Friday, August 29, 2008

Fuck all the serious business, this weekend is going to be the jam! This video started it all off, Alan Corey introduced SA and MOOK and shortly after they filmed this. The rest is JAMSTORY!

Saturday - Dawgs...Friends...Pool...Still Flyin...Elf Power
Sunday - Wedding...jam...jam...wedding band (really still flyin)...van cab to afterparty...flip & brah
Monday - get gus to the airport.

  You know, John McCain likes to say that he'll follow bin Laden to the gates of Hell, but he won't even follow him to the cave where he lives.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

man tears.
  The speech of our lifetime?

Can't wait to see this tonight (after DJ Shockley secures that position, of course).

Will this be the "I Have a Dream" or "Ask Not What Your County Can Do" speech of our lifetime?

HOPE so.
Wednesday, August 27, 2008
  2 Stereolab Shows Up At The Extension!!

YOU WERE THERE!!!! (maybe)
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What is right off stage here was ian and ice mixin them dranks for the thirsty performers. I had 4 different drinks during that one song. Including a gulp of straight bourbon which i thought was laced with ginger during flip's verse. Bout put me on my ass! awes lookin vid hillz!
  Indy Robin Hood

*remember download at your own risk!
Monday, August 25, 2008
  F'N Awesome Weekend!

(Pictured: The incredible STONEHENGE CAKE L got for my bday! Its kind of melting in this pic, i have a bunch more i need to post).

Wow, what a doosey of a weekend jam.
Started out with Will Burchard and his wife Danielle coming in town around 7ish. So rad that they came down from Kentucky for the weekend. Been a long ass time since we have seen them and had good quality hang time. Had a drink at the house after they met Ozzy and we headed out to the Taco Stand to meet folks. We were going there specifically to watch the Falcons game which got bumped to a 10pm tape delay because the preseason game wasnt sold out. Sucks, but still had a good time. The 4 of us met Ice, SM, Thorn, Kristen, Rijo, Gus, Big B, and his girlfriend Katie for a (long) dinner and several pitchers. Took it from there up the street to this Fratty bar called Kramers which has a great back room with MASTA CYLINDAZ, Beer Pong, and a killer Juke Box. WE JAMMMMMMMMMMMED IT TO THE BONE! Got my ass kicked in Beer Pong, but still had a blast. Steely D blowed up in the spot. Also my sister came out and jammed as well. Was a fun and krunkly time. Last thing i CLEARLY remember was having a photo sesh with Burch in the standalone digital bathroom on Roswell Rd after getting a monster bag of toffee cookies from my sis. WOW!

Woke up hung OVER at 9:15 after Flip called me. Walked around for a while not fully knowing what i was doing. Thank God i organized all my ExcaliBrah shit the night before, otherwise i would have been shit out of luck because i was scattered to say the least. Ice and Thorn crawled to my place and we left for ATH. Got there - picked up the wangs - picked up the ExcaliBrah shirts from Nick Canada (*which btw if you want one - i have new ones in red w gold ink and black with gold ink - they look great - let me know). Got to the draft about 10 minutes late, but Zieg wasnt too mad. The draft was fun and now 2 days out from it I feel ok about my team. Saturday i wasnt feeling it, but now I know where i need work and can address that but overall i still have the best backfield in Footbizzle and that goes a long way. I think on a whole though the entire league has about the same team, so it should be a fun season. Finished the draft and took it to the Flicker bar to set up. First time playing there, and MIGHT be the last time we play there. They harshed us a few times, enough so to not feel them anymore. During sound check, we had a hard time getting the shitty PA to sound good so we ran through several songs on the ipod just to see how they sounded. The bartender came in and told us to stop. Then we went to get some "props" for the show - a 12er of coors lt, a 6er of Chill, a bottle of makers, and some sparks and she harshed us coming in with that. Which i understand but we explained that it was for us and we werent serving to our friends (which we didnt) - it was all part of the show. DRANK SIPPAZ! The show started with an intro from Andy and his cermonial putting on of the head gear, then Rob came out and did a hilarious routine as the "REAL FLIP SCOLDJAH". That was hilarious. Then Zieg stepped up and gave the REAL LIFE DRAFT GRADES which was a huge hit. Not everyone there knew what he was talking about but all the Footbizzlers there were laughing their asses off. FLIP and BRAH came next and it was a fucking hands down blast. We lost some of the crowd b/c we played a decently long set full of injokes, but shit - it was so fun to do. Opened with Ice as "Anderson Cooper" doing the coverage of the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. Countries: Puppy Planet, Afghaniland, Puppy Land. Flags looked awesome as hell - openening event = DRANK SIPPIN! Had other hilarious skits with Hillary and Jared renewing their vows and taking the proceeds of the show to pay for the dread hat in Kum's Fashion (for the childrens). Will jumped in on one of the new jams and played the guitar solo as an amaszing Buckethead and slayed minds (at least mine, flip, ian, and ice's). Played 4 new ones (i think) and closed with Wings and Aint Nuthin But a Bizzle Thang. It was a jaaaaaam in all its ragged running around too much to think about glory. Right after we're over we put jon's "party mix" on the ipod - LOW in volume just to have something on while people were BUYING DRINKS FROM FLICKER and hanging. Jon and I look in the cooler and we have 2 coors lights sitting there so we each crack one and cheers a good show. One second later the bartender comes in and tells us to turn off the music (which was fucking so quiet) and that we couldnt have our own beer in there. FUCK THAT. Harshed. we packed the fuck up and got the fuck out of there. Flicker that was a harsh, bro. Packed it up and took it to Flip's place and had a few more beers there and called it a night. After 6 hours of sleep the night before and a day choc full of intensity i was beat.

