Tuesday, November 30, 2004
  a goddamned fount

This was one of those random Google ads that have appeared over on our sidebar (note: please click on those; we like money).

I say we take up a collection and order that damn dvd.

Monday, November 29, 2004
  More Content Free Movie Reviews

Sideways - Awesome fucking flick. Despite being in a "heated" argument with a few friends who thought this movie blowed, I thought it was equally hilarious, dark, light, and worth all of my money - even considering it was a movie pretty much about WINE. One of my favorites this year.

The Polar Express - Pretty. Neat. To Watch. Kids Movie. Amazing animation. Digital Snow. Digital Beer.

oh yeah...

National Treasure - Needed more discussion about the Masons. Only gave 5 minutes to that topic. Decent solve 'em movie. Not quite Con-Air but good (Cage was great as usual). Sidekick kid was annoying as fuck. I also found out that my great grandfather was Grand Potentate of the Pennsylvania Masons and that my grandfather was a high degree Mason as well. Good weekend.
Wednesday, November 24, 2004
  Happy Turkey Day Everyone! (dont piss off the Aliens)

Tuesday, November 23, 2004
  Mesmerization Eclipse Mix 4

This came out of DJ back in October or so. It's a good one. Fuckin' electric.

Royal Trux, “The United States of America vs. One 1974 Cadillac El Dorado Sedan”
Starts off kind of slowly, but quickly hits an anthemic chorus that segues into some dirty psych-rock and then some out-a-site space-blues. Not much genuine freaking out, but definitely another undeniably great long-form drug-jam from the masters themselves.

Bob Pollard, “Far Out Crops”
So of course we’re all (or at least Coke and I) huge Bob Pollard marks, sopping up every last splatter of his ridiculously convoluted catalogue. “Far Out Crops” is one of the more notable hits among Bob’s non-GBV output, as they’ve played it at pretty much every show since ’99 or so. Like “Subspace Biographies”, it’s one of those Pollard tunes that I’ve known intimately without ever owning the original due to its live omnipresence. But so, although it’s not near the upper echelon, “Far Out Crops” is a damn fine tune from the dude that many of us consider to be the finest rock and roll fetishist of our generation.

Rolling Stones, “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’”
Pretty good Stones song, one you don’t hear eight times a day on the radio. That moment when, well along your development as a discerning and self-congratulating music listener, you finally realize that the Stones really were quite awesome at some point, can sort of be like thinking about your parents getting it on; they’re both fundamental realities that you must come to grips with at some point, and the younger you are when that happens, the better. But what’s amazing is that, in continuing to do this well into their sixties, the Stones have almost navigated completely through their decades-long awkward and embarrassing stage, and reemerged as something ridiculously awesome and respectable. Sure, their music has sucked since before I was born (so for almost three decades now), but they’re fucking seventy, and they still live harder than I ever could. Anyway, contrasting this with the RTX song above hammers home the comparison; the Trux were the Stones of today (or I guess yesterday) if the Stones were willfully retarded and/or completely mind-blown.

Comets on Fire, “Antlers of the Midnight Sun”
Still haven’t heard Blue Cathedral, but this song sounds as good as anything off Field Recording from the Sun. In fact, if it weren’t for the crazed saxophone and slightly more coherent vocals, this song could come directly from that album. Comets on Fire are completely over the top in all the right ways. Their dense, dizzying, psychedelic noise-rock sounds like Blue Cheer or Blue Oyster Cult if they were on Bulb Records, or something.

Ghost, “Kiseichukan”
Ghost has always been a band that I’ve respected and appreciated without ever really enjoying all that much. They’re definitely good, but for whatever reason I’ve never been inordinately enthused about them. I don’t own any of their records, and have never even considered buying one. There are three Ghost songs on this cd, and although they’re all pretty good, I still don’t feel the urge to share my money with them. This first song on here starts off pretty good, with some mechanical whistles and other electronics and some good, classic guitar chords ringing out in cyclical fashion. But then the chanting is slightly cheesy, and the singing (what has mostly bothered me about this band) is reliably awkward. But that all gives way to some awesome rhythmic crunch at the end, and between that and the good intro this song winds up being worthwhile.

Ghost, “Piper”
Twenty-two seconds of pummeling drums and spiraling synthesizer noise. Awesome.

Ghost, “Ganagmanag”
The singing’s not that annoying on this one. It might be a different vocalist, but I can’t tell. Those people all sound alike to me. But here’s some good, old-fashioned, slow-burning psych-rock, with the gauzy atmosphere and the blazing, unearthly guitar solos, and the harpsichord, and everything. If Pink Floyd weren’t horrible, they’d maybe sound like this.

!!!, “Pardon My Freedom”
Wow, this is pretty horrible. I saw these guys once, a few years back, opening for Built to Spill; they were only slightly offensively annoying. There were like eight of them, and I think five of them were just banging on drums and dancing some drunk white indie-rocker version of a belly dance, or something. They weren’t necessarily bad, they were just sort of unremarkable. But this song is quite remarkable, in that it is one of the most exceptionally awful songs I’ve heard this year.

I believe it’s the first song from their first record. Not quite sure, but it is definitely from that album, the only one I have by them. And it’s still incredible, of course.

The Roots, “The Next Movement”
Eh, it’s alright. A bit too “tasteful”, if you know what I mean. Like a lot of “conscious” rap (or whatever), it’s kind of dull. There are some good lines, and they rap it well, but the little girl “bum bum” bit in the background sounds like it should be in a Dido or Jem song, and the music itself is mostly boring. I like some of the scratching.

Phoenix, “Everything Is Everything”
Catchy song, maybe a bit too glossy, though. If you like very, very clean, upbeat, kinda dancy pop, you’d maybe go for this. Completely not my thing, though. Again, like the Roots, it’s definitely not bad, I just find it to be a bit dull. Phoenix is alright, I guess.

