Tuesday, May 29, 2007
  Hey Robbie

That girl from the Blow really digs your work
Thursday, May 24, 2007
  New Still Flyin' vid: MTENT

Wednesday, May 23, 2007
  exciting france-related contest

get all the info here. the prizes shall astound and entertain.

also: if you pre-order the record through Antenna Farm, you can download the France set at Twilight Delirium 8 for free.
Monday, May 21, 2007
  I ate a Whopper last week

for the first time ever. The BK Whopper, not a stupid malt ball, and God DAMN was it amazing! Why the hell haven't I been eating these things for the last twenty years? How could my parents allow me to grow old without ever tasting the inconceivable deliciousness of the Whopper? Seriously, it just might be the second or third finest fast food product EVER. How the fuck did McDonalds NOT go out of business like thirty years ago? Is it possible the Big Mac is just as good, or, dare I say, even better? Maybe I should try one of them now...
Friday, May 18, 2007
  I'm (we're) UP OUT THIS BITCH

2 weeks of vacation ahead. Crack a brew.
Las Vegas for work through Wednesday. Vegas for fun Wednesday through Saturday. Might see Third Eye Blind for $10 at some shitty casino! Saturday & Sunday in Sequoia National Park. Sunday night hanging & jammin' with Still Flyin' in Santa Cruz. Can't freaking wait for this. Hopefully get to hang with Dark on his 30th at some point. Lets make that happen somehow. Then on to watch whales & be hippies in Monterey and Carmel. Finally, down LA to hang with some high school friends and drop kick lindsey lohan. Drunk dials abound! Back with photos on Monday the 4th. Hammjammin!

Yep, Mesmerization Eclipse on WZBC 90.3 FM from 3 to 5 pm.
  I dislike people who regularly annoy me on my way to work

People like:

Permanent Cell Phone Girl*
That Woman Who Is Always Running
Talk-Loudly-To-Everybody-On-The-Shuttle-Even-Though-Nobody-Knows-Who-You-Are Lady
Asian Rosie O'Donnell
Let-Everybody-Hear-Your-Private-Medical-History Lass*
The Full-Time Jersey-Wearer

I want to be promoted just so I can end these people.

Thursday, May 17, 2007
  Almost as good as DRINKIN BONE!

Alright ya'll - pep it.
What's HOTT in country right now? None other than a song 'bout drinkin' & some TICKS!

Brad Paisley - Ticks

Do yourself a favor and go take a good ol' listen!

I swear I think I missed my calling...
Wednesday, May 16, 2007
  my brother's got a weblog...

And he writes far more often than I do, mostly about music, and stuff. Check it out.

This is Chris, the oldest brother, the one you Mariettans might've confused for me at the Merchants Walk Media Play back in the late '90's / early oughts.
Monday, May 14, 2007
  Now this is some Grade A Horseshit...

A new GA specialty plate...
  3.5 hr WARMUP!!! Steely Dan - Chastain - 5.11.07

A great fuckin' jam by all accounts. The lot jam kicked up about 4ish and we luckily got the exact same parking spots we did last time behind the Sprangs Art Center. Best part of it all - its a $10 lot and we got there early enough to not have to pay. Let the jam begin. NO ONE showed up in this lot until 6:30 at least. So we were jammin' brews, tunes, pizza frisbee technology, hose downs, & party subs ALONE for 2+ hours. Not a sole in sight except this dude on his cell who kept walking around - we think he was meeting his internet love for the first time that night. In our minds, he was from Macon, she was from Birmingham - they had been boyfriend/girlfriend for a year online and tonight they meet for sexual rendevous in the Chastain lawn. Back to the jam - we were jammin spirals, pasta salad, minds. IT was so tight. The funniest thing was we were down at the far end of the lot and as people did start showing up - they all parked way away from us. Probably because Jais was shirtless and wet (hose down) and we all looked kinda drunk at like 6:30. One car dared to come park near us and then never interacted even after we sent over a few spirals their way. Whatever, their loss. Probably the best pre-lot-jam that has ever been for Chastain - for sure.

