Thursday, April 30, 2009
  Things I've done since being unemployed pt.2

- Raved at the Earl with Excalibrah...glowsticks included
- Downloaded choice cuts from Rich Boy, Lil Wil, OJ Da Juiceman and Soulja Boy
- Jammed the choice cuts at Twilight 10
- Took 78 from Athens to Atlanta for the first time
- Dodged a murderer
- Watched the Hawks kick the shit out of the Heat in games 4 & 5
- Scored tickets for tomorrow's Braves game
- Gained a ton of respect for Thomas Dimitroff...nice moves with TG & the 09 draft
- Completed 42% of Far Cry 2
- Filed for unemployment (not one of the proudest life moments)
- Cooked some bacon....you know it's tastin' right
- Drank some of Jimmy Buffett's Margartiaville Classic Lime Margaritas
- Got my Dekalb County library card (checked out Thin Blue Line on DVD as well as Jeff Pearlman's Boys Will Be Boys and Dennis Lehane's Shutter Island)
- Called Robbie Beers to commiserate about not having a job.....asshole still hasn't called me back
- Listened to Chuck Oliver on 680 the Fan....that dude's a nerd, but he knows his shit and cracks me up
- Jammed the new JSF "Horsehunters" EP....nice work dudes
- Had a Butterfinger milkshake
- Sent a certified letter
- Got pissed at Darkness for picking up Alex Rios and Phil Hughes
- Found out they are making a movie about that book Moneyball
- Lunch at the Earl, lunch at 5 Guys, dinner at Brickstore, dinner at 97 Estoria
- Heard that Clear Channel laid off nearly 600 people....reinforcing my apprehension about working in radio again
- Bought a Mega Millions lottery ticket....$220 Mils in the bank 
- Spent too much time on the internet
- Failed in finding a job so far

Part 3.....soon

  Bun B already rappin about the Swine Flu

This remix of the new Clipse with Kanye and Bun B is off the hook. Check it here
  Steve Holman rules

  Derby Posts

Yo, the Kentucky Derby post positions were laid out last night. Take a look.


I WANT REVENGE is the current 3-1 favorite, but there are a lot of great horses running with him.

Watch out for: Pioneerof The Nile,& Firesan Fire (my pick).
  Oh UK dont know how to RAVE?~!

FINALS LIBRARY RAVE AT Univ. Of Kentucky this week....bad ass!
Wednesday, April 29, 2009
  I let nokahoma.com die...

so a lot of our images have disappeared. pictures like this little bit of genius:

don't fret, we'll get this fixed soon enough.
  wow, cool - some france press.

You Ain't No Picasso


Optical Atlas

(btw we're posting all 22 of the France EPs on the France website - one a week. Next week - PEACE GOAT!!!!)
Tuesday, April 28, 2009
  Jamming this on repeat today!

Karl Blau - Into the Nada
Found at skreemr.com

Sounds a like a perfect mix of that west african 60s shit and SF!
  Amazin' quote about Stafford & the draft...

“Every time I hear that number, I just kind of laugh,” Shaun Chapas, Stafford’s former Georgia teammate and roommate, said Monday. “Because a few months ago he was wondering if he had enough money left on a gift card to afford another $7 burrito at Barbarito’s.”

Thanks SM
Monday, April 27, 2009

c'mon it's free: the France's new HORSEHUNTERS EP.
Saturday, April 25, 2009
  The aftemath

  straight slayed it last night...