Acid Mothers Temple, “Cosmic Introduction”
Starts off slowly with some digital ribbots and a barely perceptible, almost supersonic hum. Three minutes or so in some delay-pedal squiggles pop up, and the hum gets amplified mutated (again, through a delay pedal) into a thick wall of noise. After another minute the typical Acid Mothers sound fades in, as some demented psych-rock overpowers the hum. They’re a bit more subdued than usual this time, sounding more like Mantra of Love than something like Electric Heavyland. They do get progressively more out there as the song moves closer to the end. A damn fine track from an almost completely predictable band.

Grateful Dead, “Wharf Rat (live)”
Drug-fueled country dad-funk that goes on for almost twenty minutes. Some Old West player piano, incessantly jaunty bass lines, and great gobs o’ licks. This is actually pretty fucking awesome. The Dead were the silliest, most arbitrary and ridiculous of rock groups. Those are all qualities I look for in my rock and roll.

coming soon: Plunger Tongue and the Fags of Jove.
Monday, November 22, 2004
  per emerson's request: the return of the mesecl mp3

This is supposedly the greatest heel promo of all time.

It's certainly good, but peculiarly unsatisfying.

And it definitely doesn't make up for all of Ole's Black Scorpion promos. Although those are pretty damn awesome, too, now that I think about it.
  flying saucer attack, outdoor miner and memories

flying saucer attack's cover of outdoor miner brings back some very fond memories. Specifically it makes me get all weepy eyed and reminisce about my first full fledged, i-feel-so-bad-it-would-really-be-a-relief-if-my-head-just-exploded-or-my-nervous-system-just-totally-shut-down-providing-some-small-relief-from-the-pain adult hang over.

it was spring, my senior year of high school and a couple friends were home from college. Liquor flowed like liquor, despite the fact that I had to work the 7am opening shift at Bruegger's Bagels the following morning.

I awoke to a pain like no other, but somehow managed to get to work 5 minutes early. The doors opened at 7 and the crowd poured in.

After making 1 lox and cream cheese bagel, rumblings erupted in my stomach. I ran to the restroom and vomited. The rest of the shift was tough, but I soldiered on, and came out stronger and wiser. I was a man, and thought I deserved a reward. Immediately afeter work I headed over to the chapel hill record exchange on franklin street and bought FSA's 'outdoor miner' 7".

I then went home, told my parents I had the flu, shut the door to my room and listened to the record over and over and over again before dining at the rathskeller with a friend, where I either had lasagna or a skirt steak.
  a review of a record by a group called Paivansade

Some more droolings, freshly appeared at Foxy Digitalis, an online compendium of the bizarre and eclectic.

Also have a new review up at DOA. Words on Music have released a tribute album to Wire's "Outdoor Miner". Nineteen different groups cover it. The concept is pretty ridiculously rad.
Friday, November 19, 2004
  for the two people who read mezecl and don't read the day jobs...

Pop Matters has a pretty funny article about that band the Whigs, and the Athens music scene in general.
  ancient mysteries + Con Air = utter genius

Ebert's snarky review of National Treasure only makes me more excited to see it.

I haven't read The Da Vinci Code, but I have done a lot of research into the Templars and the Masons and the Merovingians and the bloodline of Jesus, etc, and let me tell you, there is absolutely no reason not to believe all that stuff.
Thursday, November 18, 2004
  I'm about five years late, but...

I'm starting to really like Wilco's Summerteeth album.
  TO, still flyin' (eaglesex mind)

I wanted to see what you guys thought about this whole mess with the Monday Night Football intro before this weeks game between Philly and Dallas. If you haven't heard what happened or seen the clip, basically ABC did a cross promotion with Monday Night Football and their new show Desperate Housewives. It involved Terrell Owens (absolute genius) and Nicollette Sheridan (slut from DH). Here is the transcript of the exchange between the two:

(Eagles Locker Room)
TO: (turns around to head to the field - surprised) Hey.
NS: (in a towel) Hey there, Terrell...
TO: What are you doing here?
NS: My house burned down and I needed to take a long, hot shower. So where are you off to looking so pretty?
TO: Baby, it's Monday Night Football, game starts in 10 minutes...
NS: Oh, you and your little games... . I've got a game we can play...
TO: Hey, this is major. We've got [Bill] Parcells and the Cowboys... and Donovan [McNabb] needs me...
NS: What about my needs? What about Edie?
TO: Will you stop it... just tell me what's buried under that pool.
NS: You know I can't tell you that...
TO: Then I've got a game to play...(turns to head to the field)
NS: Terrell, wait... (TO turns around and she drops the towel)
TO: (smiling): Aww, hell, the team's going to have to win without me... (She jumps into his arms)

Personally I thought the intro was some of the funniest shit I've seen TO do and I fuckin loved how ABC captured his personality and smarts almost perfectly. Now everyone including the FCC is getting involved which is complete bullshit. When Nicollette drops the towel, you only see her bare back - no butt (which is what the FCC is being called in for). Tony Dungee came out today saying he was offended as an African American. Crazy.

It was just a stunt, that was hardly offensive (aired at 9pm) and thanks to fucking Janet Jackson, everyone's panties are in a wadd over regulating what is moral for TV. Fuck, was I supposed to say panties?
  about as exciting as work gets

Occasionally, if you're lucky, you can spot Derek Lowe or Tom Brady getting coffee at the Dunkin' Donuts across the street from where I work. They apparently live somewhere in Quincy. I've never seen either of them, but today I was even luckier. I watched a raccoon chase a squirrel up a tree. The squirrel completely smoked the 'coon, getting up and over to the next tree before his pursuer could get even halfway up the first. That raccoon was a fat-ass, though. A more physically fit raccoon could've maybe fared better.
Wednesday, November 17, 2004
  Reaching New Heights

For those of you who've been wondering, here's what I've been up to recently -- making progress and helping today's youth.

