Wednesday, August 31, 2005
  This is getting freeky

Ok I dont konw if you guys have seen this story but it sounds like Atlanta is going to run out of gas sometime real soon. We just got a call from one of my coworker's wives and she was in the middle of Sandy Springs and there were lines 50 cars deep at the 3 gas stations she passed. The price on the signs...$3.29/Gallon.
Tuesday, August 30, 2005
  Climb On Aboard The Bandwagon

Shit is that good.
Who gives a fuck if he is more full of himself than fucking Elvis.
When people can bring the shit, they can bring the shit - and nobody cares.
Puff Daddy Diddy can suck a fucking dick because he talks constant bullshit and is about as talented as a nut hair.

Ive had the new album for 2 hrs and listened to it twice already.
Believe the hype, shit is good. REEAL GOOD.

Kanye West - Late Registration - A+

Jay Z and Naz on back to back tracks. Thats a fair amount of respect if you ask my dumb ass. Shit is retarded. Hip hop needs more of shit like this, Little Brother, and Chopped & Screwed.
A blazing song with Paul Wall.
Shit hits you four horse strong and your shit is dedicated.
  This is a fucked up picture

  Holy, Hell Yes

GBV is releasing their FINAL SHOW EVER (12/31/04) on DVD.
  Anyone know anything about this band???

Monday, August 29, 2005

Still Flyin' has a new site up. We sort of host it. It's nice. Befriend it.

Also, our friend Darren, proprietor of A Bunch of Beatniks, has a new mp3 blog up called Bicycle Kick My Worries Away. It's named after a Still Flyin' song, which you can download there.
Friday, August 26, 2005
  Kick That Fuckin Hurricane, ICE!


Thursday, August 25, 2005
  oh yes, the radio

I always forget about this.

Crews, now, WXDU.

Me, 3 to 5 pm, WZBC.
Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Oneida's new label (a sub of Jagjaguar) BRAH RECORDS has some MP3s up of their first two NON ONEIDA releases.

Both bands seem pretty good. The Company seems - palace/songs ohia-ish. And Dirty Faces sounds like a good 70s influenced skewed rock outfit. Good stuff. Take a listen.
  Is This Going To Be Good?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005
  Best Fi-ance eva!

Secret b-day present given last evening - TICKETS TO THE FALCONS VS. THE PATS!!!
(On top of a screen printing kit (new france tshirts anyone?) and the new Bruce Campbell book)

Who's the luckiest? Me, baby, me.
Monday, August 22, 2005

It's been ten years since I started college. Why does that stagger me more than the ten year reunion our high school class had earlier this year?

Maybe if I hadn't transferred down to UGA I could've written this.
Friday, August 19, 2005
  dear movie-goers

The wife and I are planning on heading out to the multiplex this weekend. We aren't sure what to see, though. The top three contenders are Broken Flowers, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and The Aristocrats. We could also go see that movie where those two crazy kids fuck to a lot of a bad brit-pop, I guess, but we feel that, like reducing food waste, porn starts in the home.

One thing that might tip this in Broken Flowers' favor: the station often has free passes for movies at the Coolidge.
  What I've Learned

1. Juliana Margulies is not that good looking.
2. Alligator Adventure is probably worth the money, even though I'm pretty sure that UTAN, the 20-ft. King of the Crocs, is made out of plastic.
3. If you want to drink a juice-box, drink a juice-box.
4. Be Cool is the worst movie of the year.
5. D'Angelo's invented the Big Papi as a part of their covert scheme to slowly eliminate all David Ortiz fans.
6. They sell Yuengling in the Carolinas.
7. The one episode of Stella that I've seen was pretty excellent.
8. Getting promoted has absolutely nothing to do with managerial skill or competence.
9. Scrubs more than makes up for Garden State.
10. Myrtle Beach has more pancake houses per capita than any other city in America.
11. Kung Fu Hustle is one of the better movies of the year.
12. My wife and I have a knack for indirectly breaking couples up. If you're a couple, and you've moved to Boston from some other city, don't hang out with us, or soon enough you will split. YMSP82 and Hortense are/were the exception, but we've known those folks for years.
13. The Most Extraordinary Space Investigations is like The Brian Crews Show, but with Sarah Silverman co-starring, for some inexplicable reason.
14. I haven't seen too many movies this year.
15. Those new-fangled thermometers with the little calculator screens and the metal tips totally blow the shit out of those old mercury ones. Thanks, 21st century!
16. Sase, the free independent newsweekly published and edited by bored Myrtle Beach society house-wives, is the most entertaining independent newsweekly in America.
17. The new Bad News Bears is better than its rep. A fine film, even if it can't match the original. It is a movie that I have seen this year.
18. There's very little Yahtzee in Yahtzee Texas Hold 'Em.
Thursday, August 18, 2005

***Should be in a styrofoam cup.

This is an incredible read.