Two seconds before we went on stage. I think ellie got a pic of the lights out glowstick rave. This new set give me a boner.
Friday, April 24, 2009
  Welcome to the A dude

Congrats on getting the f outta K.C.
  Things I've done since being unemployed pt.1

- 8 day mind eraser during SXSW
- Wrestlemania XXV
- Driven to Houston from Austin
- Driven to San Antonio from Austin
- Driven to Atlanta from Austin
- saw Jay Reatard & Gentleman Jesse @ Emory University
- paid over $1800 in rent on a place I don't live anymore
- got a storage space
- started listening to records again (enjoyed the shit out of some Devo, Strange Boys, Nerves, Built to Spill and 7 Seconds)
- Went to Record Store Day @ Criminal (saw Noot D'Noot, the Selmanaires and Manchester Orchestra)
- created a character on Smackdown vs. Raw 09 on my PS3 named Conan the Destroyer
- used Ichat and Gmail chat alot (what up OJ, Dark, Justan, Malcolm, Michelle, Byron, Matt C and Jay Harren)
- Took a Wonderlic test
- Begun playing Far Cry 2 on PS3....so far so good
- Watched Dwyane Wade whoop the Hawks in Game 2 on TV
- hyper analyze my fantasy baseball team
- Downloaded East Bound and Down for free off the net...what up Bittorrent!!
- Watched Le Samouri with the missus...great movie
- Watched Dan in Real Life with the missus...piece of shit movie
- Learned how to toggle off facebook updates from people who you are friends with, but are tired of hearing what they are doing all the time. Cause you know, I'd feel bad deleting them as a friend.
- Went to the Dekalb Farmers Market twice...that place is cool
- Downloaded a Gun Club album and the new Bonnie 'Prince" Billy from Bittorrent.
- Eaten at many excellent restraunts here in Decatur & Atlanta
- Jammed the pre-party for the Yacht Rock Review with old friends
- Listened to some Braves games on the radio
- Sat in front of this computer too much
- Failed in finding a job so far

Ok...thats it for now. I'll continue with this later
Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Please buy a copy. Or at least illegally download one.
Monday, April 20, 2009
  The Black Arts

Saturday, April 18, 2009
  Coming next week...

Delirium yallz.
Wednesday, April 15, 2009
  Anderson Cooper is the MAN!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
  RIP little fella

  The Genius Of Tim & Eric

From this week's "Tennis" episode which was far and away the best one of the season. Watch the whole episode here.
Monday, April 13, 2009
  Jammin' this jam...

New jam from Peaches. Great album cover.
  Can a.....

  Met royalty on Saturday...

Once in a lifetime jam on Saturday!!! We went to Athens with Thorn to go to the GDay game. Such a rad day.

Got to Athens and ended up going to Barberitos on the east side to grab lunch. As im giving this dude my order he says "hey man, totally diggin your shirt" - I told him thanks and then told him black beans please. He then went on to ask where i got it and I told him I designed them for Ween's last trip through Athens. He was pumped and wanted one - so I asked him for his email address and this rad hippy went on to say the following: "ok you ready.... its: luv-to-panic@_______.___" Thorn and I had to do all we could to not laugh. Especially after he essentially tried to convince me to trade him one of those shirts for one of his Widespread shirts. I'm still contemplating this!

Anyways the game was fun, weather was great, and my cokes were spilling all over the place. This is really fuckin dumb but over the last week I have flat out dropped 4 different drinks. One in publix was a large diet coke after someone put the wrong sized fuckin' tops in the large container and when i went to grab it the fuckin glass slipped through my hands and went everywhere. that same thing happened at work, QT, and at Sanford staidum this week. Mutherfuckin BUTTERFANGAZ!!! So saturday I dropped the shit and it splashed all over these two really well done up people in front of me. Laura, Thorn and Griggs were laughing their asses off at me as I dashed up the isle to get some napkins. They ended up being fine, but the girl (who was kinda brown due to about 40 trips too many to the tanning salon) was still pissy, and rightfully so.

