Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Done by my main bros Brian and Sara at Cricket Press! Looks amazin!!!!!!
Monday, March 30, 2009
  Glory Days

Friday, March 27, 2009
  Great Friday Jam

Coconut Records - Microphone
Found at skreemr.com
  Some british music site posted this...

I wrote this fucking hungover as hell on Sunday morning for this British website. Reading back it could have been so much better if we would have composed it mid brew jam the day before (also I couldnt cuss, which hinders my tiny brain), but whatever...its a good intro to Britain for the shitstorm thats about to hit there. (NME is doing a full page article on SF!)

The first comment is fucking perfect:
"This article makes no sense - is there a proper review of SXSW coming up?"

Love that dude!
Thursday, March 26, 2009
  A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

  Still Flyin' dominates SXSW Pt 2

Wednesday (cont.)

So we get back from dinner and this all girl band called Telepathy were finishing up using some of SF’s equipment. We pack up Gabe’s van and all pile in for a ride over to the next club – this place called CLUB 1808. Now, I don’t want to harsh anyone – but when we showed up at this place for the Moshi Moshi showcase (via pulling into the back alley way) it was pretty clear that the MM booking person had slacked on their responsibilities and waited until the last minute to book a club. Dudes…..this was a GROWN FOLKS R&B CLUB in quite possibly one of the worst neighborhoods in all of Austin! Inside there was a showcase of hardcore thrash bands and outside on this wooden stage was the MM night. We spill out of the van and load into the grassy back porch area to the sounds of people telling us to take EVERYTHING inside because shit WILL get stolen. We assess the beer situation and there isn’t much, plus Thrill needs his parking lot special – so we heard there was a liquor store across the street. Me, Thrill, Gabe, and Bren start to walk down the alley and then out to the street – there are a ton of people out in the street just yelling and we notice these two girls walking off into the night and a bunch of the people who are just hanging around start yelling at them. We kinda slow down b/c this shit isn’t looking good – I kinda remember yelling to them asking if their car was near but I think they thought we were yelling along with the other people out on the street. Thankfully they jumped in a car as we rounded the corner of the liquor store. We get to the liquor store and end up having to buy beers individually to make a 6 pack. We were getting some pretty amazing looks from people. We get back to the club just as the band the Mae Shi take the stage. Dark loves this band, and the first half of their set was really good and contained some songs he has burned me before. Then they got reallllly fucking arty and out there and started this harsh scream jam. No one could really handle it (especially Crews) so we went out into the back alley way for a hang after we got harshed by the club owners for bringing beer into the back porch area. They finish, we set up, and then jam a KILLER band preshow chant. Complete with Doyle Corndog on sax. He is the SF sax player from Australia and might be one of the coolest bros on the planet. Seriously. So we would chant a word then he would lick out a killer sax riff …then chant the second word….sax riffin…..then the final word! SPRING……sax riff……..BREAK…….sax riff……..HUH!!!!!!!!! GOT US PUMPED! (sa would later harsh me for this chant after I constructively criticized his chant the next day because it was really complicated. It was good just complicated….this one we were just needing a fucking shot to the brain….SPRING BREAK HUH WITH SOME SAX?!?!? KILLER IN MY BOOK! hahah) Take the stage to a really good crowd. Again it seemed to me that there were a lot of people there to see SF. I think the show was running a