Monday, January 31, 2005
  Damon on Religion

Johnny Damon, on comparisons of his appearance to that of Christ: "Even being mentioned in the same sentence as Jesus or God... I mean, those guys are awesome. I'm just a knucklehead."

His book, Idiot... Or How I Stopped Thinking and Beat the 'Curse', is released on April 4th. He's contractually obligated to keep his hair long until after the book tour.
  Arm Whips (2.5)

I don't care if they are overplayed as a mug right now, Keane is a fucking good band. Coldplay lite, British pretty boys, choir ladies whatever you want to call them - they still can belt out a fine tune then turn around and whip your ass with a killer ARM WHIP!

First off, that band the Zutons opened. Eh. I was more impressed than I would have thought (only due to their killer drum circle jam towards the end of their set) based on what I have heard of that record. Brits trying to get a sound like the Choral or something. Decent. Oh yeah, Todd Blumenthal is the lead singer too. Not really but we ran into Todd in the lobby of the Roxy where he was looming over the Zutons autograph table and I walked up to him and said "hey, how did you get off of stage so quickly?!" to which he responded with, "I've already had one guy come up to me and tell me I played a kick ass show" - pretty classy.

Keane is almost perfect at writing piano driven songs that make you think of the glory days. The singer's voice is an essential part of what makes this band good, because it is Earnest and you listen to the guy and really think this dude has a good head on his shoulders. So much so that you would follow him into battle. It also stands up live just as well as it does on cd, which is hard. However, what has made me like this band more than anything probably is how the singer acts on stage. He doesn't play an instrument, so he is left in the wasteland to try to not look lame as fuck by dancing with the mic stand and mic. Well this guy has trumped all other singers (maybe I should say all lead singers not from the 80s) with probably the best "move" ever. Initially you see him and you think he is awkward, but then he gets warmed up with a little double mic grip (mic still on the stand)-eyes closed, rockin back and forth, then he will grip a little air and pull it straight back to his chest/stomach like -"feel this". Then there is the, I'm going to nail this note so therefore THRUST MY HAND OUT AND TO THE SIDE LIKE - "DONE, HIT IT!" Seriously though guys, don't get me wrong, these are all awesome as fuck moves, but nothing in comparison to his "the reason I get the bra's ultimate move" - this will knock you on your ass. ARM WHIPS. Almost equivalent to Bob Pollard's leg kick, this guy will take the mike freestanding right as the song is hitting a crescendo, and then run towards his other bandmates and whip his arm (hand in fist) up like he just scored a goal in the Premiership Final! ITS equally hilarious as it is invigorating! The more and more he does it, the more you get pumped to high five, and drink! So we created the Keane drinking game. If you get a full whip, that's a huge gulp. A half whip which is usually just an arm thrust or something, that's a half gulp. Then, here's the flip: At the beginning of each song you look to your friend, and say, "oh, this is a jam, I bet I can get 2.5 good arm whips out of this song." As the song progresses you will find yourself praying for a full WHIP! And trust me 90% of the time, he comes through! Then you make your friend drink his ass off, cause he doubted the WHIPS! Fuckin, half whip beotch.

I tried to find some photos documenting this amazement, and found these. Flip through and take a gander, its worth it! ARM WHIP at your desk as you continue through the pictures!

Keane, great whippin' dudes.

Saturday, January 29, 2005
  Mind Zappa For Sure

In the eighteen months we've lived in Boston, there have been only two events that I've strongly wanted to buy tickets for. One is the U2 concert at the Fleetcenter this May, the other is the Braves-Red Sox series at Fenway the same week. Of course they both went on sale at the exact same time, this morning at ten am, and of course both U2 shows sold out almost immediately. They added a third show, on May 28th, and that sold out within five minutes. Meanwhile, I've been in a Red Sox "Virtual Waiting Room" for fifty minutes now. Once (if?) I get through, I'm not even guaranteed that any of the Braves games will still have tickets available. Legal scalping services run rampant up here, and I'm sure those assholes are the ones snatching all the tickets up. There's a ticket place a block or so away from my apartment. It's in the back of a music store that has this awesome mural of Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, and Jerry Garcia in outer space painted on their storefront. We went in there once just to see how much they were selling REM tickets for. We figured since absolutely nobody gives a shit about REM anymore we could maybe get some relatively cheap tickets. The guy at the counter admitted that there'd been very little demand for the show, and yet they were still asking twice face value for shitty nose-bleed seats.

This seals it. SF's a definite go. I shall zap and be zapt.
Thursday, January 27, 2005
  "Honey, I'm Late"

Ok I am offically one of the last people on earth to not only hear (besides the obvious hits) but to become obsessed with, Steely Dan.
  worst fifteen dollars ever

I just ordered my copy of Bob Pollard's "comedy" album. Review in a few weeks.

It can't be any worse than David Cross's records.
Tuesday, January 25, 2005
  been twelve years since my last blizzard

For once we actually had plans. There was a radio station meeting and some dinner party on Saturday night, and the football games at a friend's house the next day. We were actually going to do something this weekend other than watch tv and go shopping. And then a couple feet of snow got dumped over all our hopes and dreams. It started around three o'clock on Saturday, and didn't let up until almost 24 hours later. So we stayed in, watching the third season of Curb Your Enthusiasm (pretty good), The Graduate (first time; liked it okay), Paul Giamatti on SNL (unspectacular), and the NFC championship (I knew I shouldn't have let myself get excited about football). The missus read a bunch, and I played Metroid Prime 2 until my eyes hurt. I bought a couple of fantasy baseball magazines and dreamed endlessly of Johan Santana (a keeper for both my teams). I didn't have to work yesterday, and so I shovelled our car out of the snow (first time I ever did that, and my arms still hurt). All thoughts of Chinese nationals and dirty bombs disappeared. I only left my house twice over three days. Oh, what an amazing blizzard!
  I have absolutely no opinion on those Oscar things

Of all the major categories (picture, director, actor, actress, screenplay), I've seen one film, and that's only up for actress and screenplay.

C'mon, folks, face it, movies are over. There hasn't been a good one in over a decade. Who gives a shit anymore? Flipbooks are the way to go.
Monday, January 24, 2005
  Messy Ecl Top Ten List Power Rankings

I hope everybody that had designs to turn in a list already did so, because my man Zig up and calculated the dang on results. Check out the e-mail I just got:

"Well, I finally found some free time at work and calculated the power rankings. It didn't take very long at all with my new power rankings formula I like to call RATTNS (reverse assigned top ten numerical score). For the people that didn't rank their lists, I just did the average value for a top ten score which came out to 5.5. Of course, some people thought it would be cool to give a top twelve, so I had to lower the value using GSMNS (guesstimations).

1. Animal Collective - Sung Tongs (55 RATTNS)
2. Joanna Newsom - Milk-Eyed Mender (37 RATTNS)
3. Lil' Flip Scoldjah - Out Francin' Yall (33 RATTNS)
4. Brian Wilson - Smile (24 RATTNS)
5. Devendra Banhart - Rejoicing in the Hands (20 RATTNS)
6. Kanye West - College Dropout (19)
6a. Panda Bear - Young Prayer (19) [I wasn't sure how to include this, since some people listed Animal Collective and Panda Bear as one entry, while some listed them seperately]
7. The Liars - They Were Wrong, So We Drowned (17)
8. Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse (16)
9. Comets On Fire - Blue Cathedral (15)
10. Crime Mob - Criminy (15) [Comets of Fire is ranked ahead since it received more indivual votes]

Barely missing the cut (in RATTNS order): Bugs Eat Books, Ariel Pink, Dungen, Wolf Eyes, Xiu Xiu, and the Fall."

