturday. 12:30 game meant leaving at 8am so at the very last minute I decided to pass up the $20 show (!!!) at the Earl knowing it would end after 2am. I remember paying $12 to see GBV at the 40 Watt, but apparently these days Bob has to make bank to take the trip out on tour. Anyways - havent seen any reviews of the show or a setlist. Maybe Sloan went and will post the audio. One can hope.

Anyways got up and met up with my dad and some of our neighborhood friends and got to ATH around 10 - jammed a great tailgate with bloodys and some brews and then go to their lower level seats (amazing) about 12. Met up with Thorn jammed a chat then watched the Dawgs pretty much own Vandy the entire game. The refs kept them in it and it was never as close as the score lead to belive. The final score should have been 30-7. Those PI calls at the end of the first have that put 7 on the board for Vandy were horseshit. Knowshon had 2 (1 counted) bad ass TD runs that had the place rockin. The other best moment was when PUT ON by Jeezy came over the PA. The entire stadium went nuts, even the old people next to us. Knowshon was on the big screen just jammin. Rad afternoon. LSU this week, going to be brutal. That D is fast as fucking lightning.
  I might sign a lease with this dude this week (not big ben)

Willie Whitehead, formerly of the NO Saints (#98). Had a meeting with him this morning and we may sign a lease later this week! Dude is really damn nice, and not to mention big as a damn truck. (trying to get field passes for the Falcs game!!!)
Thursday, October 16, 2008


Remember that really hot girl from that game show themed Everclear video from ten years ago? That was Christina Hendricks, from Mad Men, who is just about the most sigh-worthy individual that I am not currently married too.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
  we took the dog apple-picking

and he stepped on a bee. Poor little guy.

I ate a couple of cider donuts. They were amazing. Allyn's made a different completely awesome apple-based dessert every day this week. She will totally kick your wife's ass at apple-based dessert preparation, don't even front.
  a new home for my stupid game stuff

I've started another weblog, Hot Fighting History, to act as a home for all this game nonsense. Take a gander if you're so inclined.
  I might need to go to rehab

I am a very obsessive person who becomes intensely fixated on things for weeks at a time. Unfortunatley none of the things I become obsessed with ever involve my career. Oh well.

I've got a review of Lego Batman up at Creative Loafing's site, and reviews of Tales of Vesperia and NHL '09 in this week's Weekly Dig. Those last two aren't on the web. And the best lines were edited out of the NHL review, including the parts where I said it was good at what it is. Oh well. UPDATE: my full unexpurgated NHL '09 review can be found here.

Maybe I'm autistic? Can you become autistic in your thirties? Can drinking make you autistic?

I don't know what band Darkness saw, but I just got home from the Boston Spaceship's show and that shit was off the hook. I didn't even know any of the songs until the GBV encores...who the fuck cares. Shit ripped. I's drunk and blogging, I prolly like dudes too. Cut Out Withch MOFO'S!!!!
Friday, October 10, 2008
  listen to wzbc today


I'm on WZBC 90.3 FM from 3 to 5 today, gabbing it up with John Straub and begging for donations during our biennial fundraiser thing. So call up and pledge some bucks, if you want. Every dollar received takes me one step closer to those hairplugs I need.
Thursday, October 09, 2008
  the Aliens - Luna

Highly recommended. This is the band that (was around before too) surfaced after the Beta Band broke up. Their first post BB album was par for the course of the later BB albums. Boring and uninspired. Well, things have changed. The boys must have discovered LSD II and trucker's speed. SHIT IS WILD LIKE! Really hard to describe because its all over the place, but its really good brit pop psychedelic space music filtered through the beatles. Its makes me think this is the music the Beta Band weren't brave enough to make. Which is saying something, because those dudes were rad (early on). Parts are straight up beautiful harmonies over astryl planes. Myspace page can play some of the hits (*all brit bands gotta have singles, its law). Anyways go check this album out if you see it anywhere. Um...like here.
Wednesday, October 08, 2008
  Love Is All / France / Buddy System

Show last night was super fucking good. Let me say, Darkness was completely 100% dead on about Love Is All live...holy hot shit. They tore the roof off the damn place. I hated it but we could only stay for a half hour of their set because L & I had to drive back to ATL. (Got home at 2:40, tired as fuk). But they opened with "Wishing Well" (see the mez mix 2 over at the extension) and that pretty much set the tone. They proceeded to rip faces off and just jam so hard. GREAT CROWD for a tuesday night in ATH with a huge sold out E6 show around the corner. It was pretty much packed in there. They were happy about that and very gracious. Got some awesome hang time with Wyatt and the dudes in LIA (including finally meeting Marcus!). Hated that I had to leave before the after hang, but both of us had to work today.

Buddy System were completely righteous as well. I think last night's show was better than the Delirium show (which I thought fucking completely kicked ass), so they were on their game last night. Their closer with the two kids battling the unicorn...wow. Stereolab-esque with mind altering visuals...so good. Lauren (who designed the france shirts, among other amazements) did the poster above as well. Great to jam with those dudes again.

France was fun as shit. I was laughing my ass off pretty much the whold time. We had an awesome sound going. Also SA surprised the band with our 20th ep for the show. Posted over at the france page.

