Wednesday, December 31, 2008
  Guess who's looking out for you this New Year's Eve!

  Happy New Year

Hope you have fun tonight. Love you dudes.
Tuesday, December 30, 2008
  also Boston folks if you exist

I'm DJ'ing at River Gods in Cambridge tonight, along with Martin from Reports. Starts at nine, runs 'til whenever. I'll probably play some music! Or maybe just read aloud the first half of my awesome top ten video games of the year list!
  ten games that I liked this year

Hi there. I hope you had a great Christmas, all of you, even the heretics. Or a Hanukkah, or whatever. Holidays, and all that. Good ones.

I've written up a list of my ten favorite video games of the year, and Creative Loafing is putting it up on their site in two parts. The first part is up now, the second will be up tomorrow. Feel free to read it, if you like video games.

I'm also pretty sure I've had some stuff in the Flagpole and Weekly Dig lately, but I don't care enough to track down the links. Rest assured that shit is fantastic, though.
Monday, December 29, 2008
  awesome pic

Monday, December 22, 2008

As the last piece of shit talking for the '08 season. Mind torch.
13 tracks. 47 minutes of aural bliss.
Friday, December 19, 2008
  Je Suis France - Baby Please Dont Get Stoned (Its Christmas)

Ice and Jais fucking slayed this thing. Jesus, this is for you.
Thursday, December 18, 2008
  Jizz In My Pants

I know this is everywhere but god damn its brilliant.

Between "Lazy Sunday", "Dick In A Box", Hot Rod, and now this...damn, you gotta love this dude. That chorus at the end...damn, so good.
Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
  No Pro Bowl = Hosed!!!

Dude has 15.5 sacks....wtf!?
  Lil' Olivia Cheek is stable after surgery!

Updates here. Almost on an hourly basis, which is why I have been checking this thing upwards of 20 times a day.

This girl is pretty damn tough.
Great news.
  date headers are back

so how'd that experiment go?
  my only thoughts on Pitchfork's best songs of '08 list

1. MGMT's "Time to Pretend" was on their 2007 list too
1b. Kanye's "Flashing Lights" is totally 2007 too, right?

2. I've only heard two of the top ten songs, and only one of those two would be on my list. "American Boy" might be the pop single of the year.
  refurcal: a brave again?

We finally change Elliott's bio on the right just before Furcal returns? Bad timing on our part.

This is cool. I am all for dudes returning, if they're still good. I'd even be for Andruw coming back, if the Dodgers cover like 90% of that salary and take nothing of great value in return. But so maybe now they'll use Escobar or Kelly Johnson to get a top-flight starter? Obviously Peavy or Greinke would be nice. I hope their interest in Ian Snell and Paul Maholm of the Pirates is overstated, though; I'd rather they trade Escobar for an outfielder than deal either him or KJ for either of those Pirate pitchers. I mean, I'd be all for getting either of those guys, but not if it costs Escobar OR Johnson. Snell could still be good, but they don't need to acquire promise right now, they need to get proven dudes. Hell, maybe keep all three, move KJ to left, sign Sheets to as reasonable a deal as possible (he's not that worse of a risk than Burnett, frankly), resign Smoltz, and maybe trade for Millwood (it shouldn't take a lot) and hope for the best. Between Jurrjens, Vazquez, Millwood, the injury prone Sheets and Smoltz, and last year's ineffective / historically unproven guys like Campillo, Morton and Reyes (at least one of whom I assume will be dealt), they'd have a potentially solid, if completely unexciting, rotation.
Friday, December 12, 2008
  dumb things I have done and might do again next week...

I just DJ'ed our office karaoke holiday party. It was very awkward. Now another department is asking if I can do their's on Tuesday. I guess I am now officially the company karaoke guy. Maybe that makes me indispensable.
  Best LUDA song in a long while...

one more drink - ludacris ft t-pain

(due to all the RADICAL language)
Thursday, December 11, 2008
  you will know every time I accidentally swallow a beard hair

Anybody here Twitter? It seems so unnecessary and self-indulgent, so I set up a page here.
Wednesday, December 10, 2008
  Polyester Records, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA!!!!


(thats Marky (Lucksmiths bro) & Nate)
Tuesday, December 09, 2008
  photos of last night's show

great night. Crystal Stilts were really good, and Love Is All are the most fun thing ever. And I didn't fuck up too much, which was nice.
  somebody pooped in our driveway

and it wasn't an animal.

I mean it was an animal, 'cuz everybody's an animal, but it was a human animal. Y'know what I mean.
Monday, December 08, 2008
  my wife now likes the city

Allyn always hated New York. She'd only ever been for work, and usually the people she'd work with would drop everything at five and return home to Connecticut or Long Island or wherever, leaving her alone in the city. The only time a co-worker took her out he spent the whole time texting his girlfriend (who apparently was related to the guy who did Mother Goose and Grimm, which is kind of awesome). So she got royally screwed by folks who should've been showing her what's good about that place, and thus always hated New York.