SUNDAY: Had the world's longest brunch (2.5 HOURS!) at Mama's Boy - food was good but service was shitty. They ended up taking 1/2 our bill off which was cool, but damn - i think it got knixed from a few people's permanent list. Said goodbye to Will and Danielle - so fucking happy they came! Picked up Oz, hung with my parents, cooked dinner, went to bed. Worn the fuck out.

Awesome way to usher in 31 though. That and my KNOWSHON BLACKOUT JERSEY!!! BOOYEAAHHHH!H!!!!
Saturday, August 23, 2008
  im hungover as fuck

and now i need to godraft randal cunningham.
Friday, August 22, 2008
  weekly radio reminder...

Today's Mesmerization Eclipse (3 to 5 pm on WZBC 90.3 FM) will be the last show for a few weeks. A wedding and a ridiculous sports vacation will be tying up my next few Fridays. And hell, after that the fall schedule will be in effect, so no idea if I'll even still have a show, much less one on Fridays.
Thursday, August 21, 2008
  Oneida slayed..thats about it.

Ok recap of last night. we get there at like 10:10 (we thought the show started at 10) and JAH DIVISION was fucking over! We were pissed, but we talked to a few people who all said we didnt miss anything. Apparently it was one dude jamming a sitar through effects pedals and Kid was not jamming with him. Dirty Faces were next and we're pretty jammin. They were like low down punk music, not punk like punk, but punk like that punkass kid who wrecked your bike in middle school - his band. They played a song called "Beyonder" which was awesome as shit. We ran into fat bobby, kid, and jane before they went on briefly. I asked kid why they weren't headlining and he said it was news to them when they got there. Their tour manager had told them they were headliners. He also went on to say the DMeat dudes were a bunch of prima donna pricks. Which, coming from Kid (one of the nicest dude of all time) is saying a lot. Anyways, the big O got up and immediately the Unicorn was fucking jamm packed. They locked in and the groove was deep. Jane introduced the first song by telling the sound dude that "this one gets a little spacey so stick with us". Then they dove head first into their new album Preteen Weaponry, which they played in its entirety. The record version is longer but they jammed a good 35 minute version last night. It was fucking ass whippin bad ass. Bobby was fucking thrashing so hard his glasses flew off his face and then he stood up and grabbed this metal lookin bass and filleted some beef riffs. 2 extra dudes with them added to the intensity majorly. The extra synth dude ("snaps") just basically locked in one riff for most of each part of the 3 parts of the song. What blew my mind was how everyone in the venue (other than 2 of the DMeat horn douchbags talking shit about kid during the set) was completely locked in with them. No one moved, all mastering the sound. They finished that and they were kind enough to jam the song I asked Jane if they would play - If I Die. Fucking mega melter. The beginning is this 70s classic rock sounding tasty bro riff and then the end mellows out into this killer pretty trance. They extended it a bit and eased us into a buzz. They closed with a new one which they described as "this one is on our new record two records from now - it comes out in 2009." Then they cranked out a new JAAAAMM! One of those ones you know instantly is going to be a hit. Kinda like how you felt after you heard "Up With People" - erect. Anyways another bender of a show for these dudes - 48 minutes - 3 songs. So bad ass. Perfect way to usher in the year of 31. (Wish L could have been there with me, but I laughed with her when i got home saying she would have hated it!)