Well, shit. There you have it. OJ, time to start thinking about those mix cd's.
Saturday, January 22, 2005
  MB and Rip's Faves (Oceanchum Repost)


yearender (beginninger)

happy new year, everyone! and but of course!
i thought that i'd drop my top ten records of
2004 here on ye old oceanchum. some topnotch shit
came out this year. here goes:

1. sonic youth - sonic nurse
2. animal collective - sung tongs
3. ariel pink's haunted graffiti - doldrums
4. joanna newsom - the milk-eyed mender
5. devendra banhart - rejoicing in the hands
6. the dears - no cities left
7. arcade fire - funeral
8. tortoise - it's all around you
9. xiu xiu - fabulous muscles
10. the go! team - thunder lightning strike

i'm sure there's great stuff that i'm forgetting, but i do well to remember to flush the toilet after myself, so conjuring up 10 records that i liked in 2004 is quite a feat.

My best of 2004:
hmmmmmm, seems that I have still followed my trend of not keeping up with what's hip or even new, for the most part. my list won't be comprised of totally new stuff, but just stuff that was either re-issued or I picked up this year. Here goes. Also, order is irrelevant.
(1) Crime Mob: "Knuck if you Buck was definitely the crunkest single of the year and the record hits other highs with "Stilletos", "I beat Yo Ass" and "Crunk Inc." were also pretty straight.Too violent, though.
(2) Animal Collective Sung Tongs: Duh....this is probably on everyone's list
(3) Sufjan Stevens: Seven Swans is awesome but I truly dug Greetings from...Michigan. He really turned my interest back towards pop.
(4) Wolf Eyes Burned Mind: Probably not their best but this shit rocks so goddam hard.
(5) Devendra Banhart: Rejoicing in the Hands.... great live show as well
(6)Eddie Gale: Black Rhythm Happening...highly recommended if you dig a little soul and gospel wit yo freedom jazz...It's a Blue Note reissue on 4 Men With Beards. Great soulful female vocals as well.
(7) Ghost:Hypnotic Underworld: I received this one as a gift a month or so ago and it keeps on giving. Best psychadelic folk band around. period. This one kinda reminds me of some of the Leo Smith stuff on Tzadik at times.
(8)KMD: Mr Hood: Okay, this one was reissued back in 2000 or 2001, but it remains the most underrated Daisy era hiphop record ever. Serious shit from the man who is now MFDOOM and DJ Subroc, who died before Black Bastards was suposed to be released.
(9) 600% Dynamite(released near the end of 2003) and Studio One Funk (comps): Soul Jazz reissues are almost always awesome, and these two follow the traidition. 600 Percent Dynamite, the 6th installment in the series (duh!) covers more ground than some of the earlier Dynamites. The title track by Alozade and Hollow Point is probably the most off-the-chain dancehall song I've ever heard. The rest of the cd is kinda all-over the place, ranging from an 80's soulful rendition of "Ready or Not" to some funny techno/reggae song by someone whose name I can't recall. Studio one Funk is pretty awesome, but probably not the best of the Studio One series. The cover of the Shaft theme is pretty ggod, though.
(10) The Black/Grey albums. How could both of these not make the list?
(11) Skygreen Leopards: 1000 Bird Ceremony. Part of the Jewelled Antler Collective, the San Francisco hippies go out into nature to record their acoustic psychadelic pop. Yep, that's really a goat or sheep baaahhhhing on the first track. Yep, those are real birds and yep, this isn't from the late 60's. Good mood stuff for the green of mind. Ya dig?
Other mentionables that crossed my path this year: The Homosexuals (reissued at the end of 2003), Arial Pink, Ludacris(red light district), Kanye West (College Dropout), The Third Unheard (a Connecticut hiphop comp. circa 1980-82 on Stones Throw) and ??????????
Friday, January 21, 2005
  forgot about "out francein' y'all"

Lil' Flip Scoldjah should be pretty high up on my list there.
  a snort off my own hose

I know y’all’ve been waiting for this shit, and I apologize for taking so long. But you’ve got to understand one thing: I’m a busy man. Every day I have countless obligations to fulfill. People are counting on me. Who’s going to read that newspaper, if I don’t do it? Who will stand up for our right to take a longer lunch, if we want to, if I’m not out there, every day, staying out for an extra fifteen, maybe thirty, minutes? Shit, guys. Metroid Prime II Echoes isn’t going to beat itself. There’s much more going on in my life than this stupid on-line opinion stuff. Hell, if you guys were working hard like me you wouldn’t even have time to complain about my lack of posting, much less actually read whatever shit I do throw up here. So get off my back, Sean, ‘cuz it’s starting to hurt, and really, you don’t want to be around me when my back starts to hurt, ‘cuz I can really get slightly kind of annoying, sort of.

I don’t have anything new to add, anyway. My favorite records have all been written up by somebody else here over the last few weeks. I doubt my recommendation will finally inspire somebody to go give Joanna Newsom a listen. But what the shit, let’s give it a crack of the ol’ leather.

In no real order, of course.

Animal Collective: Sung Tongs
Panda Bear: Young Prayer
Collectively the record of the year. I wouldn’t say that Sung Tongs is dramatically better than previous AC albums, but it feels more fully realized as an album. Corralling their indescribable sound into more straight-forward, song-like forms led to their most consistently listenable record, which pretty much dominated my jambox from April on. One of only four cds I uploaded to my work pc’s hard drive, for eternally ready access. And for people who say that these guys are too contrived and precious and are not earnest or passionate, I say listen to Young Prayer, and repent.

Joanna Newsom: The Milk-Eyed Mendor
I was supremely skeptical. Everything I had read primed me for some totally affected, pretentious, self-satisfied art project, devoid of feeling and sincerity. Instead The Milk-Eyed Mendor is beautiful and enchanting and transfixing and all that shit. If Cat Power’s mental problems didn’t feel forced and half-assed she’d maybe be half as good as Ms. Newsom.

Liars: They Were Wrong, So We Drowned
Excellent noise-prog no-wave pop music. Infinitely creepier than anything in Salem, which is the cheesiest town north, east, or west of Orlando.

The Mae Shi: Terrorbird
The Mae Shi’s schizophrenic debut is almost a guilty pleasure for me. I recognize that it isn’t really as good as I give it credit for, but I’ve probably listened to it more than any other record this year, outside of Sung Tongs. If any band represents the ideals that Twilight Delirium should stand for, it’s these guys, much more so than the France, even.

The Fall: The Real New Fall LP, FKA Country on the Click
The Fall’s been pretty consistently okay the last decade or so. They’ve had a couple of highlights in that time, though, and this is one of ‘em.

Oneida: Secret Wars
Another great record from what’s probably my favorite band. Not as strong as 2002’s Each One Teach One, but that’s one of the two or three best records of the century thus far, so that’s understandable.

Wolf Eyes: Burned Mind
Gives me a headache, but it’s all fucking good. I like taking them pills.

Paivansade: Puhalluspelto
Primitive forest folk from Scandinavia. True Nordic blood. They’ve got one eye and an eight-legged horse to see them through. Could be half-assed fucking around, but if so, is of the highest order.

Comets on Fire: Blue Cathedral
Ridonkulous noise-boogie. As heavy as a few dozen of them fat twins on motorbikes. Probably more accessible than Field Recordings from the Sun, but none the worse for wear.