--- "Lee, David J" wrote:

> Christine-
> I was at your office building last week meeting with
> Chris Rogers. We are about to embark on our NHIS
> mortality analyses with the RDC and I understand you
> were instrumental in getting the NDI file to Chris.
> We stopped by your office so I could say thanks but
> you were away from your desk.
> At any rate, the topic of student access to the RDC
> came up (admittedly I brought it up). One idea that
> was discussed was to set up some sort of scholarship
> mechanism that could be based on merit, but might
> afford some flexibility in funding students with
> very limited financial resources. This mechanism
> could be limited to a set number of scholarships per
> year so that NCHS can budget accordingly. For the
> remaining students, perhaps a fixed rate of
> $200-$300 will grant other students access to a
> fixed amount of programmer/statistician time. If
> such mechanisms could be posted on the NCHS website,
> then it seems that the current financial barrier to
> student access to the RDC would be greatly reduced
> (just don't assign them to Chris since we want to
> keep him to ourselves!).
> ________________________________
> From: Lee, David J
> Sent: Thu 7/15/2004 2:41 PM
> To: 'xxxx@cdc.gov'
> Cc: Fleming, Lora E
> Subject: some thoughts on the NCHS conference
> I am very grateful for the information you provided
> at the NCHS Data Users' Conference. As I mentioned
> to you, I am always amazed at the tremendous output
> produced by your relatively small staff. I realize
> that producing sessions for the Data Users'
> Conference is an enormous task, but I find the
> opportunity to interface with staff a not-to-be
> missed opportunity. As an NCHS data user since my
> days as a graduate student in the late 1980's, I
> have also been witness to the dramatic improvements
> in the quality and sophistication of the NCHS
> designed-studies--- as well as a corresponding
> improvement in the quality and access to supporting
> documentation.
> The growing need for restricted data access to
> protect participant confidentiality was a dominant
> theme at the 2002 Data Users' Conference, so I was
> not surprised this week to discover that a growing
> amount of sensitive information would no longer be
> released to investigators. I was very surprised to
> find out that this restriction extended to the
> release of National Death Index linkages with the
> various NCHS studies. Part of my surprise was due
> to e-mail correspondence back in February which
> indicated that this data linkage would be made
> available to investigators in the summer of 2004 in
> the form of a CD-ROM (as has been the case with
> previous data linkages). What was so disappointing
> about this discovery was that our research team just
> submitted two competing continuation applications
> for our currently funded NIA and NIOSH grants; both
> of these applications included proposed analyses
> with the new NDI linkages with the National Health
> Interview Surveys (1986-2000). Had the NCHS website
> indicated that linkage data would only be made
> available through the Research Data Center (RDC), we
> could have properly budgeted for these new costs
> prior to the submission of these grants.
> The need to work with the RDC to access a wide
> variety of sensitive information was a dominant
> theme at every session I attended this week. It is
> most unfortunate that a session devoted to the RDC
> was not on the agenda, as I believe it would have
> considerably reduced the anxiety and confusion I
> witnessed among many of my fellow attendees. I am
> also concerned that NCHS has not adequately devoted
> sufficient resources to the RDC. As the breadth of
> restricted data grows, so to will the number of
> users seeking to interface with the RDC. I
> anticipate that there will be many, many outside
> investigators contacting the RDC in the next 12-24
> months as these new mortality linkages become
> available. A large proportion of these
> investigators will need to access the RDC remotely
> and I was left with impression this week that
> progress toward automated access to both data and
> the necessary software to complete
> design-appropriate analyses (eg, SUDAAN) is very
> limited.
> Automated access for experienced users such as our
> research team is not my only concern. I am also
> afraid that the RDC will create two classes of NCHS
> data users'---those who can afford to cover RDC
> charges and those who cannot. There must be
> hundreds if not thousands of students across the
> country utilizing NCHS data for their research
> projects, including doctoral dissertations. As a
> matter of fairness, I think it is imperative that
> NCHS develops a mechanism for granting these
> students access to RDC services at reduced or
> no-cost.
> I can only assume that many or all my concerns are
> already being considered at the highest levels
> within the NCHS. As a direct beneficiary of the
> dedicated labor of NCHS personnel, I would like to
> offer my assistance in any way possible to assist in
> this difficult transition period (eg, informal
> sounding board, external advisory committee member,
> etc.).
> David J. Lee, PhD
> Associate Professor
> Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
> University of Miami School of Medicine
> P.O. Box xxxxxxx
> Miami, FL 33101
> 305-243-xxxx
> 786-200-xxxx (cell)
  I Don't Understand IMAX

I've only ever seen two movies in an IMAX theater. I've been in one of those theaters three times, however. Every time, I've left slightly disappointed and/or underwhelmed.

The first time I entered an Imax theater was in either late 1995 or early 1996. I was going to school in New York, and was a pretty big fan of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. That year Cartoon Network and a consortium of sponsers (including DGC Records) put together a Space Ghost planetarium tour. In New York they held it in an IMAX theater, for some reason, instead of in an actual planetarium. It was actually kind of lame. To get the free tickets you had to go wait in line for an hour or two at Tower Records a few weeks before the event. There they had grunts in Moltar and Zorak costumes flanking a vaguely hot lady in a tight Cartoon Network t-shirt who handed out the passes. The show itself consisted of two old episodes of the show, some bad music videos (including stuff from Boss Hog and Southern Culture on the Skids), a few new Space Ghost interstitials, and one new episode of the show that eventually aired on CN a few months later. They broadcast this in the middle of the ginormous screen, not even using one-quarter of the total space available. It really was disappointing. I also didn't win the grand prize in the raffle, which, if I remember correctly, was a private concert by SCOTS in Florida during a space shuttle launch, or something like that.

A year or two later I went to the IMAX at Fernbank and watched a film about jellyfish. It was nice. There were some gorgeous visuals, and I learned a fair amount about those amazing jellies. But a National Geographic special would have taught me even more, and without overloading my senses and inducing vertigo.

