Wednesday, October 31, 2007

  Get your ass some CULTURE!

This is a must see for anyone who will be in or around Atlanta this SATURDAY!

Anindo Chatterjee (tabla)
Ramesh Mishra (sarangi)

Sat, Nov 3, 7 pm
Website: http://paragchordia.com/anindo/
Tickets: $15 General, $5 w/GTID (buy online)
Venue: Georgia Tech
LeCraw Auditorium
800 West Peachtree Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30308-0520

Pandit Anindo Chatterjee is regarded as one of the WORLD'S greatest Tabla players. Watch this video and you will see why...

This performance is a rare one, and Georgia Tech was lucky to get him. He'll be joined by a talented sarangi (who i dont know of) but i know it will sound rad. If you are at all a fan of Classical Indian Music, you should really make an effort to go see this. I'll be out of town for Randi and Kevin's wedding and it kills me that i'm missing this. Its going to be a mind blow for sure!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The man Tacoby Bellsbury hisself is gonna be at the Taco Bell I ate at just three days ago today at 3 pm. I am PISSED that I can't make it to this. Although I'm sure it's gonna be painfully cramped, and it's at Cambridgeside, so somebody will probably wind up stabbed or something, but STILL. SHIT WORK FUCK.

Saturday, October 27, 2007
  10 Years Ago This Weekend

Maybe the best lineup for a first show ever?
Fracture / Nipples For Days / Wee Turtles / DJ Klon / Green Giant & a brand new band called Korea, Fortress America, Je Suis France!


Friday, October 26, 2007

The France existed in public for the very first time.

WE ARE WIZENED PROS! and/or grizzled vets.
Thursday, October 25, 2007

I set up a "La Cucaracha" listening party with Ween's management and it happens tonight at the Caledonia at 7pm. They will be blasting the record over the PA and Griggs is going to be doing some WEEN trivia for some really really good Ween stuff they sent us. Im talking really cool shit sent to us directly from Ween!

I think there's some drink specials too.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007
  Psychedelic Horseshit vs. Atlanta bands

Psychedelic Horseshit are awesome. Here's a semi-entertaining interview with the frontman that briefly touches on a couple of semi-popular bands from Atlanta.

Some of the good bits:

WF-So lots people in Columbus talk about something that went down between you guys and Deerhunter. Someone said, you said like ‘Fuck Deerhunter” on stage in Atlanta or something. I told you how I ran into Cole from the Black Lips and asked him about you and he was like ‘those Psychedelic Horseshit guys don’t like us for some reason’. What is the whole story behind that?

MW-The Deerhunter thing was… We got a hold of one of the main Deerhunter guys to set up a show for us in Atlanta. He was real snotty. He was like “any knowledgable bands can contact this person and he will hook you up with a show”. Just really snotty. We finally got this shitty-ass gig in Atlanta at this crap art gallery. Every fucking member of their band showed up to it. So it just kind of pissed me off. I didn’t know any of them were there when I started talking shit. I just knew I was in Atlanta and some of their friends were probably there. I just talked shit. I didn’t sit between songs and talk shit. I put it in the lyrics to my song. I just slipped it in. It wasn’t just me talking shit. I was trying to be funny. It caused this big drama with the guy we were staying with, The Black Lips tour manager. Everyone was pissed off. Then everyone ended up buying us coke and shit. And like divulging secrets about the Black Lips. About how their live album was recorded in a studio. That live album is not live.

WF-When I type this out. Do you want me to put it out there like that?

MW-That Black Lips album is not live. They recorded all but three songs were recorded in a studio.

Psychedelic Horseshit's album Magic Flowers Droned is out today on Siltbreeze.
Monday, October 22, 2007
  Papelbon likes shit beer.

Granted he's pouring it over a trophy, and not drinking it, but still.
  Quadiliacha reunion

This was so bad ass I can't even describe it
Thursday, October 18, 2007
  Killer Shreadin!!!

This dude rules! Thanks M@

Kinda reminds me of retarded Danzig!
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
  recent developments in music, film, comics, and video games

Man, I'm not doing ANYTHING lately. Other than Springsteen's Magic I haven't listened to any particularly good new music lately; the new Robert Pollard albums are kinda eh, the Wooden Shjips record is good but can't touch "Shrinking Moon For You", and everything else I've been listening to lately is kinda old. Plus my left ear has been stopped up for two days now, making headphones almost irrelevent and slightly painful.

I saw Darjeeling Limited a couple weeks ago, my first time in a theater (not counting drive-ins) since Superbad. Darjeeling was better than I expected; I had very low hopes, and figured it'd be an even more wayward mess than Life Aquatic (which does get better every time I see it, but still can't touch Wes Anderson's first three movies). It is self-indulgent, of course, and Anderson's style is increasingly just schtick, but the movie's salvaged by a couple of great performances from Owen Wilson and Adrien Brody. That last guy is the saddest looking person EVER, and that sadness is almost overwhelming when combined with Wilson's frustrated optimism and a story already seeped in sorrow. I think this guy's eyes alone made my wife cry.

Finally saw Hot Fuzz. It's awesome. The gore is really out-of-place, though.