Grab some travelers and begin to walk and talk. Oh yeah we all had some atire too...lookin' right. Jais got best outfit. No shirt with a carmike vest, dawgs hat. Ace. We each jam like a brew or two on the walk. Cops dont hastle us. They feel the jam. We get to Will Call and grab the tickets and get in there. Brews immediately. Walk up to the lawn area as some Organ band is playing. Cool vibes. It sounded like those Beastie Boys instrumentals...just jammin' no harshin'. We're stoked at this point because the day is becoming night and we are feelin' so right. Only thing that harshed us were these two flood lights that were flashing along with the music right above our heads. Man we wanted a lights out jam. So i went up to investigate. I snuck around the "control room" where the Chastain dudes were monitoring the sound and security and shit and climbed up this slope to this above room which was dark. I thought this had to be it. I was looking for a breaker to trip. I walk in the room and whip out my cell phone to get some light b/c I couldnt see 5 feet in front of my face. Its the spotlight room. 5 spotlights and these metal gates pulled down to hide the lights. I walk over and see that these gates can easily be lifted and you would immediately have the best view in the whole place. I snuck a peek and man it was great. But it was clear that if i opened these windows all the way someone would see me and shut us down/kick us out. So I close it back after trying to get our possee's attention by calling, flashing, waving, shouting at them. They were jammin too hard so no sweat. I close the window and turn to go out - WHAM - slam my head into one of the spotlights and now i'm fucking seeing starts. Checked the next day and part of my skull was indented like a baby's soft spot. Extra buzz. This was like a magical shot to my brain though because when i stood up i was directly in front of the breaker box. I opened it up and saw a breaker labeled "General Flood Lights" - I fuckin hulked up and flipped it for a second. At this point I hear the security dudes below like "wha"? So i bolt. Pussed out i guess. Slide back down the hill and rejoin the jam.

Now this was the best lot jam we have ever had, but not the best Dan show we had ever seen. Not to harsh or begin to harsh - they were just phoning it in a bit. Played for less than an hour and a half. Set list was good, but not ASS HANDING. AJ and Jais had tickets down in the pit and we were each taking turns down there which was fun. Thorn and I got down there and walked right up front with no questions asked. Second Row right in front of Fagen, like 8 feet away - it ruled. The first HIT they played was Bad Sneakers and we all went ape shit..."bad sneakers and a pina colada my friend!" Too rad. Played A LOT of new stuff and then hit us with "Hey Nineteen" - the crowd finally sparked and we were jamming our asses off...more new....then PEG!!! Damn - slayed it right into my favorite Dan jam and one I dont think I've seen live before - "THE CAVES OF ALTIMIRA"!!! Shit - footloose. This is where they hit their stride. Hit after hit after hit, but not long enough. Thorn and I went down front b/c we thought we had plenty of time before the encore jam...wrong. It came early and we were down there to see the last song of the set "Kid Charlemagne" and the first encore "My Old School" - both face melters. At that point we gotta hightail it back to the jammers because we HAD to jam one more tune with them if this shit really was ending this quick. Get back for the meltdown of "Bodhisattva"! All of us dancing as hard as we can - me tripping up the stairs in the dark! Right when they finished we were surely going to get hit with a low blow ender like "Deacon Blues"....YES......NOPE! They left. DAMN! We were harshed at the time, basically b/c we were krunkly and ready to get lifted off the earth with some megahits.

We get back to the car and are further harshed on by the "owner of the lot" in some mini-van. Drew talks to her and says we're just comin' down the mountain from the Dan jam and we'll leave momentarily. She gets pissy, leaves, goes & gets the cops. They come up and instead of getting a picture taken by them like last time, they were really making us leave. LAME. Thoughts of Johnny's Hideaway were ignited but my shirt was ripped (another story) so I don't think I would have made it in. Thorn and I jammed the Waffle and called it a night.


setlist....(ice has most of the pictures b/c my camera died, i'll get them from him)

Jazz Intro
Two Against Nature
Bad Sneakers
Time Out Of Mind
Janie Runaway
Hey Nineteen
Monkey In Your Soul (WB vocal)
The Caves Of Altimira
Green Earrings
Dirty Work
Do It Again
Kid Charlemagne

My Old School
Jazz Outro
  Duchess Douchebag

Lord and Lady Douchebag had a baby girl over the weekend. Congrats in the higest regard! An email from the lord himself:


I have a daughter. [Baby Douchebag] was born this evening at 6:55 PM. She was early, but ready. She's a healthy 6 lbs, 3 oz. and looks great. [Lady Douchebag] is healthy too. Pictures may follow. Forward this on to people who I've left off.

