Tuesday, October 31, 2006
  Shorter New York Trip

For those who don't want to read my 8000 word power-wank travelogue below:
Love Is All were awesome on Friday. The Masters of American Comics exhibit was awesome on Saturday. Friends were awesome both days. Drinking was awesome until it became not awesome. Walking was fine until it started to hurt. And the "elegant" Century Chinese Buffet in Windsor, CT, is as shitty as every other Chinese buffet ever.
  New York Round Two

here's the first part

Saturday morning I woke up on Scarnsworth’s couch around ten am, as hungover as an Irishman on March 18th. I met Chris’s roommates and one of their girlfriends and dozed off again for a little bit. At some point I got up and took a shower, which helped a bit with the booze pain. Rip was talking up the brunch at this placed called Essex, so we headed that way a bit before noon.

At Essex we encountered the absolute worst waiter I’ve ever dealt with. He was a jolly enough fellow, not surly or anything, but completely disinterested in actually doing his job. He’d take our order, or ask us if we needed anything, and then go sit down and talk at another table for twenty minutes. Apparently he was best friends with every table in the section except us, including the ur-hipster in the tattered Florida Gators shirt and his friend in the head-to-toe Patriots gear. Brunch came with free bloody marys or mimosas; I got the latter, Chris the former. Our waiter was Johnny on the spot with the mimosa refills, ‘cuz they just had a pitcher of that shit sitting in the corner, but it’d take him 15 minutes or more to get Chris another bloody mary. Because of that mimosa pitcher, I had like six glasses of orange juice and champagne in a little over an hour. I forgot that shit had alcohol in it. On top of being hungover as hell, I was freshly drunk again, and on a liquor I generally don’t enjoy getting drunk on. Eventually we got our check and headed back to Rip’s apartment. I first got an inkling of the troubles ahead when I struggled to walk down the stairs at Essex.

Okay, so I was drunk and hungover and walking the four or five blocks back to Rip’s place. We were going to grab a couple of things and then head up to his empty new apartment and then the Masters of American Comics exhibit at the Jewish Museum. My feet were already hurting from the hours of walking on Friday. I was wearing my coat ‘cuz I figured it’d be cold, but the sun was shining, it felt like it was 70 degrees, and I was sweating profusely. I was already feeling pretty shitty in a variety of ways. I dropped my coat and umbrella off at Rip’s, thinking I wouldn’t need them. We took off for the subway, which was several blocks away. Within ten minutes of leaving his place the sky turned grey and started to dump several oceans worth of rain on us. Chris thought ahead, and had an umbrella; I just had to deal with it. I was completely soaked through within a few minutes. It was sometime around here that I felt like I was about to simultaneously vomit, defecate, and pass out right there on the sidewalk. That’s an awesome experience.

Eventually we made it to the train. I was praying for an empty seat, ‘cuz at this point I thought I was about three minutes away from death, and didn’t want to fall and bruise my face and be all purple looking in the casket. Seats were unavailable, of course, so I just stood there drip-drying. Thankfully the rain had stopped by the time we got to Rip’s new place up in the 70’s.

We check out the barren new apartment, which should be great as soon as it has furniture and stuff. The color was kind of off-putting, but that’s easily taken care of. It was roughly the size of my living room, but cost just as much as our two-bedroom place in Somerville. NEW YORK! I sat on the floor resting my dogs while Chris tried to get the hang of his security blinds.

The Jewish Museum was a few blocks away, right next to Central Park. We got there about quarter to three. After making it through the most confusing security check ever we wandered into the most immediately accessible exhibit room, which housed about 800 paintings of the same woman, made by some amazingly obsessed (and most likely insane) stalker creep, I think. Assuming a stalker creep can also be a loving and artistically inclined husband. We got out of that room as quickly as possible, my wet shoes squeaking like a wailing banshee, and found our way upstairs, where the comics exhibit was located.

So this Masters of American Comics exhibit is awesome. Everyone should go. It’s free on Saturdays, which rocks. The exhibit at the Jewish Museum is only the second half, 1940 on; the pre-war comic strip portion can be found in Newark, although I think Charles Schulz’s work is there, which kinda mucks up the date break, but whatever. Anyway, an introductory statement declares that the exhibit is an attempt to create an official and universally recognized canon of comics masters, or something. They mostly picked well, although Art Spiegelman’s last-second withdrawal hurts that credibility somewhat.