Evan Almighty is a clear career lowlight for at least six different people.

Still readin' them COMICS. DC Showcase Presents The Metal Men Volume 1 is just about the greatest thing to ever happen to anybody anywhere EVER. Okay, maybe DC Showcase Presents Metamorpho Volume 1 was better, but the Metal Men remain unassailably amazing. The Metal Men accidentally take a blind orphan to a far-off planet where the domineering giant robot queen forces her male giant robot subjects to always walk on all fours and to basically serve as giant robot dogs. Lady Metal Man Platinum (aka Tina) is so lovestruck by Doc Magnus that she continually screws everything up. At least two other stories revolve around evil robot women cruelly fucking with the Metal Men. Clearly proto-feminism at its finest.

I've been slacking at this, too, but I still put up some comic-related thoughts over at the Kindercore weblog. Here's the link!

But shit, the main thing hogging my mind right now is video games. Which yes is pretty lame, but I've come to accept it. Metroid Prime III: Corruption for the Wii is outstanding. The controls are intuitive and elegant and perhaps truly revolutionary. I'm generally not a fan of first-person shooters, which, y'know, the Metroid series has never really been, but I think I'd be all over a true FPS for the Wii with Metroid-style controls.

Beyond Metroid I've been playing shit off the Virtual Console non-stop, like Sin and Punishment (way too hard), Gunstar Heroes (even damn harder), Adventures of Lolo (which I'm about to beat for the third time in 18 years or so), and Super Mario 64 (ramping up for Super Mario Galaxy next month). I also picked up the GameCube game Battalion Wars for eight bucks, to test out the series and see if Battalion Wars II for the Wii will be worth it. It's a fun real-time military strategy game, but the cartoonish presentation is a jarring contrast with the depressing realities of war. Normally I not only DON'T mind cartoonism, but actively PREFER it over realistic graphics (or at least the comic book / anime realism that predominates in video games). The combat in BW is semi-realistic, though, and, between the cuteness of the characters and the dialogue's utterly cavalier attitude towards death and war, the game is slightly kinda disconcerting. Still, fun as shit, and I'm looking forward to BWII.

Okay. Damn. That's all I gotta say. Yes sir. Awesome.

EDIT: And oh, fuck, between Bioshock, Mass Effect, and fuckin' Portal (LOOK AT THIS TRAILER!!!), I might just have to get an X-Box 360 some time soon.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
  Rare - Unreleased - WEEN (Mollusk Sesh)

On the eve of the release of their new record La Cucaracha (out tuesday) Dean Ween posted some really awesome shit over at Ween's website this weekend. Damn, they are so good to their fans, seriously.

While cleaning out their recording studio, the dudes found old tapes from when they were recording The Mollusk. Apparently they started the sessions for that record in a beach house in NJ which flooded after a frozen pipe issue. Due to better recording options, laziness, touring, etc - they decided to ditch these tapes and rerecord. Read about the whole story here (under the Waste tab)! The cool thing about these versions here are they are the first crack Ween had at these songs - some other White Pepper stuff shows up as well as a Shinola jam, and there are 2 completely unreleased songs here. First ever versions of songs like Flutes of Chi, Ocean Man, Etc. All sound way different and sound quality is EXCELLENT.

I downloaded it from the Ween page (Deaner said it was only going to be up for a day) and uploaded it to this page which will hang around for a week. So get to downloading:


1 Mutilated Lips
2 Cold Blows the Wind
3 The Mollusk
4 Waving My Dick In The Wind
5 Kim Smoltz (**1st Appearance Ever)
6 Ocean Man
7 Koko
8 Did You See Me
9 Flutes of The Chi
10 She Wanted To Leave
11 Vinnie The Eel (**1st Appearance Ever)
Monday, October 15, 2007
  Spooky tale...of REAL THINGS!

A spooky thing happened to me today.
We are having some issues at work with a certain area of land we own. I was sent to investigate today. These punk ass dudes had demolished this expensive fence we had built to keep them from 4-wheeling on our land. They ran over the fence in 2 places and I went today to check it out. I fixed the fence as best I could and then walked back into the woods to walk along the paths the trucks/4 wheelers had made. It was deep in the woods and these paths were winding back through some thick brush. I walked about a mile back into the deep woods. It was quiet, all I heard were a few birds, etc. Threw a few branches and rocks. There wasnt another sole out here, so i took a piss on the path. I was at what I thought was the back of our property so I thought to myself, this is bullshit lets head back. I coulnt find anywhere other than the two entry points of where they could have been coming from so I confirmed my thoughts began to walk back. Still deep in the woods I hear a noise up ahead. I slow down and become quiet, quickly realizing I might not be alone out here. My first thought is it might be a surveyor of some sort looking over the land for a possible sale. I approach a fork in the path. One way leads out - the other down another path deeper into the woods. I almost continue walking until something catches my eye. It was something about 100 feet down the path going back further into the woods. At first glance, my initial thought was someone had pushed a shopping cart back there and thrown a black blanket over it. Until it moved. I crouch down and look closer...its a MAN! Remember still, I am almost a mile back in the thick dense woods. The man was hunched over messing with something on the ground, and he was wearing all black. Black stocking cap, black tattered coat which looked very weathered, and black pants. This may sound dumb, but he had movements like Gollum would. Kind of hopping around whatever was on the ground completely fixated on it. He obviously didnt know I was there. At this point I kinda get freaked out. Maybe he's some methed up dude going for a trip in the woods, maybe not though. If I were to yell at him and he came after me (being the spooky season) - not a sole would know i was out there. I watched a little while longer and the man continued acting crazy, hopping around in circles - calling out random noises, etc. I decide to get the fuck out of there. Quietly ease around off the path and behind some trees and then gingerly walk unnoticed for 20-30 feet then get back on the path and run back towards my car.