little late so we started around Midnight. FUCKIN SLAMMED IT! God the band was so tight it was unreal. The rhythm section is just fucking out of this world – personal on bass, tater on rhythm, yosh on drums, bren on bongos….its a fucking maelstrom of groove. Horns are blasting, flyinettes are jamming loose, crowd is just fucking JAMMIN! Shit is sounding so fucking good….then they play DEAD MEMORY MAN and fucking BLAST THIS SHIT INTO OUTERSPACE. Ice and I were having a really hard time keeping up on that song for sure. I’m jamming in the back with some shaker and some drum sticks – he’s doing the same with the reverb tank and we’re fucking out of breath as a mutherfucker trying to dance our asses off. Seriously yall – this song live transcends them all. Its like what the band needs to kick this shit in to 9th gear and blast them into the 4th internet. I mean GOD DAMN! Don’t get me wrong, I love the shit of it on the album, but the studio version of this song does it NO JUSTICE in comparison to the live one. FUCK! So they kicked it out of the sky and upped the jam. Closed with Ghost Town and had the crowd in the palm of their hand. Just wanting more. Came back for one more – I think it was Rope Burn. Barn burner. We pack up and do some more hangin b/c David Spect’s band is playing after us. They were pretty rad – although I’m completely forgetting their name. Mookers made a great point while at sxsw – every band needs to say their name between each song simply because you see so much shit that it all starts running together.
So as Spect’s band is jamming I walked inside for one second to check out the thrash show – got kicked in the leg, and left. Then I’m walking around in the back yard area (krunkly) and one of the “club owners” who was drunker than I was grabs me by the neck and says “hey I got something to show you outside!” “But we are outside!?” I said. “No, I’ll show you back here b/c its too loud.” So he takes me by the head and kinda runs me out the back fence and into the alley way where it was quiet. At this point I say – ok what is it – and he tries to convince me its just further down the alley around the corner. Thinking this is a monumental bad idea - yet filtering that through a brain that has been basically drunk since 5 that afternoon – led to slower than normal reaction times. Just then ICE and SM come barreling out the back fence saying “WAIT THAT’S OUR FRIEND!” They grabbed me and led me back towards the gate. The guy continued to argue with them and kept pulling me in the other direction by my shirt. So at this point I sit down on this bench b/c I’m not going anywhere to get mugged or whatever. I look up at Ice (who is trying to calm this dude down) and say “Should I just pretend I’m going to puke?” He says yes. So I start making all these over-exaggerated puking noises to try to get this guy to quit with me and move on. Doesn’t work. So I look up at ice and yell “OH SHIT…I THINK IM GOING TO HAVE DIARRHEA AND HAVE THE PUKES AT THE SAME TIME!!!” At this point ice started laughing which made this dude even madder and along with my annoying fart and puke noises and bumped this up to a mild commotion. So much so that the some of the band came out to see what was going on. Just then the guy finally realizes he’s not going to get me away in this back alley. He then starts his tirade: “You know what fuck you white people. You don’t belong here. This is not a place for white people. You fucking come in here and take over this club and you don’t know fucking shit about this area. There are people who will KILL you around here. Fuck you!” on and on. At this point it was probably time to roll out. After a momentary freakout thinking this dude had stolen my backpack – we all decided it was time to head the fuck home. Fuck Club 1808. Elliott drove us home – one of many times – thanks bro. He put up with TOO many drunken assholes that weekend (read, me).

