Friday, September 30, 2005
  They dont even get help...

Little Brother played in Atlanta on Tuesday night. A night that I sat on my ass and pretty much watched TV, which was the first time I did that in probably 3 months. But SHIT - I would have much rather been down at the Apache Club seeing these guys. No promotion what so ever. Not even their website has the date posted. I scowered the Creative Loafing last week while bored at lunch one day, nothing. No ads, no nothing. How did I find out about it, driving down Piedmont on Wednesday and seeing one of those side of the building posters plastered to a run down Shoney's. It said 9/29 - Tuesday - Little Brother - Apache. Man this is just one of those situations that gets my fuckin' goat.

The message boards on the Little Brother site are constantly talking about how Atlantic doesn't give these guys any love - doesnt push the album - doesnt push the video. Ah well, I guess these are the hazzards of signing on with a big daddy. Sucks though mainly b/c LB was one of those bands that I really was looking forward to seeing live - esp with this new record out and shit. I knew they would come through. They did, on a Tuesday night, at a club that would have had at least two more people there if they would have promoted the muthafucka.
Thursday, September 29, 2005
  All This For a Dead Irishman

I'm typing this from the Tip O'Neil memorial library on the leafy campus of Boston College. Were I ol' Tip, I'd be rightly pissed at my memorial library. It smells awful in here, like a drunk's soiled underpants the day after a titanic bender. Obviously Tip liked to party (just look at that ruddy, bulbous nose), but I'd think this aroma would be much more appropriate for whatever building they name after the soon-to-be-dearly-departed Ted Kennedy. C'mon, BC, I know you're not exactly known for being classy, but couldn't you have evinced at least a little bit of decorum, just this once?

Speaking of Teddy, I think I've seen him driving a late '70's Camaro twice in the last few weeks. If not him, then his body double. Dude looks just like him, and sports an awesome set of wheels. Of course drunken, elderly Irishmen are about as rare in Boston as fat dudes in overalls at the CiCi's buffet.
  radio thread

me, WZBC, starting at three.
  Follow the white people

Coldplay is a pretty enjoyable band.
That being said - I would consider myself a fan of their music.
Rippy got me into them back after the first record came out and the first time I saw them was a great show at the Tabernacle. I remember them being pretty overwhelmed at the time and saying that it was the first time they had sold out a show. I chalked that up to nightly crowd banter though. Crews always said that the band Harvey Danger was an indie rock band that made it after they hit it huge with "Flagpole Sitta" - I guess I kinda saw Coldplay that way. They are a band you are gay for liking, but could give a shit. Everyone in the world loves them, but who really gives a fuck? You know. They write good songs.

Saw them last night. Champion show. Totally sold out at Phillips Arena. First time ever I think I took a train to a show (strike that CMJ - I guess counts for that) at least in Atl. The beers were $6, not too bank breaking. Had a few. Got to our seats (which we paid $50 for) and some dude and his friends were sitting there and pleaded with us to trade him tickets so he could sit with his friends. His tickets were a couple sections over and a few rows back - I hated to do it but we told him to eat a dick. There were these two must have been high school girls sitting directly in front of us the whole night that were going absolutely ape shit. Like they were seeing the reformed and reincarnated Beatles. I didnt bring ear plugs because, what the fuck, it was an arena show - and I paid the price solely based on these two screaming. Im not talking about yelling - im fucking talkin' about the most high pitched shriek ever imagined. When one of them would do it she would clinch her body up and stomp on the ground, then stand up and hold her hand out to Chris Martin - she had midget fingers. It was weird. Martin was all over the stage and when he would come to our side, they would grip hands and scream - "oh shit oh shit here he comes". She also had this green glowing thing that she gripped in her left hand all night. She would hold it up and one time while Martin was sitting at his piano - which faced us - she screamed because she knew that he had seen HER! Also hanging with Elliott before the show we ran into Steve Craig from 99x of Retroplex fame. I wanted to thank him for playing my favorite Stiff Little Fingers song "Alternative Ulster" that afternoon but he was busy. Its weird meeting radio personalities, they always look completely opposite of what you think, then you hear that voice. And your brain is like, "shit, it has to be them". Oh yeah, and during the tailgate, Ice called and said he saw Gwyneth in the CNN parking deck. Walked right by his car. He was amped.

They played songs too. A good one was - "Until Kingdom Come" which is their Johnny Cash tribute - then went directly into "Ring Of Fire" which was a lot less cheesy than it sounds. The surprise of the night you ask? They were giving out free Fresca after the show! Michael Stipe came out for the first song of the encore and he and Martin (on piano) played "Nightswimming". Funky.

UPDATE - Elliott met Mr. Chris Martin this afternoon at 99x. He did a radio takeover and Elliott manned the Ipod. Talked to Chris about Black Mountain and shit! Showed him where to take a whiz.
  drunk justice

Even better than drinking while watching fantasy/sci fi TV: being hung as fuck at work the next am. Urgh, why must you cave my skull in, Three Philosophers? You were so kind to me last night. If Liquor World hadn't been peddling Tremont Summer Ale for five bucks (past the freshness threshold, but every good beer needs a great home), perhaps I'd be less brittle right now. Anyhow, despite the nay-sayers, including one certain wife of mine, I dug last night's Lost. Yeah, we're nowhere farther along the story, chronologically, but they are slowly filling in the gaps, which everybody should realize by now is this show's m.o. Wifey and I agree that the former Augustus Hill is the best actor on the program, at least until Adebisi shows up for real next week.

Top Model's going well thus far, too. I'm not too blown away by any of these chicks, not like with Naima last year, and thus the contest seems wide open. Lisa seems like the favorite thus far, but she's really not that pretty, is she? Sometimes she looks great, but there's some weirdness going on around her eyes and nose. I want Kim to be my favorite, and she's pretty damn adorable, but her personality's really turning us off, way too stuck-up and uptight. And that Texas girl, damn, so annoying, and not even all that good looking. I thought the Farrow hair would be irresistable on her, but it looks bad. One of the judges said she looks like she's sucking on a lemon, or something like that, and that's true, her face is always so tight and intense.

I'm interested in watching Veronica Mars, but I realize that would just give Crews free license to cock-punch me whenever he wanted.
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
  tv is all we care about

1. As mentioned elsewhere, I missed My Name is Earl last night. The first episode was pretty good, but no idea about the second.

2. Last night's The Office was alright, but not as good as the season premiere.

3. Monday night was a bust all around.
a. Arrested Development was surprisingly bad.
b. The second episode of Kitchen Confidential was awful...
c. ... as was the second half of How I Met Your Mother.
d. The bits of Raw I took in blew, too.
4. This most recent The Simpsons is a top contendor for worst episode ever. The quality's been a yo-yo this year; that manatee episode stank, last week's was pretty good, and then this latest one was just embarrassing. Two promising storylines flushed down the toilet so that they can do "Marge and Homer split up" for the 87000th time. What bullshit.

5. The first episode of Everybody Hates Chris was good, as discussed here, but I may not make a point to catch it in the future.