Thanks to Kennie Bloggins for the heads.
Chopped and screwed up.
  well shit, I'm back on the radio

again, after missing last week, due to vacation. I almost had to sit out today as well, as I've felt miserable for the last few days. I ate a Big Papi on Tuesday that really did a number on me. Not stomach problems, but a fever and headaches and stuff. I saw a doctor this morning, for the first time since 2002, and she told me to lay off the D'Angelo's for, like, forever. I didn't need to be told to realize that, though.

Anyway, now through five, on WZBC. Hopefully the streams won't be uppity.

I don't get it. Why has Gang of Four re-recorded their old hits? Money? I mean, you gotta admit this is taking it further than any other golden oldies reunion money rake-in band.

It almost goes without saying that the old recordings are better. It feels strange listening to these songs. They constantly harp on all the bands today ripping them off, but now they're ripping themselves off.
Wednesday, August 17, 2005
  You go Dawg....

Pollack Finally Signs

The Bengals signed first-round pick David Pollack to a five-year contract Wednesday morning, and the linebacker is expected to be at the team's practice today, the final day of training camp. Pollack will receive $7.65 million in guaranteed money; performance bonuses and escalator clauses could push the total value of the deal to $13 million.

Fanball's View:
Pollack has missed 20 days and 23 practices, and after being inserted as the starting strong-side linebacker in minicamp he was bumped to third string during his holdout. Don't be surprised, however, if Pollack has joined fellow Georgia alum Odell Thurman in the starting lineup by the time the regular season starts.


PC muther-truckers.
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
  how to make HBO better

Recast Entourage with Diamond Dallas Page, Nikolai Volkoff, Jake "the Snake" Roberts, and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka.
  Snakes on a Plane, man!

The film Deep Blue Sea is probably my personal favorite of all time. Well, no it's not, but I like it enough to have seen it multiple times.

I just learned of an upcoming Samuel L. Jackson vehicle originally titled "Snakes on a Plane". For some reason they changed it to "Pacific Flight 121" or some such bullshit. What the fuck is up with that? I like it when they just get to the fucking point. How much better would Deep Blue Sea be if it was called "Sharks That Can Swim Backwards"?

Anyway, Jackson demanded the name be changed back to its original title. Here's some choice lines from an interview. Everything he says is completely awesome--

Beaks: One of those films that you’re working on right now is... well, it’s called "Pacific Air 121"—

Jackson: Snakes on a Plane, man!

Beaks: Exactly.

Jackson: We’re totally changing that back. That’s the only reason I took the job: I read the title.

Beaks: Snakes on a Plane! That’s everything!

Jackson: You either want to see that, or you don’t.

Beaks: And how are those snakes? Besides being on a plane?

Jackson: Some of them are aggressive, some of them are cool. They’re interesting to watch, and interesting to interact with. It depends on what kind of snake it is. One day, it took, like, four guys to bring in this 350 lb. Burmese Python. We were all like, “Where’s that goin’?” And I watched an Albino Cobra strike airplane seats the other day. I watched it from another studio. It’s actually been a fun show. But we’re taking the name back!
  so, where was I?

Yesterday was my first day at work in a week. Of course the first item on my agenda was getting back to the Mez Eclipse. But four paragraphs in to an epic examination of my week in Myrtle and Kure Beaches, a transformer blew out, depriving much of North Quincy the electricity necessary to maintain a productive workday. The computers thusly futzed out, my anemic Word scrawl was lost in the digital maelstrom. After an hour and a half of aimless cubicle cleaning, they sent us home for the day, around noon, and all the many splendid blog-posts I had planned were put on hold. Well, shit. I’ve already established that I don’t have the patience, tenacity, or work ethic to ever write anything twice, so my fantastic beach stories will remain untold. Let me just say that North Myrtle Beach is initially, surprisingly, less red-neck than you’d think, but then proceeds to faithfully reveal its true expected nature with great alacrity. Also, Yahtzee Texas Hold ‘Em is a miserable bastardization of that fine game. If they ever make a gin rummy with the Life spinner, though, I’d be with them 100%.
Monday, August 15, 2005
  Land Down Under, Changed Forever, Flyin' Forever

Architecture in Helsinki wrote a tour report for Pitchfork. They write about STILL FLYIN a lot.
  CDEEZ Nutz Monday

Silver Jews - Tanglewood Numbers (bootleggers paradise) - A:
So a friend got me a 10 song ripped copy, where the real version has 13 songs, this gives me an idea of things. Personally, I dont think these guys have ever put out a bad record. This one is a full on rock and roll record. Very few acoustic, but a lot of electrics, wailin. A veritable cornucopia of great musicians on here. Practically all of Pavement minus Spiral. The songs are good and dry witted as ever. First song on my disc (which is "Punks in the Beerlight") has the gem, "dont you know both Adam and Eve / both were Jews". Classic. Great record at first listen, will definitely buy it when it comes out for real.