In January of 2000 my mother and I watched Fantasia 2000 on the IMAX screen at the Mall of Georgia. Parts of the movie were weak, but overall I enjoyed it tremendously. It was a bit overwhelming, though, and gave me a bit of a headache.

I bring this up for a reason. I have a co-worker named Tony; he's pretty cool. He's a temp who's always reading Foreign Affairs on his lunchbreak. We had a good discussion about Nixon, Vietnam, and the early '70's after he noticed me reading Daniel Ellsberg's book. He also really likes The Office and Netflix. But so I found out the other day that his dream (which he has been working toward for the last nine or so years) is to make an IMAX movie about air combat. He's apparently met with various financiers and investors and producers over the past decade, looking for funding, and trying to convince them that, despite having absolutely no film experience or education whatsoever, he could direct such a movie. He's met with military officials, and even though they like the concept the government won't contribute any money or equipment. Thus he's looked into the possibility of buying surplus aircraft from the former Soviet Union. He's completely serious about this, and even though I don't really like IMAX or military documentaries, I have to respect his abiding dedication to such an unusual and marginal goal.
  more baseball

I don't know where I read this, but there was some scuttlebut about the Braves trying to get one of the A's "big three" starters with a package built around Marcus Giles and prospects. I forget the Atlanta players involved, and the rumor-monger did not say which pitcher the Braves would get. But as much as it would suck for my favorite team to trade what is probably my favorite player, I think this deal could definitely work out well for the Braves. I don't know if I'd do it for Mulder or Zito, but if they could somehow get Tim Hudson and then lock him up to a long-time deal, then trading Giles would probably be worth it.
  I want to hear this band...

The Gris Gris

I have read some good stuff about them in a few mags. Cosmic wranglers from the Bay Area (SA - any knowledge?) - I think they play with Comets on Fire some. Pitchshit had their record up today and it reminded me of this thing I found this a few weeks ago and forgot to post. I thought it was hilarious as fuck. This is a page from the Gris Gris Tour Journal from their web page - their singer does all the posting.
Laugh your ass off:

Day 24 - Chicago, IL - Subterranean - 9/18
I was on a date with this girl once, years ago. She was late picking me up, so I gave her a Fleet enema. I mean, I just handed it to her, as a joke. She didn't laugh. We saw a movie, then to Safeway for snacks and beer. Once inside, I isolated myself near the deli section because I had to fart. Guess what came out: SOFT POO. It went all the way down my leg and into my shoe. What would you do? It was after hours, so nobody was behind the deli. I ran back there and got my pants, shorts, socks and shoes off. I used a wet rag to clean up as best I could. I came out minus shorts and one sock. Back at the checkstand, I was doing a funny stance and checking out YM magazine at some distance away from my date. I couldn't stop laughing. We got in the car and I rolled the window down.

"Okay, what the fuck."

After some hesitation: "Okay, I shit my pants in the grocery store."

"Oh my god, etc. etc. You drink too much etc."

Things didn't work out too well, but we did part ways with her saying, "Don't worry, it makes you more real."

Which I thought was a nice thing to say.

I tell this story because:

1. People think I'm only talking shit on other band members -- thus drawing false conclusions that I hate them.
2. I heard this story (which is one of my favorites) is being passed around without the essential details (i.e., the end).

Oh yah, a few days later I got this huge rash on my leg, which was a result of, I'm guessing, industrial strength cleaner on the rag I used behind the deli.

And that's how it happened!

  My Favorite Subjects are Me, and Things Done by Me

In addition to my usual (sort of) weekly record reviews at DOA, I also occasionally write for the Flagpole, a rare alternative newsweekly that's not entirely worthless. But then they do print the confused ravings of semi-literate idiots like myself, so who knows. But so, there are a couple of things in this week's issue written by me, including this disgustingly self-indulgent article on the Summer Hymns, and a review of Black Dice's latest album that was intended to run in conjunction with their since-cancelled performance in Atlanta. Kindly use the comments section below to note any errors or disagreements.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004
  It Was April, and I Could Feel the Future

I was looking back over previous posts to Mesmerization Eclipse, getting aroused by my own blinding brilliance, when I came across this highly prescient comment about my eternally beloved Red Sox.

... despite the ever-present doom that has firmly attached itself, barnicle-like, to this beleaguered franchise, this year really does seem like it could be the year, and nobody is more excited about that than me. Except maybe those millions of Sox fans who gave a shit before last August. Who knows.

Yes, this merely confirms what I have known since birth: I am the most smartest man in North America.
  Mezzy Eclipse Hall Of Fame Member: Lil' Jon

Quoth the King:

"With the last album, we said we made a Southern version of (Dr. Dre Classic) The Chronic. We dont consider ourselves rappers. We just get the party crunk and wild and crazy..."

He continues...
"You can't be crunk all the time. What some people don't understand is that I'm a businessman, too. I have to work, and you can't be screaming and hollerin' (all sorts of bullshit) when you're handling business."

Lil' Jon's new record Crunk Juice with songs "Real Nigga Roll Call", "Aww Skeet Skeet", and "Stick That Think Out (Skeezer)" is out today.

  Cobb County makes the cover of today’s Globe

It's below the fold, but still...

Normally when anything Cobb or Marietta related hits the national press, I mention to my friends and co-workers that I happen to come from there. This time I think I’ll be holding my tongue.
Monday, November 15, 2004
  (Largely) Content Free Movie Reviews

Mean Girls: Zig was right (mostly).

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism: poorly made, cheesy as hell, and completely preaching to the choir, but it did help Allyn understand why I get so worked up over shit like O’Reilly and Hannity (and god damn is Wolcott one unsightly motherfucker).

Badassss!: Pretty good despite itself; way too overconceptualized, but still enjoyable. There’s no firm sense of chronology, the psychological stuff is a bit silly, but again, it’s still an entertaining film. And Mario should always sport a stache.