6. The Lost season premeire was, uh, yeah. Great. Of course.

7. Still, nothing beats VH1 Classic. Except for that cheesy soft-core porn I saw on Showtime with Timothy Bottoms.
  a fantastic drunk

Years ago I'd meet up with Rippy, Chris Thorn, and Greg Vagen every Tuesday night to get drunk and watch Buffy. These fine gentlemen taught me that few things are more enjoyable than getting wasted while watching well-written sci-fi/fantasy tv. The tradition laid dormant for a couple years, as for a while there were no such shows I gave a shit about. Last year I got back in the habit with Lost, though, and Wednesday night quickly became my preferred worknight for getting totally shit-faced. Last year I'd head straight from the train to Marty's on the corner of Harvard and Commonwealth, and pick up a couple bottles of Sam Smith's for five bucks. Since moving to Somerville, Liquor World has become my dealer of choice, and even though their store is maybe a third the size of Marty's, they have a more satisfying beer selection. They keep everything chilled, including the fancy-ass import and craft stuff, which Marty's mostly keeps shelved out on the floor. But so tonight I'm thinking of picking up a bottle of something nice, maybe one of those Harpoon 100 Barrel deals, or the old favorite, Three Philosophers. Any suggestions?
  I got to North Carolina for a weekend, and return to a fuckin' soap opera

“hmm... with all employees gone, my boss is now having a slowly escalating disagreement with his wife/girlfriend on the phone...”

I wrote that in an instant message a couple Fridays ago, on September 16th. It was late in the day, most folks had gone home, and my manager Randy* was loudly arguing with his wife on the telephone. A few days later another manager, Elizabeth, was fired. I figured it was for poor performance; her department had a massive back-log that I occasionally had to help out with. That maybe had something to do with it, but, according to my gossip-hound co-worker Luigi, there were other reasons for the dismissal. Apparently Elizabeth would return drunk from lunch on occasion. Also, according to Luigi, she was overheard making fun of the handicapped guy in her department, using foul language and calling him a retard. But the capper, and the kicker, and what elevates this semi-boring office gossip into a realm of marginal awesomeness, is the fact that she was having an affair with my manager Randy, the very same Randy who’s married and has some not insubstantial number of children. Well, Mrs. Randy found out about the affair, and called up human resources, Randy’s boss, Elizabeth’s boss, and the head of our entire department. Shit blew up real quick-like, and within a few days Elizabeth was gone. Randy’s been out all week; I don’t know if he’s on suspension, or what, but he will be returning. I don’t know how they can expect me to work for the creep, though.

Anyway, I think I might apply for Elizabeth’s position.

* : names have not been changed whatsoever
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
  Secret Psychedelia

Boards of Canada is a great band. I have hinted at that here before, however they are growing on my faster than hell. I have a couple albums by them and a couple eps and they are all quietly amazing. In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country is easily one of my top two or three EPs of all time. I'd take it with me on a deserted island.

First time I heard of them, I remember exactly, I was up at WUOG and I remember being pretty pissed - b/c I was up Matador Records' ass big time. MR was one of the first indie rock record labels I latched on to and liked most of the stuff they put out. Then they put out this record by a "techno" band. I fucking didnt even listen to it and I already knew it was shit. I do that occasionally. Anyways, I was dead wrong. These guys get wrongfully lumped in the "dance" section of every music store known to man because their sound is somewhat ambient. In actuality they are quite psychedelic. Tight rhythms that go on and on and soundscapes that leave your head feeling pretty loopy and fucked.

The one cool thing I really like about them is that they are totally ambiguous and elusive. No liner notes. No press kits. Hardly any pictures where you can see their faces. Hardly a one when it comes to live shows. All this together is pretty cool in my book. Even their web page has nothing on it except the new album cover. Look into them, its worth it. Might be the best band ever to go to sleep to.

They have a new album coming out October 17th - its the first one with guitars on it and the MP3 clips that I have heard up at the WARP site sound interesting and exciting in the sense that they are adding to their sound and expanding mentally.

They also never do interviews, but some German dude did one for Groove Magazine which Pitchfork picked up here. A great read and offers great insight into their brotherly band. Worth the read and the listen.
  Horse Talk 2

H1: Mr. Horsey, is that zeppelin for sale?
H2: Mr. Horse, obviously not - you are a deficiency on society.
H1: As for I am too, quite proud of such distinction, Mr. Horsey.
H2: Sip of this Chablis.
H1: Quite crisp, I must say as I toot my cap towards the morning dew.
H2: Countdown to destruction - carry all forth.
H1: Let me finish my wine, you cantankerous boob known as Mr. Horsey.
H2: Prancing for dollars will only earn you debt, TV time.
H1: The maidens are set for ATM repair.
H2: Mr. Horse, how dare you challenge the zephyr of repair.
H1: If I were to challenge the sky, would cloud man not be deranged with old timey fun?
Monday, September 26, 2005
  Lets hear your great ideas?

The France has another show coming up in the first part of October.
Sunday October 9th at the EARL in ATL with Architecture In Helsinki.
Should be pretty rad. SA is good friends with AIH and so the good people at the club booked it. So OF COURSE we have a new EP coming for this show and I thought it might be a cool idea to throw it out to you guys to see what kind of EP we should write. Not that anyone picked up a copy of the new one at the Sept. show...but eh - who are we really pleasing here - US!

So shout some thoughts.

We do have one idea that we may stick with, but I figured it might give you a chance to write the premise for a France ep.

(PS...sorry no posts today, Blogger has been fucked for me all day).
Friday, September 23, 2005
  Sarah Silverman's New Movie

Jesus Is Magic (turn down the volume at work)

She was one of the top 2 or 3 in Aristocrats. Easily.
And probably the the best female comic around.
  Speaking of Good Shows

Probably the best one from this last season:


I dont think I even knew about this show before stumbling across it on VH1 on evening, but shit - I'm hooked. I think I have watched about 6 episodes as of late - excellent. Hulk just rules, and even when he went through that phase with the NWO, you know you still liked him - and knew that wasnt him deep down - that deep down he was a REAL AMERICAN. Some of the best episodes I've watched:

Brooke's First Date - Now this was a funny one. Brooke, 16, and also Hogan's Daughter - gets asked out by this sleezy dude. WHO IS 23!!! Are ya kiddin? Hulk is pissed, lets just make that clear. He denies her - wont let her go on the date. She cries. Her little brother Nick, makes fun of her and then does some research on the dude. Hulk finally agrees to let her go on the date but she must stay in constant contact with him. Hulk is still weary. He makes the dude come over for an interview, which is hilarious. Asks the dude if he passed his AIDS test. Hulk gets a GPS system installed on Brooke's car so he can monitor where they go. She doesnt know! She comes down in a mini-skirt. WHAT? Hulk freaks, then she shows him that it is a skirt/shorts combo dealy, and he is ok with it. The dude shows up, Hulk is still pissed and is being a dick to the guy - rightfully so! They leave and the fun begins - hulk is monitoring while his wife walks in, she's all WHAT?! Hulk says, calm down honey - its for the good of our children! Then Nick walks in and is like, "I found some dirt on this dude". Hulk's like "WHAT, BROTHER?!". Nick then spills the beans about how this dude has had sex with a bunch of people and random sex on a boat in Arizona. Hulk and wife freak, call their daughter - at the same time the car goes off the path of where they said they were going to go. Commercial at high drama. They come back and Brooke comes back from the date, everything is fine. Hulk is worn out, parenting is a hard job.

