Tuesday, February 27, 2007
  Sausage Sensations - LIVEBLOG!!!

If you dont know, now you do. Papa John's Sausage Sensations Za hit the mutherfuckin' street yo. I ordered that shit live off the infranets about 50 minutes ago so it shoudl be here any minute. I am going to type until it does so. First I should say I am not a huge fan of Sausage. I mean its alright, but there are better things. Jimmy Dean is cool, but I-talian is kinda wack so to be honest i dont know how I am going to deal with this. Andy brought it up in an email to some dudes today and I was like, pssscha - WACK. Then while working out today a commercial came on ESPN showing the beast in its full glory (funny, right? lol). Well they got me and for re....

[door bell]

8:19 - Pizza(s) Arrives

8:21 - Open the box and snap a photo. Get some plates out and some napkins. Diet Coke (LOL! What am I thinking!?!?). Shit looks pretty damn good and smells sweet, pungent aroma. I take two slices to start the trip off.

8:24 - First bite. Mmmmm. Warm sensation in my mouth and boom I get sideswiped by a pepper battle in my mouth. Thats the first taste, not the sausage. DEFINITELY NOT THE SAUSAGE! A few chews and I get a glance at what the sausage is playing with. A full deck, thats for sure. I think I got a smoked sausage and a sweet sausage first b/c the sensation is jammin' in my mouth.

8:28 - First slice down to its last bite of crust, and shit I can't believe it. Ate that one like a herd of buffalo. Last bite is good and crunchy, I love a crisp crust. Get a whif of some garlic as I size up the last munch, hmmm thats like the 4th sensation I have had so far. Clearly, 4 sensations - all different but all working towards a clear goal.

8:30 - Go for the second slice. FUCK NUT, SAUSAGE DOWN! Piece of smoked sausage on the floor next to my sock. This is a new sensation of fear and question. Fuck the shit and snatch that thing off the ground and slam it home. Confidence sensation. I'm slayin' this bitch. I gnash my teeth through the baked dough and rip off the first piece of my second slice. I kinda feel sorry for the dude because I'm going to kick its ass. 2 bites in now, and I get a mix of red pepper and italian sausage in my mouth. Not a good one b/c this italian dill spice or whatever the fuck game its playing, sucks and I kinda want to spit it out. Chill. Slow your roll, and fucking swallow it like a man. Gulp, follow it up with a sip of diet coke. Bad taste gone and this cool little sausage hanging off the edge of the slice is like, save my ass before I tumble down too, you dick. I endulge him and kick the rest of this slice down in like 4 bites. Bitch, you cant hang with me.

8:34 - Second slice devoured.

8:35 - Sit back and rest for a minute. These slices are fucking packed to the gills like a meaty messiah. I would easily say that each slice is an inch thick if not more...that shit takes up space, yo! Few more sips of coke and I'm off to the kitchen.

8:38 - Look at the pizza's face. I have finished 1/4 of the pizza and to be honest my first thought right now is, man i bet this is going to taste dandy for breakfast in the morn. 2 more slices b/c i'm fucking daring Zeus to try and stop this. Get back and flip it over to American Idol b/c I am feelin' right. Some honkey dude singing low and shit. What? Halfway through this slice and a new sensation hits. Its a rich sensation pulsating through my body as the food is entering me. Fart. Oops, sorry girl. This Za must be battlin' for some room in that stomach, hope your battle is fruitful. 3rd slice is a little soggy. Soggy sensation. Not feeling this slice to be fullest until I get to the crust and this crust has like the crunchiest sensation. I get 4 good bites of the crust and I realize I'm fully in the zone right now b/c there is some shit going on the TV and I could give a fuck. Fuck that sensation, b/c this sensation is lockin' me in for the ride of a life time.

8:43 - Last bite of slice 3.

8:45 - First bite of slice 4. Really getting full here but I think I have to at least eat 1/2 this pizza to keep my manhood. May take me a little bit but shit, I am a carbon copy of god, so shit I can do this for Za God. Pride fills me for like the 10th sensation. This slice is a lot better than the last one. Sometimes you cant win them all. Think to myself, I am glad I'm not drinking beer during this spectacle for I would be floating away by now. I have shorts on. Some dude is singing Jamiroquai and beat boxing, shit Za God is giving me a test here that I need to pass. 4 bites in, I stumble, shit! Half the remaining toppings on my slice fall to the plate as I am looking at dancing man. Get it together bro and finish the drill! Shitfire! Collect my thoughts. I can do this, no half-steppin'. I have half a slice left.