-[Lord Douchebag]"

Actually, wouldn't it be Princess Douchebag? I am going to guess that the first song PD ever hears is by Snoop.
Friday, May 11, 2007

MESMERIZATION ECLIPSE returns to WZBC 90.3 FM Boston, from 3 to 5 pm.

Right now: something off the new Dungen record. It's okay.
  In Honor Of The Dan Tonight...

Here are some pics from the last Steely Dan Lot Jam Preshow Wang and Drank Jam...

New pics this Monday, probably. Come jam the tailgate if you're in ATL and near Chastain! Whats the RUSH!??
Thursday, May 10, 2007
  Wierd, but awesome...

So I was at the Braves game on Tuesday, not the game game last night between Maddux and Smoltz (that would have been rad), and in between innings I heard songs from Peter Bjorn and John, the Klaxons and Kings of Leon...shit kinda tripped me out for a minute. Then the paint can, hammer and saw race nixed it. Oh well. Paint can won...fuck that guy. Saw rules!
Wednesday, May 09, 2007
  Rep your set

Normally MTV sucks a donkey nut, but this piece they put together about some of Atlanta's finest is pretty good. How old is John Norris anyway?

  The Making Of Aja

In prep for this Friday's Dan Jam, here is the entire MAKING OF AJA! You've probably seen the "Peg" segment but someone finally posted the whole DVD I think. Enjoy.
Friday, May 04, 2007
  Kentucky Derby Horses 1-10


Here are the first 10 for tomorrow’s derby. As I said yesterday, this field is the best one in two decades. All the horses are training really well and seem to be in really good spirits based on this picture of Stormello. Coverage runs all day on ESPN for the first 9 races…switches over to NBC at 4:30 for the 10th race – the Kentucky Derby. At the bottom of the list I’ve posted a recipe from Makers Mark on the “PERFECT MINT JULEP”….so get yo dranks and start sippin! Now on to them ponys…..

Track Odds (Friday): 50-1
This horse is a turf horse not a dirt track horse, so I don’t really expect him to even show up on Saturday. Very ambitious 2007 thus far with 5 races under his belt. Won 1 and placed in 3 of them, but none of these races were worth a fart. The trend with him is to start off very very slow and then turn it on in the middle and end. Still though he’s not in the same league as these other horses. Hate to say it.

Track Odds (Friday): 7-2
Here’s your favorite. FUCKING MONSTER OF A HORSE. Big and strong yet inexperienced b/c he’s young. Has had only raced in 3 races in his life, BUT he won all of them including the Arkansas Derby. Runs a very average race from gate to finish line but his strength carries him well. With a 20 horse field I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets caught up in a pack and gets confused or is not used to his surroundings and slows up. Then again with a #2 spot he could fire out that fuckin’ gate and never look back. If he wins the Derby, this horse will have a good triple crown shot.

Track Odds (Friday): 30-1
No, not Sanjaya although I did hear that the people voting to get him in on Idol are now pulling for Zanjero. Better horse than his odds show, that’s for damn sure. This is a great upset horse who hasn’t raced well in 2007, but has come close. He got run into the rail in the Blue Grass and it cost him a win, then again he wasn’t fast enough to push through. Not a lightning quick horse and not a horse who knows how to regulate the distance of a race – either too much too early or not enough late. Fancy pick for a longshot.

Track Odds (Friday): 30-1
Enthusiasts are saying this horse is way out of his league, which surprises me b/c he placed (2nd) in the Arkansas Derby behind Curlin (way behind Curlin). Not much to write about this guy b/c he is so below average. He’s way back – bottom 10.

Track Odds (Friday): 50-1
Awkward horse. Barely got into the Derby but he’s just a place filler. Good spot for him too so about the only real thing he can do in this race is muck it up for another horse. He has been known to flounder resulting in other horses being pushed off their race. No jockey really knows how to ride him that well – won a minor race in December but he was a late rush in a slow race. I suspect he’ll land in the 19th spot. He beats one horse.