Volcano the Bear: The Idea of Wood
Beautiful, haphazard cabaret-noise-folk. Seems constantly on the verge of collapse, but never wavers. A right stinker.

Also dug: Crystal Fantasy/Hair Police split 10”; Arktinen Hysteria comp; Les Savy Fav: Inches compilation; Black Dice: Creature Comforts; Sonic Youth: Sonic Nurse; those Devendra Banhart records; Summer Hymns: Fool’s Gold ep; Acid Mothers Temple: Mantra of Love; Dead Raven Choir: Selenocast Wolves; Klondike and York: Holy Book; Demos Yellow Swans: Live in the Police State Capital.

Not so hot: Wilco: A Ghost is Born; Sunburned Hand of the Man: Rare Wood; Guided by Voices: Half-Smiles of the Decomposed.

Almost admirable in its abject awfulness: Gwen Stefani: Love. Angel. Music. Baby..

Best record I played on by a band I haven’t been in for four years: Bugs Eat Books: Ghosts of Leaves.
  Scalpel to the face...

Creative Loafing has a great piece on New Jack (former "gang" leader of Extreme Championship Wrestling) on its cover this week. The story is very interesting and delves well into the story of New Jack stabbing a fellow wrestler 14 times in the ring last October. It also talks about another match which is wildly referred to as the goriest match in US history involving sir NJ. New Jack is another reason ATLANTA rules all.

A quote from the article:
Kulas collapses on his back, bleeding profusely. The camera takes a close-up. Blood gushes out of the wound like an oil strike. An emergency medical technician rushes into the ring, trying to staunch the bleeding with pieces of gauze, her hands trembling. Jack is prowling the ring, shouting to the audience, saying he didn't come all the way to Boston to lose to a "white cracker." He puts a foot on Kulas' stomach, shouting, "I don't give a fuck" if he bleeds to death.

  Are Camper Van Beethoven the Stupidest People Ever?

It must suck to get your gear stolen. To have it happen twice in a matter of months, though, points to some greater underlying problems.
  Athens on the Rise

You know, Athens can be a real slippery motherfucker. And that's a big part of what I miss about the place. As expected from a town inhabited by people, the social/music/bar/art/restaurant/college sports scenes are always in flux. Out of the blue a landmark restaurant, band, venue or party house will close up shop or a star athlete or coach will go pro or get his ass fired. But unlike other places, the ATH doesn't waste any time feeling sorry for itself. Hunan closed, but now the city's blessed with Fowlhorns. Good old Skye starts getting old, we get Billy Bennet just chillin' and running sound at shows. Blue sky closed, and that double barrel cannon got together with the tree that owns itself, and guess what they came up with? Mother fucking hot corner, that's what. So now if you find yourself on the 40 Watt side of Washington kicking it late night, enjoying some Buds with some buds and you get the page from the fowlhorn wangs you ate a few hours earlier, don't worry. There's no reason to cut then night short because blue sky's clean toilets are no longer at your disposal. Just saunter on up to Hot Corner. Clean toilets and open 24 hours. Man, what a town.

Anyway, Back in December I should have known the old town had something up its sleeve when I left the unofficial XXXXmas after party party at 6am only to be told by S.G. things were still ragin' at 10am. And then the following night me and my pal MB found ourselves finessing beer out of a tapless keg with a screwdriver whilst marveling at the newfound camaraderie that seems to have developed between some of the frat types and the college radio crowd.

Well something was up. And here's what it is -- The Olivia Tremor Control is getting back together. The town was just responding with approval and festivity. Now, I love this band despite the fact one of its leaders can be pretty flakey. They've blown my mind live and on record and I hope their reunion isn't just a one off show in England. Any why are they playing in England? Cuz Vinny "Mouthfucker" Gallo asked them to reunite for his weekend at this year's All Tomorrow's Parties Festival.

Go Dawgs!
Thursday, January 20, 2005
  How 'bout some help biatches

So as most of you know I work at this radio station WNNsomething, and there is a show that comes on every morning at 9 called...hold it now...the 90's at 9. What I wanted to find out was if there were some awesome 90's songs that needed to get rocked on that show. Y'alls need to step up with some gems, 'cause I'm gonna compile a list and those jams will begun to get brought. And fuck off with the obvious shit like "cannonball" and "cut your hair." We need some tight requests like the second Blind Melon single on that No Rain album, or Dig's "Why don't you believe." I want to see what you guys can bring to the table. We should easily be able to break the comment record on this one. I think it stands at 74 or something. No excuses. Step it up!
  This Thursday is Fuckin' Killer!

Today’s been the best day ever! It’s warmed up, all the way to 21! The sidewalk on the bridge to work wasn’t shoveled, so I got to hear that awesome crunching sound the whole way! And we got this new temp, Carlo, who’s the greatest guy ever! He let me borrow his date-stamper. And he brought a box of Munchkins in today! What a swell fella. Here’s a pic!

Who knew folks in Boston could be so sweet?
Wednesday, January 19, 2005
  Crewsin' 4 A Brewsin' 04 Styles and Smiles

Crews sent this to me electronically and asked that I make it public.

15. Of Montreal: Satanic Panic in the Attic – One of my students gave me a copy and said it was different and better than their other stuff and I have to agree. Its pretty dancey and, dare I say, rocking, at times

14. The Streets: A gram don’t come for free – This is rare that I actually like a hip-hop album, but this is pretty different than most stuff. Probably not worthy of The Beat, but really, other than DJ, who gives a shit about The Beat? “Dry your eyes” is one of the better melodramatic songs in a while. “Fit, but you know it” is funny.

13. Fiery Furnaces: Blueberry Boat – This made the list because I really like them live.

12. Camera Obscura: Underachievers Please Try Harder – Really good pop. This entry has a sub-entry of Biggest Blue Hi-Fi which was a great re-release on Merge.

11. Arcade Fire: Funeral – Once again a band that is better live than on album, but in this case the album is still really good. This band has so much hype, that their show in Chapel Hill in a couple of weeks sold out around Christmas time.

10. Joanna Newsom: Milk-Eyed Mendor – Weird year in which I saw lots of bands/performers that I had never heard of and was blown away. Joanna Newsom was fucking incredible and this cd is really great.

9. Devendra Banhart: Rejoicing in the Hands - He was the headliner of the Joanna Newsom show and had a tough act to follow, but damn, that hippie can turn a tune. Me and my friends in Houston also convinced him to do keg stands before he left. This record is really good, particularly “This Beard Is For Siobhan” and “This is the Way”

8. Bugs Eat Books: Ghosts of Leaves – Rob can write good songs. If he didn’t sing like someone stomped on his throat this would be better (jus kidding). Bugs Eat Books writes great songs that are lyrically really awesome.

7. Lil’ Flip Scoldjah: Out Francin Y’all – I got flip-scolded!

6. Brian Wilson: Smile – Yeah, he pulled it off. Something kind of makes me feel like it shouldn’t have been done. Its like straightening the leaning tower of Pisa or something. I like that I had a bootleg copy and it was incredible, now everyone has this record. Still one of the greatest records of all time.

5. Bonnie Prince Billy: sings Greatest Palace Music – Palace, Nashville-Style. Great classics with some good ol’ county music.

4. The Thrills: Let’s Bottle Bohemia – Lost in the shuffle of “the” bands this band is really good. This record and their previous one, So Much for the City, are really awesome. I recommend them to everybody.