WRESTLEMANIA 21 - Vince McMahon calls Hulk and is like, "Dude, we want to induct you to the Wrestling Hall of Fame - we wanna let SLY instroduce you!". Hulk freaks, what an honor. He pulls out his old truk of Hulkamania gear. Sits down in the closet and starts trying the stuff on. Kids and wife walk in and are like "WHA? We thought you were done!" He tells them about getting into the hall of fame. They are excited but dont want him to get back in the ring. Little to they know that Hulk had already negotiated that with Vince during the first call. So the wife says Hulk has to tell the kids, b/c they are afraid he is going to get hurt. They have a family meeting - Hulk says he is not going to start fighting again, but they want him to make an appearance at Wrestlemania 21, again - what an honor. The kids say, OK. So they go to the cermony which is a huge awards ceremony, Hulk runs into his old friends: The Iron Shiek, Nikita Volkof, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Eric Bischoff, Rick Flair (WOOOO) among others. Sly is pumping up the crowd and he finally introduces Hulk. The crowd of thousands goes nuts. Its an awards cermony with celebs and fans in the back. Hulk give a great speach, just then the crowd starts chanting "ONE MORE MATCH" over and over! Hulk says without batting an eyelash: "One thing I learned in this business a long time ago, NEVER - SAY - NEVER!" The place erupts. Then he says, "CUZ WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO HULKAMANIACS, WHEN THESE 24 INCH PYTHONS ARE COMIN AFTER YOUUUU!" Tearful. Cut to the match next day, and the new wrestler in the WWE that is causing such a ruckus is the ARABIAN guy, who comes out with his manager and says how America sucks and how they are descriminated against, then they jump their opponent. Hulk wont have it - he comes tearing ass out from the back of the arena - and bedlam ensues. Of course he goes out and whips their ass. Hulk style.

I could go on and write a synopsis of ever episode, if you want?
A great show, that you should watch. Hope it gets picked up again.
Thursday, September 22, 2005
  OJ's been in a study. Ice goes to Braves games too

Updated: Sep. 22, 2005, 11:06 AM ET
Braves fans wash hands of cleanliness in studyAssociated Press

WASHINGTON -- Men are dirtier than women. So scientists confirmed by spying in public restrooms, watching as one-quarter of men left without washing their hands.

The worst offenders were at an Atlanta Braves game.

In contrast, 90 percent of the women did wash up.

Wednesday's results mark the American Society of Microbiology's latest look at how many people take what is considered the single easiest step to staying healthy: spending 20 seconds rubbing with soap under the faucet.

It also explains why these infection experts tend to use paper towels to open bathroom doors. There is no telling what germs the person before you left on the knob.

"It's a gamble," said microbiologist Judy Daly of Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City, the society's secretary.

Back in 1996, the society first studied how often people follow mom's advice to always wash up after using the toilet. Researchers lingered in public restrooms, putting on makeup or combing their hair, while surreptitiously counting. They concluded about one-third of people did not wash.

The group sponsored an education campaign about how hand-washing can stop the spread of flu, diarrhea and other infectious diseases. Every few years, researchers repeat the spying.

This time, 83 percent of people washed, reported Harris Interactive, a research company that last month monitored more than 6,300 public restroom users for the society.

That is a little better overall. But take a closer look:

• The worst hygiene was at Atlanta's Turner Field baseball stadium, where 37 percent of men left the bathroom without washing, and 16 percent of the women did.

• New York's Penn Station had the biggest gender disparity, where 64 percent of men washed their hands compared with 92 percent of women. Grand Central Station was almost as bad.

• The best hygiene was at San Francisco's Ferry Terminal Farmers Market and Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry and Shedd Aquarium, where only about 12 percent of people left without washing.

People exaggerate about hygiene. A Harris telephone survey of 1,000 more adults found 91 percent insisted they wash in public restrooms. Additionally, 77 percent claimed to always wash before handling or eating food, and 32 percent after coughing or sneezing.

It is hard to double-check the latter claims. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says poor hand-washing contributes to almost half of all foodborne disease outbreaks.

With influenza season approaching, microbiologists warn that it is easy to catch a cold or the flu by shaking hands with someone who just used that hand to cover a sneeze. The viruses can stay alive for two hours on hands, and for 20 minutes on hard, dry surfaces those germy hands touch.

So sneeze into your elbow instead and wash frequently. There is no need for special anti-bacterial cleansers, Daly said, although alcohol-based hand gels can substitute when soap's not available.
  "Livin' on Brokeback - Mountain...horses laughin on a mountain"

  Dungen My Husband

The fellas in Dungen rocked atlanta last night.
For real, they did. I mean that shit. Before I talk about the music, I have a few pussy gripes about the Drunken Unicorn. I dont think I have ever really liked thsi place, because the layout of the room sucks and isn't cohesive for good sound. Shit was fucking packed last night and I guess they just totally ignore the smoking ban, cuz I smelled like an ashtray's asshole when I left. Whatever, im a puss.

The cool thing about last night is it seemed like there were more hippies there than hipsters. Lots of thick ass beards and fat corduroy pants. I thought that meant that there were some fans of the field rock and werent there because Dungen is the hot shit. I missed the first song because this place only has one fucking toilet and the line for that one toilet is like 50 miles long. Im fucking pissed though b/c the first song they played was the first song off the record. I missed that minute long drum fill - FUCK! Anyways, these guys got it. Every sound from the record was there - and there were only 4 dudes on stage. The main singer, who wrote the entire album by himself didnt play much guitar - he was mainly singing, playing the rhodes and fucking flute! Every note perfectly! Pretty amazing. They ran through a handful of the hits from Ta Det Lugnt and one really long song from that rereleased first album. The only downfall was that they only played about 50 minutes to an hour. No encore. The last jam they jammed was a long mind bender. Just slow burn riff haze, the song lasted about 10-15 minutes if I recall correctly, which is why we were confused when the guy said "this is supposed to be our last song". People were going crazy and chanting for an encore, so they came back out hugged and then took a bow, then said "we dont know what to do" - then walked off stage. Pretty rad. Great show, really wish they had ripped us a little more, all of us were right there with them - in a cooled out good vibes mid-grade hammjamm. I looked around and a lot of dudes had their eyes closed just in the zone.
  no radio today

I'm working a full day, to help make up for missing tomorrow. I was up late last night, though, overslept, and got here an hour late. First time I've been late for reasons over than subway malfunction in the two years I've been here.

The Nurse and Soldier show went well last night. Sloppy, but fun, and somehow we made a small amount of money out of it. The drummer from Karate's solo thing, the Organelles, opened. It was him playing drum karaoke to prerecorded noise and "soundscape"-y type stuff. It was really good, especially when the saxaphone man started barfing up all over the last song. Forbes Graham's twenty minutes of skronking, atonal trumpeteering started the show. It was nicely confrontational. Anyhow, we've got another show, with the 400 Blows, at O'Brien's in October.

Is it inappropriate to wear a Braves tie to a funeral?

So, yes. Finally, a query: how was Lost? I hope to watch the tape this evening.
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
  Nip/SUCK!!!!!!! hahahahahahah

So, of course, like all right-thinking people, I knew, instinctually, without ever having seen an episode, that Nip/Tuck was the worst show on tv. Every commercial, all the articles I'd read (which is a ton, since the critics go nuts for it), and basically just every single thing I had ever heard or seen about this show made it look like the worst thing since Sex in the City. Until last night I'd never watched even a second of the program, though, so its unmitigated awfulness was merely conjecture on my part. Informed conjecture, but lacking in experiential proof nonetheless.

Last night, after getting fitted for a suit, I popped open a bottle of Three Philosophers, and kicked back for some good televisual enjoyment. My Name is Earl was solid, more likable than funny, but a show doesn't have to make me laugh out loud to be pleasing, even a sitcom. And that's what Earl was, a pleasant sitcom. The Office was pretty great, the best American ep after the diversity day one from last season. The show is more sentimental and sympathetic than the original, but that's not necessarily a bad thing; in fact, it helps to separate the two, providing the US version with a distinct enough identity.

So one good hour of tv down, and another one and a half or so to go before dreamtime. I was flipping the channels, past the early local news on Fox 25, past Aaron Brown, past the Tom Petty video on VH1 classic. I came upon the woman from 101 Dalmations writhing between the sheets; the info bar said it was Nip/Tuck, and I figured, what the hell, I'll give it a shot. Prove to myself that it is as awful as I've always known it to me. What do I care, I'm drunk, and on my way to only being drunker.