Track Odds (Friday): 20-1
Good horse who is as much of an underdog as Alf running for president. I like him though b/c he’s won two in a row and his last one (Illinois Derby) where I believe he lead from the start, straight out the gate. Big horse with smarts and has the ability to run with the speed of the pack. If it’s a slow pace (which it wont be) expect him to do well. Probably a top 8 finisher.

Track Odds (Friday): 4-1
Here’s your other favorite. This horse will do well in the Derby – top 3 finisher for sure. Churchill Downs is his home track and the dirt track here is his jam. His last race was on a different kind of dirt and he placed, the last time he came from a different kind of dirt (they call it Polytrack) to regular dirt – he flipped the fuck out and scorched all the other horses with a gigantic finish lead. Only raced twice this year so far but both were badass. In the 7 spot, watch for this dude to keep with the leaders for most of the race and then scorch it at the end. I like his style more than I like Curlin – so even though he’s just behind Curlin in odds – watch him to strong arm a ho and come out with a cloak of roses!

Track Odds (Friday): 15-1 (watch this to drop tomorrow)
You are now entering a spin zone. Another top 3 finisher for me. LONG time off at 6 weeks currently, so he’ll be prime ass prime for a good race. I think his trainers did this purposefully b/c the question mark his whole life has been distance – with the extra time off, a mile and a quarter is nothing for this dude. This week’s training has been superb as well so all the moons are aligning for yo’ ass to get HARD SPUN! Picking this dude at your Derby party will make everyone think you know what you’re talking about until he comes in 9th and you look like a dumbass.

Track Odds (Friday): 30-1
Liquid shitidity. Don’t waste your time with this horse. Out of his league big time. If he does run well through the first half of the race, which he always does, he’ll get tired around turn three and poof he’ll drop all the way back to the bottom of the pack. He always fades. This was his season to bulk up and win some after a disappointing 2006 but he just hasn’t done shiz in 3 races. He’s below the 15 spot.

10. TEUFLESBERG ***pictured***
Track Odds (Friday): 30-1
Way better horse than his odds. He is the true definition of a WORK HORSE. He raced 11 times last year, which is insane and won 3. Already one more money this year than he did all of last year and should do decent here in the Derby. Watch him to be middle to front of the pack the whole race. Don’t think he has the afterburners to flip on around the last turn, so he’ll pull in somewhere around 9 or 10. On certain days though, he’s fast as shit – so don’t be surprised if he gets a good jump out the gate to do damn well.

The Perfect Mint Julep

1 liter Maker’s Mark
Lots of fresh spearmint leaves
1 cup distilled water
1 cup granulated sugar
Powdered sugar for garnish
Mint sprigs for garnish

1. To prepare the mint extract, remove about 40 small mint leaves – wash and place in a small mixing bowl. Cover with 3 ounces of Maker’s Mark. Allow the leaves to soak for 15 minutes. Then gather the leaves in a clean, soap-free piece of cotton cloth and vigorously wring the mint bundle over the bowl of whisky. Dip the bundle again and repeat the process several times. Then set aside.

2. To prepare the simple syrup, mix 1 cup of granulated sugar and one cup of water in a cooking pot. Heat to dissolve the sugar. Stir constantly so the sugar does not burn. Set aside to cool.

3. To prepare the mint julep mixture, pour 3 1/2 cups of Maker’s Mark into a large glass bowl or glass pitcher. (Pour the remaining whisky from the liter bottle into another container and save it for another purpose). Add 1 cup of the simple syrup to the Maker’s Mark.

4. Now, begin adding the mint extract 1 tablespoon at a time to the julep mixture. Each batch of mint extract is different, so you must taste and smell after each tablespoon is added. You may have to leave the room a time or two to clear your nose. The tendency is to use too much mint. You are looking for a soft mint aroma and taste – generally about 3 tablespoons.

5. When you think it’s right, pour the whole mixture back into the empty liter bottle and refrigerate it for at least 24 hours to marry the flavors

6. To serve the mint julep, fill each glass (preferably a silver mint julep cup) half full with shaved ice. Insert a sprig of mint and then pack in more ice to about an inch over the top of the cup. Then, insert a straw that has been cut to one inch above the top of the cup so the nose is forced close to the mint when sipping the julep.