It starts with a bunch of pages from Eisner’s The Spirit, both his original pencils and the final newsprint product, including a few stories displayed in their entirety. The split from the comic strip show kinda undermines one’s ability to realize how ground-breaking Eisner’s work was, unless one is already familiar with the artform in its early stages. Needless to say the man was massively important in the development of the language of sequential art, etc etc, and the pages on display provide some proof.

From Eisner they move on to Jack Kirby, the greatest superhero artist of all time, and the man who basically defined that genre for anybody born after 1950 or so. They don’t have much from his pre-Marvel days, but the pages from Fantastic Four and The Mighty Thor are beautiful and amazing. Best of all, though, is this almost spell-binding double-page splash from Devil Dinosaur that’s kinda unbelievable in its detail. There’s a really swank splash from an issue of Komandi, too, but little else from after he left Marvel in the early ‘70’s. Rip, not a big comics fan, made the observation that Kirby’s work is like the textbook example of what a comic looks like; the fact that a non-comics reader can immediately pick that up attests to how foundational Kirby was in laying down that very physical, dynamic, non-cartoonish superhero style.

Harvey Kurtzmann was up next. There are a few pages and covers from various ‘40’s and ‘50’s war comics on display that are quite nice, but mostly, of course, they focus on his work from the early days of MAD Magazine. His style is more cartoonish than Kirby’s or Eisner’s, all soft and curvy. It was good stuff, mostly new to me, and thus perhaps not as immediately interesting as Eisner and Kirby. Still, definitely some good work. I should definitely put some effort into reading his stuff.

After Kurtzmann they move into the alternative / underground / indie comics phase, obviously looking first at R. Crumb. I’m not always a fan of his art, and I’m rarely a fan of his writing, but you can’t dispute the man had some skills. Very little about his content appeals to me at all. Fritz the Cat is an amazingly cute drawing, for sure, but I have no interest in reading four pages of him talking various other animals into an orgy. It was important for somebody like Crumb to come along and break down many of the barriers that existed within the form, I guess, but his work was often more juvenile than the blatantly kid-centric stuff that it opposed. The best piece on display is his biography of Charley Patton, which is not almost gorgeously drawn but also educational.

Gary Panter was up next. His design work is fascinating, but often to the detriment of his story-telling abilities. Still, an amazing artist, and some of the pages on display were incredible. Not much to say about him, really.

The final guy included in this exhibit is Chris Ware, who in many ways is dramatically far beyond anything that’s come before him. His design skills are amazing, and his storytelling is perhaps just as good. He harkens back to the early days of comic strips while creating something unmistakably contemporary. He can wring real emotion out of his audience (or at least me) without being overly manipulative. His are the most beautiful and heart-breaking comics I think I’ve ever read. More than anybody else in this part of the exhibit Chris Ware is the total package.

After Ware they have an ancillary exhibit called Superheroes, that focuses on Jewish immigrants’ involvement in the development of that genre. It’s nice and fairly informative but the artwork on display mostly isn’t up to the caliber of the Masters exhibit. They also waste some space by devoting an entire wall to nothing but one giant painting and a series of biographies on various creators. The painting was unnecessary, the biographies could’ve been moved alongside the artwork on display, and the extra room could’ve been allocated to the Masters exhibit, which hopefully could’ve convinced Spiegelman to participate. The lack of anything by the man who is this generation’s most acclaimed comics artist is really glaring, and partially undermines the exhibit’s entire concept.

Anyway, yes, awesome times at the Jewish museum. I almost rode a Sabbath elevator, too.

Afterward I was completely refreshed and feeling great. Beforehand I was considering grabbing a bus home Saturday night, I felt so bad, but after drying off and walking away the hangover and getting past the champagne I felt good. Except for my feet, which ached, but whatever. We left the museum and walked across to the Central Park. We stood by that massive pond for a while, admiring the cold breeze and beautiful view. For the first time all weekend I felt like I would love living in New York. What a fucking cliché.

We got some coffee and a soda and headed back down to Rip’s apartment. His roommates were getting ready for Halloween, with some dance mix blasting and the heat all the way up to 78. It was pretty uncomfortable, so after resting for a bit we went back out to get something to drink and eat. We had a couple of cheap pints at a place whose name I can’t remember, and then got a burrito from Benny’s. We went back to Rip’s apartment around nine, or so, and spent the next couple of hours talking and finding out what was happening that night. Eventually I decided to just stay in, and try to get some sleep. I felt kinda bad about that, like I was letting Chris down, but my feet and head couldn’t stand another night of walking around and/or drinking. Around midnight Rip left to go meet Noella at some bar; I called Allyn, talked for a while, then fell asleep around one am. All in all, another great day.