3. the Delgados: Universal Audio – The song “Everybody Come Down” is one of my favorites of the year. This band has always flown just under my radar, but I finally gave these Scots a chance and listened to their record and then saw their show and they are good, Pop rules.

2. Mountain Goats: We Shall All Be Healed – One of my homies, fellow Durham-ite John Darnielle delivers on this album. Great songs but the added bonus of less tape-hiss than usual. Don’t hate because he finally went into a studio and also added a few instruments here and there. I saw him play recently with John Vanderslice and band and dammit, if he didn’t stand-up and rock a few numbers. Fucking Awesome

1a and 1b. Pavement: Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain and Guided by Voices: Bee Thousand- Yeah, they’re technically re-issues, but fuck it! Its my list, dammit!

  TO Fucks With Falcons

Pretty funny.
  Lord - NO!

You've seen her on the Surreal Life as a fuckin' cracked out mercenary. Well now Chyna, one time queen of the WWF, has pretty much hit rock bottom. Elliott found this link to a review of her SEX tape! WTF?! You have to go read this review, it will have you laughing out out loud, for sure. Might not be the best link to check at work, I think this is some porn movie review page or something.
Tuesday, January 18, 2005
  The Streak Ends....

at 6. A good run. For the past six times that I have eaten at this one sandwich shop nearby my office (between the months of October and January), I have heard Michael McDonald! That truly is astonishing if you think about it. The store has some smooth jazz station piped in that is absolutely terrible except for the pristine moments McD is jammin this "juke" joint. I can even throw them a curve ball and show up at 1:15 and still...McD comes through clear as a bell with a "Shine Sweet Freedom" or "Yah Mo B There". Every time for the past six visits!

Today I walked in and immediately knew that something wasn't right. I'm hearing "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips! What in the holy hell? Are there new workers that don't know the protocol? Did they see me coming and were sick of my singing out loud on top of the table with my shirt off bearing my McBUD tat, thus forcing them to change the station as I was walking through the parking lot?! Why did they break routine?

Well they broke routine in a bold manner by blasting another station. B-mutherfuckin-98.5 FM. The station you listen to in ATL when you are trying to get a 60+ year old in bed with you (yet also the one I listened to a lot while trying to think of good cover songs to release on Tittania!). Thinking to myself while I was sitting there, bewildered: "This sandwich factory is going down today. Hard. If they are going to "KEEP FORGETTIN'" to play some MCD when I roll up, then I might just "TAKE IT TO THE STREETS" and "KEEP FORGETTIN'" to come here for lunch." I mean I think I had a justifiable reason to be pissed, right? In mid lunch, reading some literature...no McD...they play...."Man! I feel like a Woman!" by Shania...I take a sip of my drink...no McD...they play..."Young Turks" by Rod Stewart...amazing song, just no McD. So finally I had to concede, I gather my things and head towards the door.

I left the store not feeling as full as normal.
I left the store - hungry, and crying like a litte bitch.
Saturday, January 15, 2005
  What's Tops To Me '04 Rewind

Stuff I liked best this past year. Presented in no order.

V/A -- Nice Up The Dance
Soul Jazz went and dug up some more mind blowing tunes. This comp focuses on Dancehall/Hip Hop fusion type stuff, and man does it wail. My fav track is "synthesizer voice" featuring Pompidu and his so gruff voice. It makes Prince Far I sound smooth as Sade. This one should be required listening for the members of Still Flyin'. It'll totally help out that dude who wrote Jah Va.

Bugs Eat Books -- Ghosts of Leaves
I can't get enough of this record. Thanks for tossing a copy my way last summer, Rob. It's been in ultra heavy rotation ever since. I agree with what SA wrote about this one.

Drive By Truckers -- The Dirty South
Not sure if this one is for everyone who reads this weblog, but I think it's great. Southern Rock, and man, can they tell some tales. Songs of moonshine, gambling, drug running and Buford Pusser.

Crime Mob -- Crime Mob
Crime Mob does not beat around the bush. These kids from Ellenwood Area are just too crunk for metaphor or clever wordplay. They lay it out plain and simple with songs like "I'll Beat Your Azz," "Knuck if U Buck," and "Stillettos (Pumps)."

v/a -- The Third Unheard: Connecticut Hip Hop 1979-1983
Old Connecticut rap compilation put together by Peanut Butter Wolf. Ultimate party jams from Mr. Magic and the 11 year old Pookie Blow.

Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf -- Big Shots
Another killer reish from P.B Wolf's stone's throw label. These dudes were signed to a major in the early 90's and just as this record was set to drop and blow the lid off the world, Charizma died and the record was shelved. Some great stuff on here. Recurring subjects include apple juice and hitting skins.

Animal Collective -- Sung Tongs / Panda Bear -- Young Prayer
As good as everyone says. If the song "Our Prayer" on Smile lasted 40 minutes, you'd have P. Bear's "Young Prayer." And Sean, what the fuck kind of classical music are you listening to? this shit ain't no Mozart! maybe xenakis or stockhaussen's orchestral stuff?

Aerial Pink -- Haunted graffiti
This is the first record I've heard in a long time that initially struck me as "weird." I don't think I can even accurately describe this one. Sounds kinda like ELO recorded on an answering machine, with beatboxed drum sounds. A Fave of the Animal Collective.

--- side story connecting 2 entries on my list ---
so I'm browsing the jan '05 ish of "fader" mag looking for the cover article on Dungen, but berore I get the scoop on the sweed, I find an up and coming artist profile on Aerial Pink. It's one of those bands on the rise things. Ol' Pink seems much more coherent that I expected. Oh well. so I turn the page to find a similar article on that Athens' band the Whigs, and they're just chillin at Calente cab. Unexpected. but when I actually read the thing I realize that half the article is them talking about their friend Billy Bennett and how they played on the Jomo Jam cruise this past year. While I can't say I'm a huge fan of their music, I do admire their choice of friends, residence and lifestyle.

Dungen -- Ta Det Lungt
Turned on to this one by SA days before the year ended. Found a copy in Wuxtry. Rulz.

Brian Wilson -- Smile
Like everyone else, I was totally amazed that the awful idea of completing Smile 30 years later actually worked. And worked so well it did.

Joanna Newsome -- The Milk-Eyed Mender
What's not to like about a lil' harp playing elf singing about blowjobs given in roadside ditches?

Devendra Banhart - all that '04 stuff Pete Seeger for the LSD crowd.

Songs I just couldn't get enough of:

Huffman Prairie Flying Field -- Guided By Voices
The last song on GBV's final record. A fitting end to the band's discograpy. While the 4 or 5 preceding songs kinda suck, this one blazes righteously into forever. A near perfect anthem. Bob Pollard sounds so tired as he sings the final refrain of "for far too long" which goes on for about a minute and a half before fading out. But honestly this hook wouldn't get old even if it went on for an hour.

Little Rage -- The Mice
Another great band from Ohio. They put out 2 records in the 80's which were just recently reissued. Anyway, this is just a great pop song worth checking out.

Snoop Dogg -- Drop it like it's hot
I really like this one for its pro-gang message.

Alozade and Hollow Point -- Under Mi Sensi
This song is featured on the comp 600% Dynamite, and I'm not sure if it even came out in 2004, but I was introduced to its might in MB's Mazda Tribute early last January on the way to Jay and Amy's post new year's fondu/karaoke-a-thon. The song, which is some sort of odd electro-funk-reggae thing with a speak and spell into about cocaine and marijuana, set the tone for the night, except the cocaine and marijuana were replaced by gin and those giant steely japanese beers and falling down on the MJQ dancefloor. The night was a real barn burner (Alozade and Hollow Point deserve some of the credit) that could only rightly be followed up with a rejuvenating trip to endless shrimp at Red Lobster the next afternoon.