Elephant: nearly suffocated by its own Artistry. Maybe would have been more effective if they hadn’t shown so much of the eventual shooting? Not nearly as exploitative or manipulative as it could be, but still guilty of both.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason: Not as bad as the critics say, but not that good either.

The Incredibles: I’m such a big juicy fag that I almost cried at how awesome this movie was. And it doesn’t even bother me that they rip off the Fantastic Four a bit too much.
Friday, November 12, 2004
  Oh mangle...(short vers)

I saw J Mascis on Wednesday. The cool thing was...it was $18. Not really, but the reason it was that much was probably because his two member backing band was two members of Widespread Panic. It was at Smiths Olde Bar too...cool bar but a lot of those new school hippie bands play there and its usually expensive. One funny thing I saw while taking a piss at the show (YES, HILLARY! The THIRD installment of Coke Bref's Bathroom Bloopers!) there was a really funny thing written on the wall that seemed to sum up the ATL/ATH hatred for one another (at least on the frat boy ATL side). The scholar so eloquently scrawled..."Flush Twice, Its A Long Way To Athens!" HAR! That kinda tells you the atmosphere this place has.

Dave Schools and the drummer from WS took us back to '91 with some tearin Dinosaur extend-o jams. Schools was matching J with his very own bass solos. That guy is actually really fun to watch on stage. He looks like a jolly ol' dude who just happens to know ever bass scale ever created. Mascis was insane. Fuckin about 30 face melters. I think I left a full version of "Freak Scene" on Dark's voicemail. The crowd was funny as shit...a bunch of hippies that enjoyed when they would wonder off into uncharted solo territory. They were dancin' and smokin'.

I also ran into an old high school friend of Dark and mine named Chuck. He was wearing the very same Dinosaur Jr. shirt that he used to wear literally every day to school. He was really high, which he was the resident highologist of our friends...and had trouble concentrating on our conversation. Good to see him though...he said Alan Parkinson's band is playing somewhere in ATL next thursday. Uh, front row.

But yeah J Mascis was great. The hits off his two solo records and ALL the fuckin hits from Dinosaur. He got his rock back and forth on and the solo's were righteous. The club was actually pretty neat place to see shows. Its a circular stage and they have a curtain up until the exact moment the band plays its first note...then it comes up right when the show is over. (really reminded me of the sheet disaster of Ath-Fest '98)

I was hungover as hell all day yesterday, probably why I didnt post then.

Oh yeah, other best thing about the show...uh, Dutch was there, and I high fived him when Thumb came on.
  why can't they leave the classics alone

I don’t expect any of you to watch Smallville. I’ve only seen one episode ever, and that was during the first season, when I was still living with Thorn. But the other night I was switching through the channels and came upon a disturbing sight on the WB. A half-naked teenaged Clark Kent was rolling around in the hay with a comely young female AND another half-naked dude. I realize they have to make this shit relevant and exciting to the dumbass kids o’ today, but when the hell did Supes start digging group sex? I could definitely see my main man Thor getting into that shit (maybe not with another dude involved, but who knows), but not the big blue boyscout. Although, now that I think about it, maybe Superman and Seinfeld were a lot closer than they let on.
  Oneida, Devil Music, and Animental at Great Scott, Saturday November 6th, 2004

Okay, first off, not much to say about Oneida that hasn’t already been said here several times over. They’re damn good. As usual, by the time they played, I was pretty drunk, so the memory’s a bit foggy. They played a bunch of stuff, some new, some off of Secret Wars, but nothing too old. One song, a long dance-jam called “Up With People”, seemed maybe a bit too New York hipster, for my tastes. It was a bit more restrained than normal, not nearly as good as the Atlanta show, but still pretty good, overall.

Boston’s own Devil Music opened for them once again, and once again they were pretty excellent. My ELP comparison still stands, I think. Devil Music makes some urgent neo-prog-punk with violin, drums, and bass. To be honest I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to them this time; I mostly stood in the back, talking and drinking and being an ass.

I did watch the first band, Animental, who reminded me of something like Dixie Blood Moustache. They were three hippie-looking art-punk girls wearing homemade animal costumes and sporadically making music during a performance art piece. Much of the music was interesting; they relied upon some electronics, half a drum kit, some effect pedals, and an occasionally strummed guitar to make some good, droning, tribal jams. In that regard they sounded slightly like Sunburned Hand of the Man. Mostly though they just rolled around on the floor, or walked around the audience staring at people. There was one section that crossed the line into precious, annoying ridiculousness (a la Dixie Blood), when the girl dressed like a monkey (or bear, or something) would pantomime animal behavior while explaining (through a mic in her helmet, I assume) what she was supposed to be doing. She’d act like she was picking berries and say, “I am picking berries.” She’d act like she jumped into some water and say, “I am jumping in the river”, etc., etc. This brief solo interlude possessed no entertainment value whatsoever, and in fact almost spoiled the whole deal for me. They had cd-rs packaged in a nice looking silk-screened sleeve, tied up with a ribbon. Their shirts were interesting, too. Unfortunately their “art” intruded upon the music a bit too much for my tastes.
Thursday, November 11, 2004

Andruw for Kevin Brown?

Unless the Yanks throw in ten mil or so I have no idea why Schuerholz would ever go for that. Yeah, Jones has never reached his potential, but he's not a 40 year old, injury-prone asshole who every teammate ever has hated.

I'm not 1000% opposed to the idea of trading Andruw, but I just don't see how this deal would make any sense. Let's hope it's just bullshit.
Wednesday, November 10, 2004
  fixola or idiocy or lack of attention

As much as I hate the big freak, I gotta say that Randy Johnson was robbed yesterday.