Although he would get his turn to cut loose.......oh yes he would!

  Still Flyin dominates SXSW PT 1

I’ve had a few days to chill and wring all the brew out of my brain – now its time to try and recount the events that were. Anyone who remembers some of the hazy parts please fill them in!!! This was just a monumental jam, one of the best that has ever existed. Still Flyin’ teaches SXSW how to hammjamm.

Me, Ice, SM, and Licky meet up in ATL and roll out from the cooldown around 8pm. Driving all night from ATL to Austin. Fucking monster of a 13-15 hour drive. The good thing was there was absolutely no traffic the entire time so we jammed some tunes, jammed some snus, and jammed the road. I drove most of the way simply because I was wide awake and around midnight took one of those 5 hour energy drinks. It was pretty damn amazing. I was completely fucking awake and the shit doesn’t make you all jittery like red bull or some shit. It lasted about 4 hours though and nearing 4am I was about cashed. Ice got behind the wheel as I jammed a megapower nap for a few hours as he drove us through his home state of Louisiana. Glad he didn’t take a left though and drive us down to NO to see Lil’ Matrix. Woke up around 7am in Texas just outside Dallas. Pumped to be alive.

Ice pulls off on the southside of Dallas at this gas station so we can stretch our legs and piss. Walk into the gas station and find a line of Hispanic folks waiting to get grub from this nice woman selling homemade Mexican food from behind the counter. It was like 6:45am. #1 item on the menu – FUCKIN TAQUITOS!!!!! Couldn’t pass this shit up. Bought one and it was so fucking tastily delicious that I pumped Ice up with a killer description of my taste jam that we had to go back to get more. Seriously yall – put QT to shame – this shit was REAL! Now that I was jamming off my taquito high (even had mini tomatillo dipping sauces...FUCK!) I took back over and Ice got some rest. About a 2.5 hour drive into Austin and we pull right off at Elliott’s exit. He lives north of the city about 10 minutes in a cool apartment with a fucking pool right out the back door. I dip my toe but the shit was fucking balls cold. We decide we'll jam it later after the sun warms it up. Get a chance to catch up briefly and before I could even really talk to Elliott I fell asleep on the floor face down. Tired as fuck. Jammed a nap and woke up an hour later in time to get ready and head downtown. Afternoon shows at sxsw start around noon and Elliott told us Crews was already down there jamming some party. We pony up and miraculously find a parking spot of 8th street – the heart of all the sxsw shit. Later in the week we would PRAY for a spot this good – the stars were aligned...this shit had to start right. The group gets Crews on the phone and we head to Red 7 this bar where one of the first showcases was going on and where Crews was. As we’re walking in Ice notices John Norris from Mtv looking really weird ducking into the place ahead of us – we go to order a beer and there he is standing next to us just looking all weird. I think he was wearing these old ass Sketchers and a tight shirt. Highlights on a dude...wow. We walk out back to catch the end of Lonely Deer’s set and meet up with Crews. Grab some brews just as the THERMALS jam the stage. Perfect weather, outdoor stage, rockin band – running into a bunch of people we know – this shit was starting off right!!! Fuckin Big BRAH and Gary appear before us just wanting hugs. Shit was so right. WE hung for a while and caught up and then basically we just wanted to move on to the next afternoon party. Most of the people for sxsw must have shown up Wednesday night because in comparsion to the rest of the week there was NO ONE there. At this point we ran into Gabe from Still Flyin and they were on their way to pick up the rest of the band at the airport. So we walk down a block and right up to EMOS (one of the biggest clubs there) and walk right in. PERFECT TIMING because WAVVES was taking the stage. Crews had already seen them once that day. He likes to follow bands around and buddy up with em and be groupies!!!! Wavves was one of the bands on my short list that I really wanted to see – so he and his drummer got up and fucking hammered through about 8 songs. Fucking kicked ass. The kid is supposedly 18, lives on the beach in San Diego and just writes songs about being bored and getting high all in the style of wipers-esque California big muff rockers. Shit ruled. Right after he finished to a pretty packed house this bad ass band that Elliott had been telling us about – The Strange Boys got on and fucking wailed on us. GREAT BAND. Sound like a really well put together jangly 60s rock band. After their set is coming to a close Ice and I really needed to get up to the convention center to meet Still Flyin' who was supposed to have a photoshoot for the Austin Chronicle. We get up there and the band showed up 10 minutes later. FUCKING REUNIONJAMM '09! Immediately this guy THE ICE CREAM MAN was there and SF took some photos for the rag. The band’s plane had been delayed so we had to hustle over to Ms. Beas for their first of 8 shows - The NY NOISE party. It was a short walk under I-35 and we get there as this band “The Beats” is finishing up. SA opens his guitar case to find out that the guitar jack had been caved in – like someone at the airport had dropped the thing. Fuck that. He borrowed a guitar and the first show began to a crowd that seemed to be waiting on SF. SA told Ice and I that he wanted us up there jamming with the band, but this was the first show and I was worried about getting in the way so ice jammed reverb box and I just took a shit load of pictures and kept the band "hydrated". The show was great but a clear warm up for the mind slayers that were to come. Solid B performance and there was a great crowd that was into it as hell. I was just pumped to see them play! It was also the first time I got to catch a glimse at the new SF merch. WHO WANTS TO JAM A BREW GROOVE tshirts. JESUS PEOPLE, these will slay ya. Uh, also - FUCKING SF COOZIES! Enugh iz eNuff said. I think the Vivian Girls were coming up a few bands after SF so Yoshi donated his drums and shit to the cause. The band wanted to kinda split up to find some dinner so we went with Bren and his bro Len (and his fiancé), SA and Mook to a nice Mexican restaurant. All the san fran folks had to get cheese dip cause they aint got that shit anywhere out there. It was great just to chill and hang – have some brews and catch up with everyone before we had to head ass first to hands down the fucking weirdest show of the whole weekend...

Shit was about to get fucking wild people. And by fucking wild I mean I was about to have to use a fake puke and fake diarrhea as a defense mechanism. Seriously, and we arent even up to show #2 of the weekend. Just wait...
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can't wait to hear this...the last album was killer
  Sal & Richard pranks...