Jay Z -- 99 Problems (Dangermouse version)
The Rick Reuben version is pretty good, but this one jsut blows it out of the water and gets me really riled up.
Friday, January 14, 2005
  newspaper wars

I wish every city could have at least two major daily newspapers, so that the inevitable petty sniping and backbiting could be enjoyed by Americans everywhere. A big brouhaha has broken out up here over the last ten days or so. The New York Times Company, the Boston Globe's corporate overlord, announced last week that they were buying 49% of the Boston Metro from their Scandinavian owners. The Metro is a free weekday tabloid best known locally for its single paragraph stories and as the most efficient source of subway litter ever devised by man. They also employ the most annoying newspaper barkers I've ever encountered. The Metro is truly a most pathetic excuse for a newspaper; it makes the Red and Black look like the London Times. Since the Metro's introduction to Boston a few years ago, the circulation of rival (and not free) tabloid the Boston Herald has plummetted, forcing them to try several different makeovers. For a while, apparently, the Herald even tried to write about real news, and not just focus on local sports, spectacular crime, and why the liberals want to rape Jesus. Seriousness failed as miserably as everything else they tried, though, so eventually they reverted back to a typically shrill, pandering, and inflammatory tabloid. That might be a disservice to the intelligence and understanding of their readership, but it guarantees at least one headline a week that just fuckin rocks.

Anyway, the Globe and the Herald have been mortal enemies for years, and although both were taking some massive hits, the Herald was struggling mightily even before those meddlesome Swedes and their Metro struck at the Herald's bread and butter. When the Times Company announced they were buying into the Metro, and would share some editorial resources between that paper and the Globe, the Herald, somewhat understandably, went ballistic, and threatened an antitrust lawsuit, despite owning over one hundred local and regional paperes throughout Massachusetts and New England. This is all pretty boring stuff, to be sure, unless you're interested in the internecine squabbles between two dying dinosaurs.

But then, this past Monday, a story broke on MediaChannel.org about racist jokes told by Metro executives at various company meetings. The folks at the Herald, who obviously aren't as stupid as they believe their readership to be, broke out the Pearl Harbor font-size for Tuesday's headline about the Metro's institutional racism. The Herald has had two headlines about it this week, and if you didn't know better you'd think it was the biggest story since Fatty Arbuckle mislocated his bottle. The Herald has been screaming with the sort of moral indignation they normally reserve for Catholic priest abuse scandals and John Kerry campaigns. The Globe, meanwhile, can barely tear itself away from its costume balls and society luncheons to offer a response, while the general populace of Boston refuses to give even a fraction of an iota of a shit. One Swede got canned, another got relocated (and promoted), but the Herald, and the African American groups it usually despises but is currently aligned with, are not placated. The African American groups rightfully demand an overhaul of the Metro's corporate culture, whereas the Herald won't rest until the Metro has been eviscerated, burned to the ground, and its barren fields salted and paved. It is all very trivial, unimportant stuff, but due to the Herald's reliable awesomeness at exaggeration and crisis manufacturing, it's been an interesting story to keep an eye on the last few days.

Dan Kennedy at the Boston Phoenix (which is about as hopeless as the Herald and Metro) has been doing a good job of covering this whole situation from the start over at his media log.


The NFL handed out its fines this week for incidents that occurred over the first weekend of the playoffs. The two major ones were handed to Randy Moss and Eric Barton (linebacker for the Jets). This shit just baffled me on so many fucking levels.

Randy Moss was fined $10,000 for the above picture. After scoring his second touchdown in the Vikings trouncing of Green Bay at Lambeau, moss turned his ass towards the Green Bay fans and fake mooned them. No skin was exposed and moss got his lil' groove on to the "boooooos" of the Green Bay faithful. No harm done, just some good shit talking between division rivals. (This was Sunday)

On Saturday night in the Wild Card game between the San Diego Chargers & New York Jets a far worse "fineable" action occurred. During what turned out to be one of the most exciting games of the entire season, on what turned out to be NOT the last play of the game...Jets linebacker Eric Barton practically decapitated San Diego QB Drew Brees. It was 4th down very late in the 4th quarter and the Chargers were down by 7 points, they were on the jets 10 yard line (roughly) and San Diego HAD to score a touchdown to tie the game and force an overtime. Needless to say a pretty important moment in the game. Brees hikes the ball drops back and two of the Jets linebackers break through the line to chase him down. With his last hope, Brees lets a pass fly high into the endzone as Eric Barton is tackling him. The pass falls incomplete and as Brees is being tackled by Eric Barton, Barton swings through the tackle with his forearm and elbow and hits Brees incredibly hard right across the side of his helmet. The play was over, Brees had gotten rid of the ball, but Barton wanted to put an exclamation point on this win. Luckily enough, there was an official right behind the play and they penalized Barton for roughing the passer after his abusive hit. (I tried to find a photo of this as well, but couldnt find one.) San Diego gets a first down and 4 more tries at the end zone, which they reach on a beautiful pass to Antonio Gates (brang his shit). So in essence, the game should have been over a few plays before, but Barton fucked up and San Diego capitalized on his mistake, forcing OVERTIME! (San Diego ended up losing after their kicker missed a gimmie field goal in OT, damn it!)

The NFL fined Barton $7,500 (which HE IS APPEALING!?!?)

Here is what gets me. The fucking dumbasses at the NFL, want only one thing. To be bigger than any player that plays the game (probably the reason Ricky Williams is living his hippy dreams). They don't allow players to remove their helmets on the field (while the cameras are on them) and other dipshit rules like this to ensure that no player gets more popular than the game. So what do they do? Fine a player for doing a dumb celebration dance MORE SO than they do a player who takes a cheap shot and almost takes a fucking QBs head off, THUS ALTERING THE OUTCOME OF A PLAYOFF GAME! ALTERING THE FUCKING GAME! This just makes no fucking sense whatsoever to me!
Thursday, January 13, 2005


If yall dont know, now ya do. Say hello to Tracy Byrd. Country Music's newest "hilari-rocker". I cant believe I didnt put Tracy's album "The Truth About Men" in my top ten! DAMN IT! The opening track is a doosey. Drinkin' Bone. Simply put, the most greatest and great song ever written. Tracy has the biggest balls in all of country music, fuck Toby Keith. This dude is hard knocks.

A sample of the lyrics from a great tune, Drinkin' Bone:

"Weeeeeeeell it's Friday evenin' six o'clock
Aaaand all my friends are twistin' off
I'm at the house just turnin' on T.V.
And they all wonder why I’ve changed
How many times must I explain
It's basic honky tonk anatomy....(get ready for a mind extraction!)

The drinkin' bone is connected to the party bone
The party bone's connected to the stayin' out all night long
And she won't think it's funny
And I'll wind up all alone
And the lonely bone's connected to the drinkin' bone"

Fuckin' genius.
I should really post this song to the MP3 Extension. I'll get on that.

Fuckin run to this place tomorrow:
Atlanta, GA
Friday 1/14/2005
Wild Bills
2075 Market Street


  The Most Mighty Bailiff

Happy 62nd birthday you turnip dick!*

*Richard Moll does not have a turnip for a prick.
  Fantasy Night Nut

Google Image Search might be the best waste of time, alive. The game which I have dubbed: Fantasy Night Nut is soon to be sweeping the nation. Oh and yes, fuck you, I am the first fucking person to think of this. Ramrod Pencil Tank.

