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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
  Happy Birthday Neo 3

1) Neo
2) Lil' Matrix
3) You
  Something To Think About

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
  Watchmen set photos

As I've said elsewhere: these photos from the Watchmen set look pretty good. Yes sir.
Monday, November 26, 2007
  show review: Yo La Tengo at the MFA, 11-16-07 (early show)

This show was weeks ago, or at least one week and half of another, and I've been meaning to write about it ever since. It's had to wait, though, for various reasons, not all of which involve Super Mario, but, frankly, a greater number than I'm comfortable admitting. But here's some time, and if I can scrounge up the effort perhaps we can all make it through this.

So Yo La Tengo played a show, and it was amazing. The show was at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, a musical venue as fine as the art contained therein, and it was actually the first of two shows on the same night, both of which were a part of the since-completed Freewheeling Yo La Tengo Tour. Instead of a standard rock show, the Freewheeling tour featured the band in more intimate settings, performing in an acoustic fashion, with no set list, and copious amounts of discussion and conversation with their loyal fans. It was as interactive as the utterly horrible Kevin Seal film I'm Your Man, and since anybody who's been to a YLT show realizes that Ira's banter is at least as entertaining as his epileptically spasmodic guitar stylings, a fantastic evening was practically guaranteed.

The open-ended nature of the show lead to a rather peculiar set-list, one relatively short on YLT's singles. No "Sugarcube", no "Tom Courtney", no "Autumn Sweater", but a higher covers ratio than usual, and a nice combination of deep cuts and true classics. Musical highlights included "Decora", a jaunty duet on "Big Day Coming" with Georgia's vocals predominating, the always sturdy "Stockholm Syndrome", and a beautiful "Pablo and Andrea" that was even more shimmering and delicate than usual. As great as the music was, though, it was really the presentation and atmosphere that defined this show. Without the banter, the show was pleasant and occasionally beautiful, but the band's witty and charming interaction with the audience elevated this night to something truly special and memorable. Granted I haven't seen nearly as many shows this year as I would've liked, but this is definitely in the running for my favorite concert of the year.

Oh yeah, the wife went with me, and absolutely loved it. She previously didn't care much for Yo La Tengo, but now has added all their albums to her iPod, and over the last week has listened almost exclusively to a best-of playlist I made for her. So now here's another band we agree on, bringing that total up to a nice round four.

Finally, you can go and download this entire show over at Bradley's Almanac. Here's the direct link. I also stole the photo above from his site. Thanks, Brad! Oh yeah, and while you're there you can also download the complete Acoustic Mainlines show that Spiritualized played at the MFA a few days later, along with a ton of other great music. Bradley's Almanac is basically the best site ever, if you didn't know.
  the time thrasher : help Crews maintain his memory

Brian Crews manifests himself in digital form via this web blog. It's kind of like having Crews read you the internet. Actually I think it's more of a memory exercise, keeping the old database good and oiled. Perhaps if we're lucky it'll become the number one on-line resource for all our Crews-related needs.

Fuck Yeah, i said to Elliott after the email he sent me! SLOW BURN RIPPER! Up at pitchfork.
  Oh well!

Thursday, November 22, 2007
  Holy Shit!

Apparently someone nominated my show for a Pulg Award. Sunday School is up against some pretty hefty competition for Specialty Show of the Year (Commercial Radio)...Steve Jones can suck it!


ATL is reppin' hard,...vote for Criminal Records, Paste Magazine, WRAS, Deerhunter and the Black Lips. They got nominations as well.


Monday, November 19, 2007
  This Could Be A Long (Short) Week Round 2

L and I flew home early this weekend from DC (a killer surprise 30th bday for SKA) to make it home in time for the Falcons game. I was so happy my loving wife was as excited as I was about making this happen. We've had to miss a few games this season already, so we knew this was one we could make it to with slight hassle. We made amazing time landing at H-J right at 11:30, and plopping down in our seats right at kickoff. Both extremely stoked to get this FALCONS 3-6 PLAYOFF RUN started and whip some Buc (the orange faggy kind) ass. Truthfully, I did expect us to win (not by much), and I did fully expect Harrington to have the ball when we won.

First things first, I felt really bad for Byron yesterday. He played a bad game, but I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that Petrino wanted a miracle from a player who wasnt ready to come back. Look closely at this situation:

- Byron Leftwich signed with the Falcons on September 18th. That was after our week 2 close loss to Jacksonville. This would be the first time this season he would see the playbook.