I had a one pm ticket home on Sunday, but woke up at nine and decided to get on an earlier bus. I talked to Rip for a bit, he told me about his night, which sounded fun, and then I said goodbye and took off. I wound up walking down to Chinatown, despite my fucked-up feet and their many blisters, and was able to swap my ticket for one on the eleven am bus. Four and a half hours later I was home. I spent the rest of Sunday either lying down or with my feet in a bucketful of hot water. All in all, an awesome weekend, with a handful of trying and/or uncomfortable moments. Still, I hope to do it again soon.
  My Costume (per Jared's request)

So yeah, as most know Fantasy Football has been oh so good to us. Birthed the likes of Lil Flip Scoldjah and yours truly ExcaliBrah. Well this Halloween I decided to have a costume that probably 20 people in the world would think was funny, or even get. Zieg is the commish of our league, and nothing in this "fantasy life" truly makes me as happy as laying a good smackdown on the good ol' Masta Cylindah himself. Plus I am playing he and Scoldjah this week, so i thought the timing was perfect.

ExcaliBrah logo: (click to enlarge, and make into a shirt)

Life Imitating Art:

  dude, mine sucks.

Here's my take on that thing DJ put up yesterday. For some reason the iPod was shooting out nothing but Bob Pollard at the end. Also a couple of comedy bits popped up; I didn't skip over them, but did add at the end the two songs that would've come up after the last one, so you can ignore the comedy tracks if you want and bump the songs up to fill whatever holes need to be filled.

If anything, this just proves that I have to purge some stuff from this device. I normally would've skipped over half of this shit.

opening credits
"Black Cab", Jens Lekman

waking up
"Nothing Ever Happens", Pavement

first day at school
"Pearl 'N' Roy (England)", Mott the Hoople

falling in love
"I'm a Man (Live at Radio City Music Hall, New York, 1989)", The Who

breaking up
"Let's Go Crazy", Prince

"Quest", Dinosaur Jr

life's ok
"Radio Prague", OMD

mental breakdown
"Other Comedians", Neil Hamburger

"Actually It's Darkness", Idlewild

"Geezers Need Excitement", the Streets

getting back together
"They Removed All Trace That Anything Had Ever Happened Here", Hood

birth of child
"Three-Ism", Coyle & Sharpe

wedding scene
"Over the Neptune / Mesh Gear Fox", Guided By Voices

training montage
"Love Reign O'er Me", The Who

final battle
"Whispering Whip", Robert Pollard

death scene
"I'm Not Looking", Acid Ranch

funeral song
"Artboat", Guided By Voices

end credits
"Deaf Ears", Guided By Voices

alternates: "Okie From Muskogee", Merle Haggard; "Troubled 'Bout My Soul", Frank Palmes
Monday, October 30, 2006
  I Went to New York, and Obliterated My Mind.

Okay, so, other than the stuff mentioned below, my little weekend jaunt down to New York was pretty amazing. Hung out a bunch with Rip, saw Rob for the first time in literally days, and got drunk with Joseph Abraham for maybe the first time ever. I also saw a great rock show and a fantastic museum exhibit. And most awesome of all, I almost got to ride in a Sabbath elevator. Good times.

I took the Lucky Star bus down on Friday afternoon, and it was utterly hassle-free. Cheap as hell, comfortable enough, and yet still apparently unpopular, as everybody was able to stretch out with two seats of their own. The Fung Wah bus that took off at the same time as ours was completely packed, so really, no question which Chinatown bus I’ll be taking in the future. I spent the five or so hours sleeping, reading DC Showcase Presents The Phantom Stranger, and listening to some stuff on the old iPod. We also stopped off at the elegant Century Buffet in Windsor, Connecticut, for some reliably bad yet cheap Chinese buffet food.