He definitely ain't even approaching Selig / Boras territory, but Clemens has to be one of the more detestable men in modern day baseball.
  Nearly Content Free Record Reviews

I’ve been burning records like some sort of nutty, screwy, record-burning machine lately, thanks to the deep library and easy-to-use cd-burning equipment of WZBC 90.3 FM. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve picked up, with brief comments and observations for the benefit of mankind.

Hair Police: Obedience Cuts.
Just listened to it for the first time. No surprises, really – some pretty intense noise, occasionally pretty at times, but mostly just churning and burning. Not a favorite of my co-workers, for sure.
Mika Vainio: In the Land of the Blind One-Eyed is King.
Listened to one song, “Snowblind”, which is an awesome, overdriven drone that sounds like a glacier made of molten lava. This guy was/is in Pansonic, I believe.
Circle: Raunio.
Some progressive Kraut-rock from these prolific Finnish vagabonds. I’m sure some badness must exist, but I have yet to hear any music from Scandinavia that is not fascinating in some manner or fashion. The dudes in Trans Am would probably gnaw their own testicles off if it would make them as great as Circle.
“Lokki” is fug-damn-fantastic, probably the best single thing on any of these
twenty cds currently in my black book.
The Mae Shi: Terrorbird.
Manic, schizophrenic freak-punk from some Californian smart-asses. I don’t go for some of the screamo bits, but there are several brief swatches of brilliance buried within.
Erkki Kurenniemi: Aanityksia Recordings 1963-1973.
Some relatively early electronic compositions from an old Finn. Lotsa sweeping noise and spacey effects and stuff. Haven’t listened to it much, again, but when I have I’ve dug it heavily.
Animal Collective: Campfire Songs.
Sounds live. More minimal aquatic drone-folk. Has some sort of rep, but it doesn’t sound all that extraordinarily superior to any of their other albums. I think scarcity has equaled quality in the minds of many, irt this record.
Bob Pollard: Waved Out.
Never even listened to the whole thing before. Fucking good. Disappointed, slightly, in “Subspace Biographies”, though; the “doot-doot-doot” part sounds much better live, when done by Bob, than on record, where it’s played by some horrible sounding synth. A good record, though.
Bob Pollard: Motel of Fools.
Definitely pretty different, for Bob, at least. Haven’t listened to it much, but I know the opening a capella chant is pretty damn transfixing.
The Lifeguards: Mist King Urth.
After one and a half listens I’m slightly disappointed; not nearly as good as the last Pollard / Gillard collaboration.
Guided by Voices: Crown Prince of the Menthol Trailer.
Finally got my hands on “Matter Eater Lad” and “Johnny Appleseed”, without having to pay full-length price for ten minutes of music. Pretty much essential for
the hardcore GBV nerd.
White Noise: An Electric Storm.
Unintentionally goofy late ‘60’s psychedelica. A less wanky United States of America. DJ would love the fuck out of this.

Okay, much more on the way. This barely scratches the surface of all the free stuff I've gotten the last week or so.
Tuesday, November 09, 2004
  America pt. 2 (wouldn't fit as a comment)

I've said this before, and I'll say it again: the burrito is one of the main reasons I moved to San Francisco. Ridiculous? Perhaps, but the burritos here come straight from Jah's... taqueria. That's right, taqueria. That's what the place is called when it is truly what a burrito is meant to be. Crews, I know you can back me up on this, because they have good burritos in Texas as well.

Rumor has it burritos were invented in the Mission District, which I live on the edge of and eat multiple times a week at the four-years-running voted best of the bay burrito joint. In fact, it was just a few nights ago that a very well-traveled man named Ben Gibbard told me that the best reason to come to San Francisco is for the burritos at Taqueria Cancun. He also stated that they were the best ones in the world. They have three locations, but the absolute greatest one is a mere two minute's walk from my apartment. I have eaten one at 3am after a night of drinking only to wake up the next day and eat one for lunch/breakfast. The egg and chorizo ones are good when I find myself in that situation.

If I want something a little grimier, or if I'm at a bar more into the heart of the Mission, I can also go to El Farolito. It is almost as good as Cancun, but it will wreak havoc on your body. Before I moved to SF, I thought of El Farolito as the best burrito I'd ever had. Imagine the satisfaction of moving somewhere because of a restaurant's burritos only to find out there's one with even better burritos! This is elevating my mood.

If I want to mix it up a little, or if I'm with some hoighty toighty friends, I can also go to the Papa Lotte. It's a little more fancy, but still very good. There's also this veg-friendly joint right by Still Flyin' manager Big Brah's place. I can't remember the name, but damn they sure have great camarones burritos there. One place that a lot of people swear by is called Pancho Villa, but I don't get it. Compared to ever a place as good as Barburritos it is a treat from the heavens, but it's not on the same level of the ones already discussed.

Dark, one thing that takes the burritos over the edge over here is the avocado, my favorite ingredient. If you don't like guac, I don't think you'd like avocados, which is something I will never understand. Also, why in the fucking hell had you never eaten a burrito before you moved to Boston? I've experienced several burritos in Boston and they are better than ones in Georgia.

Last thing: the Taco Stand burritos taste like something you buy at a gas station and put in the microwave. I will never understand why some people think that is food. They are the worst burritos I've ever had in my life, and a trip to SF is in great need if you are living your life this way.
  Good Things About America

I know I write about burritos a lot, but please bear with me. I love burritos. They are always fantastic, and highly motivational. I had never eaten a burrito before moving to Boston. Boston is world-renown for their amazing, lip-smackingly scrumptious burritos. You can buy them in the North End, where all the Italians play dominoes and sell food. But I like burritos so much that I hardly ever eat anything else if a burrito is available. I like my burritos with stuff in them. I have gone home to Georgia a few times since I first ate a burrito, and although they have pretty good burritos down there, they aren’t as good as Boston’s burritos. I don’t think the Taco Stand even knows what the hell a burrito is. The best stuff to put inside a burrito is meat, and then rice, and then cheese, and maybe some salsa. The worst things to put inside a burrito are beans, and guacamole. Pythagoras wouldn’t eat beans because they made him think of testicles, and of course Pythagoras is my hero. Pythagoras also said that the secrets of the universe can be found in mathematics, and of course nothing represents practical mathematics more than a burrito. And guacamole just looks like something that could come of me. But man, eating a burrito is what it must be like to take a bite out of God.
  The Animal Collective Hates Fat People