Compltely fucking tired today, but totally worth it. Amazing jam.
Tuesday, October 07, 2008
  my Creative Loafing column has a name...

courtesy of my fantastic editor, Debbie Michaud. It's Player's Club, and the latest installment is up now, with a review of de Blob and a preview of Little Big Planet.
  oh yeah...

I done got me a PlayStation 3 last week. Yep, dropped $400 on my third current-generation video game console four days before the global economic collapse. Awesome! I know some of you dudes play this thing, so add me if you'd like; my PSN ID is hammjamm.
  I have played these games of late

Good stuff in the video game world:

1. Little Big Planet: Okay, only played around in the beta thus far, but I'm pretty sure this is worth the PS3's $400 asking price. LBP is a platformer that will basically obliterate you with cuteness, but with just about the most comprehensive level-editing and creation tools ever provided in a game. If you've got the time and the patience you can make some amazing stuff in LBP. A preview will be up on Creative Loafing's site later in the day.

2. de Blob: One of the best Wii games of the year. Almost as cute and witty as Little Big Planet, but with gameplay that recalls the Katamari series. You control a little paint-filled blob that returns color to the most adorable black-and-white fascist dictatorship ever. It's easy enough for kids, but has optional challenges for the adults. I strongly recommend this one for Wii owners. Again, a review will be up later today on the Loaf's site.

3. LEGO Batman: Okay, yes, this game is hilarious, and the Batman mythos has far more narrative potential than the strict scene recreations of LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones. Still, the repetitive gameplay makes this a bit of a drag to play. Definitely an enjoyable experience, but not especially exciting.

more later...
Monday, October 06, 2008
  I saw Robert Pollard a few nights ago

Or more like a week ago. Almost a week ago. He was with his new band, Boston Spaceships, supporting an album, Brown Submarine, that's pretty good and probably the best thing Pollard's done in a couple of years now. Other dudes in the Spaceships include final GBV bassist Chris Slusarenko on guitar, power-pop cult hero Tommy Keene on guitar, Jason Narducy on bass, and Decemberists / Malkmus & the Jicks drummer John Moen. So, y'know, solid musicians all around, and as accomplished a group of dudes as even the best GBV line-up. Musically they were great. Unfortunately the songs they played and the guy who sang 'em weren't quite up to that level.

They only played songs off of more recent releases, especially Robert Pollard Is Off To Business and Brown Submarine. Few of the songs were outright bad, but none of them could touch the gems Pollard consistently tossed off back in his heyday. And I hate to say it, but Bob's prancing, kicking, saluting, and drinking has finally approached the level of embarrassment. He was, more than ever, a parody of himself, and I couldn't stand it for long. I only stuck around for an hour, so maybe it got better. I hear they played some GBV hits in the encore, and not obscure Suitcase songs but classics like "A Salty Salute" and "Tractor Rape Chain". It would've been nice to hear those, but I've seen 'em both 12 or 15 times, and I doubt they'd be as awesome without friends, booze, and youth on my side.

Maybe it would've been better if I was drinking. The whole night felt weird, like everybody was just going through the motions. I'd definitely go see them in Atlanta, as long as DJ and Crox and whoever else were going, but would not recommend it to anybody without a support group of fellow drunks.

Big Dipper opened, and I'm pissed I missed most of their set. I only saw the last song, which was apparently a part of their encore (?!). Dipper were never as good as Bill Goffrier's earlier band, the Embarrassment, but their old Homestead Records are still a lot of fun. Hopefully they'll play another reunion show in town soon.
Thursday, October 02, 2008
  Crog saw My Bloody Valentine In LA last night...

Here is what he said:

LOUDEST SHOW EVER! for real. i've never experienced anything as loud as the end of the show. without earplugs, by ears would have truly bled. sounded great too. mostly stuff from loveless and isn't anything. the kind of rocking songs were even a little more rocking live and the loveless stuff just sounded great. there were 2 songs i didn't recognize and i think they were from glider. sold out show, crowd was split evenly between older folks and young people. saw a few dads there with their 9 or 10 year old kids. the young kids went wild when it got loud. and they played that song we used to cover.
  This Palin interview just keeps getting better (or worse, really!)

Watch the whole thing.
Pretty much night and day with her and Biden and furthers my excitement to watch this shit tonight! The best part about these things too is the republicans can't say its spin, because this shit is spewing straight from her mouth!!! haha

Lord Douchebag told me about this last night after he said he heard it was going to air that night. Had a good jam with him at a work function, then taking it to STATS downtown for some wangs, brews, and bbq balls. Great hanging douchebag!

Also, you should take 2 minutes to and go to drudgereport (dot) com today (dont want to link to that shit). I sometimes check that page to laugh at what the fucking crazy right as it gets wingers are saying. Today's headline is a huge picture of Palin with the phrase "TONIGHT, ITS HER TURN!" ....so awesome!
Wednesday, October 01, 2008
  yeah I'm still here

and here's some stuff I've written:

1. a review of Rock Band 2 for Creative Loafing

2. the latest Singularity column over at the Flagpole (including a review of the latest Si, Claro 7" from Brah Girgus)

and then maybe some stuff in the Dig that'll never make it on-line for whatever reason.

later today: maybe a review of last night's Boston Spaceships / Robert Pollard review. Um, it wasn't too good.

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