After the game we heard from Zieg that the bookstore was having a clearance sale on a lot of their clothes so we wanted to check it out. We filed down to field level and then walked back towards Tate to hit those stairs and walk up to the bookstore. Well we walk out and shitfire there was UGA chillin in his crate in the UGA VII suv. Sonny Sadler was standing there and said "we dont normally do this but if peopel want to get some pictures with UGA make a line." We did and got one of the first pictures with the dude, who was tired as SHIT! The reason the pic is at a funny angle is because Thorn got blocked out by this fat ass security guard who he couldnt get around. Right after he snapped it, I took Thorn's photo which shows Thorn with arm around UGA! Gave the dude one final pat, and then headed towards the bookstore. Had some drama with my phone saying there was no memory left, but got the picture emailed ok. It was funny b/c right as we were leaving the car I ended up leaving my camera b/c I didnt want to have to lug it around everywhere after I had to keep tabs on it all day Monday at the Masters. Wish i would have had it now so i could have gotten a higher quality pic, but whatever. The experience itself was just fucking awesome! I love that big dude!

Will never forget the day we met the most famous dog on the earf!
Thursday, April 09, 2009
  Masters Photos...

Three Dudes on 13!!

First Brew at 11:15a

Clubhouse (tiger's inside)

Ice and Greg Norman!

What a day!
  Fun, fun, fun

  This is really fucking awesome...

Still Flyin' are playing in Lexington tonight! As a part of the Itinerary, I had them wake up early (in Columbus, OH after a night of mega-raging, I heard) and get on the road so they could get to LEX mid-afternoon to go watch some horse races.

Keeneland - one of my favorite places on this earth - is open right now for their spring races. Just got word from Bren that they are pulling up to the track as I type!

They will get inside in time to bet on race 4 of the day - but check this shit...

5/1 odds

Bren said they are pooling the band money to bet on this dude! God am I jealous. Great bros, drinkin bourbon, watchin ponies, beautiful weather, and jammin the shit out of that town tonight. What a ride!

I'll report back once I hear if the BIRD IS AWARE!!!!!

UPDATE: Birdbirdistheword came in 4th. DAMN. Apparently it made a late charge but didnt have the gas.
  Ice and I cant stop thinking about this picture...

Or this vid.
Or these vids.
Pizzas forever, maaaaannn!

THE KID!!!!! (aka mini pizza)
  Crumbs Is Now Online

The famous NYC bakery just went live with their website last week. You can order cupcakes to be delivered fresh to your door within a day of ordering! This is the bakery that the Stern show talks about constantly. Some of Artie's funniest moments are when he tries to talk with an entire "Artie Signature Cupcake" crammed in his mouth. Shit looks delicious!

In other Stern news, if anyone in ATL is interested - Richard Christie and Sal are coming to do standup at the Highland Inn in early June. Its a thursday and friday night and is one block from Ice's place.
Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Just found this...wow.
  more updates at www.jesuisfrance.com

Crog sorted out our nonsense and so the France site is live again. I posted a couple of EPs last week, Pals and SA's Stones. You're a damn fool if you don't download them, and an even more damned fool if you don't proceed to immediately delete them after half a listen.

Soon on the France site: Ice's impassioned defense of the Gaslight Anthem.
  some solid television

1. Better Off Ted: airs Wednesdays on ABC at 8:30 PM. This is the new show from the creator of Andy Richter Controls the Universe, a fantastic show that just came out on DVD. I've only seen two episodes of Ted, and though they were both a bit inconsistent, the good parts were thoroughly awesome. It stars a couple of dudes from ARCTU and Portia di Rossi of Arrested Development and Ellen's marital chamber fame. Give it a shot tonight, if you've got the time.

2. Party Down: airs Fridays on Starz, or whenever you want On Demand. Yeah something on Starz worth watching. This is another semi-improvised, extremely awkward sit-com in the vein of The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm about a catering company in Los Angeles. The cast is great - Ken Marino from The State, Adam Scott from Step-Brothers, Jane Lynch from a billion different things, Martin Haverchuck Starr, Dick Casablancas, Lizzy Caplan from The Pitts and Freaks and Geeks, etc - and reliable dudes like Rob Thomas and Paul Rudd are active behind the scenes. It's not quite yet as amazing as I'd kind of expected, maybe a little too broad and high-concept at times, but still good enough to earn your half-hour. Lynch is the MVP, but hasn't had much to do thus far. Also Jason "Logan Ecchols" Dohring was great in his cameo.