This album is a testament of two things - 1) David Pajo 2) Home recording.
The entire record was recorded on his labtop. Now when you think about that you probably think PROTOOLS or some shit, nope. Just some free software that was on a new computer that he got. No Mics. Just recorded it straight in front of the computer into the bullshit mics on the edge of the comptuer. Now listen to the record. It will blow your mind that he recorded this under said circumstances. That being said, this record sounds a lot different than his other stuff. It was just recently that he started putting vocals on his songs, and he has pretty much crafted the art. Being good friends with Will Oldham is a good thing, and probably rubs off a lot (especially in the name department). These songs sound like early Palace in ways and futuristic depression in others. He has a lot of weight on his back it seems, but damn if this record aint fun to listen to and enjoy.
Friday, August 12, 2005
  A Great Silver Joos Interview, Even If It Is Pitchfork

  Well, Hell Yeah

Wednesday, September 21st.
Drunken Unicorn
  Jammin with the Boys...

Oneida. Wednesday. The Earl
Opened with a 15-20 minute version of Each One Teach One.
Slayed from there on out. They were in the serious groove tonight, clicking on all cylinders and taking no prisoners. Kid was shirtless with a reggae headband on and beating those drums like donkey kong. Other highlights were "All Arounder", "Lavender", "Did I Die", "Caesars Column" and this brand new one (which they actually played last time I saw them too) that is unreleased. It has this bad ass beat and somewhat sounds close to a Liars sound - and its long too - extended 12 minute jam. There were actually a shit load of people there too, which surprised them and good to see. This weird girl came up to me and recognized me from the France and said that 88.5 had played some of our stuff on Wednesday and have been this week (wonder if its the Oneida connection??) she said something weird like the DJ was saying we had new stuff coming out, which hell, we do, but i thought we were the only ones who knew (or cared) about that.

The dudes all came back to OTP afterwords and did a fine job of keeping Ice awake. I think he got like 2 hrs of sleep. Awesome. I mean you cant let preparing for work rule your life, you know? Tat. Really good to see those guys again and hang out with them, three of the truly nicest dudes you could ever meet. Really glad to be friends with them, and shit to be blown away by their music. These guys got the hot horse.
Thursday, August 11, 2005
  remember that show Head of the Class?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005
  A wee pat on our backs...

Go here and click through...then read
  Random Movie Reviews

Must Love Dogs - F+:
The only reason we went to see this was because L's sister's close friend is the butcher in the previews. His three scenes (5 minutes worth of screen time) were easily the best part of this movie. Definitely not the target audience, but oh well. John Cusack couldnt even save this steaming loaf.

Hustle & Flow: A-
Incredible movie. Loved the shit out of it. Terence Howard just launched into one of my ten favorite actors. Ive liked him in pretty much everything I've seen him in, but this was pretty amazing (almost as good as his Best Man performance). The music was out of this world, and the way they captured what recording music really feels like sealed the deal for me. Believe it or not, and despite my unending love for the man, I kinda thought Ludacris sucked. He was overacting a lot - especially in the bathroom scene. That shit was wild though, mang. Some serious shit, mang. Whoop That Trick, MANG!

Best Line: "Is a Pig's Pussy, Pork?"
Monday, August 08, 2005
  Don't Get Drunk At A Wedding, by DJ Hammond