7. When frost forms on the cup, pour the refrigerated julep mixture over the ice and add a sprinkle of powdered sugar to the top of the ice. Makes 26-30 servings.
Thursday, May 03, 2007
  Secret Spoon show

Its going down Sunday evening in the A. Email me if you want tickets (egarstin@gmail.com) I've got a ton. Shit should be on point
  Kentucky Derby Horses 11-20


I thought I’d give my 2 cents on the horses in this year’s derby to make Saturday fun for everyone. Basically in a nutshell, this is going to be the best Kentucky Derby of the last 20 years easily. First off you have a 20 horse field. HUGE. Secondly, of those 20 – more than HALF of them are legit contenders. That is truly amazing to say. You have 2 strong ass favorites but the horses right behind them in the second tier are MONSTERS. Saturday is going to be fun as shit to watch, seriously. I know you’re going to have other important things to do on Saturday like wear your sombrero down to taco bell and eat a chalupa, but trust me if there was one Kentucky Derby you don’t want to miss…its this one.

Here are some thoughts on the horses who drew slots 11-20. (Means they start the firthest from the rail, on the outside) The rest are tomorrow.

Track Odds (Thursday): 50-1
Backed into the derby b/c there weren’t any better horses to run. Raced 3 times this year won two of them but the wins were small races. Last race was the Santa Anita derby where he didn’t contend. Usually shoots out the gate very fast then loses power before the midpoint.

Track Odds (Thursday): 8-1
This is the golden child in horse racing right now. “The One”. Imagine Tiger Woods when he was at Stanford. People think he is legitimately a good shot for a triple crown some day, but times a wastin’. As good as he is, his trainers are saying he still hasn’t shown his fastest times on race day yet. Which is scary. Won twice already this year in some good races and is strong to fight off contenders down the stretch. Lost to Scat Daddy in March in the Fountain of Youth – a good watermark race. This could be his stepping stone into history, for realz.

13. Sam P.
Track Odds (Thursday): 20-1
You gotta like this horse, he hangs back chillin’ and then strikes like a beast around the last turn. Hasn’t raced great this year – 3 races: 1 place, 1 show but the reports back from his last race in the Santa Anita Derby was that the jockey didn’t know what he was doing and tried to push him early, which is a mistake with this horse. Not as strong as the other horses but if he can stay with the pack and get in a good position to jump late, it could be interesting. Probably a top ten horse.

Track Odds (Thursday): 10-1
This is my boy. Extremely smart horse, doesn’t waste energy and ALWAYS shows up on race day. Two big wins this year and a show for a bunch of money. The thing I like about him is he has decent odds yet he is kinda forgotten in this field. One of the best trainers in Todd Peltcher and is being ridden by last years winner (and Barbaro rider) Edgar Prado. Has 5 weeks of rest (same as Barbaro last year) and should be prime for a blazing win. I like this horse A LOT.

Track Odds (Thursday): 15-1
Former Derby winner Giacomo’s half brother. Good blood to say the least about him. Usually starts really slow so don’t freak if he drops back early. Picks up speed and strength over the course of the race. He was a surprise winner at the Santa Anita Derby and people are calling it a fluke plus another DQ win this year. Don’t see him showing.

Track Odds (Thursday): 8-1
One of the short list favorites. He has been bounced around from trainer to trainer in the last year but still a strong horse. Won his last race at the Louisiana Derby, BUT (and that’s a major but) that was over 8 weeks ago. That’s a long time off for a horse to not be competitive. Smart and mobile horse he can navigate well through a crowd, and in a 20 horse field – that’s really important. You will be able to tell early on if this is his race. He must look strong off the first turn. People say when you see him race YOU KNOW if he is going to win that day, so watch early. He just looks confident.

Track Odds (Thursday): 30-1
Rough year so far for this horse. He raced twice in Florida in March and that is a lot for a horse with travel and expenditure. Almost won the Fountain of Youth but ran out of gas late. Seems to be his calling card. A good jockey would hold him back through the middle of the race and keep the reserves in the tank. Not close.

Track Odds (Thursday): 12-1
Good sleeper horse. REALLY good sleeper horse. He, like NOBIZ was expected to have a killer 2007, and it hasn’t been bad – in 3 starts: 1 win, 1 place, 1 show. But when you’re expected to come home with a 12 person hot tub and only show up with a 3, I guess the party guests get cranky. Tends to get bumped to the outside in turns, which means he is running more. However the horse is strong as hell and can keep his head in a crowd. Fought back 4 and 5 wide finishes this year. Check on him around turn 3, if he’s in the top 6, he’ll finish in the top 3.