I could now go into a long whine bitch sesh about DMeat, but they harshed me enough last night that I dont want to relive that shit. I will say this their first song was pretty good, they locked in and it was loud and the arrangement was surprisingly awesome. I was prepared to eat my words, then the second song started. We watched like 4 songs and they were all the same damn shit biscuit served up time after time on an organic pita. Ice and I came up with the perfect description - they are the anti-still flyin. Where Still Flyin makes you want to live your life to the fucking maximum effect. DM makes you want to fucking shit in your hand and cry (while youre on a bad acid trip). Typically that would be cool to me, but not with them. Also one of the dudes in the band used to live in my neighborhood when i was growing up. He was a cool older bro of a guy i was friends with, regular dude. Now he's just this swollen addict looking dude who was so fucked out of his mind that he was yelling (slurring, falling down and drooling) at the sound guy for not having his horn up in the mix enough. For fucks sake there were 17 people on stage. It was sad. My description of the headliner: Major harsh and the shit pipes.

Oh yeah, DHunter dude was there too - he made it a point to wait until about 1 second before Oneida started then walked up through the crowd on the right side of the stage then walk across the front of the stage so everyone was sure to see him. it was pretty damn funny.

Today is that guy's day. Wish him well. After 31 years on the force he deserves a little bit of recognition.
Wednesday, August 20, 2008
  "Stuntin' is a habit"

This song is growing on me.
  one thing in the Dig this week...

... a review of the first trade paperback collection of the surprisingly good comic book The Umbrella Academy, by Gabriel (Casanova) Ba and Gerard (My Chemical Romance) Way.

Oneida & Jah Division at the Drunken Unicorn!! On the eve of my bday, thats what i call a jam.

The only harsh is that fucking Dark Meat are HEADLINING the show. That makes no fucking sense to me, at all. I dont even know if they draw in Atlanta, much less can even stand in the same ballpark as Oneida. My only thought is that Oneida very well could be playing one song for their entire set tonight, so they wanted an opening slot? Thats about the only reason, cause jesus Dark Meat at best are shitty ragged junky blues. Emphasis on BOMBASTIC SHITTY. On the other hand Oneida's tighter than Steely Dan's asshole.

Looking forward to sharing brews with kid, bobby, and jane tonight and finally getting a chance to see Jah Divison. I cant wait to ask kid about 88BorDrum.
  these funny movies I have seen

Quick notes on some movies I've seen lately.

1.Step Brothers: Maybe a step down from Talladega Nights and Anchorman. Maybe. It's still great, no question, but swear words aren't always inherently funny, and there are a ton more of them in this movie than in those two. Most of the vulgarity was unnecessary, and felt like lazy safety nets during improvisation, or something. Other than that, though, the movie is hilarious, and if you liked those two mentioned above I'm sure you'll like this one. The world would be a better place if Ferrell, Reilly, and Adam McKay had a new movie out every two years.

