Wednesday, May 28, 2008
  Down 0-2 / Brown Out

Damn, the pens are getting waxed and I'm mildly pissed.

Before I get started I must say that out of all sports franchises there are only a short list of ones I completely fucking abhor. On that list shits the Detroit Red Wings. I'll be honest, I have no other reason to hate them other than the fact that they are a completely dominant hockey team and have been for like, forever. That and that fucking lame ass gushy octopus shithead. Back in middle/high school and college (before the Thrashers existed), the Pittsburgh Penguins were my team. I got into hockey in the late 80's and with a potential family move to Pittsburgh, I found a liking for the Pens. Players like Paul Coffey, Tom Barrasso, Jaromir Jagr, Mark Recchi, Ulf Samuelsson, and of course super Mario jammed my prepubescent brain to the extreme. I loathed the Fliers, the Bruins the Rangers, and most of all the Red Wings. I remember going to see the Pens play the Bruins (my best friend's team) at the Omni when the NHL was flirting with giving ATL a team. It was an incredible night, Barrasso had the chicken pox and had to sit under the stands to watch the game. His replacement played a decent game holding the Bruins to 1 goal in two and half periods. Well I say that because halfway through the third someone blasted a slap shot so mightily that it went through the netting on his glove, hit is helmet square in the forehead, cracked the helmet, and he fell to the ice in a puddle of his own blood. Barrasso forced to come in, plays a perfect 10 minutes and Jagr scores a goal for the win. It was a highlight of my life at the time b/c it was the first time I had seen my team in person, and they gave me some bragging rights behind the publix the next day playing roller hockey.

Anyways my point is, I used to love the fucking Penguins. Since the Thrashers came about though, my interest in the Penguins somewhat wained. I still kept up with them but I had replaced em in the heart zone with the Thrash. (another side story, the first time i heard they were naming the Atlanta team the "thrashers" the bird connotation didnt even enter my mind and i just thought there were naming them after a bunch of dudes partying. Who's idea is better, NHL?!) In '05 when they acquired Sidney Crosby I was genuinely hopeful for them b/c they had a string of bad years and this was the fresh start they (and the NHL) needed after the near death experience that was the '04 lockout. I thought this could turn it around for them, big time cuz he's a fucking superstar through and through. With a decent '07 season (made playoffs, ousted first round) the Pens were looking to this year to step into their own and regain that level of play from the early 90s. Flash forward and they roll through the '08 playoffs (including a MASSIVE conference finals win over the Fliers) and they sit today in the Stanley Cup Finals. Playing of all fucking teams the god damned Red Wings. What happens???

The Penguins show up like a whiskey dick on a date with a hot chick. This was their time to shut up the critics and (at least) take one from the 2 games in Detroit. Well, they didnt. Actually they didnt even score one fucking goal. Osgood (Red Wings Goalie) had back to back shutouts and sent the pens packing. Also, Osgood can suck my dick, he's a pansy ass falling down crybaby. If he takes one more dive in tonight's game they should fucking put his fat ass in the penalty box. Back story, and one silver lining to the series thus far happened at the end of game 2 on Monday. Osgood took a dive after one of the Penguins was coming around the net to keep the Red Wings from holding the puck with 2 minutes left in the game. The RW defender immediately comes after the black and gold thinking he had leveled Osgood. Well a fucking rumble breaks out and everyone on the ice is involved. Blood spilled and it was clear the Penguins were not done. They head back to Pittsburgh tonight and hopefully they can win the next two and get back in some righteous head space. I jammed with a Penguins fan in Vegas over the weekend before the series started and he said "watch them come out 0-2, this team always starts slow." Lets hope dude. Anyways, probably a boring post for most, but I will be sipping a brew thinking back to fond younger years tonight watching the game. You should too. Thinking about it, they should have taken a shit on the ice in Detroit and spelled out "see you in the BURGH, ASSHOLE RED WINGS!" then wiped their ass with that fucking octopus!

In quick horse racing news...Big Brown was back at his training yesterday a day earlier than expected after his slight hoof fracture. Good sign for his fans. If he wins this thing on Saturday after what he's been through this week, he deserves to be heralded as one of the best horses in history. Read about it here.
  Happy Birthday Darkdude

What are your plans for this glorious day?
Tuesday, May 27, 2008
  Can I put an axe in his head

From the AJC:

Petrino did leave room for a little humor before he left. One media member suggested that his Falcons experience was like a bad dream sequence from a television show like "Dallas."

"That's not the show I thought of," Petrino said. "Did you ever see the movie 'Misery?' "
  Met this dude...

in the Bellagio casino on Saturday night post Ortiz fight. Also saw this dude from afar...
Wednesday, May 21, 2008
  more flagpolery

Here's my review of Be Your Own Pet's not-horrible second record.
Friday, May 16, 2008
  Fuck Big Brown...