The bus dropped me off in Chinatown around 2:30. I walked up to 4th street and stopped in at Other Music. They had a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t mind owning, but nothing that felt absolutely necessary; after a half-hour or so of poking around I took off without buying anything. I walked around Washington Square Park, which still sucks, took a look at my old school buildings, called the three dudes I knew in town, and eventually headed over to St. Mark’s to hit up Mondo Kim’s and my old dormitory. Both still exist, and both still suck. At this point my trip really wasn’t so hot, especially since I had to take a mad dumb and couldn’t find any worthy facilities. The public john at Washington Square didn’t even have stalls, just a row of five toilets with nothing to block ‘em off. There was a homeless dude in there talking to himself and leaning over shoulders to check out everybody’s manhood. Just like old times. Apparently they’ve been filming that Will Smith remake of Soylent Green or whatever in the park, and so there were these giant industrial Hollywood lamps everywhere. One on a tractor almost ran me down.

After a couple hours of wandering around on my lonesome I got a call from Joe, who was finally out of class. Almost immediately Rip called, as well, and plans were made to go to this bar called dba, which was around the corner from Joe’s apt. and about two blocks down from McElveen’s. Joe and I got there first, he got a glass of something, I ordered a large Three Philosophers, not entirely aware that it was going to be a whole bottle. Which was awesome. So I drank that probably a bit too quickly, setting off on a ten-hour bender that cost more than I make in a day and that led directly to a miserable Saturday morning. Rippy showed up around 5:30 or so, we hung out, drank, etc. Again, good times.

At 6:30 or so I hailed a cab down to the Knitting Factory. Love Is All were playing two shows, and I had a ticket to the one that started at seven. I met Rob Lomblad at the club, got my ticket from will call, then went out to grab dinner. The only place nearby was a deli around the corner; we both got chicken sandwiches, and I also bought a chocolate brownie whose constant presence in my inside coat pocket helped keep hope alive over the following 30 hours or so. By this time it was raining, and with nowhere to eat inside the deli we stood beneath some construction scaffolding and ate our sandwiches standing up. I ate half a sandwich and a bag of chips in like 50 seconds, I think. I ate faster than I could think. We stuffed the second halves of our sandwiches in Rob’s bag for later on and headed back inside.

The first band was pretty bad, so after a couple of songs we went out into the bar and ordered a couple of $4 High Lifes. Around this time Joe showed up; he had never heard of Love Is All, but he felt like hanging out, and that was a good thing. We stayed in the bar for an hour or so, ate the second half of our sandwiches, and only headed back into the main room when we realized the second band was on. We wound up missing most of their set; no idea what the name was (maybe Cause Co-Motion?), but it was pretty good shambling, jangly indie-pop, in a total mid-‘80’s vein. There were four dudes in the band, and they all looked like they were, at most, 20. I wish I had seen more of them. After a couple of songs they finished up, and as soon as they were off-stage Wyatt walked out on there and started fiddling around with the microphones, or something.

Love Is All were pretty much amazing. I can’t remember the last time I saw a band obviously having as much fun as they were. I figured they’d be relatively energetic, but I was surprised as how high-energy the show was; they didn’t really stop between songs, and every member was in motion at all moments. They played a little bit more than half of the album, plus a few songs I didn’t recognize. The set was short, not quite 40 minutes, and the encore was only one song, but I’ve got absolutely no complaints. I totally got my money’s worth, and I really regret not sticking around for the second show.

Afterward we talked to Wyatt a bit, finished another round of over-priced High Lifes, bid farewell to Joe, and then hopped a taxi back to dba, where we reconvened with Rip. By this point my memory was getting hazy, and I can’t recall if we had a drink or not at dba this time. We noticed the Cards were up 4-2 in the ninth, and Rob and I shared a sigh for the Tigers. Very quickly though we left dba and headed for another nearby bar called Mama’s, which Rip swore was great, and which was, in fact, quite great. We just sort of hung out and drank here for a few hours, talking about all sorts of shit. At one point I started shit-talking about photography to get a rise out of Rob. I don’t think it’s possible to get a rise out of that guy.

Around one or so Rob left to make the train back to Brooklyn. Rip and I headed to another bar, called Lakeside or Lakeview, or something, and had a couple more rounds. I have almost no memory of this whatsoever. I do remember walking around the East Village at three in the pouring rain with a broken umbrella in order to get tacos from Snack Dragon, which was an excellent decision. Finally we headed back to Rip’s apartment and cracked open a couple of Yuenglings. This was probably my thirteenth beer, or something, so not really the best decision. Not too much later Rip retired to his bedroom, and I, in my infinitely drunken stupor, called Allyn, despite it being 3:45 in the morning. I didn’t know what we talked about until I got home Sunday night, when she recapped the conversation for me.