So I watched the damn thing, steady, for about 45 minutes. I realized that it's not as awful as I thought it was. Still, though, it's really fucking bad. It's basically a semi-soft-core soap opera for Maxim readers, as far as I can tell, and a poorly acted one, at that. I'd think there'd be enough story potential in plastic surgery without having to resort to crazy sex and stupid slasher-film boogeymen, but I guess it's easier to be sensationalistic. I've read how all the bizarre medical cases are based on fact. The most interesting and effective aspect of last night's episode was the storyline with the monstrously obese woman. Of course it was undermined by the somewhat hackneyed presentation, but for what it was it was okay. It also indicated that you could make a good show out of the premise without resorting to all that other silliness.

I started switching around after those first 45 minutes, caught a few minutes of Glory, a little bit of news, some videos. When I put it back on Nip/Tuck, a threesome was about to break out between Dr. Doom, his porn-star fiance, and the detective who was investigating his rape and mutilation. That sentence, right there, describes why this show blows. It tries way too hard.

Anyway, My Name is Earl and The Office are both worth catching. Arrested Development was good on Monday, and Kitchen Confidential shows some promise. I have to tape Lost tonight, due to the Nurse and Soldier show, but hopefully I'll be able to watch that and maybe Invasion before Friday. Magnificent!
  Horse Talk

H1: What do you think about this, Mr. Horsey?
H2: Poppycock, how dare you wave your fist at me, Mr. Horse.
H1: I think I want to ride on a bicycle seat towards town, Mr. Horsey.
H2: I believe I would like to eat a ketchup sandwich, Mr. Horse.
H1: Have you ever played bridge Mr. Horsey?
H2: I would whip your ass in a fine game of Bridge Mr. Horse, to arms!
H1: Have a lick on this salt lick, friend.
H2: I dont care to once you have placed the worcestershire sauce upon it, scab.
H1: Enough malarky, time to tend to the mill, to make the stone tortillas.
H2: Video monitoring?
H1: Picante!
Monday, September 19, 2005
  Quick Arthur Fest Review (2 Weeks Late)

Hello Sara Hayes, it sure is hot today, but wait 'till evening. It will surely get chilly. "Yeah, that's why I wore jeans."

Hello Dan Donahue. That's a nice camera. "Thanks I'm filming the freaks."

Dos, Sunburned Hand Of Man, Residual Echoes, Devendra Banhart and Hairy Fairy, Pole, T-Model Ford, Sleater Kinney, Six Organs of Admittance, Magik Markers, Josephine Foster, The Juan McLean.

3 Tasty Tacos and a Jamaica Drink.

The Hollywood Hillz are pretty.

Hello John Fernandez. "Hey man. I smuggled some pot on the plane in a jar of peanut butter. AND I've got the van all to myself tonight. I'm gonna fucking party, then sleep at Mike Mills house. My son has gotten fat and I need to get him on a fittness program"

Sonic Youth.

"Pass the sheeb brah. I gotta get mellow before I text my broker." Hippies with blackberries and 500 dollar cell phones.

Hello Chris Robinson. Your wife sure is pretty. "Thanks dude. I used to date Lil' Flip Skoldja's girlfriend."

Comets On Fire, Future Pigeon (VERY large, VERY white reggae/dub band - hmmm), Wolfmother, Marissa Nadler, Dead Meadow, Olivia Tremor Control.

Hello Chris Billheimer. I don't really know you.

3 more tasty tacos and a tamarindo drink.

Hello Lance Bangs. I REALLY don't know you.

SUNN 0))), Yoko Ono.

Shit I missed Merzbow, but what a good time!
  More Awesome Things From The Weekend And Beyond

1. Playing with the France again on Friday. Missed the other guys a lot, but I thought we did well with what we had.
2. France fans for sticking with us every moment of the show and being vocal when called upon.
3. Watching this band play: Laura - Guitar, Zach Gresham - Bass, Gordan Lamb - Guitar, Dude from New Town Drunks - drums. F'n Hilarious.
4. My new bike that I picked up on Saturday afternoon.
5. Grit for brunch on Saturday.
6. Dungen playing on Wednesday.
7. Going to two Braves games this week - Wednesday & Friday.
8. Smooth rock saturday mornings at Licky & Ian's.
9. El Torrero's decour - stuffed fish that the owner had caught in Costa Rica.
10. Stephen Jackson & Philly's D
11. Number 11 for the Vikings making it out of negative numbers for the first time this season.
12. A long drive back to ATL with L.
13. The Constant Gardiner - pretty good.
14. Sephardic Negligee
15. A dog-sitting sunday with my sister's new yorkshire terrier.
16. BRAH VS. ONENESS!!!!!!

Its on.
  we're officially cat people

And not like Natassja Kinski. We went to PetSmart on Saturday to get a new litter box for Bricks and Rigby, and walked out with little HammJamm. She's a really skittish five-month old calico who's still unsure about her new parents. She's been introduced to Bricks and Rigby, but they're not really the best of friends yet. In fact Rigby wouldn't stop growling, and Bricks was in perpetual furry cobra mode the whole half-hour they were in the same room. Bricks and Rigby fought constantly for a week or so when first forced to live together, and now get along fine, so hopefully it won't be too much longer before they accept Hammy.

Okay, yes, I realize how ridiculously lame this post is, but I've been looking for something write about all day, and this is the best I can think of. Sorry, folks. This is as exciting as my life gets.
Friday, September 16, 2005
  tv ain't always for suckers

Man, digital cable is nice. I've spent like seven hours this week watching VH1 Classic. Their alternative hour takes me back to '91, staying up 'til 2 am on Sundays watching a bunch of flouncy pouty Brits on 120. Watching Showtime kind of takes me back to the same time, and the same curfew-busting situation, but for, um, entirely different reasons.

But so, cable is not necessary to enjoy television. No, sir. For the last two years we've done just fine with our antenna, which is all you'll need to watch one of the better shows I've seen recently. Last night my wife and I were fortunate enough to become one of only... uh... however many people got this week's Entertainment Weekly, and thus caught an early sneak preview of the first episode of the new UPN/Chris Rock sitcom, Everybody Hates Chris. We've both been looking forward to this one, and, for the most part, it didn't disappoint. It's a bit sloppy at times, relying too much on asides that are just lines from Rock's stand-up routine. It is a pilot, so some sloppiness is expected. The kid playing Rock is likable, though, and the parents were both very good, especially Terry Crews. There are the well-noted similarities with The Wonder Years, yes, but there's also a bit of Malcolm in the Middle, with the whole "befuddled, smart-ass thirteen year old living in a crazy family" dynamic happening. I don't believe Malcolm has ever had to deal with racism or a neighborhood crack epidemic, though, but I've only seen like fifteen episodes of that show, so who knows, maybe. Overall, not a bad way to spend twenty-two minutes; we'll probably even waste the extra eight it'll take to watch it on the tv.

Actually, while writing this up, I realized for the first time that it's a single-camera, laugh-trackless show. I mean, it's obvious there's no braying jackassery while you're watching it, but that fact never registered as anything distinctive or noticeable. Even though every active sitcom but like five still follows the boring, predictable old format, we're so far removed from those shows that what once seemed slightly novel is now the standard. Maybe if a couple of these shows would actually do well in the ratings we as a society could kill the laugh-track off once and for all. Even though it's on the UPN, I'd think Chris has a better chance of doing that than any of the other recent single-camera shows.
  it's their color scheme: the red and black interview

Michelle Floyd at the Red and Black done did an interview with the France this week; the results are up here. Very little of the actual interview made it in, so here's the whole damn thing. DJ and I answered these questions on Monday; he took the first few, I picked up the second half. See if you can find the dividing line.