Man the day started out with such promise. Matt showed back up to his appt with sandwiches from this killer deli. Crews and I hung out with Ricky pretty much all afternoon. Shooting the shit and getting ready for his big day. Had a few beers while playing some trivia in a bar that has pet happy hours on Fridays and has been written up in USA Today. Woah, right?! Took pictures, met a group of Italian newlyweds - jammed with them, headed down to the location of the wedding. An old torpedo factory that has been converted into a community center. Wonderful wedding, one of the best I've been to. Ricky smashed the shit out of that glass wrapped up in a napkin. After the ceremony, the drinking began. The bartender out back on the docks was piss poor and didnt really know how to make a single drink. Being out there almost an hour - it was fun catching up with old friends over a few beers. Especially Megan, Jason, Holly, and Brandon. WUOG was definitely representin' that night. After an hour they filed us back into the hall where the wedding was and sat us for an extremely extravagant dinner. Two long tables with extremely fancy dressings. Good speeches, good food, good friends, good wine. Now I don't really drink wine-at all really. Maybe felt its effects 2-3 times in my life. The "problem" though was the wine waiters who just constantly hovered the tables immediately filling your glass once you would take a sip. Like, no shit - sip - fill- sip - fill. Wasnt complaining at the time. Here I think I pretty much decided to take it to drunk town riding the wine horse for the rest of the night. Robbie even made fun of me for it. Should have listened. Dancing begins and so does the hoisting of Tiffany and Ricky into the air while sitting on chairs. Was a total blast. R&T got a DJ from NYC to do their reception, so we were hearing very good stuff all night - Phoenix to Hall and Oates. Jammin. Drinkin. At this point I later realized that I was drinking wine like it was beer. Not fully realizing or caring about its potency. Milkshake time. Everyone attacked the table and server and then quickly hustled back out to the floor to dance. I think Handles was even double fisting with a milkshake and a wine! Awesome. So yeah, milk and wine and food and beer don't really mix, probably. Especially while you are one of maybe 10-15 people really dancing at this thing. Party ends time to take it home. I tell Robbie im going to help him break down the DJ equipment. Then decide to make a phone call to L and neglect him totally. Maybe one reason I overdid it so bad at this wedding was because I was upset that L couldn't be there. I really felt for her, so I gave her several drunk dials (not always appropriate!). We take it outside to get Ricky and Tiffany to their hotel and I clearly see Ricky standing by the curb waiting on his car. So I run up throw my arm around him and say "Someone's gettin' laid tonight!" Well, that wasn't Ricky. It was Tiffany's uncle. Yup. Fully embarrassed and fully drunk, I just lost it. The guy was in good spirits though. He kept hugging me and said "I sure hope so!". We pile in a car to take Ricky and Tiff to their hotel. Fun car ride. Drop them off - Matt and Kate take me by their new apartment - which I don't remember. Megan and Jason had people over after the wedding so we head there straight after words. Within five minutes - im puking out on their front porch. A true embarrassment. Matt, Holly, and Jason deserve a medal for treating me so well and not punching me in the face for being such a buffoon. Dudes, I was that guy at the wedding. Jesus. Still though the wedding was sooo fun, and I'm really glad R&T had such a great time and thank them for inviting us all to be a part of it. Brunch the next morning was rough to say the least, but it was ample time for me to extend my thanks to everyone who took care of my dumb ass on Saturday. I love you guys, seriously.
  Yacht Rock 2

If you guys need any more reasoning behind why we love this music...

Friday, August 05, 2005
  yesterday's playlist

Mesmerization Eclipse
Thursday August 4th 2005

Oneida: "Changes in the City"
Trumans Water: "Death to Dead Things"
Skullflower: "Ghosts Ice Aliens"
Orange Juice: "Louise Louise"
Apes: "Imp Ahh"
Gang Wizard: "Portland Movement - An Unintentional Blaspheme of Yeti"
Go-Betweens: "Finding You"
Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice: "Cobra Christ of the Cabbages"
Eleventh Dream Day: "Rose of Jericho"
Need New Body: "Outerspace"
England's Glory: "City of Fun"
Deadbird: "Mt. Zero is Burning"
Rita Lee: "Hulla Hulla"
Yo la Tengo: "Styles of the Times"
Kinski: "Passed Out On Your Lawn"
Gang Gang Dance: "Glory In Itself / Egyptian"
Fad Gadget: "Newsreel"
Semool: "Essai 9"
Oakley Hall: "Feel This Way"
Fuchsia: "A Tiny Book"
Of Montreal: "I Was a Landscape In Your Dream"
Replacements: "Color Me Impressed"
Olivia Tremor Control: "I Have Been Floated"
Monoshock: "Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)"
Deerhoof: "Come See the Duck"
The Fall: "Who Makes the Nazis?"
Residents: "The Whispering Boys"
Black Dice: "Motorcycle"
Flotation Toy Warning: "Happy 13"
Crewsin' For a Brewsin': "Cheeseburger and a Coke"
Magnetic Fields: "Either You Don't Love Me or I Don't Love You"
Es: "Pehmea Iho"
Wedding Present: "I'm From Further North Than You"
Black Future: "Eu Suo O Rio"
Weird War: "See About Me"
Je Suis France: "The Engine Room is a Deathpit"
Iannis Xenakis: "La Legende D'Eer"
Still Flyin': "Mystery Tent"
Jandek: "When I See You Again"
Alligator Crystal Moth: "Python"
Caribou: "Bees"
Can: "Spray"
Thursday, August 04, 2005
  Recent Record Reviews