Anyway, night one, and it was as fine as could be. Little did I know that Saturday morning would bring an unflinching descent into the flaming bowels of Hell.
  One Of Those Redo Thingamabobbers...

what's it called - a meme? Shit, i dont know and dont care...


Dehumidifier posted this on her site...and this is me redoing it.

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

Opening Credits:
San Geronimo - Red House Painters

Waking Up:
Someday - Ween

First Day At School:
Speed To Roam - RTX

Falling In Love:
Liar - Royal Trux

Breaking UP:
Next Exit - Interpol

Ain't Nuthin' But A Cylinda Party! - Lil Flip Scoldjah

Life's Ok:
All The Stories I Sold - Bugs Eat Books

Mental Breakdown:
Parker's Band - Steely Dan

Memorial Day - Je Suis France

Red Carpet - Red House Painters

Getting Back Together:
Winters Love - Animal Collective

Birth of Child:
Gabrielle - Ween

Wedding Scene:

Snow - Tan Dun

Final Battle:
Burn Your House Down - Wolf Eyes

Death Scene:
Your Castle - Kingsbury Manx

Funeral Song:
Dust Devil - Guided By Voices

End Credits:
ATLiens - Outkast

Lets see yours in the comments!
  Halloween With Beck!

This is pretty fucking amazing.
Beck is playing a secret show at the Loft in Atlanta tomorrow for 300 people. It was announced at 12:45 today. Tickets went on sale at 1 through a link at Ticketalternative.com.
We fucking got tickets! I still can't really get my head around it.
I'll take a shit load of pictures.

Training's over, and I will have things to say. But first, a few things I had forgotten about New York City:

1. Mondo Kim's sucks.
2. Washington Square Park sucks.
3. NYU sucks.
4. Walking everywhere sucks.
5. $4 High Life sucks.
6. Hipster fashion sucks.
7. Getting caught in a massive rainstorm without an umbrella sucks.

More in a bit.
  Low Yo Yo

Friday after work I planned on swinging by Low Yo Yo for a quick glance at their new store in Atlanta, which turns out to be 4 miles from my house. Sweet. Well, 3+ hours later I finally emerged like the furry bigfoot from his warm death cave. Ran into some old WUOG buds, talked france/acid mothers with a bro from this band, and bought these records:

The Frogs - My Daughter The Broad

Canned Heat - The Best Of...

Ween - Craters Of The Sac

Ween - Synthetic Socks

Ween - Rare Demos & Outakes Vol.1
Ween - Rare Demos & Outakes Vol.2

Godley & Creme - Snack Attack


This is mine this week. Oh, and its bad.
Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Imagine making some lean with this - your brain would explode.
  Cool Pre-order...


Tuesday, October 24, 2006
  (Recent) Fading Captain Series / Pollard Releases

It wouldn't be a week on Mezzy Clipse without some Pollard news. For those that don’t know The Fading Captain Series is essentially Bob Pollard’s endless release outlet. This thing started up in 1999 with the release of KID MARINE and has gone on strong with every sort of Pollard side project imaginable. He pretty much puts whatever he wants out on these in limited numbers and each release usually disappears quickly. Nabbed up by bizzaro frenzied fans who will buy anything the man puts out. So since his first “post-GBV” solo album (From A Compound Eye) he has released a bunch of stuff on the FCS and I thought I would go through the latest and the two Merge releases to boot. That way you know what to buy and what to let sell out and go for over double what it sold for on Ebay in a few months…

FCS #40
The Takeovers – Turn To Red
Released: 5/02/06

This is Bob’s collaboration with Chris Slusarenko the last bass player from GBV. Essentially Chris played all the music and Bob put words to it. A lot of really great songs on here. Great instrumentation and recording quality. Super rockers here, which fit because it seemed like Chris always loved to fucking rock during the last few shows I saw GBV. One thing I’m not crazy about on this disc is he inserts this spoken word track in certain songs…its like a cut from an old school instructional record or something. Anyways its in two of the songs and it completely disrupts the songs and is cheesy. One song on here, “Wig Stomper” is Bob singing a song through a cell phone into the recording equipment. Gives you a peak at how Pollard constantly documents every melody he creates. Best songs on the disc: Fairly Blacking Out, Be It Not For The Serpentine Rain Dodger.