8:49 - Burp twice.

8:50 - Look at the remaining slice. The taste is somewhat homogenous at this point - all starting to meld. Is that because my body cant handle any more sausage sensations. This is a good pizza, there is no lie in that statement. I take this last one slow to saver the sensations. Take a good 8 minutes to finish the slice. The final bite is triumphant and tastes perfect. Fuck the stress of not being able to man up to 1/2 a pizza. I owned that thick ass bitch like I was yelling at a fat goth chick about taking better care of herself. (And to quit listening to the fucking USED!!!).

8:58 - sit back completely full.

9:04 - Think to myself, I am going to sit here and let this simmer for a while and see if I can handle any more sensations. I dont think I can, b/c I am fucking full of sensations.

9:20 - There is no way I can handle another sensation.

9:26 - Seriously

9:30 - Walk to the kitchen and place the remaining 1/2 a Sausage Sensations pizza in the fridge for a date with the morning.

9:32 - Hit publish with a final thought of my total sensations. I have dominated all sensations IMAGINABLE!

Sausage you are my friend this night.
Monday, February 26, 2007
  Places I Have Eaten

Sorry for the lack of stuff lately; been in training again.

The missus hankered for a fine meal on Saturday night, so around four o'clock we reserved ourselves a table for 9 pm at Petit Robert and commenced with the anticipating. She'd eaten there a time or two in the past, and loved it, whereas I was entering a complete novice. Due to the addvanced praise my hopes were as high as the restaurant's falution. Thankfully Petit Robert pulled through with perhaps the most awesome dining experience ever.

We arrived five minutes before our reservation time, and immediately could tell we wouldn't be seated at nine. There were a half-dozen or so other couples standing around waiting, along with a party of four. The hostess girl (kinda hot) was as harried as the protagonist of Sega's arcade classic Space Harrier II, constantly asking the passing waiters and waitresses how much longer certain tables would be, while continually doling out menus and winelists as requested by the wait staff and the waiting customers. We grabbed some wallspace next to the hostess's computer, which kept track of the reservations, and we noticed that couples with 8:30 times still had yet to be seated. The bar was packed, so all we could do was stand there in the very small and overly crowded entrance, with me lingering on the staircase to the downstairs dining room. We stood there for about a half-hour, partially obstructing the wait staff as they ferried food up and down the stairs, as the hostess got more and more frantic with each passing minute. Eventually the bar opened up, so we went downstairs, grabbed a drink, and watched the pastry chefs make some desserts. The desserts looked AWESOME. The kindly manager, a dead ringer for Ken Marino with a British accent, personally took our drink orders, and was about as nice as any restaurant-affiliated employee I've ever encountered. After ten or fifteen more minutes at the bar, the manager told us our table was ready, and led us back upstairs. We finally got a table around 9:40. The fun was about to begin.

We fell in love with the people sitting at the table next to us. The man was fairly non-descript, kinda schlubby, bald and bespectacled and not exactly well-dressed. He looked like Neal Boortz. His lady-friend, though, was amazing; her long black hair was teased out, her coat was made of some sort of animal fur dyed with fake leopard spots, and her accent was as nasal and New Yawk as any ever heard outside of The Nanny. If she wasn't some mobster's little girl, she certainly wanted to look the part. Except, you know, she was like 45, or something. Anyway, as we sat down they were having a fairly loud fight; that ended quickly enough for us not to catch any of the specifics, but I hope to God it had something to do with the lady bitching about Boortz not leaving his wife for her yet. The spat ended when the wine arrived; they placed their orders, and everything seemed to be fine. My wife wound up ordering the same thing Boortz did, a lamb cassoulet. A few minutes after we order, the waitress brings Boortz and his Debi Mazarian friend their food. Instead of the cassoulet, he was given some other lamb dish. He complained a little, his friend complained a lot; to mollify them while the cook made the right dish the manager brought them a free appetizer. Boortzy refused the appetizer, though, telling the manager to give it to somebody who'd actually want it; that turned out to be his lady-friend, who was more than happy to eat it alongside her entree.