2. Pineapple Express: I need to see this again, to better evaluate whether it really is the second-best movie I've seen this summer. It's definitely the funniest. It's also maybe David Gordon Green's best movie. Yeah, okay, we're hard-core fans of Seth Rogen and most things related to Freaks and Geeks, but that doesn't mean I'm overrating this one. Like the best of the so-called "Apatow movies", PE has more heart and character than most mainstream comedies. Rogen is funny as usual, but pretty thoroughly eclipsed by James Franco, who does his best acting since that James Dean movie, despite it being the least dramatic role he's taken since then. One reason these movies are better than most similar comedies is because they put more effort into developing the supporting characters. They're usually more fleshed out and humanized than your typical best friend / co-worker roles, are rarely cliches or stereotypes, and that remains true with Pineapple Express's three primary supporting characters, played by Danny McBride, Kevin Corrigan, and Craig Robinson (two notable Apatow-related exception: Romany Malco's sex-crazed black man in 40 Year Old Virgin, and pretty much every supporting character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall). All three are pretty damn great, but especially McBride, as Franco's blissfully idiotic drug-dealer. Anyway, I'm rambling here. The movie's an intentional homage to / parody of '80's-style action-comedies, and they maintain the balance pretty favorably on the comedic side, until a climactic showdown that maybe veers too far into Steven Seagal territory. That's probably my biggest complaint, that by the end the film became a little too faithful with its genre conventions. The final scene, though, makes up for it, and is the most purely enjoyable bit of film I've seen this year. Oh, still won't disavow folks of any notions of misogyny, though.

3. Tropic Thunder: A pretty funny movie undermined by two things: 1. being released so hot on the heels of the two movies above; and 2. having almost all its funniest parts spoiled by the trailers. Between the teaser trailer, the full-length one that's been running for months, tv commecials, and the redband trailer that ran before PE, I'd already seen all the best parts of Tropic Thunder. And the Tom Cruise scenes, which they pointedly haven't shown in advertisements, were still so hyped up by the press that I almost felt kind of disappointed by 'em. Downey's the best thing about the movie, but, surprisingly for a cast with Steve Coogan and Jack Black and Matthew McConaughey, Jay Baruchel gives probably the second most enjoyable performace, as the only level-headed, competent actor in the cast. Danny McBride is also funny, again, but totally might be a one-trick dude. Anyway, it's funny, and worth seeing, but not a great movie.
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
  Great Live Bootleg Site

I dare you to go there and type in Steely Dan. FUCK!

SA, it has the bootleg of the show we missed on your bach zap.
Monday, August 18, 2008
  Hands DOWN the craziest episode of INTERVENTION yet!!!

I think it re-airs tonight at 8 on A&E. Holy shit. I was telling Ice about this yesterday, Laura and I watched it this weekend and felt so fucking weird - a) we were laughing our asses off because of the trainwreck and b) we've never seen anything like this shit.


(this girl is a fucking bag of CRAAAAAZZZZYYY!!!)

EVERYONE! Run with your fingers over to the Mez Eclipse Extension and download our new MEZM2 mix. The most improved mix yet!

Continuing to let the jams run free!

Let us know what you think of it.

We got the olympics!
Friday, August 15, 2008
  Coming Monday...

The MEZ Extension COMES ALIVE!!!
  radio shit

Yes, Mesmerization Eclipse is on WZBC 90.3 FM from 3 to 5 pm this afternoon. Forgot to mention this last week, but it's still happening. Yes!

Also, here's last week's playlist. Ran long, from 3 to 6. Good times.

Captain Beyond “Distant Sun” from Sufficiently Breathless
Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks “Real Emotional Trash” from Real Emotional Trash
Ofo the Black Company “Eniaro” from Nigeria Rock Special Compilation
Vivian Girls “Damaged” from woodsist 7"
Skip Spence “Grey / Afro” from Oar
Guided by Voices “Club Molluska” from same place the fly got smashed
Leper Print “Dead Flowers” from s/t 7"
Deep Purple “Spacetruckin'” from In Concert 1970-1972
Oneida “Cold Rain & Snow” from Heads Ain't Ready 7"
Home Blitz “Thin Ice” from The World's Lousy With Ideas Vol 1 7" comp
Harmonia “Veteranissimo” from Live 1974
Oakley Hall “Volume Rambler” from Second Guessing
Lesbian Afternoon “Three Owls Teahaus” from Tree Owls Teahaus b/w Pass the Joint 7"
Psychedelic Horseshit “All Together Now” from Summertime Suicide 7"
Monoshock “Separate Beds” from Walk to the Fire
Naked on The Vague “Lonely Boys” from Blood Pressure Sessions
Univers Zero “Malaise” from Univers Zero
Orphans & Vandals “Mysterious Skin” mp3
Les Rallizes Denudes “Enter the Mirror” from le 12 mars 1977 a Tachikawa
Nice Face “Thing In My Head” from Thing in My Head b/w Hidden Automatic 7"
Avarus “Horuksen Oikean Silman Mysteerikoulu” from Ruskeatimantti
Thursday, August 14, 2008
  The man.