1) You're music is pretty psychedelic and eclectic. Where do you draw your inspiration from? Is there an audience for it, especially in Athens and Atlanta?

A: I don't think we ever try to write a specific style of music, we just try to write what comes naturally to us. At times there is a pretty heavy psych sound but that probably only comes because there are 9 guys playing at once and its pretty dense sounding. We all have hearing problems, so we crank the levels as loud as they go and the waves you hear in the audience is actually the sound of your eardrum turning to liquid. There really isnt one specific type of sound that we shoot for in our music, which I think really makes The France. We could go from a 15 minute long uber-jam to a 2 minute rocker and still have fun with both. We like making music we can high five to, a lot. We just do what is fun to us and what sounds good to us, in that way I think we are pretty self-centered but we are also really really happy when other people are interested in our music. We also are a bunch of jackasses at times and really test the patience of our audience and friends. They have stuck with us so far, which is awesome and hopefully those who stick with us understand that our number one priority is to go to space and also have fun and we hope they do too. As far as influences go, it's pretty much a crap-shoot. We all love all types of music and bring them all to the rickety card table. Hip Hop to Drone and back again, whatever is cool with us. In that sense, most of our music is pretty eclectic, I guess, we have a lot of non-psychedelic, non electric stuff that we do all acoustically and with tribal influences - so yeah we are all over the place. Whether that is good or bad, we'll let the fans decide.

2) How did you get involved playing that kind of music, rather than something else? Was that the idea for the band when it started?

A: When we started it was simply because we had friends in bands (The Wee Turtles, The Masters of the Hemisphere, Nipples For Days, etc.) and we thought - "man, we can do this and make it fucked up". We started out playing 3 minute Archers Of Loaf rip offs and then as we played longer and ended our stint as the worst band in Athens, things just came naturally. The first article we read about the masons really inspired us as well, but we cant talk about that at all because if we do - we will have to cancel our show, because we will be dead.

3) On your news page, you mentioned using gong, bird whistle, etc. -- what
other kinds of instruments/etc. do you use to get the background sound? Where do you get the idea to use that? Do you write the music with those in mind?

A: We will literally put any instrument that we can find laying around onto a recording. Recently I just bought an Australian Didgeridoo and a set of pan flutes so God knows where we are going next. Probably the sound of Argentina. A lot of our recorded music is pretty thick stuff, hairy. We are big fans of the "Wall Of Sound" technique and incorporate that in a lot of our music. On our new record, we have songs that probably have somewhere in the range of 20-30 guitars on a single track, couple that with gongs, creeks, alien noises, Crog eating Taco Bell, keyboards, duck calls, elephant blasts, beer bottles, piano strings, refrigerator boxes, bums, penny whistles, organs, synths, cracker attacks, papa john's commercials, jesus' back, and a crap load of delay - then you have our recipe for a pretty righteous song.

4) On your bio, it says you refuse to take yourself too seriously. So no deep
messages in the songs? If no, why not? Are you trying to accomplish anything with your music?

A: Its not that there aren't messages in the songs, its just most people don't take a band seriously when they have an entire 14 song EP devoted to President Arnold Schwarzenegger and his favorite slice. And we don't blame them. We don't take our selves too seriously b/c this is a hobby to us, and we just wanna laugh, man. I think the great thing about The France is that our number one goal is to totally jam the shit out of ourselves, and anyone who wants to join the band for a sesh, hey that's cool. If we started worrying about what we looked like on stage, or "what people would think about this new song" - that would ruin our band and our buzz. Our next album is about the island we bought in the Caribbean and the jerk chicken salads we will serve from there.

5) Is your next release the one on AMT? Named yet? When will it be released?
Since in your bio it said that your 2nd album was more of a stretch, will
your next album be more different? If yes, how? How the same?

A: Our next project that we are releasing is going to be a split 12" record with the Japanese band Acid Mothers Temple and The Cosmic Inferno. Darkness and I run a small record label, Nokahoma Records, (www.nokahoma.com) which has released 20 or so CDR releases and a few 7" releases. However this project with Acid Mothers Temple is actually our first really big project. We contacted Acid Mothers to see if they wanted to release the record and they were very excited about doing it. They are extremely nice people and they are one of our favorite bands - so to be able to do a split 12" with them is a big deal to us. Each band is doing one song for their side of the record. Our song ended up being a 17 minute mind melter. Our next full length record is called Afrikan Majik and is really close to being done. We are putting the final touches on mixing and mastering the thing, and it will hopefully be out before the end of the year.

6) How many people are currently in your band (9, like says on news page?)?
If that many, do you play onstage all at once? What is that like? Is it
difficult to play with that many people or is there any confusion?

A: Right now there are currently nine people that play with us, and that does not include our spiritual guidance. Crog, Darkness, Ice, Griggs, SA, Jeremy "The Lord", OJ, Croxton, and Ken are the physical beings. Bob Marley and the Ghost of Norman Schwarzkopf are the spiritual masters. Actually Ken just climbed aboard recently and has been helping us out in the studio mainly. We actually havent played a full show with all 9 people yet, that would be a barn-burner. We have done so with 8 at the 40 Watt though and that was total fun with multiple high fives. The coolest part about it is probably the fact that when we are in the middle of a killer jam - you can step out go grab a brew and the band is still rockin'. Then you come back up on stage, have a chat, have a slice of pizza, then pick your instrument back up and join back in. It also is great b/c having that many people onstage playing at once - hides a lot of the mistakes! They get drowned out by the 3 other solos going on at the same time. I think it brings a higher level of excitement to our live show. Having three drummers is just mind blowing. Having three amazing drummers and Bob Marley whispering in their ear is even more mind blowing. When they set a rhythm down that is tight as hell, its easy for us to jam over top of that. Man, I sound like such an awesome hippy. Sweet.

7) Are you based out of Athens? (since you said you were living in Atlanta)

A: The France started in Athens and we play probably 90% of our shows here, but we all live in different cities. I think 3 of us still live in ATH right now. Ice and I live in Atlanta, Darkness lives in Boston, Crog lives in Los Angeles, and Sean lives in San Francisco - yet we have been more productive in the last year than we ever have. We cant even figure that one out. Athens is essentially where at least 50% of the audience might understand 20% of the show. So those are better odds than most other cities. I heard we are actually pretty big in Missoula, MT.

8) You said on the news section of your web site that one song was 17 minutes long -- do you like to play longer music? How do you keep people's attention? What is the longest song you've written?

A: We never sit down and say to ourselves, "well, this one'll be twenty minutes", or anything like that. Once we grab that comet's tail, no telling where we're headed, you know? Some songs will be 17 minutes, some will be three seconds. If people want to pay attention, they will; if not, we already have their money, anyway. We wrote a song about snakes and the Jemdat Nasr period of ancient Sumer and pro wrestling that lasted for about three hours. And in 1999 we played our song "Memorial Day" for 24 straight hours on the holiday in question, over at the River Mill pool.

9) Since you said "for some reason" you are headlining on your news part of the web site, do you headline much? If so, where? Do you play many shows (seen your name a few times, I think I remember, but I dunno how much)? Where do you normally play in Athens?

A: In Athens, we are fans of the 40 Watt, Caledonia, Tasty World, Buckhead Beach, the Blind Pig, Ember's Lounge, Mama Sid's, Bear Hollow, and the second floor of Creswell. We headline sometimes, and other times we support. We used to play three or four shows a week back in our heyday, but since Ice's hip replacement we limit ourselves to three or four a year. Our last show was at the Mind Zap fest in San Francisco. Our last show was also the sixth annual Twilight Delirium, held this year at the 40 Watt.