Track Odds (Thursday): 20-1
Dangerous horse mainly because he hasn’t run extremely well on dirt tracks BUT has done EXTREMELY well on other types of tracks. So people don’t know which horse will show up Saturday. If this dude gets on it though – watch the fuck out, he could take the bitch. Way out in the 19th spot is tough because he’ll have to push it to get a good position around turn one, but in previous races when he runs fast early – he usually rests up mid – and is firing on all cylinders at the end. I think it all depends where he is around turn one. That will tell his race. Potential for a top 5 finish if he get a good jump out the gate.

20. GREAT HUNTER **pictured**
Track Odds (Thursday): 15-1
I really like this horse a lot but I don’t think he can win at the 20 spot. That’s a lot of ground to make up before the first turn, which I know is cliché to say but this horse is of average strength. He fucking flies out of the gate – ALWAYS - but I think he’ll use so much energy to make up for his positioning. His last race was terrible in the Bluegrass Stakes where he fell apart. This may cause him to want to get back in good graces on Saturday tho. Sucks cause I think this horse could have done well if he drew in the top 10 slots. Probably come in the top 7.

Reviews of the horses in slots 1-10 tomorrow.
  The Sea & Cake....[kentucky jams]

The Sea & Cake - "Exact To Me"
The Sea & Cake - "Crossing Line"

For some reason I relate The Sea & Cake with Kentucky. Thus the posting before this weekend's derby. Doesnt make much sense considering they are from Chicago, but the first time I ever heard S&C was at school at UK. My bro Nathan turned me on to them, and at first I didnt really give a wooden shit. Moved to Athens, someone gave me a copy of The Biz which I promptly gave to Dark. A few months later I reheard them at WUOG and took back the copy of The Biz from Dark. One of our only fights while living in the dorm (we made up by watching Sweet November together on housing cable). Now the Sea and Cake are one of my favorite bands. My wife's too. Can't really explain why, but I really feel like if you listen to their music it takes you to a certain place and time and that is big for me. Its the most comfortable music that has ever been written. I once sat on the beach and listened to 4 S&C albums in a row as the sun was setting and it was one of the best days ever. I listen to them and it brings me back to the good times and friends I had in Kentucky.

They have a new record called Everybody coming out on Tuesday. Early reports are coming back that this is their finest to date. S&C purists will call bullshit, but the tracks i've heard are really mindblowing. Most people's complaints with the S&C are that its boring and that every record sounds the same, but what those people just dont find is the groove behind each one of their jams and the breezy abandon to life's troubles. Fuck The Stress, Jam To This. The first song here shows the boogie, the second locks your brain in for a comfort jam. Amazing shit. Throw these songs on about 4:30 on Saturday and sip a cool one before the horses stomp the yard. You'll thank me Monday.
Wednesday, May 02, 2007
  Kentucky Derby Post Draw

Watch it live here at 5:00! Great field this year. Full 20 horses, damn.