Amazing article on our boy in ESPN THE MAG. (Zieg probably wont like reading it tho - it talks bad about the gators)
Wednesday, August 13, 2008
  How the fuck can you eat this much??

From the New York post:

Phelps' diet - which involves ingesting 4,000 calories every time he sits down for a meal - resembles that of a reckless overeater rather than an Olympian. Phelps lends a new spin to the phrase "Breakfast of Champions" by starting off his day by eating three fried-egg sandwiches loaded with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayonnaise. He follows that up with two cups of coffee, a five-egg omelet, a bowl of grits, three slices of French toast topped with powdered sugar and three chocolate-chip pancakes

At lunch, Phelps gobbles up a pound of enriched pasta and two large ham and cheese sandwiches slathered with mayo on white bread - capping off the meal by chugging about 1,000 calories worth of energy drinks

For dinner, Phelps really loads up on the carbs - what he needs to give him plenty of energy for his five-hours-a-day, six-days-a-week regimen - with a pound of pasta and an entire pizza. He washes all that down with another 1,000 calories worth of energy drinks.

  one review this week

In the Flagpole: my review of Oneida's new album Preteen Weaponry.
Monday, August 11, 2008
  Ya mind ain't ready...

Sunday, August 10, 2008
  I saw Nirvana on 11/29/1993

Here was the setlist (coulda swore they opened with Very Ape)(Pic from the actual show!):

Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Drain You
Serve The Servants
About A Girl
Heart-Shaped Box
In Bloom
Come As You Are
Pennyroyal Tea
Milk It
Rape Me
Territorial Pissings
Smells Like Teen Spirit
All Apologies
On A Plain
Scentless Apprentice
(set destruction)
Saturday, August 09, 2008
  Daft Punk is playin on my DVD player

Just saw the Daft Punk move Electroma....pretty amazing stuff. No dialogue, none of their music, just robots drivin' and walking through the desert. Like a weird combination of Gus Van Sant's Gerry, the fucked up end part of 2001 and an Aphex Twin video. 

Thumbs waaay up, but some folks might find it a bit boring. It's pretty slow, but has sick cinematography and a wicked 1987 Ferrari 412. The music is excellent as well...choice cuts from Todd Rundgren, Brian Eno, Sebastian Tellier and Curt Mayfield

Has anyone else seen this yet? I think it just came out on DVD
  RIP, playa...

Damn. This sucks.

A truly hilarious dude.
Proof. (NSFW)
Friday, August 08, 2008

God knows I'm not into fucking political statements by any means, but this just feels weird to me.

You dont need to hear it from my dumb ass, so if you are interested in Tibet, you can read some stuff here, here, here, here, and here.

Thursday, August 07, 2008
  exciting show

Deerhunter, Times New Viking, and the Vivian Girls are all playing the Paradise in Boston on November 11th. That's kind of amazing.
  Complete Fucking Amazement...

Recorded Version Here

I forgot how fucking rad '98 was.
  Carbon Whales

Who are the Carbon Whales? Pop Zeus speculates. Really its a fake Pollard band. I had read reports online that this was one of the better things he had recorded as of late so i bought the web only ep last week. Got it yesterday and have listened to it about 4 times already. Only 4 songs long, but damn - its pretty fucking good.

The story from Rockathon: "The Carbon Whales are an obscure band from the late 70s that actor Paddy Considine turned Bob on to. The 4 songs on this EP are apparently the only things they ever recorded. It was never released. Bob really loved it so we tracked the band down and asked if we could release it. The singer sounds EXACTLY like Bob."

It is Bob, with 2 other dudes. One of which I think is Jim Macpherson, because the drumming is really fucking good and tight like his style. The description Rockathon gives makes sense b/c it sounds like Bob channeling some of his early days. The vocals are all over the place, he may be drunk on multiple songs, but the music is excellent - really tight and well recorded (in a studio not 4 track) some of the guitar work sounds like Gillard (but i doubt it). You can download a song from either of those links if you want to listen. Good shit.