- Over the following 4 weeks the Falcons would go 1-3, with a win at home against the Texans and 2 close loses to Carolina & Tennessee (both games we should have won) and a pounding by the G'men on MNF. Our record at this point was 1-5 and out of those 5 losses at least three of them could have easily been wins. Prima donna player meltdowns, bad luck, and bad officiating kept us from being 4-2 going into the Saints Game. At that point would Petrino have kept Harrington at the helm? Probably so.

- Joey Harrington has been a fucking shitton better than 99% of people would have imagined after the Vick shitstorm. He's had a few rough spots, but there were some stating that the falcons wouldn't win a game this season. So instead of 4-2 we were 1-5 with in my eyes little blame to be put on Harrington. He was playing good ball, not great, but good. So Petrino, desperate for a sparkling handjob, puts Leftwich in 4 weeks after we get him (clearly didn't have the playbook mastered like Harrington). Was he seeing his rookie NFL coaching job going down the tubes? WHo knows. What happens? Leftwich starts against the Saints (October 21st) and gets hurt in the second half (ankle injury), falcons we're winning at the time. Tough break for Leftwich, he is known for two things - 1) being the slowest QB on earth and 2) being extremely injury prone. Harrington comes in and can't get us the win.

Here is where I get confused:

- Falcons get to their bye week 1-6. Leftwich is supposed to be out 3 weeks with the ankle injury and the Falcons look ahead to 2 games right off the bad that are good chances for wins. They step up and Harrington plays pretty damn good against the Niners and Panthers and suddenly the Falcs are on a 2 game win streak at 3-6 only 2 games behind the division leading Tampa Bay Bucs who are coming to town yesterday. Tuesday of last week its announced that Leftwich will be available to play Sunday.

Going into a HUGE game against his division leading foe, Petrino had 2 options here:

1) Play the hot hand in Harrington who won the last two games for you, knows the playbook completely, and won the last game off a last second TD pass to Alge Crumpler (who came out last week saying he had forged a strong bond with his QB)...


2) Start Leftwich who barely practiced a few days with the first string offense, has only started one game of the season in which he left early, may or may not know all the plays in the playbook, and was coming off a big injury he may have been rushed back from...

It amazes me that Petrino picked option 2 with such ease. The fans at the game yesterday were unhappy to say the least and I truthfully think it was distain for Petrino and not Leftwich himself. But Leftwich couldn't decipher who the many "booo" we're aimed at. There were 2 series in the 3rd quarter where he came on to the field with his head down as the boo-birds flew. Chants of JO-EY JO-EY also filled the air at the Georgia Dome.

I felt bad for him also b/c it was clear that he was not ready for this game, or this Tampa D, which is good as fuck and completely rested after a bye week. They pressured the shit out of him, chomping him up like the fresh meat he was. Byron held on to the ball way longer than he should have, mainly because the secondary of the Tampa D was all over the damn place showing him different schemes they had the week off to develop. They hit him several times causing multiple fumbles and ints. Our receivers couldnt get space and on the few times they did get wide open, Byron couldn't get them the ball. On time in particular the DB fell down and Laurent Robinson was alone in the backfield and was overthrown, missing a cake TD.

L and I left at the end of the 3rd quarter, mainly because we were exhausted from the long weekend of traveling, but kinda also b/c Petrino was flailing. As we exited the dome, we heard the announcer call Harrington's name. Too little too late. Norwood's TD run call back sucked ass too.

What next after an embarrassing 31-7 home loss????

The world champion Colts come to town on a short week. Lovely. All this bullshit aside, I'm going to be the first to call it - Falcons play the Colts tight. Our D raises up and pressures Peypey and deals with Addai. D Hall shows up against Wayne and pics off Manning 2 times. HARRINGTON puts together the best game of his career and we edge out the Colts by 3, Falcons show who they should have been this year. Further proving you can never count on the NFL, (and that I might be completely full of shit).

Go Falcs!
Thursday, November 15, 2007
  brilliant social observation from the Boston Globe, without any exaggeration whatsoever on either of our parts

The Boston Globe declares that mustaches are now cooler than they've been since "the 1980s, when Tom Selleck's 'Magnum P.I.' made it almost OK to have a bushy mustache". The paper's proof? Three slightly well-known indie-rockers from Georgia, and some guy they saw hanging outside of a club some night. You'd think such a popular trend would have more notable torchbearers than that !!! guy who used to be in the Martians.