The Preakness is Saturday and here's your man!


Behindatthebar scratched this morning due to a hurt foot. This lodges the window open that much more for a suprise on Saturday. Big Brown is a beast dont get me wrong, but this is the first time in his life he's raced 2 weeks apart. He may be tired after busting his ass in Louisville. Kentucky Bear's trainers said he's fresh and blastin' out the gates in practice this week. KB needs to race clean, he doesnt do well if bumped, etc at the beginning. Got a long shot in Giant Moon. Lots of people are jumping on the Gayego bandwagon now that Behind... is out. I'm nervous though b/c he came in fucking 17th Place out of 20 in the Derby. Maybe throw him in for a trifecta. Yankee Bravo's stock has dropped after a slow week of practice, he was up in the list but now has dropped back to 25-1 odds. Watch this race to have a pack of 3-4 (at most) in the way front and a bunch of slow ass horses in a bunch in the back of the pack. Not a good field. Should be interesting to watch BB though. You're damn right i'll be google texting during Crews' wedding!!!!!
Thursday, May 15, 2008
  We need some help...

Anyone out there have a picture of the france from the first Twilight Delirium at Wendy's house (the show with Bugs, the Velc, and Hifi Mastadon)? If so email me!
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
  Just about to pick up his blackberry and text Neo...


in increasing importance:

1. the Dixie Chicks played Legion Field
2. the last episode of "Seinfeld" aired
3. the 50th anniversary of the founding of the modern state of Israel was commemorated
4. Frank Sinatra died
5. Je Suis France played its first Live in the Lobby on WUOG

We should've planned ahead and put that thing up on the internet for today.
Tuesday, May 13, 2008
  Jimmy Kimmel vs. Sarah Silverman

This happened a few months ago and I've been meaning to post about it since, but i just keep forgetting. Most may have seen this, but still if you havent its pretty damn funny.

Every night since the beginning of his show before Jimmy signs off he says "we had to bump Matt Damon to tomorrow". It started after Matt stood him up as a guest on his first show. So the joke as been ongoing since. For Jimmy's 40th (i think) birthday back in February, his girlfriend Sarah went on his show to give him her gift. This video:

This has been all over the place so if you've seen it, my bad. Funny shit.

Then a few weeks later, Jimmy came back with his response:

Friday, May 09, 2008
  Radiohead - ATL

Super bad ass show!
All the in rainbows stuff just wailed. Reckoner was just fucking amazing. Love that jam. Wish we would have heard more off of the Bends, but I'll take it. We had some stuck up crybabies on our isle and the girl got uppity a few times with us going for beer/bathroom runs. I only went twice and each time she looked really pissed, what gives? She also had a tattoo on her face of a music note, so there you go. Crowd was awesome and really gave it back to them, they seemed really happy to be there too. Awesome presentation, light show, etc. Really trippy and out there at times. Best video work came during "You and whose army" which you can see in one of the pictures below. Super close up camera on the piano it was pretty awesome. I was telling Thorn last night that whenever I hear that song I picture Flip really krunk, and wantin to chest punch someone. Like this awesome machismo drunken battle cry in the face of a gang of dudes ready to kick his ass. thats a compliment if you've heard the song. Someone threw one of these on stage, that was pretty funny. Anyways double encore was awesome and left us wanting more, still. The band was tight as hell sans a few flubs towards the end of the set. Johnny dude missed some of the solos and heavy riffs on "Just" which made me think they hadnt played it much this tour. They could have played another hour if there wasnt that damn 11pm curfew. Ran into the Shark, hugged him like 4 times, told him thanks for helping the france and drunkenly told him not to fuck over Still Flyin' or else, high fived debbie. Had a rad lot jam before (except for the ticks) and ran into Ken and Jeremy and had a brew in the lot afterwards. Finally got to hand deliver Death Wish to Jeremy who has been on tour in Europe. It flipped his mind. Radiohead did too. Pictures from flickr below.


All I Need
There There
15 Step
Where I End And You Begin
Pyramid Song
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
The National Anthem
You and whose army
Everything in its right place
Bangers and Mash

The Gloaming
Talk Show Host
Faust Arp (Thom & Jonny on electric)
How To Disappear Completely

Paranoid Android
House of Cards

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just a note: Hillary and I have a bevy of recent posts up at Shazhmmm. Yeah we're still doing that.
  Thats My Head

Going to see these dudes tonight. This weather can suck it, but good thing is we have covered seats at Lakewood. Good ones at that. May ruin the lot jam, but maybe we can turn it into a log jam. Watching this got me pumped to see this tonight.
Wednesday, May 07, 2008
  stuff I've written

Two reviews in the Flagpole this week: the mediocre new Animal Collective EP and Destroyer's latest record.