Little Brother - Chittlin Circuit 1.5 - A:

This record is scary. Its supposed to be a little throw off b-sides, unreleased tracks, remix record that comes out between their first record "The Listening" and their new record due out in September "The Minstrel Show". Well what scares me about this is if in fact this is just a transition record to have something else out before their big second record - they are going to be the next TRIBE - ITS THAT FUCKING GOOD. The record is seriously blowing my mind Take all the best parts of Mos Def, Talib, Tribe Called Quest, and throw in a little Pete Rock and you have these three guys from DURHAM, NC. Probably the best underground rap group going right now. BUY THIS NOW. (a few songs will be up on the extension once i get my head on straight).

Acid Mothers Temple SWR - SWR - D:

We all know how much Mezzy loves Acid Mothers. Like top 5 band for us. This cd is not good though. This entity of AMT was formed within the last year after the Melting Paraiso disbanded into two camps (this one) and Acid Mother Temple and the Cosmic Inferno (more on them later) both run by main Acid Mother Kawabata Makoto. Anyways, enough background bullshit. SWR is supposed to be even more spontaneous and loose than the freeform freakouts of AMT. This record was recorded in 9 hours on one afternoon and I hate to say - it shows. Bizarre freak outs a la Zappa with spazzoid bursts of vocals and repetitive funk styled riffs. There are a few moments of clarity but most of it is very convoluted and tough to get through. Even for one of their biggest fans.

Acid Mothers Temple and The Cosmic Infernon - Just Another Band From The Cosmic Inferno - B

Now this is the other half of the coin. This is what most refer to as the new and "real" Acid Mothers. They have added members of GHOST and MAINLINER and this current lineup includes double drums, which I am always a sucker for. This is their first official full length under this moniker. Two songs. 65 minutes. The first was actually the song that AMT gave Dark and I for the split AMT/Je Suis France 12". (Long story but they are sending us a new/exclusive song before the end of the summer). This version is less "damaged". Killer rockin riff with a solo that kicks in about 30 seconds in and rides it all the way out for about 19 minutes. You know, good cosmic jammin. The second song is 45 minutes long and one that rides a serious groove. This song reminded me a lot of one from the 4 song 4 disc box they released last year. It takes some serious endurance for both the band and listener, but a sense of soothing sets in about minute 25 and anticipation about minute 35. Good stuff.

Ween - Shinola Vol. 1 - B+

Ween's "new" record. Another extremely BROWN release through Chocodog. "A collection of odds and ends, scraps and leftovers." From what I've read about this thing they were trying to record each of the 12 songs in a different style from the 70s. Ween is talented enough to pull this off too. Here is a sampling of what they were shooting for:

Boys Club (Fucking HILARIOUS)- Doobie Brothers
Gabrielle - Thin Lizzy
Did You See Me - Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here)
Transitions - Steely Dan
Monique the Freak - Prince

Though I had heard some of these songs before from verious rare ween downloads, they have reworked and rerecorded almost ALL of these songs. I fucking love these guys, like a lot. Haters can step away from me. Highlight is on the last songs where its this serious balad and they break out with Gene singing out the the days of the week - when he gets to Tuesday - a big group yells out "PIZZA DAY"!

Kinski - Alpine Static - B-:

Probably havent listened to this enough, but right now its pretty alright. These guys have the talent of making instrumental music very very interesteing, which I like a lot. Much more rocking than I expected. Some towards the end gets a little sleepy and boring but overall I was surprised. This record should get them some serious attention.
  radio round-up

Crews, WXDU, 10:30 to Noon.

Me, WZBC, 1 to 5 pm.
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
  maybe last week wasn't the best time to trade for Derek Lowe...

No surprise that he's apparently a dickhead, but hopefully this stuff won't follow him onto the field. The knock on him up here was that he thought too much on the mound, dwelled on his problems after walking a guy or giving up a hit, and thus was prone to cough up big innings.
Tuesday, August 02, 2005
  the only dog better than mine

Monday, August 01, 2005

  THINGS I'VE LOST: A Running List (in no particular order)

Boss Super Phaser PH-2 guitar pedal.

Bought in 1996, lost in 1999/2000.
Last borrowed by a Wee Turtle.
Believed to have been left at Chris Bishop's, and claimed by an unknown individual.

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