10) What will your show be like/What can people expect? What is the energy
like? Audience involvement? Will you play new songs from your upcoming release?

A: The energy is not unlike that at Thermopylae when those 300 valiant Spartans
gave their lives to help save Greece from the Persians. We're the brave soldiers protecting our music, instruments, and women from the audience, who are nothing more than a savage band of invading marauders. If the audience tries to get involved, we will stop them. And we promise all new material, plus a passel of unironic covers of theme songs from early '80's children movies. And sensitivity.

11) Since many acts playing that night, do you know yet how long your set will be?

A: Well, time is a lie, and anything lasts only as long as you want it to. To us, the France is eternal, an endless column of horror marching ceaselessly through our brains. The "set" will be infinite, for the "set" is life, and the universe, and all of creation, stretching far past infinity.

12) Any other news?

A: Crog bought a boat. And DJ sure would love a pizza party.

13) Anything else you want to talk about?

We want to talk about politics, baseball, rap, history, ancient cultures, astronomy, conspiracy theories, gender studies, pro wrestling, Bob Marley, and how totally awesome all those drugs are. Instead, we must return to our eternal hunt for the infinite hamm-jam. Thank you, Melissa; thank you.
  yesterday's shit

Mesmerization Eclipse, WZBC, 9/15/05.

Oneida: "Prehistoric Maze"
The Fall: "Guest Informant"
Polvo: "Mexican Radio"
Excepter: "I Don't Get Wet in the Rain"
400 Blows: "Make a Wish"
Mary Hopkin: "Y Blodyn Gwyn"
August Born: "Last Breath of the Bird"
Deerhoof: "United He-Ho Brothers"
Nurse and Soldier: "Bought Up Too Soon"
Melted Men: "Crutches, Croutons, Larry Cole: A 3-Dimensional Sneeze Sculpture in S"
Yo la Tengo: "Today is the Day"
Lil Flip Scoldjah: "Step Into Fantasy / Blinding You With Sci-Fi"
Portastatic: "Little Fern"
Islaja: "Vumeisella Rannalla"
Heathen Shame: "The So-Called 'Arts'"
Life Without Buildings: "Let's Get Out"
Life Without Buildings: "New Town"
Scratch Acid: "She Said"
Life Partners: "You're My Dad"
Plastic Crimewave Sound: "End of Cloud"
Tower Recordings: "Towergate"
Orange Juice: "Texas Fever"
Xiu Xiu: "Ale"
Stephen Malkmus: "Baby C'mon"
Susuma Yokota: "Flaming Love and Destiny"
Red Krayola: "One-Second Pieces"
Thursday, September 15, 2005
  An Honorable Man Goes Down

Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 16:59:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Sean Rawls" Add to Address Book
Subject: i have lost to you
To: "jon croxton" , "phil thrilla horan"


i have lost the cell phone bet. today i ordered a phone and thus relinquished my pride and sense of self-worth.

the reason? i have recently been in too many situations where i needed to use a cell phone, or i borrowed a friend's cell phone, or worst of all, people called other peoples' cell phones trying to talk to me. this lead me to give in and take the plunge.

my only shred of honor is that fact that i am freely admitting this, unlike zig and rob who tried to keep it a secret.

please forward to this to anyone it applies to. you two are the only ones i know of left.

sean a. rawls

So who does this leave - THRILL and CROXTON?
But really, does Croxton count b/c he uses Velena's cell when important times arise. Phil uses his dick to call the ladies.
  that hiss song about the radio is on a tony hawk soundtrack

Today is Crews' last regular shift on WXDU. He might still fill in from time to time, I guess, but the regular weekly blast of Brian is over at noon, so listen up.

Crews, WXDU, 10:30 am to noon.

Okay, scratch that. Last week was his last show. I'm leaving this up, though, 'cuz I like that photo.

You could still listen to me, if you care, on WZBC, from 3 to 5 pm.

So what should I do for lunch, a Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich, or some place where I can get a brew?
  the hardest test I ever took

Damn. Between the Kool-Aid Guy, the Maytag Man, Charlie the Tuna, the Vlasic Stork, Cap'n Crunch, Juan Valdez, the Michelin Man, Smokey the freakin' Bear... who the hell would you pick?
  Another Reason Pitchfork Can Suck A Dick

Their review of the new Little Brother album.
While i havent heard a second of this record - its pretty obvious this is yet another case of one of their dumb ass writers not doing much of any research for a review - or even being familiar with the artist they are blasting.

Two things:
1) Little Brother are carrying the torch for the truthful hip hop started by Tribe, De La, Blackstar, etc. - while they do boast on their albums, I could hardly see them having a holier than thou attitude on this record - as this moron focuses erroneously on. It would be completely out of left field for them, as they are from a small southern town and are all about respecting one another and others.

2) 9th Wonder is named that for a reason.

I know pretty much everyone in the world has made fun of a pitchfork review at one point in time, it somehow just keeps spouting shit out. Ive learned to take the complete opposite away from each one of their reviews, so - hey - this album must be awesome. Go buy it. I sure as hell will.
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
  Longest Arm Of The Law


1. the Black Dice show at the MFA was awesome.
2. we've gotten digital cable and a cable modem installed, which is pretty damn awesome.
3. I started jamming with the awesome Nurse and Soldier this weekend.
4. about four days after trying to explain black holes to my wife, we come across this show on the Cosmos channel (or some such shit) about the very same thing. It instilled much awe within us.
5. hanging out with Rusty James last week was like eight gigatons of pure concentrated awesomeness.
6. our new place is a few weeks old now, but it remains, as always, awesome enough for now.
7. I found a twenty dollar Flagpole check with my name on it, that I had totally forgotten about, in my old man-bag this morning. I'm thinking about grabbing that apparently awesome Don Cherry reissue from a few months back, or maybe just whatever record has the coolest cover over at Twisted Village.
8. PA's Lounge's Mesmerization Eclipse night, featuring Lil Flip Scoldjah, Keys to the Streets of Fear, and more, is barely a month away. That's on Friday, October 21st, the second most awesome day of the most awesome month this side of May. (UPDATE: Keys to the Streets of Fear just cancelled like three minutes ago)
9. David Ortiz is still pretty cool, too, I guess.
  Eric Bloom plays Everquest

And has Tom Brady on his fantasy football team.

Not too surprising that the guy who sang "Black Blade" and "7 Screaming Diz-Busters" would be into Dungeons and Dragons-type shit. I wonder if he and Schilling ever hack up some mindflayers together in the digital nether-world? I might go sign up for Warcraft in hopes of butting heads with the man. It's probably easy as hell to shit-talk the guy, though; all you've got to do is throw in some random references to such anti-classics as Cultosaurus Erectus or Club Ninja.. Wait - those records are fuckin' amazing. What the hell am I talking about? Damn AMG, confusing me again...

Anyway, I guess I'll be going to the Taste of Boston, now. Maybe The Sausage Guy will be there.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
  yacht rock # 3

featuring Yacht Rock debuts from Fagen, Becker, and Ramis.
  It hurts, doesnt it?