"I was pretty shocked, then, when I heard the new record and realized Destroyer sounds almost exactly like it did in 2001. It's almost like 9/11 never even happened."
  Final Crisis preview at EW.com

Entertainment Weekly has five pages of DC's Final Crisis #1 up right now, including the pages from Grant Morrison's script. It's looking pretty damn good, especially for fans of Jack Kirby's Fourth World. #1 comes out on Wednesday May 28th, which is also the 10th anniversary of both Phil Hartman's death and the first time I ever got drunk. Those two events were not entirely unrelated.
Tuesday, May 06, 2008
  They Did It

Aww man.

Remember the Hawaiian Shirt Party? Remember how I was trying to wrangle a secret thirtieth birthday party for myself with the leftovers? Wrangled. Surprise wrangle. They showed up at my cubicle at 4pm today with half a bottle of Cuervo and some beers and cookies.

Monday, May 05, 2008
  FCBD Recap

ALRIGHT - Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, as mentioned below. I only made it to a couple of shops, and had to miss all of the Andy Runton signings, but overall it was a fine day. Rain spoiled it a bit - last year's FCBD was about as beautiful a day you could ever find - but even if it was raining menstrual blood and jagged metal Krusty-O's it'd be impossible to completely spoil FREE COMICS. NEC had a limit, but between them and Hub I got pretty much everything I was after. That includes the IGNATZ and EC samplers, and the Owly and Atomic Robo comics. I also grabbed an assortment of other random junk from NEC, totally for free, including the first issue of Mark Waid and Ron Garney's second stint on Captain America back in 1998. I think I flipped through this issue at the newsstand during one of mine and DJ's old QuikTrip jaunts, but had never actually read a single one of those highly-regarded Waid/Garney issues 'til this weekend.

I also saw Iron Man, which is simultaneously awesome yet also somehow just slightly so ever disappointing. I mean, it's amazing that they were able to make such a good movie about a character that, while great, has had very few good solo stories over its 40-plus year existence. Still, I was so ridiculously excited for the movie that it would've been almost impossible for me to not be let-down to some small extent. It's really good, Downey is terrific, the action scenes are highly exciting, etc., but it does kinda drag just a bit in the middle. So it's no Spider-Man or Spider-Man 2 or X-Men 2, but it also ain't no Spider-Man 3 or X-Men 3. And thank the maker it's not a god-damn Fantastic Four. Hopefully the Iron Man sequel (April 30, 2010!), Thor, and Avengers films will be as good.
Saturday, May 03, 2008
  RIP Belles...

Friday, May 02, 2008
  awesome time for comic book fans

Yeah, Iron Man looks awesome, and sure, CNN has a good article about Jack Kirby up, but the main reason this is an awesome time for comic book fans is because tomorrow is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!! That's right, go to any halfway decent comic book store, and you'll most likely walk out with free comics. And many stores are having special events and signings to make the day even more awesome. If you're in Boston, New England Comics will be hosting a signing with Georgia's own Andy Runton at their various locations all throughout the day. Runton's the creator of the amazingly adorable kids' comic Owly, which is published by the Marietta-based Top Shelf Comics, the same people who released Alan Moore's Lost Girls. I'm fuckin' from Marietta, awesome!!! Other great stores in the Boston area include Million Year Picnic, Hub Comics, Comicazi, and Comicopia. For you dudes still in Atlanta, Titan Games and Comics is having a half-off sale on all back issues, and I'm sure Oxford Comics is up to something good. And then, y'know, Bizarro Wuxtry in Athens, but I have no idea what they're doing for FCBD.

Anyway, the point is: go out to your local comic book shops tomorrow, pick up some free comics, maybe take a chance and buy whatever books strike your fancy, etc. I'm reading Scalped by Jason Aaron and RM Guera right now; it's really good, and the first trade's only ten bucks, so I totally recommend it to anybody who likes crime fiction or wants to get really depressed over the modern day plight of the Native American. And if you want more recommendations, head on over to Shazhmmm, okay?

You can find a list of the free comics here; it includes some great stuff, like the first issue of Morrison and Quitely's All-Star Superman; an IGNATZ sampler with stuff from Zak Sally, Kevin Huizenga, Richard Sala, and more; a new Hellboy/BPRD comic from Mike Mignola and co.; awesome old Gyro Gearloose stories by Barks and Rosa; an EC reprint book; the latest FCBD issue of Owly; and more. I'll probably hit up three or four stores if I have time tomorrow. Because I'm fucking pathetic!
  1993 JAM - NSFW

Heard this song on satelite yesterday and it brought me back to high school basement hangs. This was one of those songs I remember being completely shocked at when i first heard it. Sleazy E at his finest! Killer jam. Raw. Totally not safe for work.

Eazy E - Gimmie That Nut
Thursday, May 01, 2008

Shit. My work is having a hawaiian shirt party with tequila shots and margaritas today in the office at four. I forgot to wear a hawaiian shirt. What should I do?

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