1) Go to google image search.
2) Type in the most fucking random phrase imaginable
3) Laugh your can off

Now everyone be off and try it. Post in the comments what was the most fruitful phrase that won you office laughs.
Below is the image that comes from the following phrase:

Alien Mud Altoid

  Zombie Bob, Mon

This Just In From Ice, At CNN:

On his 60th birthday, his mission will be complete. He will finally become a african zombie on the land given to his people by their living god.

And to celebrate they are going to have a huge concert which is going to be broadcast "in Africa and Beyond" WHOA!

Bob Marley, will rise again.
Wednesday, January 12, 2005
  everything we know about dinosaurs is a lie

except for the fact that they kick eternal ass.
  it makes the airport bearable

As a part of their year-in-review coverage, the Flagpole asked their writers to submit a list of their favorite sounds of the year. I wasn’t able to get anything turned in on time (I was too busy making up for all the years I’d been saving myself for marriage), but that doesn’t really matter, because there was only one sound I truly loved in 2004. I had to hang out at Hartsfield (or whatever they’re calling it now) on a few occasions this year, in April, July, and August, and every time I found myself entranced by the hum made by those auto-compacting trash-cans they have. It took me an hour to realize what the tone was the first time I encountered it; every five minutes or so I would hear this mechanical whirring, followed by a bright, inviting drone that would last for a few seconds. It almost felt like a flash of light more than a sound. It made me think of warm autumn afternoons, riding in the back of a wagon full of hay, rolling over verdant fields covered in red and orange leaves. I had no idea where it was coming from, and for a while I thought I was maybe going insane and hearing things in my head. I was both relieved and excited when I found out what was making the sound. I am proud to live in a country that has musical trash-cans that sound like LaMonte Young. In the future, radio, tv, and the internet will be replaced as the prime disseminators of popular music by automatic trash-cans, and at that time a new era of American cultural preeminence shall have arrived. Even if the damn things are made in Japan or somewhere.
Tuesday, January 11, 2005

How will I get my McDonalds 100% White Meat Chicken McNuggets?
Friday, January 07, 2005
  Wait a Minute, Chester

I think there are more proper names in the Band's "The Weight" than in every Bob Dylan song and British indie-rock song-title combined.
Thursday, January 06, 2005
  A Hippy Moment, Joint Me....

So last night while crusing on my way to see Life Aquatic, I was jammin' some tunes on my new sirius satelite radio (mondo props to my lady, dude)! Well one of the stations on this said radio is called "Jam On" - leaning towards current and older jam music. A pretty cool station to say the least. All the new shit of course sucks (phish, moe, string cheese - probably the reason I dont listen to this station more), but you can hear some pretty awesome live Dead and older late 60's/early 70's mind expanding jams from the likes of Flying Burrito Brothers, New Riders Of the Purple Sage, the Allmans among others.

Here is where it gets weird. Bill Walton (yes the famed NBA star and apparently king shit among the hierarchy of all dead heads) hosts a show every saturday night on JAM ON. Its a show dedicated to the best of live Grateful Dead from all the way back. This dude sounds soo hopped up on air, but the music he plays is pretty awesome. Last night's re-air of the new year's day brodcast was focused on the closing of Bill Graham's Winterland concert hall in San Fran.

They closed the doors on 12/31/78 and the dead (and New Riders Of the Purple Sage!) played the club's final show. Man, the dead was rippin' that night.

Some good licks and a good buzz. I left my car to enter the movie and returned and the band was still jamming! More tickling of the brain if you will. More awesome licks. When the jam ended, Walton returned to introduce a "set" from '73 where the Dead jammed a little with brothers Allman. Walton was giddy. This was the only brodcast that I had ever heard him do that didnt involve basketball so I was really intrigued at how weird he sounded. So he signs off into the song with...the following..."well ladies and gentlemen, sit back with your kind and let the Dead and the Allmans take you higher on this "MOUNTAIN JAM""....I was cracking up. The song actually ruled. Oh, totally fucking hippie-fried but still some pretty good interchanges b/w Jerry and Gregg.

***yes i totally realize this post is ridiculous.
Wednesday, January 05, 2005
  please explain something to me

Why the fuck does anyone like the Fiery Furnaces. This band is so incredibly iritating I want to punture my ears with a pencil. "Taco-Lettuce crunch" shut the fuck up! AHHHH

I've already spent way too much time on this list- especially when considering how many of these albums I haven't heard yet (The Streets, Futureheads, RTX, Comets on Fire, Dungen, and The Arcade Fire (though I did just order that last album after hearing only one song, "Neighborhood #2 (Laika)"). Since it's occasionally difficult for me to put things in a definite order, I've simply broken my list into tiers and then organized them alphabetically.

Honorable Mentions:
Animal Collective: Maybe this would have been higher on my list if I hadn't heard that it was the "Album of the Year" by about 10 different people before listening to it. There are some fantastic songs on here ("Leaf House" is one of my favorite songs of the year), but the album's a bit too uneven to make it into a higher echelon for me.

Brian Wilson: I just got this one recently, so I haven't been able to listen to it enough quite yet. This one might be higher in a few weeks.

The Fiery Furnaces: This is definitely the most original album of the year and I'm continually surprised and amazed by it when I listen to it. But it loses a few points with me because I have to be in the right mood to listen to it.

Kanye West: Yep, Hillary was right on this guy from Day 1. While he won't ever be as wacky and interesting as Andre 3000, this album's pretty damned awesome in its own right.

Secret Machines: There are some pretty epic songs on this record and I'm looking forward to their upcoming show.

Sonic Youth: Had Murray Street not been so great, Sonic Nurse might have been higher on this list.

The Walkmen: I know that there's a backlash against bands like this now, but song for song, this is one of the most solid albums of the year. I'm pretty amazed by how much mileage they get out of so few words on their more recent single, “Little House of Savages” (which is also one of my favorite songs of the year).

Numbers 2 –
5:Joanna Newsome: Hillary gave this album to me a couple of weeks ago and I listened to it on the drive home to Warner Robins, which was probably the perfect way to hear it since this is one of the most emotional albums of the year.

The Liars: I was pretty shocked by how much I ended up liking this album- one of the few things that really lived up to the hype for me this year.

Lil Flip Scoldjah: If only the Masta Cylindaz would have been as good as this album…sigh. If we suck again next year, I may have to retire from the Footbizzle League out of guilt for letting Croxton down.

Xiu Xiu: Like the Animal Collective's entry, this album's a tad bit uneven. However, the highs are higher on Fabulous Muscles and I tend to respect or admire its lows moreso than on Sung Tongs. Besides, “I Luv the Valley” is my favorite song of the year.

Album of the Year:Loretta Lynn – Van Lear Rose: There's not a single song on this album that isn't good—at the very least. And half of them are great. As a matter of fact, this album's so great that it's one of the reasons that I recently rejoined BMG; I wanna hear some of Lynn's older stuff now. Not liking the White Stripes and/or Jack White is not a reason to avoid this album. If anything, it's more of a reason to go back and re-listen to the White Stripes to give them more attention.

  Putting '04 to rest

OK, so I finally got around to doing a list also, and while I don't have the patience to write as much as DJ did about each record, I thought I would toss a few notes about why I liked these records.