Looking forward to that Boston Spaceships record.
Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Quit your fucking job, catch the matinée.
  Dude, bro...just fuckin' sign! C'maaannnn!

  Old Neighborhood Friend - Now Major ATL Chef - Has Article In New Atlantan Mag

Atlantan Article W/ Pic
(When the website comes up, click the tab on the right that says "cover", scroll down and select page 136 - IBC).

Steve Sharp, Walton Grad and former Providence Corners jammer is bonified, son!!! He's the head chef at FAB. Cool article. Dude is a wiz in the kitchen, hard ass worker too. He's been busting his ass the past several years and his talent and hard work are finally paying off. Good on ya!

  more stuff written by me

A few things in the Flagpole this week: the second Singularity column, covering that Jay Reatard / Deerhunter split and singles from Zola Jesus, Sic Alps, and Pink Reason; and a review of the kinda boring new Beck cd.
  Things I like about the Atlanta Falcons right now...

1. No distractions in camp. This is the first training camp in quite some time where the Falcons can actually get down to work with out some media circus popping up every fuckin day. The team is focused as hell and bawlin.

2. Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff. These dudes "picked up the pieces" (they love that jam) after what can be argued as the worst season in Falcons history. They (along with Blank) assembled a STELLAR coaching staff (including our former UGA dawg - VanGorder at defensive coordinator) who seem to be in it for the long run rebuild. They arent cutting corners - they have the team focused on playing solid and unselfish football.

3. Thomas Brown is running hard, SON! Reports from camp say that he is one of the standouts of the new batch of rookies. Running really well, jamming jukes, stops/starts, cuts, and getting good looks and yardage. Dimitroff said he is playing so well he has almost cemented a spot on special teams along with 3rd string RB!

4. Tony Taylor at middle linebacker. His size has me a little worried, but Smitty says he has played so well thus far he sees him in the position all season. DAMN! That is good news for us b/c it frees up Brooking to play strong side.

5. Detroit first game. Detroit is almost as bad as Atlanta, so they gave us a fuckin chance! I think it would be really huge for this team to win its first game on the road in Detroit. Kitna is showing up shitty in camp and their running back situation is questionable at best. Lets hope Smith gets em jacked up for that game.

6. Receivers/Running. White is poised to have a damn fine season. Watch him this year, with the Falcons trailing so much, he could pick up some major yardage and TD numbers. Still a big question mark with Turner, but with Ovie creatin' those holes for he and Norwood - could be bad ass. Thunder and Lightnin' baby!

Things i'm worried about:

1. (utmost concern) DJ Shockley is probably going to get cut soon. Right now he's lining up as Atlanta's 4th QB. I heard someone on 790 last night saying that if the Falcons were smart they would see the upside of DJ vs. Redman. Why not take the chance and get him some PT? I kind of agree. Maybe thats just my love for the guy coming through and me not wanting to see a great dude get cut. Lets hope this doesnt happen.

2. Our Defense. The youngest in the NFL? Grady coming back was good, but obviously doesnt fix everything. DBs without Hall is going to be interesting to say the least.

3. O-Line. Again, young as shit. Lets hope 7 weeks in when Matt Ryan is starting his 2nd game - that line doesnt break down and Ryan doesnt break his leg.

4. Tight End Position. No Crump (not that he's been on fire the past few years) and no Milner (out for a long time with a knee injury). This week they picked up a backup, but still - this typically was a strong position for the Falcons and this may take a back burner. Lets hope they can block.

Its clear this team isnt going to go 8-8, but after hearing how solid this camp is going, I'm really excited for this rebuilding. A few years from now you will see a compltely different team. The time of the flashy ego driven Falcons is over (I hope), now its time to get down to business and maybe surprise some people.

Walk quiet in the night, bide your time...and carry that big ass stick!
Monday, August 04, 2008
  Let's fuckin jam it...

So tomorrow's my first day on the air. Had to do a little training sesh today to get ready. I'm gonna be doing the Flashback Lunch at noon, central time, so east coasters listen in a 1:00. Call up and request shit and I'll put it on the air. The show's kinda like the old 99X Retroplex and as a point of reference, today we played stuff like Husker Du, Replacements, Descendents and Bowie. And yes Dark, we can play "Grey Cell Green" if you want (again). The number is 512-836-5769. It's an all request show, so let get to work bitches.