Last week she had to go down for an awards ceremony, and basically got to live like a really rich middle-aged woman for a few days. They put her up at the W on Lexington and 50th, she attended functions at the Waldorf-Astoria and the Rainbow Room, saw them putting the tree up at Rockefeller Center, got to hit up the big department stores when they were relatively uncrowded, etc. So, y'know, not the type of New York shit that we would normally experience (or even want to, even if we could afford it), but still maybe the best possible reintroduction to the place. The only thing that would've made it better is if she got to land a helicopter on a skyscraper.

She dug it so much that we drove back down on Saturday for an overnight trip. We stayed with some friends in a very livable part of Brooklyn and did all the touristy Christmas in New York stuff, mostly for my benefit. We saw that tree (this year it's from Georgia), toured Saks Fifth Avenue's legendary bathrooms, had Dr. Zizmor take a look at my rosacea, did a bit of shopping in Soho, etc. We also went to the Upright Citizens' Brigade Theater and saw an improv troupe featuring Scott Adsit from 30 Rock, Jason Sudeikis's wife Kay Cannon, and a couple of writers from 30 Rock or Colbert or something. It was, um, affordable? A way to kill an hour or so? A decent enough way to divert your attention while resting your feet? Yeah, it wasn't very funny, and actually kind of embarrassing in spots (at least for one of the women, who was just awful), but still, a good experience, and nothing I regret.

Anyway, we then went and got drunk in Brooklyn and went to sleep. The next day we met some awesome dogs and bought Oscar a present at a dog store and then drove home. It was a great weekend and Allyn's newfound respect for and appreciation of New York was solidified. We have no intention of moving there, but we now feel we could probably live now without hating it too much.
Friday, December 05, 2008
  Ice emailed me from JAMaica....

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Cool runnings
  monday night: Reports play with Love Is All and Crystal Stilts

Reports is down a man this Monday, so my organ'll be handling the bass duties. And please don't sully my impression of y'all by dropping any obvious double entendres in the comments here. But so it's next week at Great Scott on Monday December 8th and will be a fairly awesome night all around.
Tuesday, December 02, 2008
  On the campaign trail with Jeezy and Luda

Monday, December 01, 2008
  Oh, Georgia....

God damn yellow jackets.
Fuck 'em. Most of all though, fuck us. You can't take anything away from Tech, they just came out in the second half on Saturday and straight WHIPPED OUR ASS. At halftime we were up 28-12. I can imagine the Dawgs were already sure they had won in the locker room. In the first 7 minutes (7 FUCKING MINUTES!) of the second half - Tech scored 23 fucking points. That blew my fucking mind. They had 201 yards rushing in the 3rd quarter ALONE which made up a part of their 400+ on the day. Their "high school offense" as I was dubbing it on the ride up to Athens walked all over us and our "high school defense".

Richt announced yesterday that Willie Martinez is coming back next season as defensive coordinator. To be honest, I dont know how I feel about this yet. The season is not even over yet and I havent been able to digest fully how bad our D looked this year. I will say this though - the one thing that is a glaring deficiency in each of our GOD AWFUL losses this year has been the defense. I dont want to criticize any college player (Except Tebow b/c that dude's a douche) but IMHO the only player on our defense that really played lights out all year and is worthy of praise is ol' #35. He is a supreme badass. Now is our shitty defensive play the players fault, probably not. I just hope this WHOLE team right now has been humbled. Even with a 9-3 regular season (which lets be honest is a great fucking year, just not in relation to the expectations this year) what makes me feel sad thinking about this year is how we weren't really even close to winning any of those three loses. Tech, maybe but still they had the emotion all second half. Bama, nope. Florida, nope.

Truly though, I think what we saw on Saturday was a renewed rivalry. Tech is not going to be the little brother we push around anymore, at least not while Paul Johnson is there. We're going to be forced, whether we like it or not, to respect them 100%. Something I dont think we did this year, at least after halftime.

With one game left I seriously hope Richt can center this team which doesn't seem to be disciplined right now. There is a damn good chance we could be playing Ohio State in the Capital One bowl, and that would be a wonderful opportunity to show the rest of the college football world who we are, because i dont know that we've done that yet this season.

One other thing that stuck out in my mind on Saturday was after the game was over. I really tried to pay attention to the reaction of certain players to the loss and the reality of it being the last home game of the season. I was watching #7 to see what his reaction was following this embarrassing loss, and lets face it - what could be his last game in Sanford stadium. Stafford was pissed, you could clearly see it. He had a fantastic game sans one pass in the first half (which looked to be the receiver's fault) and yet again had a career game putting up numbers that are mind boggling - only to be outscored by a ACC team. I also looked for #1, who had one of his best games as a Dawg on this his senior day. He was sentimental, slowly walking around to all the coaches and staff hugging them and other players, thanking the crowd, really taking in his last moments between the hedges.

Then came #24. Knowshon didn't talk to anyone, didn't shake any tech players hands, didn't look into the crowd. He just BOLTED, head down to the locker room. Didn't seem like he had any time for any sort of reminiscing. What does that all tell us, who knows? However a little part of me hopes this game (and the Florida game esp) really stung Stafford and Knowshon. So much so that they will give leaving for the NFL a second thought.

We can hope, cant we?

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