3. Eastbound & Down: already over with, probably still On Demand through HBO, will be on DVD in the summer. Okay, truly classic shit here from The Foot Fist Way team of Danny McBride, Jody Hill, and Ben Best, with help from David Gordon Green, Will Ferrell, and Adam McKay. Best case yet of America embracing the BBC model of short but consistently high quality television seasons. Less a series than a movie split into six parts, Eastbound & Down is hilarious, depressing, brutally honest, ecstatically vulgar, and, at the end, surprisingly poignant. It's the best TV show I've seen in years, and I don't think more episodes could do anything but hurt its overall impact.
  some live shit:

Someone posted these on this internet page i look at:

Bob Marley and the Wailers, Pittsburgh, 09/23/80: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lb4hur. Last show ever.

Dire Straits, Houston, 08/17/85, http://www.sendspace.com/file/87sbca.

Faces, London, 06/04/73: http://www.sendspace.com/file/knqdc7.

Pavement, Hollywood, Calif., 04/24/94: http://www.sendspace.com/file/has5gs.

Talking Heads, Tokyo, 07/08/79: http://www.sendspace.com/file/d7z24r. Radio broadcast.
Tuesday, April 07, 2009
  Crazy ass week/end.

Wow, I kinda feel like I've been fucking rung through the ringer. Slept for 11 hours last night and completely caught up with Mr. sandman. Last week through yesterday was a barn burner...check it:

Last week:
L got in a car wreck and totaled her car. Most importantly she was fine (and so was the other driver) - she had minor burns and scrapes on her forearms after the airbags deployed, but other than that her old CRV did its safety job. She was driving to Ga Tech on a rainy afternoon, looked down for a split second only to look up and see a giant Expedition stopped on 85 in front of her. She hit the back of hi and the guy had a really long trailer hitch that stuck out like 2+ feet off the back of his car. This basically punched through her engine and fucked it all up. I drove down there immediately and we waited on the cops for an hour and 15 minutes and they never showed. The other driver didnt have any damage to his car (trailer hitch took most of the force) and was late for something at the airport - so he left. We had the car towed to our mechanic b/c at first we thought we could get it fixed without reporting it. Our mechanic said, no way - airbags cost a crapload - so report it. We did and USAA decided the car was totaled. Got laura a rental car and started shoppin for cars. Oh yeah, and this was all after we paid her car off 6 months ago - dag.

Shop for cars with L after work - did some test driving and shiz. Then Thorn and Greg came and picked me up from the Honda dealership and we hauled ass to Athens. Got to Flip's place after a few stops and got the ipod ready for the Flip/Brah show with Night Moves Gold and Cassavettes at the Caledonia. The show was awesome as fuck. MB and Justin were djing out on the porch - krunk n disorderly style (krunk vs late 70s punk) and inside bands were jammin. This was the first Flip/Brah show with our new DJ - DJ Agent Smith (thorn dressed as agent smith from the Matrix) and he fucking did a great job. One thing we were severely missing with no Bobby Beers on the ipods was the time that Flip and I get between songs to just mental riff. That was gone when we had to man the ipods - so Thorn took over and after a hilarious intro from Zieg and PM DAWN (!!) we got into it. Felt like the show went really well and then hiked into the stratosphere for the last two jams Drank Sippaz and Enter The Matrix. I talked with the sound guy Kev Lane beforehand and made a plan for him to cut all the lights to the club right before the last song - at that point Ice ran into the crowd and handed out glowsticks to everyone there and we had our own version of the CAVE RAVE! Shit was so intense. It was like i was trippin balls when people started throwing the glow sticks and those trails were flyin' by. The crowd really worked their asses off and fucking raved right there with Flip and I. Shit was off the chain. One of the absolute highlights of any show Flip and I have done. Thanks dudes! Night Moves Gold brought us into the wee hours with a killer groover. Started off a little bit slow but by the end everyone in the club was fucking practically sexin each other. Just grooving to the fucking max - woudlnt let them leave without an encore. WE NEEDED IT. I look over at one point during their set and almost all of Of Montreal was jammin with leftover glowsticks. Sign of a good NMG show. Jammed some CHECKERS on the way home - jammed a few brews at flip's and then rested my dome.