Ten minutes later, the waitress brought us our food. Same mistake. Instead of the cassoulet, they brought my wife the other lamb dish. No problem, though; she still had some soup, and there was still bread in our basket, so we could wait. I picked at my roast chicken (with natural juices) a bit, but mostly waited for her cassoulet to show up. Soon she had her food, we began to eat, and everything was excellent. Then the water lady spilled a pitcher of water all over Ms. Princess and her fur coat. Poor, poor water lady. Drescher yelled at the water lady for a few seconds, grabbed her coat, and ran to the bathroom. Boortz laughed a little when she was gone and kept on eating. The water lady cleaned up the mess, apparently taking Fran's glass of wine away in the process. The manager was apologizing to Boortz when Drescher got back to the table; she yelled out that she was all wet, and her coat was all wet, and how they needed to get their meal for free, as loudly and nasally as humanly possible. She then noticed her wine glass was gone, and began to complain about that. The manager apologized profusely, but with all dignity intact. He brought by a free bottle of wine to replace the bit that was taken away, and also offered free desserts. That didn't keep Fran from complaining the rest of the night, though. We also got free desserts, and a couple of free beers, ostensibly because of the cassoulet mishap; I think it was actually the restaurant apologizing for seating us next to these two, though.

Anyhow, despite how it might sound, nothing about this meal was that big of a hassle or inconvenience. We didn't mind the wait at all, and even the entree mix-up was completely fine with us. In fact the stuff with the other table was so awesome that any inconveniences would've been cool even if they had been major. The food was tremendous, probably the second-best meal I've had in this town, and the wait staff was friendly and pleasing to the eye. I heartily endorse Petit Robert, especially if they can seat you next to a couple of entertainingly immature assholes.

A gigantic thanks to everyone who came out to the 40 Watt on Friday for the Dr. Dog/ Flip & Brah show. Seriously yall, that may have been the best show we've played. Most of that had nothing to do with Flip and I. We were totally blown out of the water at the response and the fact that the second we walked on stage everyone was absolutely ready to jam harder than they have jammed in their life.

Huge thanks to the Footbizzle contingent for constantly supporting. Lord Douchebag and the Wife (and Brother Douche) for making the trip up and sharing brews and laughs all fuckin' night. Ice & Ian who fuckin ruled so hard my mind warped. The Nazgul Pizza Delivery Boys for scaring the shit out of us, then jamming Za on stage. Of course Dr. Dog for having us and letting us do our bullshit no questions asked.

Overall I dont think that shit could have gone any better, an amazing night all the way around. Zieg took some pictures and said he'll email them to me sometime soon so when I see them, I'll get them up here. (Hillary has some video up too...)
Thursday, February 22, 2007
  Tomorrow Night!!! FRIDAY - 40 WATT

Flip Scoldjah & ExcaliBrah open for Dr. Dog!!!!

We go on first probably at 10:30 on the nose b/c there are 4 total bands playing. We're tight with the Dr. Dog dudes so who knows whats going to happen. Shit is gon' get buck. Fantasy artistray at its utmost, and uh yes, we're playing some new shit that taint never been seen live before. Going to be grandiose.

Gonna have everyone freakin' like the last Mohican!

Monday, February 19, 2007
  Huge Turd Biscuit

Ghost Rider: D-
Shit this movie sucked a bunch of ass. I know we should have seen it coming but I was holding hope that it would be a surprise hit. I only really read two comics in Middle/High School - Nightcrawler & Ghost Rider, and to see a crapstorm like this was like traveling back in time and kicking myself in the prepubescent nuts. The plot was shitty and boring, not to mention choc full of holes that are never explained. The acting sucked pretty much on a whole - Cage was great in parts but it seemed like he was going thru the motions for that paycheck. The visual effects were the best part about it, but all of the super cool ones were blown in the trailers. GR doesnt even show up until the half way point, WTF MOVIE DUDES?! I'm there to get thrashed by the fire chain, not some sappy ass love shit. One other beef L and I had was with Ghost Rider's voice. When cage turned into GR, his voice changed as well. Instead of doing something where Cage overdubs some angry ass lines, they change his voice into this GOBLIN BEASTY thing. People laughed the first time GR spoke, and trust me it wasn't the HILARIOUS JOKE he delivered. This could have been a really easy movie to fucking nail, dark ass character who out of all the superheroes is arguably the most bad ass in character. How can you not deliver? The people sitting next to us left about 40 minutes in, we should have joined them for a thrash convo in the lobby. Sucked, dicks.
Saturday, February 17, 2007
  This Has Been My Jam Lately...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007
  France 12" Printing

The crew headed up to Lexington, KY this past weekend to do a little screenprinting and some hammjammin. We are close friends with the dudes at Cricket Press who agreed to help us out with the screenprinting of the France/Acid Mothers Temple 12". Everything went great, the press was outta site and the 12" sleeves are a mindwarp. These plus random colored marble vinyl, woah. Below are some pics of everything. Record goes to the pressing plant next week!