These guys are fucking hilarious dudes from the Stern show. They have been pranking this radio show called TRADIO all week. They are coming to ATL in June, definitely interested in seeing them.

Another great one from a public access show about the yankees!

Tons of other stuff here.

Oh yeah, Richard used to play drums in ICED EARTH! hahaha
  This makes me so proud to be a dawg.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
  Baker Street warehouse jam

Big ups to Bren for posting this on twitter...one of the raddest moments from SX 

Vinyl droppin' soon on Antenna Farm.
Monday, March 23, 2009
  speakin' of SX

Saw Metallica while I was there and they covered this song...Dark, you may appreciate this
  get ready

cuz there's going to be a whole fuckload of still flyin at sxsw spewed your way soon.
  MadWorld review for the Boston Herald

I wrote this here thing. MadWorld was promising, and the fifteen minutes I played at NYCC were a blast, but the finished product wears pretty damn thin. Still pretty great if you just play it for an hour or so.
  the Village Voice on Still Flyin'

They really liked the Guru.
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
  There's more to the story!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
  Third Eye Blind's New Masterpiece

jesus jesus jesus. go listen to the third song on their myspace page. The song is called "Non Dairy Creamer"

Dude is a lyrical genius!

just jam this shit
Third Eye Blind - Non-Dairy Creamer
Found at skreemr.com

Also this shit aint new. been out almost 6 months. fuck, we slippin!
  take a rip...

  Tonight, we RIDE!!!!

Hells yes, the time has come. Tonight at sundown, me n' the boys (and girls) are driving overnight to Austin for SXSW. Cant fuckin' wait! Should roll into Ellie's place around 10am and we meet up with Still Flyin' around 4. Going to be busy as fuck b/c Still Flyin' has 9 shows in 4 days, one starting at 2:45am. I do hope to see some great shit out there, got high hopes to see Blitzen Trapper and Wavves. Oh yeah and Third Eye Blind (serious). I'm alsy dying to sink my teeth into some fucking monumental TX bbq and perhaps be an extra in an episode of Friday Night Lights (backstage at Stubbs jammin a brew with my boy Riggins). All this and I havent even mentioned JK Livin' yet. More on that later....

I'll try to post some updates here from out in Austin. I'll take as many photos as possible. Prolly be a ton of krunkly textin! Te-jas style! (meaning to the bone style).
Friday, March 13, 2009
  "Docksiders are so fuckin comfortable"

Griggs and Dana came in town on sprang break. Not a question in our mind where we were taking it last night. 10 High. Mutherfucking Yacht Rock Review. It turned out the be the best set they have ever played. To quote Capn' Griggs: "Man, I really had a delightful yet sad realization last night that the Yacht Rock Revue was one of the best bands I had ever seen in my life."
Get ready for this...

Baby Come Back
Steal Away
Rich Girl
Do You Believe
Easy Lover
Little Jeanie
What A Fool Believes
Careless Whisper
I Keep Forgettin'
Rosanna (about burned the fucking place down!)

Set 2
More Than A Woman
I Can't Go For That
Somebody's Baby
Summer Breeze
Really Love to See You Tonight
Hey 19
Ride Like The Wind

Baker Street!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously the most amazing shit ever. We reached nirvana last night. After the first set we knew we were in for it - shit was so heavy and choc full of STRAIGHT GOLD. The second set fucking destroyed us and then they say "this is our last song......." then all you hear is fucking wind...........blowing. Then the all familiar piano chord. FUCK ......IT COULDNT BE>..........RIDE LIKE THE WIND!

Seriously people.
Fucking frenzy.
  Stewart vs. Cramer (unedited)

Fascinating stuff last night on the Daily Show

  so I finally saw Watchmen yesterday

I didn't much care for it. There's a lot of good in there - Jackie Earle Haley, the opening credits, the Dr. Manhattan and Comedian backstory portions, the overall visual aesthetic - but it's regularly undercut by poor acting and the director's obnoxious stylistic tricks. Malin Akerman is an emotionless chunk of cardboard, Carla Gugino hammed it up like it was Guiding Light, and Matthew Goode put me to sleep whenever Ozymandias was on screen. The most ridiculous sex scene ever and the unnecessarily extreme violence didn't help much, either. Still, the worst thing is the horrible slow-motion, which pops up in basically every important scene, no matter what's happening. It makes the fight scenes feel like the damned Matrix (sorry, Ice, that movie blows), and the non-fight scenes feel like sledgehammers of meaning slamming against our skulls. My biggest fear about this movie was that there'd be absolutely no subtlety whatsoever, and little humanity, and that's exactly what happened. It's basically a three-hour long music video / commercial.
  mo writmo

That's why they don't let me write the headlines.