FCS #41
Psycho And The Birds – All That Is Holy
Released: 5/02/06

Psycho And The Birds is a neat band in concept but the delivery is understandably hard to love. During recent collaborations, Pollard will usually let the other person write the material and he will come in and lay down the golden voice. With P&TB he records the songs with one acoustic and his voice on one mic on a 4-track and then gives the tapes to Todd Tobias (producer for life, also produces all of Pollards Merge stuff) to polish. Now when Bob records, he just lets it rip – if he messes up, so be it, no click track, no nothing. That might seem like recording jargon but imagine trying to record a backing track (drums particularly) to something with no solid tempo. That being said, I think Tobias did an amazing job with this record. You hear the songs and you are amazed that he made it happen. One of the songs – I think “She’s Around” Tobias does little to and you can essentially hear how hard it would be to match backing instruments with that. Here is the other down side to the P&TB recordings…since most of Bob’s parts are recorded with one mic simultaneously; the vocals end up being buried in the mix. If Tobias cranked the vocals, the acoustic guitar would be the most prevalent thing in each mix. SO – with all that behind us – this is still a damn fine record. Some fucking uber-gems found here. Tobias helps with a lot of Bob’s releases, and other stuff – such as the Circus Devils, I don’t like a lot, but this….this is slightly tweaked rock and roll. No song sounds the same, never know what to expect. Best songs on the record: Alibible, Oh My Chosen One, Kiss You/ Kill You, Jesus The Clockwork, Hello Forever.

FCS #42
Keene Brothers – Blues and Boogie Shoes
Released: 5/02/06

This is the best post-GBV release to date. Its truly fucking insane. Order this online TODAY. Another collaboration, this time with Tommy Keene (power pop deity and current member of Bob’s solo band). Tommy did all the music, Bob did the voice. I almost consider this a guilty pleasure to your average Pollard fan because it’s pop perfection at its finest, and you get the guilty feeling because there aren’t any songs on here that are tough to get through, or challenging to listen to. I told Crogers this and I think it describes this record well…Imagine if Pollard sang for the Connells. That’s it, fucking insane. Every song will stick in your head like the classic GBV days and the hooks are given forth a plenty. He has been playing more and more of these songs live, and its not a wonder – I imagine all of these slay live. Best songs on the record: Evil vs. Evil, Death of the Party, Where Others Fail, Lost Upon Us, Heaven’s Gate, Must Engage.

FCS #43
Psycho and the Birds – Check Your Zoo
Released: 7/21/06

See the description for the first P&TB record. This ep unfortunately doesn’t hold a candle to that first release. It almost sounds like Pollard was drunk one night and recorded all of these songs. He essentially moans and mumbles his way through this batch of songs and there are no discernable words throughout the whole thing. Rough listen. Best songs on the Record: ??

Robert Pollard – Normal Happiness
Merge Records
Released: October ‘06

Critics haven’t latched on to this record as much as the first one. I disagree. There is no filler here – all short rockers. No really misses here. It’s a different, or maybe more defined sound now too – doesn’t immediately remind you of GBV, which is good. There are a couple slower songs that sound like GBVesque ballads, but nothing too much. Songs like “Get A Facefull” bounce unreservedly like some sort of REM Bside. “Tomorrow Will Not Be Another Day” (coming in at track 14) is my highlight on this record – this is an ideal glimpse at Pollard. Amazing melody, amazing lyrics, amazing sound. Songs like this still give me goose bumps and make me happy to be a fan. Best songs on the record: Tomorrow Will Not Be Another Day, Pegasus Glue Factory, Give Up The Grape, Get A Faceful, Supernatural Car Lover.

Robert Pollard – Moon
Merge Records
Released: October ’06

This is the live disc that comes with Normal Happiness if you buy it in a local record store or buy it from Merge. Recorded in the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati when Pollard was opening for Pearl Jam. Sound quality is straight from the board and crisp as a Dorito. Because their part of the show probably started at 7:30 knowing it was in an arena, this might be the most sober you will ever hear Bob live. Although you hear him slugging brews throughout the set. Mainly pulls from songs off FACE but there are some songs from Normal Happiness and even “Game Of Pricks”. Short and very concise set – they rage on some of these songs and it shows that the Ascended Masters truly are a great backing band (even if that one dude drank a coke on stage). Well worth buying NH from a local store to get this free with the purchase. Best songs on this record: The Right Thing (fucking rocking), Gold, Game Of Pricks, Dancing Girls And Dancing Men.
  Godspeed, Little Doodle

Monday, October 23, 2006
  Yo Kenny Rogers...