Monday, February 12, 2007
  OH SHIT, just arrived from Korea....

Oh man, its hammerin' me...

Friday, February 09, 2007

Okay, haven't mentioned this yet, but Mesmerization Eclipse has been moved back to Fridays. Also, I'll be doing an extra hour tonight. So yes, that's today, on WZBC 90.3 FM, from 3 to 6 pm.
  Irish Folk Tales Scare the Shit Out of Me

I just ate a couple of heart attacks' worth of sausage and tater tots, in hopes of greasing away my hangover. I love DJ'ing at River Gods, but I always wind up as drunk as a country priest. Endless free booze'll do that to me, I guess. Despite a brief technical problem (one of the cd-r's I burned yesterday wouldn't play past track four, which led to twenty or so seconds of dead air), last night went pretty well. Here's what I played, not quite in the correct order:

Captain Beyond "Sufficiently Breathless"
Robert Calvert "The Aerospaceage Inferno"
Deerhunter "Cryptograms"
Brian Eno "Needles in the Camel's Eye"
Neu "Hallogallo"
The Moles "Bury Me Happy"
Je Suis France "That Don't Work That Well For Me" (WIFE MADE ME DO IT)
Hawkwind "Opa-Loka"
The Clean "Whatever I Do It's..."
Il Balletto Di Bronzo "Terzo Incontro"
Guided By Voices "Yours To Keep" / "Echoes Myron"
Devo "Auto Modown" / "Space Girl Blues"
Boyracer "Your Dark Secrets"
Fresh Maggots "Dole Song"
Yo La Tengo "Damage"
Dark Meat "Angel Of Meth"
Oneida "Caesar's Column"
Unrest "Make Out Club"
Superchunk "100,000 Fireflies"
Galaxie 500 "Summertime"

I was too hungover to grab any different cds this morning, so I'll pretty much be playing stuff from these same albums on my show today. Excitement.
Thursday, February 08, 2007

May you find the peace that always eluded you on Earth.
  personal appearances

If I know you, and you are in Boston, then you should head over to River Gods on River Street in Cambridge around 8:30 pm this evening. I'll be DJ'ing from then 'til ten, and afterward John Straub of the Kraft-o-Matic Bed o' Nine Tails will be doing the monthly WZBC Countdown for January.
Wednesday, February 07, 2007
  Head 2 Head episode

So we (dark, crews, rippy, robert n, me, crog) used to do a "talking" show up at WUOG every Friday night from 7:30 - 8p before we went to the Blind Pig. It twas called Head 2 Head. We got permission from WUOG to podcast these episodes and are in the process of going back and digitizing every episode we have on tape, which I think is somwhere b/w 15-20.

Anyways - this dude Neil who used to call in posted one episode he had on tape for your enjoyment in the meantime. After listening to it we actually believe that this is 3 seperate episodes that somehow got melded into one. Rippy doesn't actually show up until the last 5 minutes of the episode. This episode also might have been the first appearance of Ulysses K. Whistlepoofer, the smartest man alive. Ice wins $100, MB (aka the captain) is watching some High School Football, and Crog recounts the Never Again Festival. Man, these were good times.

We'll definitely keep this site updated once we get the H2H podcasts up somewhere in the next few months.
  Hilarious, Douche

I just found out that Fat Joe is going to be doing an appearance at a video game store in one of the centers I manage down in Union City.

I should see if ExcailBrah can open for him and then shit on the stage.
  New MIA jam...


Shit, the video is even better!!!
  Pictures / Mini-review of the ATL Yo La Tengo show up at pitchfork.