I've got a joint review of MLB '09: The Show and MLB 2K9 in today's Boston Herald, and a review of Street Fighter IV in this week's Weekly Dig. And, as always, more soon-ish on Creative Loafing's blog. They just revamped that place, and it looks good. Yes sir.
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
  This shit will make you wanna be fuckin sad, but its good.

Bon Iver - Flume

Probably my fave off his new record, but you can only listen to the thing once a month cause you just get too damn depressed.

Also, if you haven't heard THIS SHIT yet, take a trip.
Monday, March 09, 2009
  French songs

So I'm gonna be DJing at this place in Austin tonight for like 20 minutes or something and I wanted there to be a theme for the set. I think I'm just gonna go with songs that are sung in French. So far I've got:

Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi
Dat Politics - Si
Marie Laforet - Paint It Black

I'd like to keep it somewhat up tempo...any suggestions?

Sunday, March 08, 2009
  Solid B+

I had really low expectations. Hadnt read the novel. Thought the trailers looked like dog shit. I liked it a lot.

Another viewing might bring that grade up some, but yeah, it was pretty damn great.
Friday, March 06, 2009
  twitter vs. friendbook vs. fuck who knows...

I'm catching a lot of heat lately to sign up for facebook and twitter and all that shit. I guess i just still dont get it. Dark and I "keep" this mez thing up and we can barely do that...how am I supposed to fucking keep updated on these two things on an hourly basis??? I didnt think many people did twitter then went on there and saw every person i know and about 1000 more i want to get back in touch with. People I was insanely close with and now only rarely get the opportunity to talk with. Examples: darkness, holly r, brandon b, ricky, handles, mote dogg, m@, crews, bren, the cheeks, julie d, high school friends, etc.

Anyways i guess im just bitching, but for those of you who do/have all this shit - is there pressure? I feel guilty when i dont fucking update this page or my excalibrah myspace shit. Why does anyone even care if im takin' a dump in a well lit modern era bathroom? For sers....

One idea i did think would be awesome: Foreverdudes Twitter.
Entry 1: "Jammin' with a chick. DUDES BREW"
Entry 2: "Watching some butts. DUDES BREW"
Entry 3: "Watching Fools Gold thinkin bout a jam. DUDES BREW"
Entry 4: "Cheeseburger and a coke!" DUDES BREW"
Entry 5: you get the idea....
Thursday, March 05, 2009
  I aint got no job...I aint got shit to do

  Awwwwwwwwwwww SNAP!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009
  Col' chillin courtside at the wizzards/bulls game...What?


Two game-related things worth ignoring: my Creative Loafing review of GTA IV: The Lost and Damned, and my Weekly Dig review of Halo Wars.
  Griggs vs. Justin Timberlake - who does the better McD?

"I keep forgettin' how Bud Lime tastes so good!"

Thanks Mook
Tuesday, March 03, 2009
  Where good receivers go to die...

Not that Cincy was any better, but Seattle?!

Maybe Housh is trying to get closer to that Vancouver weed.
Monday, March 02, 2009
  Blitzen Trapper. Are damn incredible.

I havent found time to write something here about how much i fucking love this record. It was probably #1 or #2 on my nonexistent top 10 list last year. This band has made a record that is nearly flawless in Furr. I first started listening to them after reading reviews of their breakthrough record, Wild Mountain Nation (which was phenomonal). I read that they had the sound Pavement did on Wowee Zowee. I had to check them out b/c there was no way that shit was legit. It was. Then between WMN and Furr, these dudes honed their sound into what is perfectly described on their all music page as, "the late-'60s/early-'70s sundown vibe". A lot more polished, yet still ramshackle and loose. Bottom line is this shit fucking rules. Please do yourself a favor and find this album and buy it. They are absolutely #1 on my list for SXSW this year (next to the 7 SF shows). Can not wait to finally see them.

This song, just blows my mind everytime i hear it.

Ladies, you know you want one!

  This old coot is 30 today!


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