I'm permanently posting the station info on the right, so you wont forget.
  I want this record...NOW!



  Oliver Miller Green Exists!

Just got a text from Kevin. Randi delivered just after 2:30 I think! Awesome news. OMG, best initials ever!
  still flyin's new website

have we linked to this yet? if not, here's the new Still Flyin' website. Bobby Beers done designed it. It is a hypertextual brunch.
Sunday, August 03, 2008
  RIP Skip

Friday, August 01, 2008
  radio right now

Mesmerization Eclipse on WZBC 90.3 FM, now 'til 5 pm
  Best Picture Alive! over at the france site...

  delayed reaction: the Mark Teixeira trade

Given the circumstances, this wasn't a bad trade. Casey Kotchman is a solid offensive player, an above-average defender, and will be under Braves control through 2011. First base has always been a position of flux for Atlanta, but with Kotchman it'll be as stable as it's been since the days of McGriff. Stephen Marek could make an impact in the bullpen next season, and has the potential to be the consistent closer they've lacked since Smoltz was relieving. So the Braves took the two draft picks they would've gotten when Tex signed with New York or Boston or wherever, and turned them into two promising young(-ish) players that could fill out what have historically been the team's most troubled positions. So, honestly, rationally, not a bad trade. So why do I feel so disappointed? Because I was hoping for a potential ace like Nick Adenhart or Max Scherzer? Or a young 1B with the potential to be like, well, Mark Teixeira, and not just Mark Grace? Or because when I look at the series of deals that lead to this one, LaRoche to the Pirates for Lillibridge/Gonzalez, and then the monster that landed Teixeira, I feel like the Braves are a worse team, overall? I was cautiously accepting of the Tex trade, thinking that it would be worth it if they made the playoffs or were able to resign him. Now, though, it's obvious it was a mistake. And that initially mistake makes it hard to be happy with this latest trade.
  Adios Amigo...

Right now Elliott is navimagatin' that new ass UHAUL truck straight into the heart of Texas! Glad i got to (briefly) see him off last night! We'll miss you bro, especially during Dawgs season this year. (Pep USA TODAY btw) Good luck in Austin. We'll be out to visit soon enough. SXSW next year is gonna be SIIIIIICK!!!
  new Watchmen posters

It's both awesome and maybe ridiculous how faithful Zack Snyder is trying to be with this film. They've released new character posters that are almost exact recreations of a series of ads that ran in DC comics back in the mid-'80's. It's like Snyder is beating us over the head with all these tiny details, hoping to allay any fears fans of the comic might have.

Here are a couple of comparisons. First, Ozymandias:

and here's Dr. Manhattan (sorry if blue digital butts aren't SFW):

So yeah, at this point I'm pretty confident Snyder will at least nail the look of the movie. But how will it feel? I've never really seen any of these actors at work, other than Billy Crudup and Kelley Leak (oh, and Malin Akerman in Brothers Solomon), and more than most comic book movies this one will need good performances. There's still a lot of room for failure on this one, and although I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing it now (something I couldn't have said just a month ago), I'm still not expecting a lot.
  Amazing Dream

Here is my dream from last night:

I was making my way across the US to meet Still Flyin in England to start their European tour. I had a long layover in Ohio so I called up my friends in the band Relient K (never even really heard of them!!) and they asked me to play a show with them on the Warped Tour in Cincinnati that night. So i take a cab to the show and when i get there I convince the main singer dude to add a cover to the setlist - "Regret" by New Order. They are down so we run through the number backstage and about 10 minutes before we go on stage - i say - "Hey dudes, it wouldnt be a bad idea to write out the chords on a piece of paper and lay it on the stage in case anyone gets lost". The guitar player freaks out and tries to fight me, then runs out of the backstage area and we all chase him. We go out side and the sky is neon green and there are a bunch of friendly dogs running around. With the help of the dogs, we end up finding him huddled behind an old refrigerator and convince him to come and jam. He does. We go out there and rock the shit out of the Warped Tour. Afterwards we're backstage with some brews and I wonder if the Still Flyin' shows are going to be this good.


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