Contemplating calling the non emergency police number to tell them what I saw, but it was so far back there I dont think Cobb County Police would give a shiz.

Either way - today was about as exciting as work can get in this spooky month of October!
Friday, October 12, 2007

  "Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia" Nightman vs. Dayman

If you are for some fucked up reason one of the people who havent watched this show...you are lame. Best show on TV right now, slays everything. 2 episodes a week on FX at 10 & 10:30 on Thursdays people, fucking TIVO it! From last night's episode - "Sweet Dee's Dating A Retarded Person":

Nightman (as sung by Bob Dylan):


Dayman (as sung by Charlie who has been huffing spray paint):

This is the show we should have written.
Thursday, October 11, 2007
  biggest bummer this year

John Schuerholz is retiring. He'll be named Team President, and Frank Wren will be succeeding him as GM. Wren SUCKED with the Orioles in 1999. Hopefully he's learned some shit from the master.
Wednesday, October 10, 2007
  Radiohead - In Rainbows

Did anybody get it today? How much did y'all pay? Thoughts?
Track 7 "Bodysnatchers" is the fuckin jam
Tuesday, October 09, 2007
  The France Video!!!

For all of those who couldn't make it Friday...
Monday, October 08, 2007

Friday, October 05, 2007
  WUOG interview today

Someone from the france is getting interviewed on WUOG today around 3pm.

Tune in here.

By the way. Still Flying is going to melt your mind tonight.
god dammmmn.
Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Via Smoggo! Shit what a poster.

World's Wildest JAM SESSION!
  Radiohead record announced Monday comes out in 10 days.

trying to combat leaks?
Tuesday, October 02, 2007
  still flyin' in boston review

They were awesome. I got drunk. "Forever Dudes" almost made me cry. I hugged like thirty people. I spent most of the night talking to Scott about comics. Afterward some people slept at my place and other people slept elsewhere. It was awesome.
  CREWS' - Still Flyin' / Lucksmiths/ Ladybug - Durham, NC Review

Still Flyin and the Ladybugs rolled in around 6ish. some general hanging out. what's the beer situation? byob, i say. bren, ice and phil know what to do. keg! phil then takes it up a notch and goes to get bbq for everyone. soundcheck? we don't need no stinking soundcheck. however there is a secret song in the works by still flyin. lucksmiths roll in soon after. they've been at ned norlands (www.noloveforned.com) recording some stuff. jammin some beer and bbq now. show starts. Solid crowd for a monday night in durham. My first time seeing Still Flyin' and its awesome. great hammjamm! the secret song to the surprise of the lucksmiths is the classic, Edward Sandwichand. Struggle. Almost total shutdown, but SF persevered. finished up with Rope Burn and the Bird is Aware. up next after a line-up switcheroo are the lucksmiths. these guys know how to do it. they've added another guitarist since they jammed on elizabeth street about 10 years ago. luckily, the floor didn't cave in this time. things are still going great. the ladybugs jam last. its great. they turned up the energy more than other times i've seen them and they were bringing. what a night! show's finally over, but the night isn't. After an SA keg stand, the keg is floated. bummer. no worries, it's 1:55 and more brews are on the way. we jam some Aussie-rules football in the parking lot for about another hour. minus a cut foot on a Swede, everything is right. finally its time to say goodnight, some to the hotel, some back to my house. wind down with another beer and some chatting and then off to bed around 4ish. good times. they're off to columbia sc now to chill with the Mookers family. have fun on thursday and friday.
  Bored Brigade

Merge is a pretty rad label as you know. Right now over at their site you can stream a bunch of awesome records. Including:

Bob Pollard - Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love (Out 10/9)
Bob Pollard - Standard Gargoyle Decisions (Out 10/9)
New Oakley Hall
New Ladybug Transistor This record reminds me of hanging with Rippy.
New Shout Out Louds (not sure about these guys)
  This is a pretty crazy photo if you think about it...

(from pitchfork)
Monday, October 01, 2007
  Still Flyin's 1st Tour Review

They played a show at the famous Knitting Factory Friday - then played a PACKED out afterparty after another early show Saturday. This most wild afterparty was at Sound Fix in Brooklyn.

I got the following text from ice on Sunday afternoon:
"Late show last night was most intense sweatest fucking jam fest ever. Sean did world's lowest crowd surf while everyone laid on the ground. New songs will turn your mind to shit. Unreal."

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