I went to a concert last night. It was nice. I got in for free, and didn’t feel like drinking, so I spent some cash on other stuff instead. The last time I bought clothing at a concert was probably in 1998, maybe 1999. Generally band shirts are a horrible idea, and no-one over the age of 21 should be wearing them outside of pick-up softball games and lawn-mowing Sundays. But last night, while standing in line to pay for a couple of records, I inexplicably had the urge to buy myself an Animal Collective t-shirt. I mean, this was about as inexplicable as inexplicability can get, as their shirts were pretty fucking ugly. Still, though, wistful nostalgia coursed through my body (I was, like, just fucking lousy with wist, dude), and, after gang-raping my sober adultesque sensibilities, it impelled me to buy a shirt. There was one problem, however; the Animal Collective apparently doesn’t want fat people wearing their clothes. The largest size they had was large. They completely hate fat people. Of course they had tons of baby tees, but nothing for the husky, hefty, and/or healthy gentleman (and/or lady). Perhaps they expect their fanbase to be comprised solely of those sickly, malnourished indie-rock scarecrows that crumple like a tumbleweed at the slightest gust of wind or most glancing blow from a frat-boy’s fist. That is most certainly not the case, as I am clearly both a man of great substance and a strongly devoted aficionado of the Animal Collective’s idiosyncratic strand of post-modern noise-folk nonsense. I have as much of a right to impress friends and strangers through advertising my own personal tastes and predilections on my outerwear as anyone else does. The fact that the Animal Collective fails to agree with me mightily burns my ample chops. Of course I can’t expect any of the bandmembers to sympathize, as the four of them together probably weigh less than the Canadian Earthquake.

But despite being both dangerously skinny and insensitive to the feelings of the morbidly obese (and/or marginally larger than your average college radio dj), the Animal Collective continue to produce some of the most enchanting and peculiarly affecting music around. I recommend them from the bottom of my cholesterol-clogged, fat-suffocated heart.
  Girlfriends Get Ready...

I found this on some French website about the new Oneida EP that comes out this month. It reads like a post from the fellaz, but their web page hasn't been updated in a while. I am looking for a large image (all I can find are thumbnails) of the artwork for this thing, because it is funny as shit. The two images I've seen involved dolphins and psychedelic wizards. Dark saw them on Saturday...review is probably coming today. Best "FRIENDS" EVER!

11/2004 - During the long and arduous meetings with the promotions arm of the Ace Fu Syndicate, the members of ONEIDA got into a heated pissing contest with their management and the suits from promo about the title of their new release. ONEIDA wanted to call the record 'Friends' in testament to the epic three year process of therapy and recovery involved with the making of the beast. The creative process was truly the meeting of the weak minds, featuring hundreds of guest musicians, most of which ended up on the cutting room floor (dudes, there's a couple of intense jams/shouting sessions with THE CONSTANTINES buried somewhere in a stack of unlabelled tapes - ONEIDA claims they'll get to it eventually). But to the point, this is a record of ideas, lots of them, coming from all over the ONEIDA spectrum - which of course includes some so-called musicians who are definitely holding onto their day-jobs after this revelatory experience. But as is the sad refrain in this ugly business of music, the suits held sway and demanded that we either name the EP - Nice! Or Splittin' Peaches. ONEIDA, being difficult artists, struck a passive aggressive compromise and combined the names, hoping our petulance might instill an aggressive flavor to the tenor of the promotional strategy. I guess we shall see.
Sunday, November 07, 2004
  UGA Library Employee Commits Suicide at Ground Zero

So hey, any of you library folks know this guy?
Friday, November 05, 2004
  Free Show Last Night...

At least for us it was. Thanks to Elliott "battle tatties" Garston.

Interpol / Secret Machines / On Air Library

This was a really great concert. On Air Library I hadn't heard much about, but will definitely check into from here on out. They had two female singers that were twins and they were a fresh change being a NYC band. Delayed guitars and the good use of vintage drum machines (a la Yo La Tengo) on some songs. Their drummer could kick the shit though. The main singer had moments where it was just her and her echo guitar and her voice was sweet enough to have the whole Roxy crowd silent a lipless coon. In some way it kinda reminded me of a female Galaxy 500 sound.

Secret Machines are quickly becoming one of my favorites. This was the second time seeing them and they wailed on me once again. They have a very simple yet very effective light show. They start out in the pitch black and kicked hard into the first song off their record, First Wave Intact, the full on 10 minute rock against ass version. At that point about 10 single yet very powerful white lights from behind the band come on with the beat. Almost blinding, they stay on for pretty much 70% of the show until (on beat once again) they change to this dark blue light in front of the band that signals a change to the space jamming. They are freaking sweet and you will really enjoy them when you see it live. The drummer in this band must seriously be a "secret" love child of John Bonham. The drums are fucking huge. This show was better for that vs the last time I saw em b/c the room was bigger and definitely added some massiveness. Think a mix of everything you like from Zep and The Flaming Lips drumming rolled into one. Very steady, simple drumming but fuck does it thunderdown. Their songs are compared to Pink Floyd but a lot thicker (with only 3 people in the band). Their singer has a very unique voice and mostly plays sit down Rhodes organ. Great fucking band that Mes Ecl highly recommends.