Last night's whip station reminded me of that scene in "Saving Private Ryan" when Adam Goldberg's character dies a slow knife death. Also the the time I shot a bazooka straight at Donovan McNabb's face.

  previous post addendum

Rob Neyer took the time to do what I am incapable of: lay out exactly why Pujols is more deserving of the MVP than Andruw Jones. Again, I'm no preacher man for the stat set, but Neyer's argument is very persuasive. And, at the end, he does a good job of covering his ass in regard to Braves fans.
Friday, September 09, 2005
  these awards for the baseball : opinions I pass off as future fact

Okay. The MVP should go to the player most valuable to his team, whereas the Cy is merely an award for individual performance. Therefore, your awardees are as follows: Vlad, Santana, Pujols, Carpenter. Sorry, Andruw; you almost single-handedly lifted this team into first place, but Pujols’s non-HR and RBI numbers are so far beyond yours’ that I just can’t make a case for you. Plus, the Cardinals have had as many key injuries as the Braves, and if it weren’t for Chipper’s extended absence and the rotation problems Andruw wouldn’t be taken seriously as a candidate. Pujols, on the other hand, would still be Pujols, but the lack of Rolen, Edmonds, Walker, etc., has merely high-lighted his excellence. In the AL, Vlad gets the edge over Alex Rodriguez because, like Andruw, he’s basically carried his team to the top of the division. Even with a ridiculously stacked line-up, A-Rod and the Yankees are struggling to take the wild card. Forty-odd homers are nice, and all, but if they don’t take you to the play-offs, what good are they? David Ortiz gets serious consideration here, but you could make a legitimate MVP case for three of his teammates, so it’s hard to give him the nod. Santana can’t match Colon, Buehrle, or Garland for wins, and his ERA is comparable, but he blows the competition away in most every other category. He remains the most dominant starter in the American League, and deserves to be recognized as such yet again. In the National League, you could easily make a case for Clemens, but good luck getting me to listen. Okay, yes, perhaps this season will become legendary, as John-Stossel-with-a-better-stache lookalike Jayson Stark says. He has been absolutely amazing. But Chris Carpenter has been almost as amazing, and, with twenty-four or so more innings pitched than Clemens, and a better strike-out ratio, his overall numbers are more impressive. Plus, unlike Clemens, he’s not a dick-head with an ego the size of the mountain of drugs he’s (potentially) injected into his butt.

Oh, and when it comes to rookies, Huston Street and a Duke/Francoeur split. Had they called up Felix Hernandez in July, it’d be all his. Instead, he'll have to console himself with the half-dozen Cy's he'll win over the next decade, along with the relief of not actually having to share a clubhouse with Bret Boone.

Thursday, September 08, 2005
  more radio today

Crews, WXDU, 10:30 am to noon. Playlist.

Me (and special guest Jason "Rusty James" Rogers), WZBC, 3 to 5 pm. Playlist.

Listen up.
  France Interview

The guy from Day Jobs sent us some ?s for the show next week.
  Taco Smarts

We were in a mid grade hammjamm last night.
France Practice. I know I say this shit a lot and that we are probably the most self-loving band of all time, but damn I love these guys. Its hard to express how good it makes me feel to be making music with 8 other guys that make me live. Practice actually went really well - next week's show will be tight and we were doing some hanging afterwords - drinking some brews at Nuci's. Good to be with the guys again. So now on to the great part of the night.

Ice and I were jammin' on the ride back down 316 (he hadnt had much to drink, so he was safe but still jammin). And man we were jammin. Heard some Paul Wall on the ride back, but mostly we talked to Big Brah out in San Francisco...one of SA's friend. And actually one of the France's friends. He told us he is trying to find a flight out to ATL next week just to play bongos with us. Fucking rightesous. Speaking of righteous - man, we had some wicked hunger. What could do us right? What beckons like a gong struck by the immortal himself. Taco Bell. We've all been there before, but not like tonight.

We tear ass into the drive through like two criminals about to loot the kitchen for some tasty snacks. Uh, Crunch Wrap Surpreme. Done. Double Decker Taco. Done. Then it was Ice's turn.

Taco Bell: Go on with your order, sir.
Ice: A bean burrito with no onions and thats it.
TB: Beef?
Ice: BEAN!....Bean Burrito
TB: What?
TB: Bean like ...B - E - E - N
Ice: NO, BEAN LIKE...B - E - A - N!
TB: Oh yeah, whatever. What else do you want.
Ice: Nothing but about five minutes in the back with you honey, wif some fire sauce.*

Now we were nervous about our food getting spit into, but by all accounts - it wasnt. Just parked that shit in the lot and made some calls to some folks. Talked to AJ who was confused at first but we told him we were straight up kickin a mid grade hammjamm in the TB parking lot and he toasted us out of sheer realization that we were straight livin'. He's also hosting the after party for the France Show next week. Jammin'.
Good day.
Good jams.
Good grub.
Good service.
Good spelling.
  more sickening than a Big Papi sandwich

Sunday afternoon, maybe Monday, we were driving somewhere (we being me plus wife), and we were listening to one of the local classic rock radio stations (take that, Atlanta, we have two, where now you have but none). They came back from a break, with the obligatory afternoon drive female dj talking, in her most compassionate and sincere radio voice, about how important it is to donate to the Red Cross, or whatever charity you prefer. She then played one of those reflective tribute song things that were so popular after 9/11, but littered instead with quotes from Bush about New Orleans. I don't remember what the song was, and I have no idea what other audio they dragged in there, because both me and the wife were immediately repulsed. We were back home at Jammin' Hitz 96, or whatever, within about a second and a half. The Bush samples made sense back in 2001, when he appeared relatively strong and leaderly by the end of that Tuesday. When the government drags its feet, though, and acts as weakly and negligently as they did the first few days of this disaster, it's non-sensical to use Bush's words in any sort of tribute. Putting any focus or emphasis upon the government's delayed response grants it a dignity it does not deserve. Bush's words inherently undercut whatever sort of respects or emotions the song exists to evoke. Really, it's pretty damn ridiculous, both the very concept of these tributes, but also the horrible execution of this one in particular.

Anyway, are they doing this sort of thing down there?
  reason number infinity that Drudge is an idiot

So our President, Vice-President, and Secretary of State were all on vacation during what may be the worst natural disaster in our country's history. That's apparently no big deal to Drudge. But the president of CNN being on vacation at the same time, and in that godless, unpatriotic state of Massachusetts, no less, just shows how hopelessly out-of-touch the leaders of that liberal, elitist CNN really are. Good thing we have FOX around to tell us the truth, while also bludgeoning Atlanta nightly (well, except for that one time, when Aaron Brown did that thing that the people like so well).
  paralyzing inner turmoil

Last month I made a pact with myself that I would never eat any food item named after David Ortiz (go here, look at number five). I've had the Big Papi at D'Angelo's twice, and both times it was pretty disgusting. I'm pretty sure the second one was responsible for the chills and fever I had for a few days. I thought it was maybe encephalitis, or meningitis, or something. Bad bacon will make you ache.

But damn, I might have to break my oath to myself. El Pelon Taqueria has a Big Papi burrito that sounds amazing. I actually don't even know what the hell is in it, but burritos are amazing, and Big Papi's amazing too, so it's almost impossible to imagine how amazing this Big Papi burrito most assuredly must be. I'm sure I'll develop beri beri or impetigo or some shit afterward, but it just might be worth the risk.

Oh, and speaking of Mexican food, I finally found a true Mexican joint worthy of my hard-earned ducats. Tacos Lupita is a Mexican / Salvadoran place half a block down the street from our new pad in Somerville. It's a bare-bones, unassuming little restaurant, but the burritos and tacos are fantastic. Lupita is cheaper, better, and more authentic than Anna's, and is the closest thing I've found to an Agua Linda style place up here in Boston.
Tuesday, September 06, 2005
  Dont do this.

Google Image Search: EXTREME LAUGH

If you then go down to the very last picture down in the bottom right.
I have not clicked on it to blow it up, but can see what it is from the thumbnail.