Quit wipping you ass with your hand then putting it to your mouth. That's how you get AIDS.
  still training

This should be the last week. Hopefully.

We saw Marie Antoinette over the weekend. It's beautiful yet staggeringly boring. The script, if one existed, was probably about ten pages long. I don't know why they used any recognizable actors, beyond Dunst; there was very little acting on display. Mostly people just sort of stand around in awesome clothes while Bow Wow Wow plays in the background. It would've been much better if it had been just two hours of good looking people frolicking in Versailles while New Order played on the soundtrack. Bummer, 'cuz I really liked this lady's previous movies.
Friday, October 20, 2006
  another france read

In which DJ tells us what he's been listening to. With a ghost-writerly hand-out by yours truly.
  A France Read

The Red and Black Interviews Ice On What Is Magical...
Thursday, October 19, 2006

FUCK THE METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  No Way In Hell I Can Even THINK About Working Today

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
  same name, different guy

Shit. When I heard that former rock musician John Hall was running for Congress in New York, I got amazingly giddy. I was hoping it was John S. Hall, from King Missile. He's from New York, he's a lawyer, it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility. I know I'd definitely vote for the man who wrote "Double Fucked By Two Black Studs". Instead it's this dude, from the band Orleans, who gave us "Still The One".
Friday, October 13, 2006
  I Haven't Seen This In A While...

Thursday, October 12, 2006
  The D

Tenacious D, fuck yeah. Still to this day one of the best and most greatest shows I have been to. They are tourin' America next month and December. Land in ATL on December 5th.

Tickets to their show went on presale this morning - HERE. Presale password is DESTINY. Regular tix go on sale Saturday.

They are playing a bunch of other places too, including DC...dates are up at that link above.

Oh yeah - The Pick Of Destiny (amazing "dirty" trailer) comes out November 17th - with the new album hitting stores the previous Tuesday - November 14th.
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
  don't expect much

I got promoted the other week. I'm in training for the next three to four weeks. I won't have much time for internetery or blogocism. Maybe I'll get around to stuff at night. But my nights are mine, so probably not. So yes, light posting and no radio shows for at least the next three weeks. Sorry.

Oh yeah: Gilmore was good last night. Probably better than Veronica Mars. VM was very enjoyable, but was too broad and unbelievable in many ways.
Monday, October 09, 2006
  Thoughts on Sunday

Some good damn games yesterday. I watched most of the Saints / Bucs game and my boy Lil' Matrix finally came through, at just the right time, and scored the first TD of his career. Of course he was on my bench! New England game was alright - I thought Harrington would play better than he did, but it looks like Miami is just in the shitter again this year. That Philly / Dallas game was fun as shit to watch. McNabb looked incredible. Glad he is playing well this year, he is a good dude. I bet Bledsoe wished he had that last pass back like he wished he had a second dong. I was sure they were going to score there, and instead Philly flipped it on em.

Biggest win of the day - Chicago. Not because Buffalo was any good, but because they made another statement with it.

Biggest loss of the day - Pittsburg. 1-3. Shit. Roethlisberger threw 2 more pics and no TDs. Honeymoon's over, bitch.

Teams I think are f'n legit:
Indy, Chicago, Philly

Teams I'm Not Sure Of Just Yet:
St. Louis (easy wins), Baltimore (weak offense), San Diego (I dont think they are hitting on all cylinders yet), New Orleans (havent played a really good team yet), Cincinnati (got they ass whipped by NE), Jacksonville (under the radar as usual)

Teams I'm Scared About The Falcons Playing In The Next Few Weeks:
New York Giants (that bye week did them well), Cincinnati (the falcs need to watch the tapes of how NE beat them at home)

Worst Team In The NFL:

Best Team In The NFL:
Indy (for the time being)
Thursday, October 05, 2006
  This is fucking scary

This might be the scariest thing I have heard about in years. This group of COMPLETELY INSANE BAPTIST FUCKS out of Kansas were ready to protest the FUNERALS of the 5 Amish Girls who died last week in that crazy shooting. Read the article here.