What can I say, Interpol are fucking rock stars now. The lights went down and it erupted like we were about to see Rush or some shit. Interpol used the lights to their advantage as well, by not having any where you could actually make out the members faces. It was a neat effect. It was a fancy shit. They tore ass through old hits and new. Didn't play the one song off the new record I really wanted to hear Take You On A Cruise but it was good either way. They were incredibly solid and Paul Banks' voice was strong as ever. Haunting at times. I was really expecting their second record to fall on its face but the record is fucking good. Probably worthy of top 10 of the year. When playing the new songs they were so tight that they seemed as if the band had been playing them for year. One negative aspect of this show was the crowd. A bunch of lame ass hipsters trying to outdo each other with their interpretive spastic dances. I kinda felt like I was in an '80s breakdancing movie minus all the good moves. There were a lot of them touching their hair when they danced too. What is that? There was this one dude next to us that was fucking hilarious. He was smoking CLOVES first off and was doing what we referred to as the "sexy punching" dance. Where he would dance erotically with his hands above his head, then when it would come to a rockin change, he would punch the air like he was Rocky. Lame as fuck. I was trying to think who all the ladies in the crowd thought was hotter...the reserved Paul Banks or the androgynous Carlos D. Either way both probably got fucked every which way but loose last night. The bass "boy?" had on this black suit with no jacket and a blood red tie (with matching arm band) and this gay ass 20's holster. The way he moved around the stage made me think of a paper puppet who was drunk. The band just looked neat on stage with the lights n shit. Best part though was Paul Banks Robin Hood Hat and the fact that they closed the show with PDA. Rocker.

Good fucking show...lame fucking crowd.
Wednesday, November 03, 2004
  Political Shittical

Here's what's going on in the old head...

So the youngsters of today are pretty much dem by a shit-ton. Does this mean that in twenty years, the republican party will have withered away or do people turn republican as they get older?

Keeping this in mind, weren't most young people in the sixties democrats? what happened? all those old ass republicans from the sixties have died off by now.

PS- Crews, remember how i used to eat raw cookie dough and you would call me a fat girl who just got dumped and is trying to sooth the pain? Today when I got to work the breakroom featured a huge bag full of candy. Don't know if it was there because of the election results or if it was just some left over halloween shit. Anyway, I'm eating it like crazy, trying to sooth the pain...
  Plans for the Future

1. Get rich.
2. Move back home to Cobb County.
3. Become big Republican asshole.
4. Spend rest of life in Congress.
  The Russian Temp Clues Me In

Zora (or Zola, or Zorro, I can never remember her name) just told me that Kerry called to concede, but that Boosh (as she calls him) refused to accept the concession, telling Kerry to take his time and let all the provisionals and absentees and whatever else be counted.

I think I could tolerate this guy more if his name really was pronounced Boosh.

And how does Zobra know this? The fucking KGB.
  National Health Assessment

BCBS picked maybe the worst day possible to hold their annual “Health Fair”. Factor in lack of sleep, the amount of alcohol I drank last night, and the all-encompassing, soul-shriveling anxiety that I’ve been locked in since about midnight, and I’m left with a ticker that’s been thumping furiously all morning. My blood pressure was twenty points higher than usual, putting me in the “pre-hypertension” phase. I’m sure most of my co-workers will find similar results. Most of them are lower middle-class, blue collar types, many of them black, and a majority of them are openly angry and depressed today. Little work has gotten done, as most of us have spent our time sighing and complaining. Even finding out that my cholesterol (which I’ve figured for seven years or so now was probably stratospheric, considering the unceasing diet of fast food and beer I subsisted on in college) is really low doesn’t assuage me any. These are dark times indeed, and I fear for our future.
  We. Are. FUCKED!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Listening to Interpol - "Take You On A Cruise" today while in the boof.
Good song to vote to.

When I left...I flipped it over to "Sheets Of Easter" and fucking closelined all the fuckers with "W" hats on.
Good song to closeline to.
  should I shirk my civic duty in order to maybe catch a glimpse of the Boss?

I don't have time to make up an official poll, so go ahead and answer in the comments here. After work, should I head directly to the school near my apartment where I’m supposed to vote, and then get wasted while watching the returns on tv; or should I instead fuck the vote, go straight to Copley, and hope to press in far enough amid the crush of humanity to see Bruce perform at (what I hope will be) Kerry’s victory rally?

Late last week I received a bunch of free shit from Liquid Death / Hello Pussy Records, a sterling little label from Cincinnati that specializes in the sort of retardo noise nonsense eschewed by those with more refined and dignified tastes. I haven’t had a chance to listen to everything yet, but what I have heard has been pretty damn close to amazement. The Hair Police/Crystal Fantasy split ten-inch, in particular, is quite excellent. Crystal Fantasy’s ridiculous mini electro-pop opera sounds pretty much exactly like the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, but with some kinda lady speaking in a pseudo-British accent instead of, well, me. It’s like the Apes’ last record, but with more interesting music and a more arbitrary and incomprehensible storyline (which, of course, makes it substantially more awesome). And Hair Police’s side-long noise anti-epic reminded me of that Black Dice ten-inch from three years back or so. Of course I’ve only listened to about three of the Hair Police track’s nine minutes, so I could be horrifically off-base with that assessment. The one distracted listen I’ve given to the My Name is Rar Rar/Neon Hunk split single has lead me to believe that that will be fairly righteous as well. I’ll have full reviews of this stuff up at DOA eventually, I suppose. But these folks from the Queen City certainly do some fine work.
Monday, November 01, 2004
  Scene Missing

So I just found this interesting little weblog-slash-magazine thing thanks to an interview they conduced with the Boston Phoenix's media critic Dan Kennedy. It's got some yuks and shit. Live it up. Apparently it's based in Athens. Is this a Henry Owings related deal? Is thatdude living in Athens again?

Demon Fuzz only released one damn record in 1971 and apparently its a fuckin' doosy - Afreaka!* They were England's response to Santana but apparently they were a trillion times better and knew how to jam on the bongos like mad men. These dudes have so much going their way...with a band name, an album cover and album title like that...they seriously must be the best band of all time.

*Currently #1 on my must have things list.

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