  David Banner, Someone To Look Up To

I fucking LOVE this dude.

From An Article On Him In the Village Voice, About A Industry Show He Recently Played:

"It's impossible to overstate the difference between an ordinary show and an industry showcase. Ordinary shows are effective marketing tools, OK, but they're also chances for artists to come face-to-face with the people who buy their music and for music to become an all-encompassing experience instead of something you listen to while you wash dishes. At last night's Universal showcase, music never got past the level of background noise; most of the industry professionals in the audience were evidently just there for the free drinks, sometimes talking loudly enough to drown out the artists onstage. If record labels hope to introduce their artists with events like this, they're fooling themselves. They're spending thousands upon thousands of dollars so that a few hundred people can drink for free and ignore their artists. Open bars cost money, and so do fluorescent end-tables and do David Banner inflatable punching bags and seas of balloons and laser-projectors that keep the Universal logo rotating on the club wall. It's not money well-spent.

For artists thrown into schmooze-fests like this, the logical route is to go up onstage, tell everyone who you are, do a couple of songs, and then go get yourself some free drinks. That's what Chamillionaire and Yummy Bingham both did. Neither was particularly concerned with connecting with the audience. Chamillionaire one of the five or six greatest rappers on planet Earth, a Houston MC with an effortless, slippery flow, an endless supply of dorkily perfect punchlines, and a gift for sticky singsong hooks. He's a mixtape veteran and an internet favorite, but he had to tell this crowd that his name isn't pronounced "Chuh-millionaire" and he isn't 50 Cent's little brother. He did two songs and left. Nobody noticed. Yummy Bingham is a sub-Spice Girl R&B "singer" who pretty much just speaks her lyrics and sounds like a cat being tortured when she tries to do vocal runs. She did four songs and left. Nobody noticed. I don't blame either of them for getting offstage as quickly as possible.

But David Banner treated the crowd's indifference as a personal insult. During the first song of his half-hour set, he ran out into the crowd, jumped up on a table, tore his shirt off, and threw Courvosier on the crowd. Then he stopped the show to preach to the crowd, telling it that the entire music industry was based within fifteen square blocks in Manhattan but that 85% of Universal's sales last year had come from Southern and Midwestern artists, that "y'all got more responsibility to promote this music." He said that his home state was flooded and that his father had "brain cancer and lung cancer" and that we needed to make him feel more at home. On the next song, he tore down the Universal banner behind the stage, threw it on as a cape, and then charged into the crowd again. He threw up devil horns and yelled, "All you white people, put ya rock signs up! And all you black people, I know you working for somebody white because that's who runs the industry, so put ya rock signs up too or else you might get fired!" Then the DJ cued up "Smells Like Teen Spirit," and Banner chanted, "Rock! Rock! Rock!" He stared into the audience and said, "If my father die and you fuck this album up, I'ma kill y'all," and gave a low chuckle. He denounced the crowd for perpetuating rap beef: "We grown men acting on some high school shit! We in front of these white folks looking like savages!" (I'm paraphrasing all these quotes, but he was really saying this stuff.) He rode some bouncer's shoulders. He put some girl up on his shoulders. He jumped up on the bar. I'm pretty sure he told the crowd that he'd pissed in Diddy's pool. And when the crowd still gave him a weak cheer at the end of his set, he screamed, "As hard as a motherfucker work, I'd rather have y'all boo me!" And still the crowd paid no attention. Banner doesn't really rap at shows; he just sort of yells along with his CD. But he bared his soul to a room full of industry scumbags who couldn't have cared less. It made me happy and sad. I hope Banner's functional bullshit detector and fierce pride don't fuck up his career too much.

Thanks Hillary for the heads.
  My Mom Taught This Kid

Root for him, will ya.

Men's Singles - Quarter-Finals

1) Unknown vs Unknown
2) Unknown vs Jarkko Nieminen FIN
3) Guillermo Coria ARG (8) vs Robby Ginepri USA
4) Andre Agassi USA (7) vs James Blake USA



Awaiting Agassi on Saturday will be American Davis Cup teammate Robby Ginepri, an unsung, unseeded 22-year-old who reached his first major semifinal.

"Saturday is going to be a blast," Agassi said. "The whole weekend is going to be a blast."

Ginepri gutted his way out of trouble and got the gift of Guillermo Coria's 13th and 14th double-faults on the last two points to win his third straight five-setter against a seeded player, 4-6, 6-1, 7-5, 3-6, 7-5, and guarantee that an American will play in the final.
Friday, September 02, 2005
  Siega Genesis

I believe I have a new favorite film-maker. You probably don't know the name Marcos Siega, but you will soon. Today Siega, the prolific music video director turned filmmaker, sees his first two movies released simultaneously. Now, I'm no cinema historian, but this could be a first (sorry, Jonathan Lynn, but I don't think Clue A, B, and C counts). The hilarious Nick Cannon comedy Underclassmen and the scathing satire Pretty Persuasion are both unleashed upon the American public today, an American public no doubt ready to block out the sorrows of the real world with horrible and ineffective cinema. Yes, a shared release date is not the only trait common to these two movies; both are, apparently, awful. Underclassmen and Pretty Persuasion combined for two-and-a-half stars in today's Boston Globe; their total Metacritic score is 64. Entertainment Weekly's Lisa Schwarzbaum gave Persuasion a D- in one of her periodic smackdown reviews, whereas Underclassmen received a comparatively sanguine D. Yes, Siega is truly a special and gifted artist; not only are his first two movies being released on the same day, they also both might wind up on many a critic's worst of the year list.
  What a fucking tit face....

Bush: "We'll get on top of this situation"

I hope the way he is handling this situation makes all those fuckwads who voted for him real proud.
  our friend Brian Crews' playlists

Crews put this up in a comment below, but I figured I'd put it up on the main page, if anybody's interested.

Have you made it through the entire Masters canon this summer?
  yesterday's lateness

A quarter of this city's metro residents are students, and so September 1st is the big number one moving day in Boston. Before my show I grabbed the last few boxes out of our old place and helped the wife clean it up a bit. We ran that shit over to our new pad, and traffic was so fucked I had to call the station to tell Leana (the general manager, and the lady who dj's before me) that I'd be a little bit late. That little bit turned into a helluva lot, as it took almost an hour to get from Allston to Somerville (normally a fifteen-minute drive). We left our new place at 3:45, and any other day of the year I would have made it up to Chestnut Hill within twenty minutes. Instead I rolled up at 4:30, hosted a forty-five minute show, and basically just totally wasted my time. The only reason I insisted on showing up still was because the program proposals for next semester are up, and are due in next week. Anyhow, yes, moving day is miserable in Boston. Imagine the scene on Baxter Hill, but multiplied by 20, and spread throughout an entire city.

Anyway, since I didn't get my own Spinitron playlist set up, here's what I played.

Black Dice: "Big Drop", Beaches and Canyons
Guided by Voices: "Dayton Ohio - 19 Something and 5", Tonics and Twisted Chasers
Blue Oyster Cult: "Transmaniacon MC", Blue Oyster Cult
John Wilkes Booze: "Cultural Hurricane", Telescopic Eyes Glance the Future Sick
Animal Collective: "Daffy Duck", Feels
The Cherry Valence: "Low Class Warrior", TCV3
Heathen Shame: "Iron Turtleneck", Speed the Parting Guest
  Should Be A Bitching Good Time

Thursday, September 01, 2005
  Paul Wall ba-by

new paul wall up at the extension...

Is Crews still doing his show? If so, it's today from 10:30 to noon, on WXDU.

Am I still doing my show? If so, it's today from 3 to 5, on WZBC.

(hint: yes.)

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