01/01/2004 - 02/01/2004 / 02/01/2004 - 03/01/2004 / 03/01/2004 - 04/01/2004 / 04/01/2004 - 05/01/2004 / 05/01/2004 - 06/01/2004 / 06/01/2004 - 07/01/2004 / 07/01/2004 - 08/01/2004 / 08/01/2004 - 09/01/2004 / 09/01/2004 - 10/01/2004 / 10/01/2004 - 11/01/2004 / 11/01/2004 - 12/01/2004 / 12/01/2004 - 01/01/2005 / 01/01/2005 - 02/01/2005 / 02/01/2005 - 03/01/2005 / 03/01/2005 - 04/01/2005 / 04/01/2005 - 05/01/2005 / 05/01/2005 - 06/01/2005 / 06/01/2005 - 07/01/2005 / 07/01/2005 - 08/01/2005 / 08/01/2005 - 09/01/2005 / 09/01/2005 - 10/01/2005 / 10/01/2005 - 11/01/2005 / 11/01/2005 - 12/01/2005 / 12/01/2005 - 01/01/2006 / 01/01/2006 - 02/01/2006 / 02/01/2006 - 03/01/2006 / 03/01/2006 - 04/01/2006 / 04/01/2006 - 05/01/2006 / 05/01/2006 - 06/01/2006 / 06/01/2006 - 07/01/2006 / 07/01/2006 - 08/01/2006 / 08/01/2006 - 09/01/2006 / 09/01/2006 - 10/01/2006 / 10/01/2006 - 11/01/2006 / 11/01/2006 - 12/01/2006 / 12/01/2006 - 01/01/2007 / 01/01/2007 - 02/01/2007 / 02/01/2007 - 03/01/2007 / 03/01/2007 - 04/01/2007 / 04/01/2007 - 05/01/2007 / 05/01/2007 - 06/01/2007 / 06/01/2007 - 07/01/2007 / 07/01/2007 - 08/01/2007 / 08/01/2007 - 09/01/2007 / 09/01/2007 - 10/01/2007 / 10/01/2007 - 11/01/2007 / 11/01/2007 - 12/01/2007 / 12/01/2007 - 01/01/2008 / 01/01/2008 - 02/01/2008 / 02/01/2008 - 03/01/2008 / 03/01/2008 - 04/01/2008 / 04/01/2008 - 05/01/2008 / 05/01/2008 - 06/01/2008 / 06/01/2008 - 07/01/2008 / 07/01/2008 - 08/01/2008 / 08/01/2008 - 09/01/2008 / 09/01/2008 - 10/01/2008 / 10/01/2008 - 11/01/2008 / 11/01/2008 - 12/01/2008 / 12/01/2008 - 01/01/2009 / 01/01/2009 - 02/01/2009 / 02/01/2009 - 03/01/2009 / 03/01/2009 - 04/01/2009 / 04/01/2009 - 05/01/2009 / 05/01/2009 - 06/01/2009 / 06/01/2009 - 07/01/2009 / 07/01/2009 - 08/01/2009 / 08/01/2009 - 09/01/2009 / 09/01/2009 - 10/01/2009 / 10/01/2009 - 11/01/2009 / 11/01/2009 - 12/01/2009 / 12/01/2009 - 01/01/2010 / 01/01/2010 - 02/01/2010 / 02/01/2010 - 03/01/2010 / 03/01/2010 - 04/01/2010 / 04/01/2010 - 05/01/2010 / 05/01/2010 - 06/01/2010 / 06/01/2010 - 07/01/2010 / 07/01/2010 - 08/01/2010 / 08/01/2010 - 09/01/2010 / 09/01/2010 - 10/01/2010 / 10/01/2010 - 11/01/2010 / 11/01/2010 - 12/01/2010 / 12/01/2010 - 01/01/2011 / 01/01/2011 - 02/01/2011 / 02/01/2011 - 03/01/2011 / 03/01/2011 - 04/01/2011 / 04/01/2011 - 05/01/2011 / 05/01/2011 - 06/01/2011 / 06/01/2011 - 07/01/2011 / 07/01/2011 - 08/01/2011 / 08/01/2011 - 09/01/2011 / 09/01/2011 - 10/01/2011 / 12/01/2011 - 01/01/2012 / 01/01/2012 - 02/01/2012 / 02/01/2012 - 03/01/2012 / 02/01/2013 - 03/01/2013 / 12/01/2013 - 01/01/2014 /

Elliott is on AM 1690 the Voice of the Arts on Monday nights from 7-9PM for Radio Undefined
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Dark doesn't want to own her, but he can't let her have it both ways.

Cocaine Bref is proud of his island heritage & will riff with you.

Elliott is sufficiently breakfast.
PS3 ID: ATLbloodfeast

Crog works in the bullshit industry in Hollywood. He was born on May 7th, 1978.

Jerkwater Johnson (friend to CT Jake Motherfucker) lives in San Francisco. He likes snacking, and the Mets, and is the proprietor of a bar called Duck Camp.

some twitter things:
je suis france
still flyin'
reports (a band with dark in it)

some weblogs:
unrealized scripts
hillary brown
garrett martin
old man crews
microzaps kindercore
talking radio towers
corp. hq of the san antonio gunslingers
overundulating fever
big gray
unwelcome return
day jobs
maybe it's just me
captain scurvy
movies stella has not seen

je suis france
still flyin'


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