Got home early afternoon and had to fucking retill and then seed our entire back yard with new grass. It was a fucking giant pain in the ass. Took me forever but hopefully the shit will stick and I'll have grass and no fucking mud pit in my backyard before long. Boring.

More fucking yard work - sucked butt. Then met Laura at the Honda dealership around 5 to try to make this deal happen. We were compensated by USAA fairly well for L's CRV so our main mental battle was between buying used and buying new. One major factor was the stimulus plan new car tax incentive. All taxes on a new vehicle purchased in 2009 will be refunded on your 2010 tax return. That plus the fact that dealerships were practically giving cars away - meant we were leaning towards new. I was very proud of the way we handled this - we fuckin' played some hard ball with em. They always say that you have to be ready to walk out the fucking door of one of those places if they cant give you the deal you want. So between the time they came in the with their first offer and the time we shook hands on a deal - the dealership ended up dropping the price of the car $4200. FUCK YEAH! They discounted a fully equipped car to below the cost of the base model. So L is the new proud owner of a 2009 Honda Civic - with some bomb ass features. We drove it off the lot around 9pm. Headed home and got to bed early because we had to get up early as fuck the next morning.

Got up at 5:20 and got out the door on the way to Augusta to see the opening practice round of the Masters yesterday! It was incredible! My grandmother had procured 4 tickets for us and me, L, Thorn, and Ice jammed out of Atlanta at 6:30am to see us some golf ass golf! After traffic and shit, we got into the course around 10am and started walking around. The weather was beautiful and really windy so we were afraid some of the golfers wouldnt be out. Some did decide to skip, but most were braving the wind for some practice. We just talkin about practice! I'll have pictures later in the week, but overall it was just a fucking stupendous way to spend a Monday. Walking around hallowed ground at one of the finest golf courses in the land - drinkin beer - eating cheap ass sandwiches - fucking ruled. The masters hasnt raised their prices much since the 60's so sandwiches cost $1.50 - beer costs $2.75. Its incredible. We saw Greg Norman, Fuzzy Zoeler, Vijay Singh, and tons others - but NO Tiger. Sucked. He came out and practiced on the putting green for about 40 minutes but that was it and he headed back into the clubhouse. We headed home at that point because it was already 5! Time flies when you are just walking around one of the most beautiful spots on earf. It really was fantastic. Got out to the car and heard the shit luck news for Bob - harshed us. Sorry dude! We were bummed the whole ride home. Got home around 8 - cooked dinner - and was fucking asleep by 10. Worn the fuck out.

Overall extremely glad everything worked out as great as it did and great as it will be.

Now i wanna hear about these SF/Reports/Folklore shows!
Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday April 3rd - Brooklyn - Union Hall*
Saturday April 4th - Boston - PA's Lounge*~
Sunday April 5th - NYC - Cake Shop*~
Monday April 6th - Philly - Johnny Brenda's*
Tuesday April 7th - Baltimore - Zodiac
Wednesday April 8th - Columbus, OH - Carabar
Thursday April 9th - Lexington, KY - Al's Bar
Friday April 10th - Chicago - Abbey Pub

*with Folklore
~with Reports (Darks other band)
Thursday, April 02, 2009
  Pretty good April Fools joke

I have a feeling that I'd be better at this than Guitar Hero
  Back To The Shack

Wednesday, April 01, 2009
  Registered Werephin...

Registered Weapon is now Registered Werephin!!!!

Sign up for the Narwhal's Horn!

They'll probably still be drunk in the streets when SF gets there next week. Lex is PUMPED!

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