This is a picture of some of them at a function supporting one of their other interests - bashing gay people. They are the proprietors of the following websites:

Godhatesfags (dot) com
Godhatesamerica (dot) com

Plus tons of others. Didnt want to put the links b/c I dont want to support that shit in any way.

They are also known for protesting the funerals of our service people who die in Iraq. Their stance is that the soldiers deserved to die because America tolerates Homosexuality. They were trying to picket the funeral of the Amish girls because they said that the girls deserved to die. Mainly because the Governor of Pennsylvania put into law a few months ago a statute saying these groups could not protest within a certain distance of a funeral.

They also said that these 5 girls are GOING TO HELL because their parents support the legislation the Governor put into law. They say that God killed these girls for not obeying his word.

I cant wait for the one funeral they protest where ol' pissed off Uncle Bojangle is packin' his shotgun. Like to hear them explain that.

Fucking nutjobs.
  No More Sutton

Don's gone from TBS. I doubt I'll even notice the loss. Mostly because I can't really watch many games anymore, but also because the rotating booth set-up makes the loss of a single dude not too big. Unless that dude is named Skip or Pete.
Wednesday, October 04, 2006
  bridging the chasm

I have a radio show today that airs on WZBC 90.3 FM from 3 to 5 pm. They've got streams. So stream it.

Captain Beyond Live 1972.

  Oh, Georgia.

Gwinnett's making Cobb look good.

Here's a link for the non-AJC-registered.

Seriously, between this and the Spanish-language book thing a few months ago, Gwinnett's really stealing some of Cobb's thunder.
  Tuesday TV: It's Weird Watching These Shows With Commercials

Veronica Mars is better than Gilmore Girls.

It’s a fact. A fact I would’ve denied up until two months ago. Or maybe even last night. Granted it’s only one episode, but last night’s Veronica Mars was better than the last two Gilmores, and most of Gilmore Season Six. There’s just more to Veronica Mars. It’s got the humor and soapy operatics of Gilmore, but with the crucial addition of hot teenaged sleuthery. Also Veronica Mars doesn’t routinely make you hate the main characters. I don’t think I’ve ever yelled at the screen ‘cuz of a VM character acting like a complete idiot. Well, I don’t think I’ve ever yelled at the screen during Gilmore, either, 'cuz I generally don't yell at inanimate objects*, but I’ve definitely felt the urge far more than with Mars.

Gilmore wasn’t bad last night, and was an improvement from last week; Rory’s diatribe against Lorelai was completely justified and necessary and really well done. Still, I’m losing patience with the entire romantic triangle. I’d much rather have a season with Luke and Lorelai getting accustomed to married life than another iteration of the whole “Christopher ruins everything” theme. 70% of the time you see David Sutcliffe’s name in the opening credits, you know something torturous will be happening.

Veronica was a great first episode for a season. It set everything up with no wasted moments or strenuous effort. It was funny and fast-paced and I didn’t want to throttle anybody. Hopefully the lack of a season-long mystery won’t harm this show.

*: digital 8-tracks with hard drive read errors are an exception.
  Lost is Wild 3 - shit, tonight!

Shit is wild, dudes.

Ready for that shit tonight, that's for sure.
Fully caught up and ready to rage on some Others.

Here is where we are right now:

Michael is dick #1. But I think he is coming back for them, he hasn't left the island and he needs to redeem his dumb ass. Plus Walt will tell him whats up with the Others, mad scientists? Sawyer, Jack, and Kate are captives and shit is looking grim.

I dont think the hatch has blown up, but I now believe that the button wasn't an experiment. Based on that fuckin' huge ass magnet. Libby is dead, but she is a wild card. She came up in 3 different people's back stories. Hurley will remember where he knew her from and figure out who the fuck she was. I like Desmond, brother. Hope he ain't dead. Charlie is back in good graces again but lost his hearing, it will come back - but he will turn freaky again.

I dont think Locke & Mr. Echo are dead. Only thing to base that on is Charlie saying "oh, they aren't back yet" really loudly. Did Desmond's boat have a honing device on it (since he was in that race), and is that why his old flame and her Antarctican crew found him? Or did that have something to do with the earth's magnetism imbalance after the hatch raged?

Sayid is still on the loose in the fake camp. Whats up with the huge stone foot?

I'm sure we'll be as confused as ever after tonight.
Monday, October 02, 2006

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