Monday, February 05, 2007
  Detailed Description of Weekend, You Will Be Riveted

After reading about MBs weekend, I decided to follow suit…

Got home from a fucking crazy ass yet successful day at work. Signed a tough lease in a tough center – 2000 sq ft to a tight ass Mexican restaurant called “Los Corrales”. Cool peeps. Antenna Farm was having trouble with the Afrikan Majik art files I had sent them and they needed them reformatted and resent immediately b/c production was supposed to start that day. Opened and resaved the files on my slow ass computer which probably took an hour longer than it should have. L got home and we chilled, watched some Walker Texas Ranger, I took a shower and we left to go find something to eat on the way to the picture show. There isnt shit as far as restaurants go near our new house (besides Little Caesar’s Pizza) so we decided to drive up to Jimmy Carter and drive around until we found something. I played L some choice cuts from the new Early Years record on the ride and then we changed over to the classic alternative channel on Sirius. Then remembered we had the Depeche Mode greatest hits in the car. Put that in and jammed down the boulevard. I really like that band a lot, late bloomer. Jimmy Carter is a desolate area as far as restaurants and we are getting kinda annoyed – options are looking bleak. We round a corner and the beacon call from the Ryan’s sign pulled us in. We were laughing as we pulled into the parking lot because how fucking cool is it that we are eating at a Ryan’s on a Friday night. It reminded me of that scene in Tommy Boy where they are driving and the Carpenters comes on the radio and they look at each other and say “I can live with it if you can” – then seconds later they are jamming so hard. That was us. We walk in and totally score the cool waiter. Sit down and immediately overhear a conversation a table of elementary school kids talking about how 50 Cent got shot. They were acting it out. Round one – salad. Round two – fried chicken, mashed taters, pizza, fried shrimp, onion ring. Round three – veggie tray. Round four – apple pie with what I thought was vanilla ice cream, turned out to be coffee and the combo almost made me barf. Stopped eating. As we were walking out we hear the manager say they had just converted this Ryan’s from a Fire Mountain. Got a call from Paul at Antenna Farm – the files are still fucked up. Drive to the theater and we are there super early so we decide to walk into a movie where it doesn’t matter if we come in late. That movie – Epic Movie. Total shitstorm. I think we were in there for 30 minutes and laughed once. God awful. Leave the theater and walk over to our flick – Catch and Release. L really wanted to see it and she liked it a lot. Kevin Smith sucked eggs as usual. Home, watched some tube, headed to bed.

Woke up at 7am on Saturday to the dog barking from her crate. L let her out and went for a 10 mile (!!!) run with her aunt as I went back to work on the France artwork reworking. Took me a good hour to reconfigure that shit AGAIN and send it off. Turns out this time it worked. Get dressed and take it to the Quick Trip less than half a mile from my house to get a gas can and some gas for the lawn mower. Its fucking freezing out. Filling up the gas can when this 80 year old woman almost runs me over with her car as im standing at a pump. She gives me an eat shit look after she jammed on the breaks like I was doing something wrong. Fuck that. Grab a quizzle (if you don’t know, now you do) and head home to get the mower working. Get the thing started after ripping the skin off my finger and deciding to wear gloves after I almost cried b/c it was so cold and my hand hurt like shit. Mow the lawn and it takes me the time to get through 2 records on my ipod. The Sea and Cake’s first record and Royal Trux – Veteran’s of Disorder. Finish that shit and come inside to help L put up some curtains and clean up b/c we were having a few family members over to see the house. They get there around 1 and we spend about 20 minutes giving them the tour afterwords we decide to go to lunch and after giving my mom, close family friend, and grams the choices my grandmother speaks forth – “Red Lobster sounds fine”. Done. RL is blowing up bet we are seated within 5 minutes. Jam some cheddar bay jam some shrimp, shit is right. Even sneak a few biscuits home in L’s purse. Say adios to the family and head back so L can get a nap in while I head to the grocery store to get shit for the super bowl. Kroger is insane and witnessed two verbal discussions between angry parties. Found everything on my list except wonton wrappers and qtips. Get home – unpack the groceries and get in touch with Zieg who is coming down for the Yo La Tengo show. Oh yeah, and during this point I instant message with Rippy about some crazy ass shit. He has a good story to tell on his blog about this person he knows going on a camping trip. He arrives around 5:45 and then we leave to meet up with Elliott and Gus for dinner. Yacht club we meet up and get a big table. Brews. Ellie’s gotta dip to go introduce a band in front of a sold out Tabernacle. We tried to make him nervous about it. Jam several rounds of beers b/c we don’t care about the opener for YLT. Gerv and Big B show up along with Ice, SM, Jason, and Debbie. They were going to try to score some tickets. Ice and SM unfortunately didn’t have luck. As we are leaving the Yacht Club we hear this loud ass noise and look back up the street towards that hippy gathering area in Little 5. There is a land rover on the fucking sidewalk driving down right where everyone was walking. Commotion. We really cant figure out what is happening here but it seems like the dude is definitely drunk because he has hit a light pole and ripped his side mirror off. He then backs up and hits a gutter hanging off the building which becomes mangled but doesn’t fall off. He backs all the way up to Moreland flying. Rips it into gear and then comes flying down the street that the Variety is on flying by us at like 80. We try to get his license plate but fail. We get inside and Tenement Halls is still playing. They finish their set with “Let My Love Show You The Door” (is that title right) by Pete Townsend. Grab some brews and a spot in one of those side areas in the Variety. Sold out show but we were comfortable where we were. YLT starts and they are fucking awesome. Start out with a few quiet numbers and then rip into that first song on the new record. Ira is channeling god. Wailing so hard. Setlist is full of great ones. L left to go to the bathroom and I thought I heard her say she would be right back. It was a little while later that I thought I should go look for her to see if she was ok. The stongbows were way to sweet. I call into the women’s bathroom after waiting a bit and no one answered so I looked in the balcony and there she was. Sat up there until the they finished their first set. Pep this song selection to end the set – a really really building long ass version of “The Story Of Yo La Tengo” into “Blue Line Swinger” uber long version too. So to end their set they probably played 35 minutes of music in 2 songs – it was bad ass. The first encore consisted of “Stockholm Situation”, “Tried So Hard” (I think) from Fakebook and “Barnaby, Hardly Working”. Rad. They closed the show after being pulled out one more time with a Sun Ra song (not “Nuclear War”). Excellent show. Zieg drove home which was really nice of him. Got home around 1 and fell asleep to some TV.