From the Band Of Horses interview up at Pitchfork today (which was obviously conducted several months ago):

>> Favorite TV Show at the Moment

Hard to say, because I'm not sure if a football team counts as a TV show, but when the University of Georgia Bulldogs are playing on Saturdays or whatever, that's my favorite show that could possibly be on television. Tomorrow versus Tennessee at 3:30 eastern!

Pitchfork: Well, the Vols being my home team, I guess I'll have to watch that.

Go Dogs! Fuckin' hell. Let the big dog eat!

[Tennessee defeated Georgia 35-14 ;) --Ed.]

-I love how that fuckin’ pitchfork guy tried to be all blasé about the fact that the Vols were his team. DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HIS BOYS WERE PLAYING. What a hipster fuck.

Either way BOH dude is RAD!
Wednesday, November 14, 2007
  The King Of Dirty Country (NSFW)

Larry Pierce is the king of Dirty Country music.

He had a documentary made about him(trailer) that got an audience award at SXSW, its screening in NYC tonight followed by him playing at Arlene's Grocery on the lower east side. Just some old dude from Indiana who loves writin' dirty ass songs that will warm your heart...

Larry's Myspace Page

Heavy language so turn your speakers down if you're at work...
  awesome show in San Francisco

So if you are people who live in San Francisco you should probably go see this show, after cutting your hair and taking a bath and getting a real god-damned job and all that other stuff. Wooden Shjips you should know, since they're local, and excellent, but Psychedelic Horseshit is perhaps the highlight, at least for San Franciscans, since the band's from Ohio and probably doesn't get out all there too often. And then Pink Reason are apparently fine, too. But so: definitely a show worth going to. If you don't, please don't come around these parts bitching about your ignorance it in twenty days or so.
  Almost Every Ween Bside / Rarity / Demo Ever

This is incredible.
B-Sides, Demos & Rarities, Vol. 1-4
These cdrs were made up by high ups in the ween forum over the years and were really hard to get your hands on. Well worth the downloads, there are some gems here and extremely nice to have it all in one place. I started downloading some of this shit song for song over 6 years ago and have DL hours of shit just to get one or two of the jams off this list. Anyways, i think is pretty rad you can nab it all with 4 easy clicks.

***This doesnt have any of the early early tape shit, just the demos/hard to find stuff most of which is since lets say Chocolate & Cheese (some goes back to PG)
Monday, November 12, 2007
  Owner of The Grit apparent suicide...

This dude was really nice, its a shame. I think he also has a family with a couple kids. If you dont know him from the restaurant he also played guitar in that heavy metal karaoke band.
Friday, November 09, 2007
  oh billy...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007
  je suis france on john peel's show in august of 2002

John Peel played a couple of songs from the Ice Age 7" back about five years ago. Over half a life ago! Shit. Anyway, we confounded him in a couple of different ways, which is nice. The BBC's site has been streaming these ever since, I think, but I found some mp3s the other day, so here you go. Right click to save or whatever, yeah.

"Darkness Has a Baby" on Peel's show 08/06/2002
"We're Not Driving That Truck" and half of "The Pincher" on 08/07/2002
  Educate Me Tad

Thursday, November 01, 2007
  awesome shit you should own if you are a fan of awesome shit

1. a Nintendo Wii

OKAY, yes, this looks like a tie-in to some jive-ass Nickelodeon anime crap, but first off it ain't and second off it's AMAZINGly fun and also addictive and frustrating, like the best of video games. Frustrating because you'll be dead repeatedly yet enjoying it every step of the way. And not dead because you didn't time your jump perfectly or because you accidentally made physical contact with water but dead because you didn't figure out the puzzle quickly enough. Yes ZACK AND WIKI is a puzzle game, not like falling blocks but like here's a situation and there are various steps you need to take to resolve this situation but there are no pointers as to what these steps are so good fucking luck with this god-damn situation. But the satisfaction you feel once each situation is successfully figured out and resolved is overwhelmingly enjoyable and highly flattering to the intellect. It took me a couple hours to figure out the best way to arrange a series of mirrors so as to direct a light-beam through a lens and free my flying monkey buddy from a frosty deathtrap. Elsewhere I had to turn caterpillers into saws and moles into drills and implement said animal-tools accurately as two of only twenty steps necessary to successful level completion. It is in a sense like a 3-D cel-shaded ADVENTURES OF LOLO but with point-and-click controls instead of direct action. As it stands this game couldn't really exist in this format on any other system, as it effectively and (yes) elegantly utilizes the Wii's controls at least as well as METROID PRIME 3. And best yet ZACK AND WIKI is only forty bucks brand new, and completely utterly worth it for real.


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