1. Interpol - Antics
Working at a radio station, I find myself coming home with handfulls of records practically everyday, but more often than not I will give a record a listen or two and then leave it be. With the new Interpol record I found myself coming back to it again and again. I wanted to put records on this list that I knew I was going to be able to enjoy for years to come, not just to be able to name drop cool bands here and there. Say what you want about Interpol, but at the end of the day they write great songs and put on a fantastic live show. My favorite thing about this record is that it's only 10 songs deep, so I really feel like I get to spend time with them and not have the gems get lost in a record that 18 tracks deep or 75 minutes long. Keep up the good work men, you have yet to dissapoint.

2. Mastodon - Leviathan
Another reason the ATL is never going to called Atlantis. The greatest metal band in the world, Mastodon calls this place home. They wrote a record based around Moby Dick, how fucking rad is that. I'm going o be checking these guys out on New Years at the Clairmont Lounge. Aparently, they are only the fourth band to ever play there besides Shellac, Smoke and the Rent Boys. That could be some misinformation, but but either way they will be bringing in the new year proppa like. For those of you that normally don't like metal, there will be a song of theirs on the Year end best of comp, so listen with open ears. They are an amazingly complex band, and even though you probably can't understand them the lyrics aren't your typical metal bad fare. (p.s. I saw them they ruled.)

3. The Streets - A Grand Don't Come For Free
No this isn't just a white dude from England rapping. Mike Skinner is an amazing story teller and his concept album about losing $1000 only to find it in the back of his television is brilliant. I wish the version of "Dry Your Eyes" with Chris Martin was the one that made the record, but oh well. I also gotta say that all the English chicks on the records sound really hot. They probably aren't though. Oh well. Cheers on a great record Mike, but watch the gambling bro, I heard you've got a bit of a problem.

4. Kanye West - College Dropout
Thankfully someone came along to shake up the mainstream hip-hop scene. Kanye's unique production was a breath of freah air on the radio, and the depth of his record was suprising coming from Roc-A -Fella. Kanye also stepped up the hip-hop style ditchin' the throwbacks for some Izods. College Dropout is also a record that has song after song that rules. I think there were 6 singles released off this record and some of those songs asre great, there are at least 6 other tracks that I liked better than Jesus Walks or Slow Jamz. It'll be intersting to see how he follows all the hype.

5. Je Suis France – Tittania EP
I hope Ryan, Chris and Sean enjoyed this as much as I did. Nice work gents.

6. The Fall – The Real New Fall LP
Sparta F.C. is probably one of my favorite songs of the year, so is this album. I didn’t really start getting into these guys until this year. Not too shabby for an old geezer and a bunch of hired guns

7. Guided By Voices – Half Smiles of the Decomposed
Speaking of old geezers. I didn’t dislike this record as much as a lot of other people did. Sure it’s not their best, but a great record none the less. I wish I could have been there at the last show.

8. Comets on Fire – Blue Cathedral
DJ wrote a better review than I could

9.Death From Above 1979 – You're a Woman, I'm a Machine
This beats ass. (Period)

10.Secret Machines – Now Here Is Nowhere
I want to see what these dudes will be able to do to follow up this record. I think they are amazing, but I think I’m more interested to see where they can take it from here. They have the potential to anything, especially from a live perspective. Both times I’ve seen them they have been really good, but I think that they could add so much more to make it a total mind fuck show. Solid official debut
Tuesday, January 04, 2005
  "We're Finally Here, And Shit Yeah Its Cool!"

Guided By Voices.
December 31, 2004
The Metro - Chicago, IL
Last Show Ever!

Warning, this is going to be a long post, but fuck - the show itself clocked in at about 4 hrs and 15 minutes so what can you fucking expect.

So we get there at about 9...been frontloading (of course) since about 6 so we were ready to be flipped - cause, shit - not only was it new years eve, but also GBV's last freaking show of all time. Dutiful fans owed it to them. After said frontloading upon immediate arrival I headed straight for the bathroom (fuck yes another bathroom tale!). Why am I telling you this, only because I was wearing a freaking pair of pants that I never wear, and now I remember why. Leaving the bathroom my zipper freaking broke on my pants. Leaving me in a serious situation. So I then haul ass upstairs to the main room of the venue and chill in the corner until Laura came back upstairs. On the way up some dude passes me on the way down, points at my crotch and says, "DUDE!". Fuck, as if I didnt know! So after properly freaking out on Laura, she kindly finds some helpful soul in the bathroom with a safety pin. Saved. Able to rock. Sufficiently ready to get loaded.

"Detroit rock" band The Go opened the show and to be honest I thought this was completely unnecessary. Decent set, but why don't you either let GBV play for 5 hrs, or get an opener that is worthy, like the Who. I have The Go's first record, and its pretty good - its just not something that I want to see when Im freaking amped beyond belief. In the balcony while The Go was playing, GBV was hanging with their entire posse. All the old members, friends, etc. No sightings of Billy Corgan reading poetry (sorry Licky).

They finished and the turnaround for GBV was pretty quick. The lights went out and what came shining through the darkness but none other than THE CLUB IS OPEN sign. Place went fucking crazy. The first person to the stage was long time friend of the band Trader Vic. What was he doing you ask, oh just manning the fucking bar that was ON STAGE. Yes, a real fucking bar on stage. Complete with 3 bar stools, a tip jar and bottles of beer and liquor - Vic was of course the bartender for the night. Seriously didnt move from behind the bar all night. Periodically throughout the night, Bob would walk over have a seat, Vic would pour him a shot and they would drink one together and Bob would continue singing.

Immediately the G-B-V! G-B-V! G-B-V! chants irrupted before the band even made it to the stage. Funny enough the chants kept going and going and going as the band was setting up. Then these two guys walk out on stage and begin saying the spoken word portions of the first song off of Propeller - "Over The Neptune / Mesh Gear Fox" - THIS SONG DOES NOT ROCK! Holy shit, we about tore our faces off. I had never seen this song live and if you don't know it - the beginning is mainly backed by this G-B-V! chant. It was insane. Everyone there who over the course of the night I learned were pretty much all dedicated fans were just jumping and jamming all over the place! No holds barred - right into "Watch Me Jumpstart / Pimple Zoo" FUCK! This was going to be crazy as hell! Inbetween songs Bob kept saying shit like "this is going to be the longest GBV show ever...we are not kidding. The place has to close at 2:30 but there is no fucking way we are finishing before then!" FLIP SCOLDED!

Right about midnight, Bob did the countdown and a ton of balloons dropped from the ceiling. Everyone was hugging and high fiving, and jamming. Out from backstage walks Tobin Sprout and Greg Demos carrying a champagne bottle the size of a person. No lie. They shake it and shake it and the cork busts out all over the place, it was like a hose. They then started handing out cups of champagne and then bob said "fuck it" and started handing out beers. Everyone was laughing their asses off.

The first guest to help out the band was Bob's brother Jim Pollard, who came out and sang Lethargy. This was the first song of the set that I really remember going crazy for. Cutting loose. The first huge surprise of the night was a few songs later when Tobin Sprout walked out on stage with his guitar. The crowd just screamed as loud as they could. Like, "NOOOO, WE CANT FUCKING TAKE IT!!! TOO MUCH!!!". Then they hit us with "14 Cheerleader Cold Front"! Just Bob and Tobin. DAMN! I was getting serious chills. That was the first time I had seen the two of them together. The fans were super generous for that. Everyone at this point was in the game and feeling this shit, hard. Lots of high fives with random people. Lots of "OH HELL YES'" were overhead, and said, mentally. With each hit, the place was getting a little more nuts. "Back To the Lake", "Do The Earth", "Bright Paper Warewolves" all were met with jumps that were about as high as the people could get off the earth. Most of the crowd just jumping incessantly.