Sunday began with the dog barking us awake again. Fell in and out of sleep until about 10 – L went to work and I worked on unpacking the dude room a little more. Went to publix and picked up the missing items from yesterday, picked up a sub. Went to Wal-Mart to grab a baking pan and overhead these two Mexican dudes talking about what I thought was Tejano music until I heard one use the word “cazongas”. So maybe they were talking about boobs. Got home and ate lunch while watching some super bowl coverage and the MLE (major league eating) brat championships. Kobayashi destroyed as usual, eating 58 brats in 10 minutes. Fucking insane. Watched tv for a bit and then started cooking for the party. I had to make cheese dip and wonton sausage cups (amazing). I made veggie versions too with fake sausage. Shit turned out great. L comes home from work and her ski lesson and we pack up and head out to KG and Randi’s. Get there and I forgot the non meat cheese dip. Head back to the house and miss 2 turns making my supposedly quick jaunt into a cross city trek. In turning around I pass “Strokers” a famous strip club here in ATL that is mentioned in the song “Welcome To Atlanta”. “I hit Strokers on Lean”. Get back to the party and the food display is truly amazing. Everything from Gus’ chili to 5L mini kegs of Coors Light to beef brisket to 7 layer dip to candy bar brownies. Ate it up. L was tired approaching the 3rd quarter end so she decided to head home. Thorn had me covered for a ride. The game was great, glad for Pey-Pey. I wished he had danced though. My favorite commercial was the Snickers one with the dudes kissing. Game ended and we hung out for a bit shooting the shit. It was fun. Made a $13 bet with gus on whether these two people who were at the party (no one here knows them) would hook up. Still waiting to find out who won. Thorn drove me home and I woke Laura up b/c I felt like talking (maybe that was the beers). Let her go back to sleep and I followed. Twas a good one.
  indavertent frat guy tuck

The back of my shirt will not stay tucked in. Should I keep on retucking it, or simply yank out the front so as to maintain equilibrium? Keep in mind I am at work, and am wearing a sweater over the shirt. The shirt has a collar, and stripes, and used to belong to my dad, who can no longer wear it since getting the diabetes.
  What I Did During The Superbowl

I walked Oscar about five times. I also read the following:

Fantastic Four / Iron Man : Big In Japan # 1-4.

This fun little mini-series is a nice antidote to the laughably stern-faced Civil War crap that's completely taken Marvel over as of late. The FF and Tony Stark are invited to attend the grand opening of Tokyo's giant monster museum, where they house artifacts from the days when Japan was regularly attacked by massive radioactive monsters. Soon enough these megalosauri, who haven't been seen in decades, return and reek havoc upon Tokyo. The FF and Iron Man team up to stop them, and in the process discover there's something far more sinister afoot. The story's fine enough, and the dialogue is frequently funny, but the main point of interest here is the art. Seth Fisher's cartoonish drawings are incredibly intricate and detailed, and his occasional appropriation of manga elements fits the story and the setting but is reined in enough to not become too distracting. Overall this is really fun yet inconsequential, which I'll take over painfully serious and "important" almost any day of the week. Unfortunately Fisher died before the final issue was published.

Drax The Destroyer # 1-4.

Civil war and Infinite Crisis got all the attention, but Annihilation was the best comic "event" of '06. This Drax miniseries is basically a precursor to that, reintroducing the Drax the Destroyer character, and showing us how he became connected to that overly sassy Earth girl who's been tagging along with him. Like Annihilation, Drax is written by Keith Giffen, as solid a pro as ever drew breath, and the occasional creator of truly great comics. Drax isn't quite great, but it does adroitly balance humor, violence, and human drama, without skewing too far into any one direction. It's apparently almost impossible to portray alcholism or parental neglect in a superhero comic without inviting some unintentional guffaws; Giffen comes close here, though. There's a relatively understated (for a comic book) scene that recalls the one from Freaks And Geeks when Bill Haverchuck comes home to an empty apartment after school, makes himself a sandwich, and watches tv. Giffen's always excelled at portraying his comic-book characters as real and believable people, and despite her occasionally overbearing attitude, this girl Cammi is no exception. And this book needed somebody to bear the dramatic burden, as Drax is little more than a cross-section of action movie and sci-fi cliches. Overall this is a fine mini-series; the story is kind of slight, and there's no direct connection to Annihilation, but the characters of Drax and Cammi are fleshed out a bit more than was possible in that over-stuffed event.

Checkmate Vol. 2 # 1-7.

Like almost all the new comics launched by DC in the wake of Infinite Crisis, this solid espionage / super-hero hybrid has been suffering from miserable sales. I'd be surprised if Checkmate reached issue number 25. And that's a shame, as the book has gotten progressively better over the last year. I bought the first issue back in April, and wasn't very impressed. I picked up 2 through 10 during NEC's half-off sale last week, based on many positive reviews around the internet, and I certainly don't regret it. Like his former Gotham Central co-writer Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka is adept at incorporating superheroes into real world settings without resorting to dull, grim 'n' gritty nonsense. Thus far Rucka has focused on political maneuvering and diplomacy as much as he has neck-snapping and rage-fisting, as the half-superhuman, half-non-powered espionage organization has gone up against both the terrorist cult Kobra and the international interests who wish to strip the agency of its UN sponsorship. Checkmate is definitely kind of a goofball concept, basically an Impossible Mission Force with a chess-based structure, but Rucka approaches it with a straight face, and in the process crafts a comic that, like 24, is gripping and complex while also being inherently ridiculous.
Friday, February 02, 2007
  Amazing New Dr. Dog Video

Cant wait to hear this new record and to jam with them later this month. Coolest dudes ever! Weird this is up at MTV Overdrive.

Read about this on Stereogum, btw.
Thursday, February 01, 2007
  This Dude Is Fuckin Rad!


Add Je Suis France to that list!!!!

The Grateful Dead have AIDS.
"C.H.O.P.S" - Changing Homosexuals Into Ordinary People.
Fuckin' Yikes.
  Improvised Ebay Dividends

Some enterprising fellow on a local message-board I frequent snagged one of the "suspicious devices" off of Commonwealth Ave before the bomb squad could detonate it. He's now selling it on eBay. It's made it up to $5000 in just hours.

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Elliott is on AM 1690 the Voice of the Arts on Monday nights from 7-9PM for Radio Undefined
Crews is on WXDU on Tuesday mornings from ten to noon



Dark doesn't want to own her, but he can't let her have it both ways.

Cocaine Bref is proud of his island heritage & will riff with you.

Elliott is sufficiently breakfast.
PS3 ID: ATLbloodfeast

Crog works in the bullshit industry in Hollywood. He was born on May 7th, 1978.

Jerkwater Johnson (friend to CT Jake Motherfucker) lives in San Francisco. He likes snacking, and the Mets, and is the proprietor of a bar called Duck Camp.

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je suis france
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