Ok time for a beer break. I head off to get some beer - after Sean and Kevin and Laura had pretty much been single handedly keeping my buzz kicking. Thanks dudes, awesome friends. This was a hard task because on one hand I didn't want to leave, and no one was moving from their spot - so getting back was an issue. I left during "Window Of My World" and while at the bar they kick into "GOLD HEART MOUNTAIN TOP" - SHIT! I was totally neglecting the bartender as he was trying to get my ass to pay, but fuck that I had to watch this shit, he kept tapping me on the shoulder and I was like...shhhhh. He was pissed. Got back right in time for the next jam "TRACTOR RAPE CHAIN"! Sing-along! This band was really hitting their stride now.

The next guest out was Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster to play none other than the hated on rocker "I Am A Tree" - fuckin balls out. Fuck the haters, that song kicks ass. Jon looked like he was about to pop out of his seat he was so excited. Just wailing, and so were we. This started the chain of guest events, after a few more mind numbing hits (see below). Fuck yeah, Matter Eater Lad! Greg Demos (original GBV bassist and Jim Macpherson (Breeders/GBV) came out and blazed through "I Drove A Tank" which went straight into "Shocker In Gloomtown". At this point I am leaping so high, I cant believe it. Nate from GBV was slinty eyed at this point, downed about half a bottle of whisky, he almost fell off the stage from just strumming that one G chord. Hilarious. GBV kept upping the ante with each strum. The crowd was on one knee like, "fuck we want to rock so hard, but we are kind worn, we need to take a break, what? No break? Ok, shit - we gotta get back up...AHHHH!" Then they hit us with, "Cut-Out Witch", "Buzzards and Dreadful Crows", & "Alone, Stinking and Unafraid" right in a row. DAMN IT! Can we handle this shit? MORE! Out walks Matt Sweeney (Chavez, Zwan) for "Unleashed..." - scolded it! He hugged Bob and almost started crying himself. It was great. Bam, right into GLAD GIRLS and the entire club turned into CHAOS! EVERYONE leaped up in unison and danced around (more high fiving and drinking of beer).

Soon they left for their first break. Look at the giant clock onstage...oh just 2:45. Bob comes back for the encore and just says ...."told ya". Then he proceed to tell us that we hadnt seen anything yet, the hits were just starting. More screams, loud! Bob was pretty much cracking everyone up the whole time by telling funny stories about how he wrote the songs, ala storytellers. The two encores were just fucking nuts. Absolute highlight was when Tobin Sprout came back out on stage to sing harmony on "Echos Myron"! There were people actually crying in the crowd. That ended the first encore and the G-B-V! and "ONE MORE ENCORE!" chants started up again. Trader Vic is now standing at the edge of the stage just motioning everyone to keep chanting...get em back out for one more!

Pretty tanked at the time, I remember thinking to myself before the last encore started that once we got home, I needed to head out to the back porch of our friend Nathan's place and have one final beer by myself to just sit and think what an amazing show this was. Needless to say I passed out when we got home, so I think GBV would have been happy either way.

Pretty tanked at the time, Bob stumbles out and says something about the club wanting them to stop, fUCK NO! Just then, the best bassline of all time chimes in for his place among the best songs of the night. "DISARM THE SETTLERS!" - Every SINGLE PERSON was singing at the top of their lungs! It was magic. "A Salty Salute"! They saved the best for last as they blazed through mega-hits like "Postal Blowfish", "Pendulum", and "Exit Flagger". No body wanted it to end. However it was fucking 3:45 in the morning. Bob finally says, "kids, this is it - the last song Guided By Voices will ever play live - its appropriate. This is the ballad of Guided By Voices - DON'T STOP NOW!" Among the cheering, everyone went arm and arm with each other and just swayed back and forth singing every word. They ended and Bob looked really sad. He thanked the crowd for the 20 some odd years, bowed - and that was it.

I cant remember being that excited about seeing a show. How many times have I seen them before, dozens but this was really damn special. Without a doubt the best time I have ever seen GBV and without a doubt one of my top 5 shows of all time. I am just so happy I was able to see it with Laura and a small crowd that definitely wont forget that night (even though every single person was drunk).

Below is the setlist. All 64 songs. Thanks for reading. I'll have pictures up as soon as I get them developed.

Metro, Chicago IL 12/31/2004 - Last GBV Show EVER!

Over the Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox
Watch Me Jumpstart
Pimple Zoo
Everybody Thinks I'm a Raincloud (When I'm Not Looking)
Fair Touching
Things I Will Keep
Glow Boy Butlers
Lethargy (Jim Pollard joining Bob on vocals)
The Best of Jill Hives
Red Ink Superman
Fourteen Cheerleader Cold Front (with Tobin on vocals & guitar)
Girls of Wild Strawberries
Back to the Lake
Demons Are Real
Do the Earth
Tropical Robots
Beg for a Wheelbarrow
My Kind of Soldier
Wished I Was a Giant
Bright Paper Werewolves
Lord of Overstock
Window of my World
Navigating Flood Regions
Gold-Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory
Tractor Rape Chain
I Am a Tree (with Jon Wurster on drums)
Drinker's Peace
Chief Barrel Belly
Game of Pricks
Pink Gun
Matter Eater Lad
Redmen and their Wives
Gonna Never Have to Die
I Drove a Tank
Shocker in Gloomtown (last two with Jim MacPherson on drums & Greg Demos on bass)
Secret Star
If We Wait
Huffman Prairie Flying Field
Sad if I Lost It
Cut-Out Witch
Buzzards and Dreadful Crows
Alone, Stinking and Unafraid
Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Boy (with Matt Sweeney on bass)
Glad Girls
Johnny Appleseed (with Jim Greer on bass, Toby on guitar)
Heavy Metal Country
Murder Charge

Encore No. 1:
My Impression Now
My Valuable Hunting Knife
Queen of Cans and Jars
Hot Freaks (Toby on guitar)
Motor Away
I Am a Scientist (with Don Thrasher on drums)
Teenage FBI
Echos Myron (with Tobin on "Man of Wisdom ..." harmony)
Smothered in Hugs

Encore No. 2:
A Salty Salute
Postal Blowfish
Dayton, Ohio, 19-something-and-5
He's the Uncle
Exit Flagger
Don't Stop Now

64 Songs!
  this isn't just hometeam bias (i think)

So Bonds is a lock for the Hall, the "clear" and the "cream" be damned, and I'm sure Pete Rose will eventually wind up there, as well. Those two inevitabilities will only serve to further highlight the injustice of Dale Murphy's exclusion from the Hall of Fame.

I don't understand how so many writers can vote for a player one year but not the next. It's not like Murph's stats have changed any. It's unreasonable to compare players from the past with those from today, so the fact that four or five more guys have hit their 500th home runs over the last few seasons shouldn't impact a vote for Murphy, especially in light of BALCO and the overall steroids scandal. The whole damn thing is just a dirty low-down shame.
Monday, January 03, 2005
  it's already wrong

I've got a comment-free list of what I done liked up at DOA. I've already had to revise it some. Will repost with comments here in a day or two.

One record I did not add during the revision: Gwen Stefani's fashion line advertisement. Some of the music is great, and much of it is fair to bad, but the lyrics are pretty much the worst shit ever. The thing the Neptunes did, "Hollaback Girl", might be the worst event since Phil Hartman's death. The wife bought the record this weekend. She likes it less than I do.

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